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Tomorrow (Thursday March 26th) morning, ESPN CLASSIC will be airing SportsCentury: Tony Stewart (it shows up for me on the west coast at 6:00am- so that would be 9:00pm for those of you on the east coast- and for those of you in between- well I am sure you can figure it out).  This is a 2005 biography of Tony and is excellent. I saw a previous airing (ok- I admit it- I dvr’d it in Jan and forgot to watch it until about two weeks ago) and really enjoyed it.

Ok- we have all seen the Kasey Kahne Allstate commercials.  You know the ones where an SUV full of rabid Kasey Kahne fangirls are crashing into his car (or watching him crash into a pole, or fantasizing about sponsoring him). They are silly commercials- but they make me laugh- and I am not even the biggest Kasey fan in the world.

However it was brought to my attention that Kasey Kahne and his partnership with Allstate insurance recently worked with teens in Franklin, TN (a suburb of Nashville, TN) to raise awareness for teen driving deaths, which personally I think is awesome and I will explain why later. Anyway- on to the details of the event- which happened March 19th.  Kasey Kahne along with SPEED TV broadcaster John Roberts, headlined a talk sponsored by ALLSTATE at Centennial High School in Franklin TN to take to students and parents about the risks facing teens on the road.  Why Franklin, TN you ask? Well according to a recent study, the Nashville area ranks fourth among the nation’s 10 deadliest metro areas for fatal crashes involving teen drivers. During the event Kasey helped encourage communication between parents and their teenage drivers.  Students were encouraged to visit allstate.com/teen to complete a teen driver contract.  Here are some pictures from the event:

Kasey gives teens a Saftey Talk in Franklin, TN

Kasey gives teens a talk during an Allstate Safe Driving Pit Stop in Franklin, TN

Students listen and interact with Kasey Kahne during the Allstate Pit Stop Talk.

Students listen and interact with Kasey Kahne during the Allstate Pit Stop Talk.

Kasey Kahne signs autographs for teens in Franklin, TN

Kasey Kahne signs autographs for teens in Franklin, TN after the Allstate Safe Driving Pitstop Talk.

At the race on Sunday March 22nd, Kasey and his pit crew wore specially designed wristbands sporting the message “TN-165″ in honor of the 165 teenagers who lost their lives in car crashes in 2007 in Tennessee.

Nearly 5000 teenagers die every year and 375,000 more are injured as a result of careless driving alone.  One of the reasons I personally think this rocks is that between my junior and senior years of high school- just those two years alone I can think of several people who were injured in car accidents. Two of those were people I knew- one died and one was disfigured.  I really think it is important to bring attention to these kind of statistics and I have to give Kasey Kahne kudos for doing it.

Happy First Birthday to my nephew MXM- who can always make me smile.

My Nephew baby MXM- less than one day old

My Nephew MXM- less than one day old.

Not so much A Baby Anymore- 10 days shy of your first birthday.

Not so much a baby anymore- 10 days shy of your first birthday.

You were the first grandchild on both sides of your family. You were the first to make me an Aunt (or Auntie).  I have loved watching you grow this last year- however part of me wishes you could stay young forever and ever.  You have an incredible sense of adventure and are fearless in your pursuits.  You are constantly trying to figure out how things work, how to open boxes, flip switches, pull things in and out.   When I left for vacation at the end of February- you had no teeth. When I came back eight days later- you had four and a fifth one peeking through.  You are right on the cusp of walking independently and when you do I think you will only be walking for about ten minutes- then you will be off running to see what kind of mischief adventure you can find, eyes twinkling. You amaze me as I watch you learning and making sense of your world and how it works.

I struggled to find you an appropriate nickname over the last year- finally settling on “Little Mister” -however I think I need to find you a new one…because you aren’t so little anymore. Happy birthday to Auntie’s big boy.

Well I have said it before and I will say it again. I love short track racing.  My dad was watching with me and was bored – frankly I think there is too much going on for him to keep track of at any one time.

Unfortunately it was not a great day for the Office Depot/Old Spice Impala judging by their 17th place finish.  It really bites to be stuck having to watch the National Broadcast of a race and be a fan of a driver who is not in the top ten or so- because not enough coverage is available.   I know the broadcasters can not cover an entire 43 car field- so I do understand that…it just bites because there isn’t enough information on what isn’t going right with my team and it is that that I do not like.   I do thank DirecTV for the free hotpass this season but I guess because it is free they eliminated my favorite part of hotpass- the channel known as the SD Channel last season which would let you watch the national broadcast while listening to one of several driver audios (and if Tony wasn’t a Hot Pass driver his audio was ALWAYS in the SD line up). I really REALLY miss that (and the fact that Tony has yet to be a hot pass driver).

Ok- so since the change to the track at Bristol- I think the cars can move around better on the track for the most part- so I loved the increase in side-by-side racing. That rocked.  I was also glad to see that Ryan’s US Army team seemed to be doing better and stayed in the top 10 most of the day finishing in 7th and removing them from the “danger zone” when it comes to being in the top 35 in owner points.

Since Tony definitely wasn’t really in any sort of contention to win I was glad to see Kyle win there- especially after such disappointment at the Nationwide race on Saturday.  If you missed the Nationwide race, Kyle ran quite strongly in it only to have a tire problem late in the race foil the win and Kevin Harvick eventually went on to win the Nationwide race).

More Notes on Bristol:

  • I was sad to hear during the pre-race broadcast that Kvapil’s ride will most likely fold unless they are able to find major sponsorship by Martinsville.  If you read this blog at all last season- you know that I really have YeahI really think Kvapil has talent and ability and hope that anyone out there looking for a driver would consider him.  I think he has talent.
  • I was also impressed with Joey Logano.  While he wasn’t able to keep the car clean- he was able to work himself out of some pretty hairy situations well- he seems to be learning pretty fast. Too bad his engine blew at the end.
  • Just how many incidents was Jamie McMurray in?  He is usually pretty good at keeping out of trouble it just kind of humored me that it seemed that every other caution there he was spinning out.
  • I really liked the National Anthem this race. It seemed like so far this season the national anthems have been less than…desirable (Vegas was the worst…and I was in the stands there).
Next Weeks Race: Martinsville- My favorite paperclip!

TJ MAXX – I have no idea what the “TJ” in TJ Maxx stands for.  Do know of someone who goes by his/her initials, instead of his/her full name?  What is their full name?  Why do they prefer initials?  Tell us a little bit about this person. I have a cousin who goes by D.J. instead of his given name. For the longest time I thought that was just his name (he is older than me-DJ are his first and middle initial).  I think he goes by DJ because he has the same name as his father so it was just a good way to tell them apart when calling for them or whatever.  I really don’t know much about DJ because he is older than me and during most of my childhood lived in Alabama so I never really got to see much of him.

TARGET – Tell us a story about target practice, hunting, or some sort of “shooting” activity. I love shooting at targets. I have never gone hunting though because in my house that is more of a “guys only” activity which frankly is fine with me.  I remember the time my dad and brother took me to the shooting range the first time and let me target practice with my grandpa’s .22. I found out that I am a pretty good shot- at least with the .22.  It’s actually pretty fun and relaxing. Next time I go I want to shoot something different though.

DOLLAR TREE – What’s the best bargain going nowadays?  Is there anything you buy that is really only $1.00 (or less)? Hmmm-well I sometimes shop in the dollar section of TARGET when I am looking for little gifts for an occasion and sometimes I find some cool stuff there.  Other than that- I have not found anything that I buy that is a dollar or less…at least not something I buy on a regular basis. I do like a good deal though- and I do like to use coupons!!

BIG LOTS – What would your perfect house lot look like?  Would it be big?  Smaller, with less lawn care?  Water feature?  Stone wall?  Fenced in yard?  Wooded? The lot would big big and have a nice wooded area perhaps by a big lake with a private dock. There would need to be a fenced in area for the dog but mostly secluded enough where you don’t need a fence around the yard. There would be a nice deck with a firepit outside and a good generous seating area…

WENDY’S – When you have an “all-day” excursion planned, do you prefer to sit down and eat a meal at a restaurant, or do you prefer a drive-through type experience in order to save more time for other activities? It really depends on who I am with and what kind of excursion it is.  For instance if I am going somewhere with BFM- because I don’t see her very often and we don’t get to go an as many excursions as we like- I would prefer a sit down meal because it would be part of the experience.  If I am somewhere with my sister-in-law, a sit down meal is more appropriate- especially if my nephew is with us.  If I am with my parents- its more about how much stuff we can cram into the day and then I don’t mind doing the drive through.

And now…Friday Fillin #116:

1. Why do we have to stop now?

2. Reading and Writing are now habits.

3. I have a headache.

4. I had never heard the phrase “ask not, want not” and it makes no sense to me.

5. I blog the way I always do.

6. How was I to know that this laptop would be so cool.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to resting, tomorrow my plans include sleeping in and chores and Sunday, I want to watch Tony Stewart and Team Office Depot/OldSpice win at Bristol!

A Day At The Park

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Last weekend I got to spend a day at the park with my nephew. It was so fun watching him explore the equipment (with help from his mom). It was overcast and cold but we still had fun. Here are some pictures I snapped:

Here he is attempting to taste the park equipment much to our chagrin.

Here he is attempting to taste the park equipment much to our chagrin.



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Sometimes when I am bored or I see something I like or don’t like I mentally compose a letter to whatever it is.  Here are some NASCAR related ones (hey it’s on off week- give me a break):

Dear Office Depot Racing Website- I love your website. I love the different backgrounds on the different tabs and moving my mouse from side to side to change the perspective slightly (ok so maybe I am just easily amused).  I actually hit your site at least every other day or so.  However…I need new content!!!  I did notice you have pages for all the crew members now and that occupied me for a tad.  But I am  looking for new wallpapers and maybe some answers to the ASK TONY questions that have been submitted this far?  Or maybe another contest or something??  Just a thought- Amy

Dear Stewart-Haas Racing Website- I visit you quite often too. I have several things to say to you.  First off- kudos to the team managing your VIP Garage section. I had some troubles with my VIP Garage account and they went out of their way to get me all set up- and did it extremely quickly.  Also regarding the VIP garage- it’s taking me forever to be able to open up my gallery…and I want to post some pictures!  Maybe you should lower the number of points needed for the first gallery and up the points needed for the last. Or figure out a way for us to get more points faster.  One of the two will work.  Also- your store is taking forever to open. Please open it soon.  And when you do I would LOVE it if you would have a sticker of just the Stewart-Haas racing logo. I think that is a sweet logo and my car is begging for one.  Every day when I go out to start her up she asks me “DID YOU GET ME ONE OF THOSE COOL STEWART-HAAS LOGO stickers yet? I am feeling pretty plain.” Thanks- AMY (PS-no my car does NOT really talk to me- please don’t call the looney bin- I was just being dramatic).

Dear Team Office Depot: I really think that you guys are gelling awesomely.  Your win will come soon!  Keep digging in and not giving up (Atlanta was awesome- finishing 8th after being 2 laps down at one point! Talk about digging your heels in!).  Good Job–keep it up!!- AMY

Dear Kyle Busch- Your M&M’s car really makes me crave peanut M&Ms. I think it’s because its yellow and has M&M’s on it. Just thought you should know. Thanks. AMY  (PS. Your Pedigree car has never made me crave dog food though. Just in case you were wondering).

Dear NASCAR.COM- I really really really DO NOT like your new layout.  Amy

Dear Old Spice- Ok- I have seen the Tony Stewart Swagger commercials several times now. And I have to ask…what is the deal with being Russian?  Why does the nationality of the gorgeous trophy girl have anything to do with anything? Unsure- Amy

Team OfficeDepot/OldSpice Guys work on the the number 14 Impala

Team OfficeDepot/OldSpice Guys work on the the number 14 Impala

I was cruising through my pictures on Flickr and thinking about the race and the picture above brought up a very vivid memory for me. It’s probably one of the reasons I LOVE the NEON GARAGE at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.  I was probably 6 or 7 no more than 8.  It was back when my dad did all his own maintenence on his vehicles. We had a pick-up (depending on which year it was it was either a GMC or a Ford that part I don’t remember) and it was a spring day and my dad was in the driveway changing the spark plugs and giving the pickup a general tune-up.  How do I remember he was changing the spark plugs nearly 28 years ago and not what I had for dinner two days ago? That is easily answered. I was out there watching and asking all kinds of questions. I had always been inquisitive and I distinctly remember my dad sitting there in front of the truck on the ground explaining what a spark plug was, how it worked and how to gap them…and then he proceeded to let me gap them all- so I felt like I was really helping. It was fun for me and I stood there (on a plastic yellow step stool so I could see) and watched him put them all in.  I remember rummaging through is tool box looking for something when I came across an “timing light” and thought WHAT THE HECK IS THIS?  I asked my dad…and not only did he explain what it was and how it worked but he showed me me how it worked.  I still remember leaning into the engine watching him use the timing light to show me how it worked.  Of course a little while later my Grandpa came over told me to get him a beer and when I did then told me that girls didn’t belong under the hood of a car.

Anyway- I think that is why I am inately curious about what is going on in the garage areas. I know it probably looks like I spent my whole day camped out in front of the 14 garage but I didn’t. I actually probably spent more time at the 48 garage stall in Vegas because they seemed to be doing a lot of adjustments on the car…and it was fun for me to watch. It’s a good thing we don’t have a way to talk to the crew members! I would probably pester them to death. What’s that? What do you do with it? Or my all time favorite when I was a kid- WHY?

Speaking of talking to crew members and having questions- have you noticed ASK THE INSIDERS WEDNESDAY over at NASCAR INSIDERS? It’s kinda like having an intercom into the garage! You should check it out.