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Amy’s #NASCAR Reading List: Speed Read Mustang and Speed Read Ferrari

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I am in love with the Speed Read series by Motorbooks/Quarto Publishing. I have mentioned this in my review of the first two books in the series (Speed Read Car Design and Speed Read F1). I was completely tickled to get two more books from the series, Speed Read Mustang by Donald Farr and Speed Reed Ferrari by Preston Lerner.

These books are gorgeous trade paperbooks that both have simple clean illustrations and easy to understand language that appeals to both car gurus and non-car people alike.  Personally I love the almost textbook feel of these books (I believe I mentioned that in my first review- and it holds through this review as well).  Considering that all four books in this series have been written by different authors, I find it amazing the that you can tell just by thumbing through the books that they are part of the same series- even beyond just the similarities in layout. 

Starting with Speed Read Mustang, it like others in the Speed Read editions this one is divided into seven sections or chapters.  The chapters for Mustang are: The Launch, Generations, Every Man’s Sports Car, Performance, Shelby, Special Editions, and Racing. Each section is ended by a glossary of terms that the word nerd in me adores.  One of my favorite sections of this book is the section on Performance, which is divided up into subsections on specific performance packages including  MACH 1, BOSS, Saleen, Cobra, Roush and others. I liked reading up on what made each package unique.  I also enjoyed the section on Special Editions, knowing about some of them but learning about others that I didn’t know existed like the California Edition…and being from California you would think I would know about this edition.

Author Donald Farr has been writing about mustangs for more than 30 years and was inducted into the Mustang Hall Of Fame in 2012.

Speed Read Ferrari’s seven sections are: A Legend Is Born, Nine For The Road, Exclusive Exotic Exhilarating, Heroes Behind The Wheel, Races To Remember, and Team Players. Specifically I enjoyed the Nine For The Road subsection on the F12 Berlinetta because I have always been fascinated by that particular Ferrari.  Ironically I also enjoyed the very next subsection on the worst Ferraris as well. Another favorite of mine was the section Heroes Behind The Wheel which details drivers whose names are synonymous with Ferrari- some that were familiar to me (Lauda and Vettel specifically) and some that were not.

Again like it’s predecessor’s Speed Read Ferrari has a relevant glossary at the end of each section and beautiful, clean artwork that fits each subject covered in the book.

Author Preston Lerner is a regular contributor to Automobile Magazine and has written about motorsports for multiple publications including Sports Illustrated and the New York Times.

The next book in the Speed Read Series is Speed Read Supercar by Basem Wasef and is scheduled for release in October.

For Full-Disclosure purposes (I am looking at you FTC):

I received both books (Speed Read Mustang and Speed Read Ferrari from the publisher in hopes I would review the books. As with all my reviews on BadGroove, opinions on this book are my own. The links to purchase the book provided in this review are NOT affiliate links and I do not earn anything off of this review.

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