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The Roval

Posted by Amy in NASCAR

I took to my Facebook account after the ROVAL and didn’t come here to talk about it…because I have gotten out of the habit of blogging sadly.

Here is precisely what I wrote:

1. Initially, I was waiting for the cars to squirt out banana peels, oil slicks, and those turtle things because it looked very Mariokart-ish. I think it had to do with the bright red and blue paint on track.

2. It’s interesting to watch everyone race something so new. Especially when several of your lead cars simultaneously misjudge a turn and run into the same wall at the same time on old tires.

3. Ryan Blaney was quite a class act both with his words and his actions after his win. Giving his checkered to the young Kyle Busch fan was awesome. Expressing multiple times that he hated seeing the lead cars take each other out..etc. That Young Blaney is growing on me.

4. That last lap was 🙈🙈. Jimmie and Martin going toe-to-toe, all in for that win only to take each other out. Kyle Larson looking like a pinball, ricocheting off darn near everything trying to make that last make-it-or-break-it point. That ladies and gentlemen is racing.

5. While I am all for a heated post-race “discussion” between drivers, I am not for spinning a rival on the cooldown lap. That was unprofessional and uncalled for. I can only hope the sanctioning body was watching.

6. And how could I forget?! Chris Buescher with the sign embedded in the rear of his car like a fish fin! That was funny.

I stand by what I wrote. The track did look Mariokart like with all the paint and striping. But I did like race. It was something to be a part of- the first ROVAL race. The track was crazy. I a question though: Will the layout change year to year? Changing the layout yearly might be fun. Then again it might be hard to do with a limited amount of space and roads within Charlotte Motor Speedway that can be used. But it’s something to think about.

Also- the self-penalizing was something I enjoyed. I liked it when drivers knew they missed part of the track so they self-penalized by stopping on the apron and carrying on.  That worked well for me.

What were your thoughts on the ROVAL??

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