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Why I can’t NOT be a Jimmie Johnson fan…

Posted by Amy in NASCAR

I’ve always felt that Jimmie Johnson gets a bad wrap as a driver among non-Jimmie fans. The team’s 7 championships don’t seem to be taken seriously and many fans seem to have a “yeah but” when talking about them. “Yeah but they cheated” or “yeah but that was all Chad, not Jimmie.” You get the idea. I follow Jimmie on social media and I love his sense of humor.  Case in point:

On the last lap of the ROVAL race, Jimmie and Martin were both racing hard.  They were giving it all they had. Jimmie got loose and accidentally took out Martin and himself in the process.  It was clearly a racing thing. Martin Truex Jr made it personal by spinning Jimmie on the cool down lap.

Do I understand that Martin was mad? Heck yes. Do I think he should have spun Jimmie on the cool down lap? No way. It wasn’t a cool thing to do for many reasons. Jimmie’s post-race interview on the national broadcast was nothing but classy. After all, he was just informed on camera that he was out of the championship hunt now. I was impressed with his words in the face of what no doubt was a huge disappointment. He did all that he could do after all.

So, what happened at Dover this morning? If you are not in the know: Apparently Martin Truex Jr’s crew chief Cole Pearn made a comment that to make up for taking out the 78, Jimmie should buy the entire 78 crew road bikes.  Well, Jimmie did just that and delivered them personally to the 78 hauler this morning. I LOVE this:


Martin Truex Jr. crew chief Cole Pearn apparently told Jimmie Johnson that he could make up for the move last week by buying the team road bikes. Johnson left the team gifts at its hauler this morning. https://t.co/absNUlqg0Mpic.twitter.com/Y96kHASJuS

— Bob Pockrass (@bobpockrass) October 7, 2018

That is just awesome of Jimmie. I admit I was personally hoping that Truex’s team would donate the bikes to children that maybe didn’t have the means to purchase bikes of their own, but it sounds like they were giving them away at Dover with a sign that said Free Bikes, Tend to Wheel hop. It was a great joke though Jimmie Johnson. Love the action, love the message. It was hilarious.  You can read more about the prank here on the NASCAR on NBC website.


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