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The Groovy Girls of BadGroove.Com are first and foremost best friends. Best friends who happen to be NASCAR fans.  They are:


A tenacious, stalwart #TonyStewart fan & #NASCAR blogger whose alter ego is a shy tech support maven at an institution of higher education. Amy loves to take pictures and is often found at any given event with a camera in hand. Since Tony’s retirement she finds she supports SHR as a whole team much more but is also keeping her eye on some of the “up and coming” drivers.   She loves to write.

Posts by AMY.


An opinionated, biased & often loud NASCAR, Jeff Gordon & Team Hendrick fan who spends her days pushing papers for a financial firm but dreams of race cars & firesuits.  Since Jeff’s retirement she has been taking applications for a new favorite driver- but seems to lean towards William Bryon (you can take the 24 out of the girl…) and Jimmie Johnson.  She has also picked up an intense love of Hockey, specifically the Vegas Golden Knights. She also contributes both photos and videos from race day experiences.

Posts by MISTY.

BadGroove Comment Policy: Amy and Misty love comments and emails- so please feel free to do both.  Please remember that everyone is entitled to their opinions and should feel comfortable to express them freely.  Amy and Misty also both reserve the right to remove any comment made on this blog that they deem to be spam, derogatory, inflammatory  or otherwise inappropriate (just be good humans and you should be fine).

If you are commenting on BadGroove for the first time, or haven’t commented in a really long time- your comment might not show up right away because they are moderated to prevent the evil spam bots from overrunning the comments section of BadGroove.  I try to approve these comments as quickly as I can- often within the hour of the comment. Sometimes it can take up to 24 hours. If you feel your comment wasn’t approved by mistake please feel free to email Amy at the contact information below.


Email: badgruv @ netzero.com (without the spaces)

Twitter: @AmyKayRocks (Amy)

Amy and Misty are nothing more than an ardent fans. They do not know Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon or any other drivers mentioned in this blog nor do they have any affiliation above said fandom with Stewart-Haas Racing, Hendrick Motorsports, any of their affiliates or sponsors, NASCAR or other race teams that may be mentioned.

For “full disclosure” purposes (I’m looking at you FTC):

Amy and Misty do NOT get financially reimbursed for this website and their individual opinions are their own. If a company has provided any sort of sponsorship of activity (including but not limited to contests and/or product reviews) that sponsor relationship will be mentioned in the post that relates to that company.

LAST UPDATED: October 17th, 2018 by Amy

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