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Racing For The Win at Martinsville

Posted by Amy in General | NASCAR

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I have seen two schools of thought regarding the actions on the last lap of the race on Sunday at Martinsville:

1. Joey Logano was racing for the win, for his chance at the championship.

2. Logano is a dirty driver and punted Martin for the win.

Personally, my instinct is to go for number one. I don’t see what Logano did as wrong. The old Days Of Thunder adage “rubbin’ is racing” playing on repeat on my head.  However, I am sure it depends on how you feel about the drivers involved, where your loyalties lie with each driver in each instance.

I saw it like this: They were racing for the chance to run at a championship in Homestead-Miami. You do what you have to do to put you in the best position to win that night. I think it was Dale Jr that said after the race, while the broadcast was winding down that the drivers have to drive their morals. They drive in a manner that won’t keep them up at night.    I don’t see anything wrong with what Joey Logano did, Martin was just as agressive, and ended up losing out. It was an exciting ending, the kind that would encourage viewship I think.

What I didn’t like was that for the second time in the post-season, Martin Truex Jr. used his race car on the cooldown lap to express his displeasure at the results. I am not saying that Martin doesn’t have the right to carry frustration with him. Heck, he’s only human.  But I didn’t think it was appropriate when he turned Jimmie on the cool down lap at the ROVAL and likewise it wasn’t appropriate to hit Logano during the cool down lap either. Upset? Then get out of your car and tell the media how upset you are? You can even egg the crowd on to boo like Martin also did.   Approach the offending driver after the race on pit road or in the garage and use your words to express that frustration. But do not use your car to do it. For me, it goes beyond poor sportsmanship. Hiding behind your race car to express your displeasure is much like an internet troll hiding behind his keyboard. There is no face-to-face ramifications for your actions.  The crew chief’s had no issues expressing their displeasures with each other using their words in the garage area. Martin should take a page out of Cole Pearn’s book.

Other than that, part of me was kind of hoping Denny or Brad would end up being a spoiler for the race, and take the win instead of a championship contender. Why? Why not. Just to shake it up a bit.

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