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A Whole Mess of Loose Lugnuts- All Tony Related

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(photo source: Tony Stewart Facebook Page)

So I haven’t done a Loose Lugnuts post in what seems like forever…as many of you might know I traveled to Indiana for the Brickyard 400 and traveling like that and then rushing back to my job can kind of get overwhelming as I play catch up and unfortunately the one thing that suffers is probably the one thing I love to do the most- and that is write (both here and elsewhere).  A lot of these “lugnuts” are items that I am sure many of you have seen before because a lot of it contains items that were coverage from the Brickyard (and yes I am STILL putting together my brickyard post- it’s going slower than I had hoped unfortunately) but at the same time- a lot of them were new to me because I saw them briefly on my social media but bookmarked them to investigate later since I was traveling.  So hopefully you won’t be too bored with (most) of these items that have been pinging around in my brain (and in my bookmarked list) for a couple of weeks now like lugnuts in a pit stall during a green flag pit stop.

1. I am going to start with the beautiful Darlington #Throwback paint scheme since it’s probably freshest on everyone’s mind.  I know it’s been on mind since other drivers had been releasing their #Throwback paint schemes. They waited so long to release it I began to seriously wonder if they weren’t going to run a #Throwback theme at all. But alas they are and I have to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE his Coca-Cola throwback paint scheme for his final #Southern500. I mean seriously – I think it’s my favorite of his paint schemes to date.  Here it is if you haven’t seen it yet:

(photo source: Tony Stewart facebook page)

As a matter of fact, as soon as the online reveal was over I was over at LionelRacing.com preordering my diecast.  Speaking of diecasts I was a long time hold out- I told myself I would never ever get into collecting a bunch of “overpriced toy cars.”  But then for Christmas in 2007 I think it was- my parents bought me a 20 Home Depot die cast. Still for a long time it sat alone on my shelf. Then after the Office Depot days I started to get into it more but still managed limited myself to about one a year. Well even that’s been blown because I currently have two on preorder (the Sonoma win- because I WAS THERE and the Darlington Throwback because it’s awesome) and of course the ICON one that I told myself back in in January when I pre-ordered it would be my ONLY diecast for the year. Yeah I guess I should stop setting limits for myself because I obviously don’t listen. It’s like when I go to the bookstore and tell myself I am only going to leave with two books  and I walk out two hours later with 5 books and getting down to just five was a serious struggle but I digress.

2. After the #Throwback reveal Tony did a lot of media including this radio interview for a station in Indiana. You might want to give it a listen (it’s only about 15 minutes long).

3. Also in case you missed it on Wednesday- Tony did his first Facebook Live chat (they tell us there are going to be more and I really hope that is the case because this one seemed rather short). It started late because of all his media obligations during the #Throwback reveal (for some reason my fingers keep wanting to type release party). Anyway in case you were working (I was too but I purposely shifted my lunch to watch it) here is the video- it was pretty fun:

I think my favorite part was his public service announcements about wearing your retainer (I had one of those for years- I hated it). Although a close second was his Jerky boys wheelie talk at the very end.
4. From Ponoco: I have been loving seeing all the cool helmet schemes Tony has been running this season. I have always loved his helmets (check back through the archives- I know I have talked about them before this year). The Brickyard helmet was COOL…but even the Pocono helmet which supposedly didn’t have a theme was pretty darn cool:

(photo source: Tony Stewart Facebook)


5. Oh and speaking of Pocono- how cool was it of Pocono Raceway to gift the Tony Stewart foundation $14,000 as a Thank you to Tony? LOVED that because that is the kind of “retirement” (and I use that term loosely) gift that speaks of Tony’s heart. He might not want to make a big deal of his last year as a NASCAR driver but I think these are the kind of gifts that show Tony how much he’s appreciated:

(photo source: Tony Stewart Facebook Page)


6. So now I am going to get into some of the brickyard coverage that I didn’t get to talk about in a more timely fashion and for that I am sorry.  So first off I wanted to thank Marilyn (one of my many Tony Stewart facebook friends) for making sure that I saw this. I book marked it when she posted it to my wall so I could get back to it because I knew I didn’t want to watch it while I was in Indiana. I am glad that I didn’t because I finally got around to watching it and did my first watch of it at work- and let me tell you Tony might not have cried but I readily admit MY eyes leaked some tears. What am I talking about? Tony reading four personal letters sharing touching memories. Letters written by his father Nelson, Indiana motorsports journalist Robin Miller, friend and former crew chief Greg Zipadelli  and friend and business manager Eddie Jarvis. I don’t know HOW he made it through without at least tearing up despite his proclamations that he wouldn’t cry unless they squirted lemon or onion in his eyes (although he did say at the end he was going to go cry in a corner) but you can tell during it he was quite touched:

I don’t know who’s idea that was but it was a great idea. I mean seriously if you think about it? Who doesn’t want to read letters like those from family and other loved ones?

7. Here is another emotional one for you- it’s Tony’s parents being interviewed on a local station:

I loved this one too. His mom Pam is so so nice- I got to talk to her at the Tony Stewart foundation event in Sonoma. I didn’t get to talk to Tony’s dad at the event although he was there- so I haven’t met him- although he did park next to my car in the infield of Las Vegas Motor Speedway back when I still had the HHR.  Not that I noticed- Misty pointed it out to me as we were walking towards the Neon Garage.

8. Here is an awesome article from Bob Kravits of WTHR 13 talking about the Brickyard 400- (Thanks to Kim for this one- while she didn’t post it to me personally I probably wouldn’t have seen it if she hadn’t shared it on her Facebook page). It’s a well put together article about the event and the last lap with Jeff Gordon. You should definitely read this one if you haven’t yet: Relaxed, gracious Stewart takes a celebratory spin around Indy

9. Another one that I got from Kim- but is written by someone I follow on twitter is this one from Robert Riddle for Speedway Media: Logging Laps: The Final Lap

10. I am going to start on Project Smoke In My Eyes in earnest in about a week (as soon as I get the Brickyard 400 post out of my brain). So if you missed the August 1st deadline and still want your story/pictures included email them to badgruv@netzero.com with SMOKE IN MY EYES in the subject! Thanks!
There are more articles I bookmarked- most that had to do with the lap with Jeff Gordon- but I am going to keep my thoughts on that to my myself for now to talk about in my Brickyard post I think.

Gratuitous Tony Stewart Picture:

(photo source: Tony Stewart facebook page)



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  • Mark desRoches says:

    I will try to locate a pic but it may be tough to find now.
    Here is my story
    During the 2007 or 2008 Summer Race in New Hampshire Tony did a signing at a Home Depot with Matt Kenseth. My self and my wife and son, waited for a while to get Tonys Autograph. When I finally got to the table to meet him I also presented him with a military rank slip on that I had worn overseas on deployment. He looked up at me thanked me for my service, despite the fact I am Canadian and then proceeded to sign several items for me vice the 1 only rule. We then went around the store and did some shopping for last minute stuff for the race camp site. When the signing was over Tony was walking to the back of the store to meet the staff and he suddenly stopped and rushed back to the signing table I just happened to be near the check out when this happened. What had he went back for??? He went back to pick up the rank slip on I had given him. This meant to me that his support and thanks to the Military regardless of what nation was sincere and genuine and it really meant something to me. Lots of racers and celebrities say they support the forces but I believe that to many it is just lip service because it is the “thing to do” but with Smoke his support is genuine.

    Master Warrant Officer(retired) Mark DesRoches
    Royal Canadian Crops of Signals 1982-2015

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