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Attention #NASCAR Drivers: Race Fan Now Taking Applications!

Posted by Amy in General | NASCAR

Attention all #NASCAR Drivers:

Apply within for the job of new favorite NASCAR Driver.

About The Position:

I find myself staunchly in the middle of the dreaded “off-season” for us NASCAR fans, pondering what will be in the 2017 NASCAR season. There are lots of changes afoot- including an awesome new series sponsor in  MONSTER ENERGY.  I am finding myself unable to concentrate on any of that because I find I am faltering since I am now without a favorite NASCAR driver. I haven’t been in this position in many years and it’s unsettling.  So I decided that I am currently taking applications for the position of a new “Favorite NASCAR Driver.” If you are a #NASCAR driver looking for a new fan- please read on to see if this position is a good fit for you!

What You’ll Need For This Position:

This position is NOT an easy one to fill so please make sure that you fit the qualifications before applying:

  • Fiery passion to win.
  • Talent to back up that passion.
  • Competitive
  • Tender heart that may not always show.
  • Wear that passion and heart on your sleeve

Helpful but not required skills:

  • Championships in other series.
  • Lacking a filter and saying the first thing that pops into your head while speaking with the media is acceptable as is using terms like “dart with no feather.”
  • Willingness to wreck own mother (or other family members) to win championship.
  • Tenuous relationship with NASCAR beat media okay.

What’s In It For You:

I offer an exclusive benefits package including but not limited to:

  • A cheering section of at least one- possibly more.
  • Blog posts written about you.
  • All channels of your social media followed.
  • Merchandise sales.
  • May drive in other series while active in MONSTER ENERGY NASCAR CUP SERIES.

Please Note:

Fitting with the right  NASCAR driver is a process that has to develop organically so a trial run might be necessary before position becomes permanent.

Position may or may not include additional responsibility of being included in the Race Fan’s workgroup of favorite racers. Previous “Favorite NASCAR Driver” holder currently holds court in this exclusive group but retirement from #NASCAR forced him to leave the position of “Favorite NASCAR Driver”.

How To Apply:

Email cover letter and resume/cv to:  badgruv@netzero.com.


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2 Responses

  • Amy Crews says:

    Love it! I wrote something similar to this a few years ago. I am looking for the same type of driver. The only one that sorta fits is Kyle Busch. I haven’t always been kind in my description of him. But like Tony, in my opinion, has mellowed, but hasn’t lost that fire. I am not a big fan of the vanilla drivers. It’s just not me. I mean…Kyle and Kurt crashed each other for a $1 million bucks. I mean if you are willing to take our family members, don’t even come calling.

    Besides…how can you not like someone who drives for M&Ms, Snickers, etc!

  • Mary says:

    Love it! I don’t think we have to venture out of our own stable though. We have 3 who would fit *almost* perfectly and 1 who might yet come into her own.

    My biggest problem is the make. I’m gonna have to get used to pulling for Fords. Even had a *nightmare* last night that I had a brand new, big arse, red Ford truck. Egads!!!! The last Ford I owned was a 1991 Mustang and I don’t consider those Fords. They are Mustangs. ;) :P

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