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Loose Lugnuts Swing Westward

Posted by Amy in General | NASCAR

(Photo Credit: Amy K. Marbach)

Last week the lugnuts were early, and this week they are late. See what has been pinging around my brain like lugnuts in a pit box during a green flag pit stop:

1. I think most Tony Stewart fans were excited to hear that he can start his rehabilitation after his appointment on Wednesday. I know it won’t be a pleasant experience but he is tenacious and is under excellent care we can be sure. We can’t wait to see you on track when you are ready Smoke!

2. A member of Kevin Harvick’s crew was in a snow mobile accident while the team was staying out west in Utah and enjoying some of the snow. Shock specialist Michael McCarville broke 7 ribs (OW) and a collapsed lung. Yikes! Sounds like he was having a great time before he hurt himself too. Speedy recovery wishes to Michael!

3. #WholeySmoke have you seen the new Tony Stewart Foundation website? It looks awesome. Check out all the ways you can help children, animals and drivers, and find out more about ALL sides of our favorite driver Tony Stewart at this new website. Of course I might be a little bias because some of our content is featured on the site! Gotta love that. Seriously check out the new webpage and while you are there drop a small (or large) donation to the foundation to show that #WholeySmoke, you support Tony Stewart!

4. Remember the story I mentioned last season in a Loose Lugnuts (see number two) about the Jeff Gordon fan who’s prized Jeff Gordon Edition Monte Carlo ended up destroyed in a car fire. Then Jeff Gordon and his father John Bickford heard the story and they gave her Jeff’s personal 24 edition Monte Carlo? I have been fortunate enough to become friendly with that fan- her name is Loraine Treadwell and she is hoping to show that Monte Carlo at different events.  The first of which will be Sunday March 20th at the Mariner’s Discovery Church Spring Festival.  The car will be on display at the festival from 11:00-3:00pm at Excelsior Middle School (14301 Byron Highway) in Byron, CA outside the old gym. Be sure to check it out and hear the story for yourself.  Tell her you heard about it from us if you go.  I am hoping to catch up with Loraine myself at one of these events. There will be more and I will be posting them as they come available.

5. Someone on Facebook pointed out that in many of the pictures I took during Tony Stewart’s presser last week, the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series logo on the backdrop behind him just happens to be positioned over Tony’s head so it looks like a halo. Of course I didn’t do this on purpose and actually I didn’t even notice it until the person on Facebook pointed it out, but now it’s all I can see and it seriously cracks me up:

(Photo Source: Amy K. Marbach)

(Photo Credit: Amy K. Marbach)

6. So last week Martin Truex Jr’s team announces that it’s going to appeal the suspension of crew chief Cole Pearn (He was suspended over roof flap issues in both Daytona and Atlanta). Then suddenly the decide after the Vegas race to drop their appeal of the suspension. What? Did they do that just so they could have Cole at the track during the test and race where the new downforce package would have the most effect? Am I the only one who thinks that there is just just something fishy with the timing of both the appeal and then the drop of the appeal? Then what happens at Vegas? They fail the template inspection twice before qualifying.  Now are these just simple manufacturer switch issues (Furniture Row moved from Chevy to Toyota during the off season) or are they being sneaky?

7. Speaking of the Vegas race, do you really honestly think that Brad Keselowski dropped the American Flag on purpose? I seriously doubt that was was the case.  It looked like a moment of clumsiness not a moment of maliciousness. And if he indeed did do it on purpose, then wouldn’t he do it everytime he wins- which he obviously does not.  Seriously people who think he did it on purpose…what are you thinking?!   If you still think he did it on purpose check out the JRM360 field test of driving with a flag out the window- it seems to me like it’s a wonder he doesn’t drop it more often:

8. I have said it before and I will say it again- I hate that the west coast dates are mostly lumped together like they are. I would like to go to either Auto Club or Spring Phoenix but the chances of this happening with them all back to back to back like that are nil because I have a job that will not allow for me to take three weeks out of my life off to follow my sport of preference around.

9. Misty has a great idea for the chase race schedule that we discussed while I was in Vegas. It’s her idea that Atlanta should lose it’s chase race, and then the current races from Atlanta on should be shoved up a week and put the finale in Las Vegas.  This way the teams can just roll right into Champion’s Week celebrations. That way they don’t have to break for Thanksgiving.    I really love this idea.

10. Also speaking of Vegas did you see that Cole Whitt’s new Speed Stick paint scheme? It was one of my favorite paint schemes last weekend actually and I really tried to catch Cole’s car in  motion but they all blurred.  Speed Stick will also be sponsoring him in Kentucky, at the Brickyard and at the fall Phoenix race. I tried to get some shots of it but they didn’t come out so hot but here are a couple shots of it I didn’t take:

11. Dont forget the 14th of the month is nearly upon us! Take the #SupportSmokeChallenge by donning your Tony Stewart gear and showing it off on your social media with the #SupportSmokeChallenge. Also don’t forget to stop by the Tony Stewart Foundation and make a small (or not so small donation) too!

12. If you are going to be at Phoenix Raceway this Saturday March 12th, Jeff Gordon is scheduled to do a Q&A session on the main stage in the midway area behind the grandstands. You might want to check it out. It will be at 9:45 local time to the track.

13. If you are going to be in the area of Auto Club Speedway on March 17th- you might want to stop by the track for Fan Fest. It’s free to the public and will feature driver appearances through the night including: Joey Logano, Austin Dillon, Brennan Poole, and more. There will also be live entertainment, family friendly fun and concessions. Just follow the signs to the O’Reilly Auto Parts Fan Zone. Admission and parking are FREE. The event starts at 5:00 pm local time.

So come on people- tell me…what has been rolling around your brain this week?!

Gratuitous Tony Stewart Picture:

Gotta love the strut:

(Photo Source: Tony Stewart Facebook, March 2014)



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