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Loose Lugnuts: Post-Daytona/Pre-Atlanta

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Ty Dillon doing media at Atlanta Motor Speedway (Photo source: Stewart-Haas Racing Twitter)

I am hoping that late lugnuts are better than no lugnuts this week but between the Ford announcement and the day job and a puppy that demands my attention when I get home because she is currently going through a very mischievous stage right now I had to delay the lugnuts post!  Here is what has been pinging around my head this week like lugnuts in a pitbox during a green flag pitstop:

1. Biggest thing this week was the Stewart-Haas manufacturer switch announcement that seemed to take everyone by surprise which is interesting to me because usually when something happens there always seems to be rumblings about it on social media. This literally WAS the biggest secret in NASCAR in a while.  Well until it wasn’t a secret any more.  I already had my say about the switch here. BUT I did want to share some additional information that I didn’t know at the time of that writing- and that is that for those who are upset about Tony affiliating his team with Ford for 2017- Tony HAS driven a Ford himself in competition before- just not NASCAR. You can read more about that here in an article from National Speed Sport News.

2. Also for those interested in the teleconference Stewart-Haas had following the initial online announcement I have two resources for you. First is an audio of highlights of the press conference as posted by SiriusXM NASCAR with Tony Stewart. And second I found a transcript of the press conference now too that you can find here as posted by Autoweek. 

3. Watch Alert: Jeff Gordon will be interviewing Tony Stewart during the pre-race this week. I can’t wait to see that. I don’t usually tune into the race until invocation but you can be darn sure I will be watching pre-race this weekend. I can’t express how much I am looking forward to this because I love the fact that Jeff Gordon is the one interviewing Tony.

4. NBCSports had a great special on Kyle Busch called “18 Rising” during the past weekend. I some how missed it and all I can find online is this little preview of it on YouTube. I hope they play it again or at least make it available online somewhere as I would like to watch it. Misty said it was quite good.  Anyway here is the snippet of that:

If anyone knows of a link to the full video I would love to see it and share it with my readers- so please feel free to pass it along to me!

5. This week our pilot for the 14 is going to be Ty Dillon just in case you weren’t aware. Next week in Vegas we will be back to Brian Vickers piloting the 14. I just say Go Team 14 because I want all the bugs in the team worked out by the time Tony is ready to get back in the car so he can go on a tear for us fans (and himself). It looks to me that Ty will be piloting Bass Pro sponsored races and maybe Brian will do the Mobil 1 sponsored races?

6. Mobil 1′s Grid TV has put together this awesome video about teamwork at Stewart-Haas Racing! I have embedded it for your viewing pleasure:


7. For those keeping track of the civil case against Tony Stewart- the latest there is that a motion has been made to delay the deposing of Tony Stewart, Chad Johnston and others due to Tony’s injury as well as due to the fact that it can then be done during the off season for those who are in the racing industry and not cause too much inconvenience.  This is no surprise, it’s not some sort of huge development in the case or anything like that but for some reason it’s got everyone on social media riled again so be vigilant my fellow Smoke fans…this just means that the online trolls will likely be out in full force. Remember – ignore, block and report are your friends.

8. Also- the video in the above linked article has nothing to really do with the civil case- but more about Tony’s injury and should drivers be “banned from recreational activities.”  Just the thought that someone thinks they should be makes my blood boil. Yes I know they have to answer to things like sponsors and stuff BUT shit happens if you excuse my language. I mean seriously? Are you going to tell Denny Hamlin that he can’t play basketball or golf? Are you going to tell Kevin Harvick he can’t workout? Tell Jimmie Johnson he can’t go mountain biking, skiing or run marathons/triathlons? They all deserve to be able to do whatever hobbies in their own time as they want- whether that be racing dirt cars, blowing off steam in the sand dunes, skiing, knitting (not that anyone does but you know those needles could poke an eye out), walking down the street…whatever. That would be like my job telling me I can’t travel, or walk my dogs after work, or sleep (because onceI actually dislocated my knee sleeping- true story- you can ask Misty who got to visit me at home a few hours after I got back home from having it relocated and was all doped up on the morphine they gave me in the ER). Don’t even get me going about this issue because it makes me mad just thinking about it.

9. I love Jamie Little- she is one of my favorite pit reporters…but this video of her slapping John Cena in the face with her ponytail (by accident- she didn’t even see him) during the pre-race pit row walk with Michael Waltrip at the Daytona 500 cracks me up. You are welcome.

 10. I have it on good authority that Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon will be taking part in the Kobalt Kampout at Las Vegas Motor Speedway next Friday in the Neon Garage.

So Smoke fans-  what’s been rolling around your brain this week?!

The Gratuitous Tony Stewart Picture:

Tony Stewart in Las Vegas March 2014 (Photo Source: Tony Stewart Facebook Page)



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