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Pre-Season Loose Lugnuts

Posted by Amy in General | NASCAR

Media Day (Photo Source: Tony Stewart Facebook)

How about a pre-season Loose Lugnuts to get the juices flowing. This seemed to be one of my most popular weekly features last year so I will definitely be bringing it back this season. Especially since it was also one of my favorites to write.  So how about we go over some of the things that have been rolling around my brain like lugnuts rolling around a drawer in a pitbox (you know since they aren’t flying around pitstalls quite yet):

1. If you are going to get ONE piece of Tony Stewart memorabilia this season might I suggest that you get the Tony Stewart ICON edition 1:24 Lionel Racing Diecast? It’s pricey yes. But in my mind it’s the diecast to have. It will likely be the last diecast in my very very small diecast collection. Preorder yours today because I seriously see these babies selling out quickly:

2. I am nervous about a last season that includes a brand squeaky new. Tony mentioned himself during a small snippet of what I did get to see of media week that his new crew chief for his last season is a rookie crew chief and this is the first time since he was teamed up with Greg Zipadelli over at Joe Gibbs Racing that he has been with a rookie crew chief.  That a new crew chief always bring a certain energy to the team as a whole.  That doesn’t dissuade my fears. It makes me more nervous about the 2016 year.

3. I have made exactly one comment about the incident between Tony and the “fan” in the stands at Chili Bowl and I did that over on twitter. I will repeat it here: Everyone needs to take a stand against the bullshit sometimes and Tony Stewart did just that. (thumbs up emoticon). You can only be heckled and bashed and bullied so much without either confronting it or succumbing to it. Tony stood up to it. There was no real aggression in the action. I say bravo. Now lets all move on.

4. So Bass Pro Shops dropped sponsorship from Tony down to two or three races for a more primary sponsorship of Martin Truex Jr in Tony’s last year as a cup driver? Nice.  I have since the beginning of last season had a $14 Bass Pro Shop card in my wallet that has Tony’s picture on it. I carried it as kind of a good luck charm for Tony. I will be removing that from my wallet now.

5. One of my favorite things to follow on twitter during race season is the Coca Cola Racing family- which of course we all know Tony is a part of. Well watch out Coca-cola Racing Family because Mountain Dew is coming after you with a three-driver racing stable of Dale Earnhardt Jr, Kasey Kahne and Chase Elliott. I think they need a Dew Family twitter account and to have twitter hashtag wars or something during the season.

6. I want to introduce you to the blog of Judy Seigworth’s blog Fix Or Repair Daily…she is a fellow smoke fan and while her blog isn’t only about Tony Stewart she has issued all of us Smoke Fans a two part challenge. It’s an easy one.  On the 14th of every month wear your Smoke Gear! Easy enough right? Seriously- I wore my Smoke Legend sweatshirt on the 14th this month.  Come on fellow Tony Stewart fans I know we can do it. The second part of the challenge to show your support of Tony donating to the Tony Stewart Foundation! You can donate as little as a dollar or become a lap leader like Judy and myself and donate on a monthly basis.

7. Your Help Needed: I had kind of an epiphany of sorts…I started at the end of last season (and will continue this season) to send out a call for my fellow Smoke fans to write in a piece for BadGroove about what being a Tony fan means to you. It can be anything really. Did you witness him win in person? Meet him? Anything goes. I will publish them here under the tag Smoke In My Eyes. I have already gotten two of them. I am working on one of my own but it will not be done anytime soon.  Anyway the idea I had is that I will now take these posts and make them into a book and we can get it to Tony towards the latter part of the season. Sound like a plan?  I figure to make it work the while to publish- the book needs at least five more! So get writing people.  Click on Smoke In My Eyes to see the previous examples and get inspired! For more information on the project check out Project: Smoke In My Eyes

8. In case you missed it here is the post with all of our pictures for Champions Week 2015 and if you just want to look at the pictures and not worry about all the silly words here is a link to the Flickr photo album (which actually has even more pictures than the post believe it or not).

So do tell- what’s been rolling around your brain this off season??

Your Gratuitous Tony Stewart Picture:

Pre-Season Media Day (Photo Source: Tony Stewart Facebook)



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