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Loose Lugnuts: Pre-Michigan

Posted by Amy in General | NASCAR

(photo source: Tony Stewart Official Store Facebook Page)

Since the race was on Monday- there seem to be fewer lugnuts pinging around my brain than normal- but here are the few that are pinging around. One gets a little soapboxy…so sorry about that.  Let’s get to them shall we?

1. First and foremost on my mind is Brad Keselowski and his comments about Jeff Gordon in the booth.  According to Sports Nation this is what Brad said:

“They need to get some people that aren’t inbred to the sport and own teams and have internal knowledge, because that is pretty crappy. It is what it is,” Keselowski added, via ESPN. “It’s not that I don’t like Jeff Gordon in the booth, it’s just that you need to have people in the booth that don’t own teams or have commercial interests to the sport, because they say things that are very biased.”

So first thing I am going to address is Brad using the term “inbred” in his statement because I have seen comments from several Jeff Gordon fan’s who have taken extreme offense to that term.  I do not think (and I could be wrong) that brad meant it as an affront to Jeff Gordon- stating that he is inbred.  I think that was just a poor choice of wording on Brad’s part. I think Brad meant it more in the way that one would use the words ingrained or inherent not in the “persons conceived of breeding between two closely related individuals” sort of sense.

However I do not agree with his assertion that Jeff Gordon shouldn’t be announcing in the booth because he is biased because he has a commercial interest in a team on the track. You can NOT tell me that any announcer or reporter for that matter is not biased in some fashion or other. It’s how they deal with that bias. While yes Jeff Gordon is financially involved in a race team on track (in an owner role with Jimmie Johnson’s team) it’s not like he is sitting there jabbering on and on about how great Jimmie is and that is it it. Jeff provides insight into the race from a fairly current driver stand point- he is more familiar with the cars than the other announcers. I appreciate and like his insights above all the other announcers to be frank (although Mike Joy is a close second). I would rather hear the race from the point of view from an announcer/commentator that knows the sport from the inside than have say…an ex-football player who knows nothing about racing sitting up there trying to commentate on what is happening on the track. I am sure that football fans would rather hear their games commentated on by ex-players and coaches than by say…ex tennis players who don’t know the sport. See where I am going with this? Do I want John McEnroe commentate a NASCAR race? Um no, not really. I want to hear about it from someone who knows what it’s like in that car, and who knows what officials are looking at.  It’s not like Jeff Gordon is the one that reported the possible hip check by the jack man on Brad’s car. He was just explaining it and the penalty and comparing it to a similar penalty in Vegas (which I would compare it to as well). They explained it on the MRN broadcast too (for those of us who had to listen instead of watch because of work obligations.  Brad’s not being picked on. Tony’s team got penalized for illegal body modification prior to a race last week at Charlotte- it was why he started at the rear of the field and why his crew chief is now on probation through the end of the year. I really do not understand what Brad’s issue is. Does that mean Dale Jr shouldn’t commentate before the Xfinity race series? It just seems like a pointless complaint. Plus- and I mentioned this on twitter- what does it really matter to Brad since that he is in the car and not listening to the commentary anyway.

2.  Where will Stewart-Haas Racing be in 2020? NASCAR RaceHub makes their conjectures:

So what do you think? Where do you see Stewart-Haas Racing in the year 2020?

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4. This week’s crew chief that was suspended from Michigan is Chad Johnston, crew chief for the 42 Target car of Kyle Larson. Johnston was suspended for a lug nut violation. Johnston has also been fined $20,000 and placed on probation through the rest of the race.

5. Speaking of lugnuts, Chip Ganasis (owner of the above mentioned 42 Target team) thinks that suspending crew chiefs for lug nut violations is silly since because of technology they can still be at the track even when they aren’t. He kind of has a point there. He goes on later to state that NASCAR needs to worry more about getting younger generations to see cars as more than just transportation. I think he’s right there. His comments can be read in this NBCSports article by Dustin Long.

So what’s been pinging around your brain this week?

Gratuitous Tony Stewart Pictures:

(photo source: Tony Stewart Official Store Facebook)


(photo source: Tony Stewart Official Store Facebook Page)


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4 Responses

  • Mary Cooper says:

    Amen on the Brad thing. I think he chose the wrong word. I also think he should just keep his mouth shut. Who died and made him King of NASCAR anyway? If his guy hadn’t rammed into the side of the car it would be a non-issue. Ya know what they say about the squeaky wheel getting the grease… I’ll hush now.

  • Sisam says:

    Brad may have used the wrong word but I have to hit mute when Jeff talks because he will, of course, talk about Jimmy Johnson even if he is ten laps down.

  • Marsha DeVore says:

    They all talk about Jimmie Johnson no matter what and certainly Daryl and Michael Waltrip have been biased. Brad himself was biased the last time I heard him in the booth when talking about Joey.

  • Sharlene Velma Beatty says:

    Brad spoke before he had time to think of the correct word. He was also probably dehydrated. Your mind plays tricks on you when you are dehydrated ;-) I absolutely love to hear JG in the booth explaining things. I love his prospective. They talk about Jimmie because of all he has accomplished in the past. When he doesn’t win every week, haters say very bad things to him & about him.Then if he wins, trolls crap all over him for winning. It’s unbelievable how the “so what have you done for me lately” crowd craps on these drivers. Just like supposed “fans” crap on Tony” We all know Dale Jr gets tons of love whether he’s winning or losing, & has never won a championship. Logic doesn’t apply to NASCAR fans. IMO.

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