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I did the triple this weekend, did you?

Posted by Amy in General | NASCAR

I usually don’t watch all of the Monaco race. I usually, as a west coast race fan, get up in time to watch the last half of the race. But this weekend for some reason, one of my dogs (Abbie) decided that she needed out at 5:15 am.  Usually when she has such an early morning call to nature on a weekend (any weekend) I let her out, let her in and then go back to bed.  But I thought to myself Sunday morning, I am going to see if I can find the Grand Prix on tv and just leave my tv on and maybe I will sleep and maybe I won’t. Which was silly of me- I don’t sleep with the TV on. Once my brain becomes engaged in something, forget going to sleep.  So Sunday I watched all three major races, flag-to-flag.

My favorite part of watching the Grand Prix of Monaco was the new halo roll bars. I haven’t seen them in action before and noticed them straight off. I would think that having the bar down the center of your field of view might be irritating but my internet research about them tells me the drivers do not find it so. I assume that it’s to keep the car from crush the driver in the case of an event such as a crash in which the car may become air born and/or flip. I wonder if this isn’t something that we will see in the utilized in the IRL series?

During the Grand Prix of Monaco and then during the Indy 500 however, my mind kept wandering towards missing James Hinchcliff and Pippa Mann during the race. I watched ALL of the Indy500 pre-race coverage. I love all the tradition and hoopla that surrounds the race, however I did find it interesting that what was glanced over was the fact that a fairly major competitor in James Hinchcliff not even making the field wasn’t even mentioned.  I was disappointed that James and Pippa Mann weren’t in the field thanks to the change in bump day rules. I will admit- I am a Pippa Mann fan. While already familiar with the name before, several years ago, the author of the Kate Reilly Racing Mysteries brought my attention to her in a wider scope, as she started mentioning all the help that Pippa gives her as an advisor on her books (which follows a female racer protagonist). I started following Pippa more closely on social media and found her to be such a positive and open person. I highly suggest you read her post on her blog titled Bumped…it’s an open, honest look at what being bumped is like for a driver and a team that puts ALL their work and dedication into making ONE race. If you read ONE thing about the Indy500 this year- I highly suggest you read this.

After a few hours break in race watching it was time for the Coca-Cola 600. During the race, Abbie (yes the same dog that had the early morning potty call) decided she was done with all this race watching and decided to jump on my lap and sit on me until I paid attention to her. I kindly obliged and while watching the race. The funny thing about Abbie is that between the two dogs, she actually watches TV. Although we learned the hard way not to let her watch Grizzly Gauntlet on NatGeo because she gets scared of the bears and then tries to crawl on our heads (she does this whenever she is scared about anything).  My favorite thing about the Coca-Cola 600 is how each car is tied to a specific fallen service member and each driver seems to know about their service member. I LOVE that they give real meaning to the Memorial Day holiday.


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