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Amy’s #NASCAR Reading List: Chasing Checkers: Acceleration by C. Hinchcliffe

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Last year, I gave a glowing review to Christopher Hinchcliffe’s debut novel Chasing Checkers, a book I had stumbled across in my social media and decided to give a read. I had closed my review with the hope that we would hear more from young racer Teddy. I was giddy last week when I found out that the next novel chronicling Teddy Clark’s journey as a racer was not only available but that I was offered a copy for review.   Of course, I jumped on the opportunity and dove right into reading it when it arrived in my inbox on Saturday morning.  It’s now Sunday afternoon, just a little more than 24 hours later, and I finished. And you know that I watched every single lap of the Bristol race yesterday afternoon which of course meant a bunch of time watching racing instead of reading about it. A good measure of my enjoyment of a book is measured by the length of time it takes me to finish the book (the faster I read through it, the more I am enjoying it). That said, really enjoyed the section installment of young Teddy’s adventures in Hinchcliffe’s Chasing Checkers: Acceleration.

Chasing Checkers: Acceleration follows Teddy through the dreaded offseason and into the new racing series in what he is sure will be his make it or season.  He is hoping that he will make it up to the next level by the end of the season. But life starts to get in the way before the season even starts. He’s given a specific training regiment to follow, plus he has his group of friends (many of whom are now in a band together), and of course his studies. This is what I love about this book (as well as the first Chasing Checkers book). It’s Teddy’s very real struggles to balance everything in his life. How more realistic can it get? Hell, some days I still have trouble balancing everything in my life, and I have had far more practice at it then Teddy. The book is not without the exciting racing action as well which adds to the story. I don’t want to give away too much of the story, but anyone who loved the first Chasing Checkers book will most definitely love Chasing Checkers: Acceleration. Racing fans and non-racing fans will enjoy this young adult novel and should consider giving it a read.

About the author: Christopher Hinchcliffe is a Canadian author from Ontario Canada who teaches legal and political philosophy on the side. He also happens to be the brother of INDYCAR driver James Hinchcliffe. You can find out more about him on his website: ChasingCheckersBook.com or twitter handle @CMHinchcliffe.

For Full-Disclosure purposes (I am looking at you FTC):

I was offered a review copy of Chasing Checkers: Acceleration by the author for the purposes of this review. As always, the words, thoughts, and opinions on this book are my own. The links provided in the review are not affiliate links, and I make no money off of the links.

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