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The Talladega Chase Race and Why Certain Drivers/Teams Stay In the Back.

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(photo source: zimbio.com/Patrick Smith/Getty Images North America)

Start: 21st

Finish: 32nd

Points: 2141 (14th in points)

For Talladega- the race on Sunday was fairly uneventful and that was a good thing.  The big one never came- just a few medium to small sized incidents that did little damage- unlike the big melee during the truck race the day before with 34 laps to go.

(Source: Tony Stewart Official Store Facebook)

Tony dropped to the back of the pack after the drop of the green flag and stayed there for the entire race. When – by chance of caution he was in packs of cars he again would drop back until he was in a smaller group of people whom he trusted.  The plan was to move forward if they thought there would be a chance at gaining position with relatively little danger of being ensnared in “the big one” however even towards the very end of the race Tony radioed in and said that he felt there was something still brewing and he wasn’t going to push it to move forward.  While a couple of smallish accidents happened towards the end of the race- Tony was never really able to climb forward because of the restarts and finished his day 32nd. It was a craps shoot to stay in the back just as much as it was a craps shoot to get up in the main fruckus and possibly get wiped out by someone else’s problem.

I have seen a lot of people online complaining that what the Gibbs cars (minus Denny who took his chances at the front of the pack)  did and what Tony did wasn’t racing.  But wasn’t it? It was a strategic move to keep themselves and their cars safe and it worked well for Gibbs. Why? Because half of the Round of 8 are the four Gibbs cars. So it didn’t work out too well for Tony- but at least he was running at the end of  the race on the lead lap and wasn’t on his way home with nothing but a crumpled mess of car sitting in the Hauler waiting to go back to North Carolina. I have long been of the stance that racing at Talladega and Daytona is dangerous. I don’t know if it’s because of the speeds they run on the high banks, or if it’s due to the restrictor plates putting the cars so close together on the track- but one person messes up and you are in someone else’s mess. Because of the speeds at the superspeedways I am ALWAYS concerned about injury during accidents. Yes I know that those cars are safe- but after seeing two freak accidents injure Tony Stewart (none of which were in Sprint Cup Stock cars) how can I not worry that the intense speeds and “big one” type collisions during these super speedway races will cause a freak accident type injury that severely injures a driver.  Besides- wasn’t it a wreck at Talladega that landed Ryan Newman on his lid on the backstretch several years ago- and he ended up with several cracked teeth because of it?  Minor injury yes but still an injury.  For the possible injury reason alone I can not blame a driver from shying away from running mid-pack when all they have is a mid-pack car. Then you have the cost of the wreck because a lot of times when you wreck at Talladega you wreck big. That’s money out of the owners pockets both in destroyed equipment in addition to any possible purse money depending on where the driver might have finished had the car just suffered a minor ding and gone to the garage to fix it. Therefore it does not surprise me nor do I think it’s cheating or not racing when a team wants to move all or some of it’s cars to be the back to be “safe” when they are in contention for a championship, during an elimination race.  That is just strategy and it will work some times and bite you other times (just ask Tony).

Don’t like teams hanging in the back? Don’t consider it racing? I get that complaint, I really do, but it’s a product of plate racing like it or not. Personally I didn’t mind Tony putzing around the back because I knew he was less likely to get in trouble where he could get hurt and that is nothing NO race fan should want during a race.

So what did everyone think about Kevin Harvick’s post-race discussion with Kurt Busch…did he actually hit him? Was it deserved? Personally I don’t necessarily know if he actually connected. I really don’t think Kurt meant to damage Kevin’s car but I only saw the part on the cool down lap- not the part that supposedly happened on track- so I can’t really say if Kevin had reason to be mad.

Race winner was Joey Logano and the round of eight chase drivers include: Stewart-Haas Racing teammates Kurt Busch and Kevin Harvick, Joe Gibbs drivers Denny Hamlin, Matt Kenseth, Kyle Busch and Carl Edwards, Penske driver Joey Logano, and Hendrick Motorsports driver Jimmie Johnson. Who do you think will make the final four? And who do you think will be the champion? Let me know in the comments below.

Next weekend we are chase racin’ in Martinsville!

The Gratuitous Tony Stewart Picture:

(source: Tony Stewart Official Store facebook)

(Source: Tony Stewart Official Store Facebook)



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  • Marilyn says:

    Hi Amy, Once again I appreciate your updates – especially since I only got to listen to the last few laps on the radio. And of course had no idea what happened with Tony. I agree with you on putzing around in the back of the pack – especially for Tony – he doesn’t need anymore injuries. (And he still has surgery coming in December) Let him heal so he can enjoy his retirement. If he was still in race for Championship might be different. I’m hoping for Kevin & Kurt to make final four along with Carl and Denny or Matt. If SHR can’t take the Championship then I’m rooting for Carl. I kind of figure he has it coming after the tiebreaker with Tony in 2011. I was also hoping Truex would make the 8 & 4. Thanks again. Have a blessed day.

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