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Southern 500 Loose Lugnuts

Posted by Amy in General | NASCAR

Here is what has been rolling around my head this week like lugnuts in a pit stall during a green flag pitstop:

Mock Darlington Program (photo source: Tony Stewart FB Page)

1. Don’t you just love the mock Southern 500 throwback program with Tony on the cover  that Stewart-Haas Racing threw together?  I think it’s awesome. First off Darlington should seriously consider having several driver covers available at the race and sell them to be honest. I figure that probably is a little costly though .  Stewart-Haas Racing should at least consider making this into a poster or even a magazine cover sized print because I know I would totally buy it.

2. While we are on the topic of the throwback theme of the Southern 500 (which I love by the way).  There is a cool story on Lionel Racing’s SplashNGo blog that is the story behind Tony Stewart’s throwback Coca-Cola paint scheme- it includes a video with Bobby Allison, whom as you know was there during the reveal. It’s a great and relevant read (and watch) coming into the Bojangles Southern 500 weekend. I absolutely adore all the throwback paint schemes and stuff that they do for the Southern 500 and I truly do love this paint scheme the most. Do you have a favorite that’s not the Coca-Cola car? If I had to pick I think it would be Greg Biffle’s Hooters car.

3. Speaking of all the cool throwback paint schemes, my goodness have you seen the throwback pit crew uniforms for the Coca-Cola car tony will be drying ? I seriously wonder how the crew feels about these new uniforms…especially those pants?

Southern 500 team uniforms (Photo Source: Tony Stewart Foundation Facebook)

I don’t know why but I really want to see the Mike Bugarewicz wearing that on the pit box on Sunday.  Oh please someone get me a picture if he truly does…

4. You can get a poster of the Tony Stewart “SmokeScreen” cover that Sam Bass did for the Bristol program cover from SamBass.com- a poster is only $20 (but right now it’s onsale for $14). Here is a link to the print- remember to pick poster from the pulldown. Also be patient with the online store- it runs really slowly. If you are easily frustrated you might want to just give the gallery a call instead at (704) 455-6915.

5. Am I the only one who picked up on the irony that the pre-race musical guest for the first race of the CHASE at Chicagoland is CHASE Rice?  It’s perfect in an ironical sort of way (plus I like Chase Rice’s music so it works for me- and I won’t even be there).

6. Tony is getting one of cars ready for next year:

(photo credit: Tony Stewart Twitter)

Love it that he is so hands on.  I can’t wait to see what he does next season.

7. Put this in the Tony Stewart will race anything file!  It looks like tons of fun was had at Colorado Trails Ranch where Tony Stewart Foundation donors and VIP had a great time while supporting the Tony Stewart Foundation Grant Program.  Here is Tony in the midst of an “Egg & Spoon” challenge on HORSEBACK.

Tony Stewart participating in a “Egg & Spoon” race for a Tony Stewart Foundation event (photo source: The Tony Stewart Foundation)

True story…I am afraid of horses. It comes from falling off of one (that I was ridding unsaddled with my cousin) as a young kid- then being laughed at when I cried.  But that is beside the point! Remember the Tony Stewart Foundation has many ways you can help support Animal, Children and Injured Drivers and their families!  Plus the Tony Stewart Foundation website is just a cool place to peruse for a glimpse of Tony Stewart through a different lens then you get at other sites!

8. If you haven’t done so already- check out Tony Stewart on the Motor Mouths podcast on Dirty Mo Radio…it’s definitely a fun listen…you could say he kind of took over the podcast.

Well that’s about all for this episode of Loose Lugnuts…what’s been rolling around in your brain?

Gratuitous Tony Stewart Picture:

Tony Stewart and Tim Cavanaugh at the Colorado Trails Ranch for the Tony Stewart Foundation event. (photo credit: Tony Stewart Foundation)


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  • Mary Cooper says:

    Wasn’t he awesome on Motor Mouths? Who are the other two girls on with Karsyn — do you know? That was a fun listen. Love him on horseback too. The man can do (drive/ride) anything!!

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