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Atlanta Folds of Honor 500

Posted by Amy in General

Ahh Atlanta- or like I like to call it, the beginning of the regular season since there is nothing regular about Daytona.

I am frankly surprised they were able to get the race in because what I saw of the forcast beforehand made me wonder if I should even bother tuning in. NASCAr first by moved up the start time of the race by an hour- and then ended up needing to delay the start for track drying. But the track got dry and the weather thankfully behaved after the drop of the green flag (although there were some tense moments and interesting pit strategies played that made for an interesting race! Thank you mother nature for behaving for us NASCAR fans- especially those there at the track who were braving the weather to try to see the race.

(photo: Brian Lawdermilk/Getty Images)

I am also surprised at how dominate the FORDS seem to be so far! We will see if that continues but the Fords, and in particular the SHR Fords seemed really stout at Atlanta- color me impressed with that!  Kevin Harvick pretty much put on a clinic in both the Xfinity and Monster Energy races. But my big surprise was Clint Bowyer ! Although, I admit that while listening to him during the rain delay- it sounds to me like he is a man on a mission to really show what he has this season. I suspect it might be a contract year for him. I hope that it works out for him in the 14- but as a die hard Tony fan it will always be hard for me to see another driver in the 14.

So far in the playoffs we have Kevin Harvick and Austin Dillon…who will be next?

Fantasy Live wise- at least I didn’t keep getting logged out and having to log in very time I wanted to make a change! My team did fairly okay mostly because one of my drivers won (although it wasn’t the driver I picked to win) although I did drop down to fourth in our small Groovin’ league- obviously other people did a better job at picking teams than I did. I suspect a few even picked the winner correctly!  So who do you have for Vegas?

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