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Loose All-Star Lugnuts

Posted by Amy in General | NASCAR

All-Star Race 2013 (Photo Source: Tony Stewart FaceBook Page)

These items are what have been pinging around my pitbox this week like loose lugnuts during a green flag pitstop:

1. Don’t forget Smoke fans- Tony will be giving the command to fire engines for the All-Star race…how awesome is that. I hope that other tracks have some neat tributes to Tony as the season winds down…I know he said he didn’t want a fuss but…I kind of want a fuss for him.

2. I was going to go on a little rant about silly season rumors and the whole Harvick to HMS rumor. But now I don’t have to do that because Stewart-Haas Racing officially announced today that Harvick has signed a “longterm contract extension” with the team.  I wonder if people will now listen to Kevin when he states emphatically on his social media that he isn’t going anywhere?! For those wondering, Harvick’s crew chief Rodney Childers signed a contract extension last June so the pair is likely  in it for the long haul.  Of course this doesn’t mean that the whole Kasey Kahne to finish his HMS contract with a different team isn’t true- but like all silly season rumors- only time will tell with that one.

3. One of the things that I will be glad that the above laid to rest was the whole “Harvick would never switch manufacturers” diatribes that I have been seeing out there. I have said it before and I will say it again: While like everyone else I was completely shocked when SHR announced the switch to Ford next season- once I thought about it a bit I understand a little bit of the why.  Chevy’s top team is HMS. It will likely always be HMS.  However by switching to Ford, SHR has a chance to be the top team for Ford. It makes sense. But it doesn’t mean I am going to trade in my Chevy. If you are a loyal Chevy person it doesn’t mean you have to trade in yours either.

4. Speaking of Kasey Kahne- he’s running a pretty cool looking #Shark Week themed car at Sonoma Raceway in June.  It’s kind of fitting since Sonoma Raceway is a stone’s through from the ocean:

5. Speaking of Sonoma Raceway- thanks to The Tony Stewart Foundation, Code 3 Associates and FWCSports you can take part in a Tony Stewart VIP Experience. Think of it as being kind of like the those Jeff Gordon experiences only better because you get lunch, a garage tour, and Tony Stewart swag (and of course Tony time too) in a state of the art mobile hospitality facility called The Groove.  You can find out more about it at the Tony Stewart Foundation VIP Experience page. It’s limited to 100 guests and expected to sell out. Best part the money for the experience all goes to the Tony Stewart Foundation Grant program.

6. Eldora Raceway recently played host to some local STEM (for those not in the know STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education) science fair projects. I highly suggest reading the Dayton Daily News article by Greg Billing about the event: Program Allows Students To Go Racing with Tony Stewart (and Rico Abreu too).

7. If you were wondering who won the BadGroove Contest- Congratulations go out to Kari who won the Tony Stewart necklace, keychain and Smoke Decal. Her prize will be shipped off to her tomorrow!  That contest went over great. I am going to try to pull together another one as soon as I can.  Remember that these prizes are all purchased out of pocket so that is why they are far and few between.

8. May is winding down which means that the Coca-Cola 600 and the Indy 500 is nearly here.  I love that day!!

That’s all I have for you today…what has been on your mind- NASCAR wise or other?

Gratuitous #ThrowbackThursday Tony Stewart Picture:


(photo source: Google)



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  • Marilyn says:

    Hi Amy, As always – great piece. Glad for the update on Harvick signing (I missed that). It’s amazing all the people who know sooo much about everything – but really don’t know what they are talking about. Rumors can be interesting but I much prefer to listen to what the drivers themselves are saying (and not saying). To your readers, be sure to check out the link “Program Allows Students To Go Racing with Tony Stewart (and Rico Abreu too).” Amy mentions in #6. Very interesting. Have a blessed day.

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