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Loose Lugnuts: Pre-Chase edition

Posted by Amy in General | NASCAR

(photo source: Tony Stewart Facebook page)

Well this Saturday is a Saturday night race at Richmond. It’s the last race before the start of the Sprint Cup Chase and it’s at Tony’s favorite track- so I think that is a good omen right there. Anyway- here is what’s been pinging around my brain like lugnuts pinging around a pit stall after a green flag pit stop.

1. How awesome is this late model that Jon Henry Racing will be fielding for the World 100 at Eldora speedway:

(photo sourced: Jon Henry Racing facebook Page)

It’s an awesome tribute. For more pictures of the car visit the Jon Henry Facebook page.

2. If you are going to the Texas Motor Speedway Chase race I am jealous…and you might want to get there early- I WOULD LOVE one of these bobble heads they are giving away to the first 30,000 fans through the gates:

They would go great with my current Tony bobble heads (I have two from back in the Home Depot/ JGR days)…so if anyone gets an extra and wants to pass one my way- I would be forever grateful! Otherwise I guess we should all start watching ebay…

3. How cool was it that Bobby Allison signed Tony’s Coke helmet that he ran at Darlington? I know Tony won’t trade that one from his collection:

(Photo sourced: Tony Stewart facebook)

4. Speaking of the helmet Tony ran at Darlington, here is a better view of it for those who didn’t get to see it:

(Photo source: Tony Stewart Facebook Page)

I really think that they should make a poster of all the different cool helmet’s Tony is running this year…wouldn’t that be awesome? You can see more angles of this helmet on Tony’s Official facebook page.

5. Somehow I missed this- but it looks like Tony Stewart is getting inducted into his high school hall of fame this Friday.  Unfortunately Tony can’t attend because he will be in Richmond qualifying his car but it sounds like his mom will accept it for him.  Only thing I can think of what took so long? Also? I don’t think my high school has a hall of fame…hmm.

6. It looks like Tony will be running a Nature’s Bakery Dark Chocolate Brownie paint scheme for the upcoming Dover chase race:

(photo credit: Lionel Racing Facebook)

It’s a rather cool paint scheme. You can order the diecast from Lionel Racing here.

7. So you might know that I was a big fan of NHRA when I was younger- so knowing that Kurt Busch squared off against Brittany Force in a three pass challenge in Camaros down the drag strip at Charlotte on Wednesday tickled me. It made me even happier knowing Kurt won! Here is a picture before they started:

(Photo credit: Stewart-Haas Racing Twitter)

8. Interesting to me that both Ryan Newman and Kyle Larson’s car failed post race inspection at Darlington and here we are on Wednesday (as of this writing) and there still hasn’t been any penalties announced. It doesn’t sound like they are giving them much time to appeal- which you would think they would want to do considering the chase implications it could have- especially for Newman. Of course this has changed since this writing…Newman and Larson have both been docked 15 championship points for failing post race inspection- this is huge- because it drops Newman to 22 points behind Jamie McMurray for the chase cut off. The points implication doesn’t really effect Larson who is in the chase via his win as the points docking will not knock him anywhere close to being out of the top 30 in points. Also penalized: Stewart will lose Richmond pit selection for his fourth failure at pre-race inspection and Blaney was fined $1000 for failure to wear gloves (I don’t remember this but apparently he did this as part of the “throwback” weekend on Saturday).  There were also no fines for Custer or Nemecheck after their brief altercation after the truck series race.

9. I am hit or miss with Florida Georgia Line’s music but I love this dirt racing themed video (with a cameo from Tim McGraw):

It’s like a little movie- and I thought you might enjoy it! I did!

The Gratuitous Tony Stewart picture:


(photo source: Zimbio.com/Sean Gardner/Getty Images North America)


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