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Loose Lugnuts 16: Penalties, Victory Celebrations, & Toys

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Tony Stewart at Texas Motor Speedway April 2015. (Photo Source: Tony Stewart Facebook/HHP/Alan Marler)


1a. So Matt Kenseth was suspended for two races and put on probation for 6 months (a decision that was upheld by the appeals board I might add but the final appeal is still underway).  As I mentioned I really think that Matt deserved no more than a slap on the wrist because Joey had it coming to him. But suspending Matt for what I can only assume is actions detrimental to stock car racing- is just NASCAR showing how inconsistent they are with their “penalties.” What am I talking about? Well Danica Patrick and David Gilliland have been taking turns turning each other all season (actually according to this article their issues have been going on since 2013) and Danica is docked points and fined (nothing for Gilliland). Why was she not suspended? Oh because Gilliland wasn’t in the running for a championship?  And what about the whole Carl Edwards/Brad Keselowski deal from several years ago (2009/2010 here is a video I found on youtube of some of the instances I am thinking about). NASCAR did nothing in these instances.  NASCAR and certain media members make it seem like retaliation never happens ever in this sport. I call foul on their “this is unprecedented” mindset.  So what Matt was laps down when he made contact- I really don’t see why that matters? I still ascertain that Joey Logano KNEW Matt Kenseth wasn’t the happiest of campers with him after Kansas.  Matt chose not to retaliate at Dega which was actually a smart move- that I might have had issues with because that would have been dangerous on so many levels. I still say that this is a veteran driver standing up for himself- saying look you aren’t going to push me around on the track.  It’s very much you get raced how you race others. That’s how it’s always been.

1b. Part of the issue though is this “Chase Elimination format” (which for my regular readers you all know I am already not a fan of). Ricky Craven- whom I almost never agree with- has some interesting things to say about this in regards to this format breeding this mind set (somewhat). I could argue that Joey Logano purposely performed a pit maneuver on Matt Kenseth. Joey was already locked in- Matt Kenseth was fighting for the championship at that moment. Why was Joey not suspended? The penalties do not fit the “crime.”

1c. I will note that in some of the commentary I have seen on the Kenseth/Logano issue – people are crying foul- that if NASCAR is going to penalize Kenseth then they should also penalize Harvick for Talladega…I think that is comparing apples to watermelon.  I do think that Harvick should be penalized for having a car that he knew was under power lined up in the starting grid…but that wasn’t teaching anybody anything- except that Harvick and crew might not have had the best judgement there.  Harvick doesn’t belong in this discussion no matter who’s side you are on because Harvick wasn’t out there to show he wasn’t going to let another driver (or pair of drivers) push him around (retaliate). He was out there because of the chase format and it was a poor call- especially at a superspeedway.

2. Wow- was Jeff Gordon excited to win at Martinsville or what?! I love this excitement and love that he made it to Homestead with a win:

3. Speaking of excitement- here is the RADIOACTIVE Scanner chatter from Martinsville.  It’s got more of Jeff’s post race celebration on the end plus there is driver/crew chief reaction to the wreck heard around the world. My favorite is of course Tony Stewart’s reaction- as well as his reaction to Jeff’s win. It was “badass:”

4.So who’s all going to NASCAR Champion’s Week? Anyone? You should definitely go if you have the ability. I have gone every year since they have moved it to Las Vegas and it’s a blast.  I personally love After The Lap- which is returning again to the Palms Pearl Theater this year- it’s my favorite of the Champion’s Week event- but the victory lap is pretty fun as is the fan fest of Fremont Street! Last year they had all the cars on display at the Linq and a stage where some of the drivers would drop by – I hope they do that again and I hope they get us a schedule for those appearances! Be forewarned though- Champions Week usually also runs in to Rodeo Finals as well- so thinks on the strip can get pretty crowded quickly!!

5. The Tony Stewart Foundation Toy Drive is here!  You can donate online ($1, $5, $10, or $20). Or if you want to contribute a specific toy you can bring (or send) the toy to: Tony Stewart Foundation, 2015 Toy Drive, 5644 West 74th Street, Indianapolis IN 46278.

6. Ahh I have a hater :-) (see comments on the last post). I guess that means I have hit it big time right? ;-)

Gratuitous Tony Stewart picture:

Tony Stewart at Texas Motor Speedway April 2015. (Photo Source: Tony Stewart Facebook/HHP/Tim Parks).


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2 Responses

  • Mary says:

    Yaay. Amy’s hit the big time! ;)

  • Candace says:

    I always love teading your thoughts! I agree completely on the whole Kenseth-Logano-Harvick-Danica-Gilliland controversy. It’s all a bunch of manufactured hype anyway. The Chase format is quite possibly the worst marketing ploy NASCAR has ever done. It certainly has not brought about the increase in fans they wanted. I continue to watch only bc of Tony. after next year I may noy watch anymore. I’m getting back into the local dirt track scene next year.

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