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Chasing the Loose Lugnuts

Posted by Amy in General | NASCAR

(photo source: Tony Stewart Official facebook)

It’s just been that kind of week for this little blogger. The kind of week where life gets in the way of the blogging part of things. And it doesn’t help that the Chase is here. So I decided instead of stressing about doing my post race report- now four days late I will skip it and point you in the direction of the official team release about the race if you are here looking for my usual post race rap ups and get right to a “Loose Lugnuts” type post.

1. Most of us Smoke fans are thinking about the chase- and how Dover is critical for Tony Stewart if he’s to continue on in this year’s chase for the Sprint Cup his last as a Sprint Cup driver. Of course we want him to transfer into the next round (which I think should be called the survival round since it includes Talladega) but as most of us know he’s below the points cut off right now- so he will have to have a most excellent weekend at Dover to put him above the cut off. It could happen. But it might not.  It’s important, I think,  to consider that it’s not over even if he doesn’t make that cut.  He made the chase this year- which he hasn’t done since 2012. Which happy day for us going to Vegas means he will be there taking part in all the activities.   He has three championships in this series alone.  He will still have 7 races after Dover to race and to attempt to get wins at regardless if he is in the next round of the Chase or not.  It’s nothing he shouldn’t be proud of as a driver and it’s nothing we shouldn’t be proud of as his fans.

2. Speaking of Dover- Tony will be running a very special Nature’s Bakery Brownie paint scheme. I have heard people who love the paint scheme and people who not pleased with the asthetics of the car. Personally? I like it and think it looks like a Brownie (which considering it’s the Nature’s Bakery Brownie car is a good thing). Here’s the paint scheme (via Stewart-Haas Racing Facebook):

 By the way- has anyone tasted the Nature’s Bakery Brownie? I can’t find them here…and I am curious. I like the Raspberry Fig Bar the best of what I have tried but I admit I am curious about the brownie.

3. I think it’s New Hampshire Motor Speedway’s fault Tony did’t do so hot in the Bad Boy Buggies 300 this last weekend. Why? Because they presented this monument(al) rock dedicated to Tony on their property prior to his last race there. If he had one they would have had to have it redone:

(photo source: Tony Stewart Official Store facebook)

4. Tony was on Race Hub. Here is that video in case you missed it (via Fox Sports NASCAR Facebook):


5. Here is Tony begin interviewed on a Raleigh TV station (hmm that background looks awfully familiar):

6. There were lots of great articles out about Tony this week…here are a couple of my personal favorites:

7. Tony’s New Hampshire helmet was another awesome helmet…seriously each week they show me something I like even more than the week before. I wonder what his Dover helmet will look like? Here is the New Hampshire helmet in case you missed it (click here to go to facebook to see the other views of this helmet):

(Photo credit: Tony Stewart Facebook)

8. Have you donated to the Tony Stewart Foundation lately? What better way to honor our favorite racer than with a donation to the Tony Stewart Foundation any amount will go to help critically and chronically ill children, animals, and injured drivers and their families. Donate here.

So fellow Tony fans…what’s been on your minds this week?

Gratuitous Tony Stewart Pictures:

(photo source: Tony Stewart Official Store facebook)

(photo credit: Tony Stewart Official Store facebook)



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2 Responses

  • Lillian Schoonmaker says:

    Tony is my guy and he will be for ever
    I will miss hem not to see racing any more🏁🏁🏁


  • Mary Cooper says:

    Thanks for the Race Hub vid. I watched the Nascar America interview but didn’t know that he was on Race Hub too, or I’d have recorded it. :)

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