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Valentines Day was really no big deal. I did nothing special except I did sit down towards the end of the afternoon and watch a slug of SpeedTV catching up on Saturday’s NASCAR news.  While standing in the living room I heard what I thought was rain which I didn’t think was that odd since we were expecting a big storm later that day. I looked out and saw no rain but instead an inordinate amount of water running down the street in front of my brother’s house (we live on a corner of a T-shaped intersection and he lives on the top of the t part). I believe my exact words were “Where the hell is all that water coming from?” My father and I decided to take a walk to investigate it and the further up the street we went the more water we were encountering. We finally found out that a car four blocks away had hit a fire plug and they couldn’t find the shut-off valve for all the water.  Due to gravity the water was flooding down into our neighborhood.  What do I do? I grab my camera of course.


Saturday started with final Daytona 500 practice for Tony Stewart and Ryan Newman of Stewart-Haas racing- and ended badly for the pair. Ryan Newman blew a tire- sending him up the banking and into the wall where he collected his teammate/owner Tony Stewart.  That was not the way one wanted to start their day.  However only hours later Tony Stewart stood in victory lane at the Nationwide race where he drove the Number 80 Hendrick car to victory.  Not a bad turn around in one day. However, Sunday would be the day where all eyes were on Stewart-Haas racing’s number 14 and 39 Chevrolet Impalas.

Watching this Daytona 500 was much like driving while blind deaf.  I did not have the advantage of having HOTPASS this year since DirecTV decided to drop the only sports package I cared about.  I really missed being able to tune into Tony’s in-car radio because it’s how I judge how he feels about the car and his progress during the race.  That way I am not relying on the race announcer’s view of what is going on- I can pretty much tell for myself.

Anyway- during this first race weekend for the newly Stewart-Haas racing, emotions had to run the complete gamet during the week.  The team went through three race cars before the race on Sunday- a feat I am pretty darn sure they were not pleased with.  Ryan Newman’s primary car was wrecked during the Gatorade Duel number 2 on Thursday when he was wrecked by David Reutimann- forcing Newman into his backup car.  Then during the final practice on Saturday, a tire blew and Newman collected teammate/owner Stewart.  Because of the late practice tangle, Stewart had to go to his backup car and Ryan Newman was forced to use Tony’s backup Shootout car, thus sending both cars to start at the back of the field for Sunday’s Great American race.

By lap 25 Stewart had driven his car from 37th to 14th.  After taking on gas and tires during the competition yellow, Stewart was in obvious high spirits as the broadcast switched over to his radio to catch him singing “Ole Ole Ole Ole” and then telling his crew chief Darian Grubb that he didn’t have anything else to do. Announcers later state that Tony believes he has the best handling car out there.  And during short runs on fresh tires Tony seems to be able to draft well and pass cars- charging towards the front. However it seemed to me that the longer the green flag run, Stewart’s car just didn’t seem to have the ability to cut through the field with the ease it did early in the runs.  Also a big kudos to the Team Office Depot pit crew who seemed to get Tony in and out of the pits quickly…Tony rarely, if ever, dropped position after a pitstop…he always seemed to gain a position or two.  I hate to say it but it seemed last year Tony would lose three -five positions during pitstops alone.

Meanwhile teammate Ryan Newman never seemed to really get a feel for the car under him. He was at a serious disadvantage- in a car that was not set up for him or for this race.  The US AMY team did a great job getting the car rewrapped and decal’ed up so that at least it looked like Ryan’s car and not Tony’s. However they did have a slight problem in the pits when Ryan came in for what he thought was a problem with the tire, the crew somehow dropped the car off the jack after the tire had been removed and then had to pick it back up to put the tire up – costing Newman valuable spots in the pits and on the track- a mistake that he was never able to overcome on the track.

At the end of the evening, however, Matt Kenseth ended up winning the rained-shortened Daytona 500 after having led just one green flag lap.  Tony Stewart finished 8th while teammate Ryan Newman finished 36th.

As for Stewart-Haas racing- I think they accomplished one of the bigger tasks on their to-do list for the start of the 2009 (their inaugural) season.  They came to Daytona extremely competitive.  I think good things are going to come out of this team in the very near future.

Other Notes on Daytona:

  • I heard from the national broadcast that Ryan Newman’s crew chief Tony Gibson even used Sharpie markers to cover over some of the last bits of red on the backup car. This I think deserves the race award for most innovative use of a sponsor product.
  • Best quote from the entire speedweeks session at Daytona? Comes from none other than Mr. Tony Stewart who was quoted as responding to the question if going to a backup car after the happy hour crash was a disadvantage to his ability to win the 500 with “I don’t know, Rocket Scientist-I’m sitting here with a backup car. What do you think?”
  • I am probably going to feel the wrath of Jr. Nation for saying this but I really think that frustration was a definite mitigating factor that lead to Junior’s on track skirmish with Brian Vicker’s that ended up taking out a lot of the key players in the race.  I think Junior might not have been thinking clearly because he was pissed about the penalty that he incurred at the previous pit stop.  Junior was held one lap for having the right front tire on the pitbox line which apparently is considered out of bounds.
  • I am also still questioning Joe Gibbs Racings decision to rush Logano into a full-time cup ride. I seriously don’t think he was ready. He seemed to be smacking that car against the wall everytime he went out there and that last incident with Scott Speed  Logano nosed the car into the wall pretty damn hard.  I said this last year and I will say it again…Logano might be too green to be out there with the cup guys on a weekly basis. I still say that Logano should have run a full season or two in the Nationwide series first to break in slowly to the Sprint cup series.

Next weekend NASCAR takes us to the Autoclub Speedway in Fontana California.

  • Ok- as a race fan I am going to make a confession to you. My friend and I discussed this during our respective lunch breaks on Thursday and we are both equally confused.  I do not understand HOW the field is set at Daytona.  I mean I understand that the first row is set on qualifying day. And some but not all Go-or-Go homers are locked in the field on time.  Then there are the Gatorade Duels.  Where the field is split in two 60 lap heat races. But from there I do not understand how the field is then set.  At least I am not the only one… Tony Stewart doesn’t understand either!
  • Speaking of Tony,  let’s talk about Stewart-Haas Racing for a minute.  I am just wondering if the people who thought they wouldn’t be competitive out of the box are eating crow right now? I could be biased since Tony is my driver but Stewart-Haas Racing seem pretty damn strong to me. Stewart did well in the Shootout.  Both Tony AND Ryan did well in on Pole day. Tony did awesome in the Duels. Ryan seemed pretty solid in his duel as well until take out by Ruet.
  • Email exchange with my friend regarding Ryan Newman’s crash during the second Duel:
    • Me: Do you think “Tony the Owner” will have a talk with Ryan Newman about getting pissed at Reutimann or will “Tony the Owner” understand because of his experience as “Tony the Driver”.  AND will “Tony the Owner” be pissed at Reutimann for wrecking “his” race car? All things to think about.
    • Her: Tony the Owner”  will prob manslap* Newman and buy him a beer- lol!
  • I may be a Tony fan but I was glad to see Jeff Gordon have a good finish.  And for the record? I like his new paint scheme this year.
  • Speaking of paint schemes. I have decided officially I like the Office Depot paint scheme better than the Old Spice paint scheme.
  • Raygan Swan’s Splash N Go article this week on NASCAR.COM earlier this week was a silly guide to fans.  I think she was trying to be tongue in cheek- however she tells fansLast, get your supplies. Umbrellas for the Fontana, Calif.” However I do not recommend this….if you are heading towards Fontana FYI- Umbrellas are not allowed at the track in Fontana (or in Vegas) unless they have changed the track rules from last season!

Dear DirecTV- AHHHH now you have really made me mad. After having hotpass for two years now- you decide to drop it? THAT REALLY SUCKS!  I greatly miss being able to hear what is going on in Tony’s car during the race. DAMN YOU!  I bet you still have the other sport packages! Why did NASCAR have to be cut? —Disgruntled, AMY  PS. Don’t try to tell me to get that NASCAR.COM thing where I can hear the audio…doesn’t work for me because I have dial up…AND my computer is not in the same room as my TV.

Dear QVC- You have angered me too!  How? Well first there is a big deal made about the FOR RACE FANS ONLY show that is starting off this season with Ryan Newman and Tony Stewart as guests. So I dvr it- and hear wonderful things about it.  I was really looking forward to getting some glimpses of the Stewart Haas Racing shop. I go to watch said DVR and end up with two hours of an electronics showcase. MAJOR FAIL, QVC! MAJOR!  Your in disgruntlement- AMY PS. Don’t try to make up for it by showing me all the cool diecasts of Tony’s that I can’t afford.


*-manslap is defined by my friend and I by that strong shoulder (or sometimes back) pat/slap that men give each other. Usually in a WAY TO GO kind of way. Not to be confused with the “good game” butt slap.

I volunteered to do the MI-5 this week: Many of you know- I am a NASCAR fan…and this weekend is the Daytona 500!!!  During any auto race- NASCAR including- flags of different colors are displayed along a track and mean different things.  This MI-5 is based on some of those flags but answers do not have to be race related at all….(I will omit the two most well known flags- the green and the checker).

1. The Black Flag- also known to some as the consultation flag- is waved at a driver for various reasons but means that the driver must pull into the pits. Most of the time the driver is called to the pits to  take care of extensive damage on the car or to take care of any penalties that may be incurred.  Tell us about a time you had to deal with a penalty of some sort or of a time you had to take a time out to fix something right away. Well there was the time I was caught speeding on federal land by the MPs.  That cost me like $90.00 or something to that effect- I don’t remember the exact amount.  And I didn’t have much time to send in the payment.  I was going 48 in a 35 on Lightfighter (that is the name of the street- honestly) and at the time my lunch was at 1:00 so I was leaving as most of the other staff were driving in from lunch so it was honestly kind of embarrassing.

2. The Yellow Flag is sometimes called the caution flag. When this flag waves it alerts a driver that there is something wrong on the track and they should slow down and fall in line behind the pace car.  Tell us about a time you slowed down your pace. Wednesday on my way home from work! It was raining SO hard it took me 15 minutes longer to get home because I had to drive like a grandma.  And for those keeping track my traction control did NOT come on once- so I think that I might have run through something slippery like sand when it kept activating the other day.

3. The Blue Flag with Orange Diagonal, known as the courtesy flag is the only “optional” flag in racing. This flag alerts a driver that he (or she) is holding up traffic- specifically the leaders- and that they should be courteous and move over to let the leaders continue to race.  While this flag is optional- officials and fellow racers will look down upon anyone who repeatedly ignores it. Tell us about an experience where you let someone take the lead even though you really wanted it or about a time someone gave you the lead in something.  Well honestly I am kinda odd when it comes to leading/following.  I do NOT like to be the leader of anything.  However I also do not like to fail at anything either.  So I will take the lead if I have too- but most of the time I am willing to work hard for someone else.  I can’t think of any experience besides those that came from group work in college. My college was BIG on the group work.  Most of the time I would take the lead for projects because I had to.

4. Red Flag means all activity on the track must come to a stop.  This is usually done because of poor weather  or a a lot emergency vehicles on the track. Drivers must line up according to position in the designated area (usually on track or in the pits), Crew members are not allowed to work on the cars during this time. Depending on the length or the red flag drivers are often allowed to get out of the car if parked on pit road. Tell us about a time when everything stopped for you.  Wow- This is actually a hard question! I hate when I ask myself the hard stuff.  The world kind of stopped for my family when my nephew was born.  It was such an exciting time. I was woken by a text message at 5:00 in the morning that they were in the hospital. I went to work. And it was sooo long. He didn’t come until 11:24 pm.  I was in the waiting room with my parents…and we got to go see him for a couple of minutes.  And now everytime he comes over the world stops for him. We stop everything to pay attention to him.

5. When the White Flag is thrown during a race,  it signals to all drivers that they are entering the last lap of the race.  What is something you are almost done with? I am almost done with a crocheting project. I don’t want to tell you exactly what it is yet…because someone who reads this might benefit from it.  But trust me…its cute and I am relieved its almost done.

And Friday Fill-in #111:

1. It seems like it will never stop raining.

2. Can I borrow that when you’re done, please?

3. If I thought you wanted to come with me I’d of invited you!

4. Gorgeous pictures is what I think of most when I think of you.

5. To me, Valentine’s Day means people get candy or flowers or both.

6. Friends gives me strength.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to getting out of work on top of things, tomorrow my plans include laundry and Sunday, I want to watch The Great American Race!

We talked advertising yesterday, so let’s talk merchandise today.  One of the big issues a fan like me will have when a driver switches teams (or becomes an owner/driver) is the need to suddenly replace all of your existing merchandise.  The Stewart-Haas racing switch is hard for me because merchandise is slow to come out which means my car is fairly naked (my 20 sticker in the window disappeared sometime last November and I am still using my 20 license plate frame because I haven’t gotten my 14 one yet).  I am however happily mousing on my new Tony Stewart mouse pad. (Yes I use a mouse pad because my desk at work is too shiny for the optical mouse and if I don’t use one my pointer dances all over my desktop).
Anyway…I have never been a collector of diecasts.  I have a couple of the (cheap) Winner’s Circle brand cars…because they are cheap and available at my favorite store (Target) right of the shelf.  However- I decided that since Tony was changing numbers/sponsors I would look into a diecast or two. Knowing that Tony has two primary sponsors, I figured I would find two different cars. The Office Depot Paint Scheme:
Office Depot Paint Scheme

And the Old Spice Paint Scheme:

Old Spice Paint Scheme

However- there already is a 14 with a Smoke paint scheme:

Smoke Paint Scheme

And a 14 with the Burger King paint scheme (Tony will be sponsored by Burger King for two races):

Burger King 14 paint scheme

Yeah…and Daytona hasn’t even happened yet. This is the exact reason WHY I do not collect diecasts. Already there are 4 different paint schemes and countless others in the work. These high quality ones can run anywhere from 69.99 to 89.99 a piece and that my friends is an obsession I just can NOT afford- bad economy or good.

I decided against one of the big dough diecasts only because I couldn’t decide. Part of me wants one of the traditional paint schemes while another part of me screams very loudly that the Smoke Paint Sheme is REALLY COOL while a third part of me thinks that since the Burger King paint scheme is only going to be used for two races that would be the one to get. Too many choices makes my head spin around and start to smoke (no pun intended) so to simplify it for myself I said “Self you really can’t justify that much on a toy car that will just sit on a shelf.”  My “self” is no fun and won’t let me collect diecasts.

Knowing my love of all things office supply, my father asked if I wanted to ride to Office Max with him on the day of the Bud Shootout.  I looked at him and said “Sorry, I can not shop there. I have to shop at Office Depot now.”  My dad just gave me a funny look and continued on with his trip to the store without me…not realizing completely what I was talking about.  Of course it probably confused him a little more when I yelled out after him as he got in his pickup “Remember…Office Depot is the official office supply store of NASCAR!”  Before, as a fan, it was extremely easy for me to be loyal to Tony’s sponsor Home Depot- because it was the only home improvement warehouse in town. We do not have a Lowe’s.  The closest Lowe’s is over 30 miles away in a different county.  We have local chain hardware stores but nothing else that can be in the same league with Home Depot. Our town is riddled with office supply stores however. Besides Office Depot we have an Office Max and the town I work in has a Staples. You all know I love the office supply stores…throw me in a room with pens and post-its on sale and I am a happy girl. So it will be hard to limit myself to Office Depot.

With Tony’s new major sponsorships will come new advertisements.  Now my friend mentioned seeing one already but somehow I missed it.  Anyway…in my head I have a couple of really good commercials…one for office depot and one for old spice (the sponsors that are basically splitting major sponsorship on the #14 Stewart-Haas Impala).  Now I am no advertising executive but I know what I would like to see…what would make me chuckle.  Which is what I love in a commercial;  a good chuckle. The Toyota Fan Controller commercial with Tony and Zippy, for instance, made me laugh every single time I saw it.  I dunno something about ZIPPY RUN FOR YOUR LIFE made me laugh out loud.  It could be that I have an odd sense of humor but it literally made me laugh each time.  Another good Tony commercial was the one with the little remote control cars- where all the coke drivers are racing them around a garage and Tony wins and then Kevin Harvicks crew member runs over Tony’s little rc car.  Aww…Sorry About Your Little Car Tony. Again…good stuff.  Anyway I am digressing immensely.

What you might not realize is that Tony has also made a deal with Burger King for a two race sponsorship, and part of that deal includes that Burger King will be a food service provider at his race track (Eldora Speedway). Another part of this deal also includes commercials.  The thought of this frightens me only because I have an innate fear of THE KING. There is something about his plastic frozen expressioned face and the creepy things that he does…like stare into peoples windows, frollick with animals, sleep in fields with cows? THE KING almost starts being stalkerish.  THE KING creeps me out and I really don’t think I would like it too much to see Tony frollicking with the THE KING.  Or I am evisioning a race with Tony and The King…where there THE KING is in a firesuit.  Or even worse…a plastic faced, frozen-expressioned Tony Stewart. Now I am starting to give myself the willies.  The only commercial with THE KING and Tony that might possibly be acceptable would be if Tony runs him over or something. It would be good if the commericial could omit THE KING completely.  How about a commerical with Tony and Whopper Jr.  I love the commerical when Whopper Jr. tells his Dad (The Whopper) that he has his head in his bun.  That one totally passes the chuckle test.

Ahhh do you hear the sound of the engines?  I do and they sound good.  Saturday was the day I was waiting for: The Bud Shootout.  Originally I thought I was going to have to boycott the shootout because the new rules initially left Tony Stewart out of the shootout because he switched from Toyota to Chevy for this season.  But luckily the wildcard system allowed Tony into the Shootout, with new teammate Ryan Newman sitting on his pitbox.  Tony Stewart started the shootout in 6th position and he was all over the track- everywhere from last to even leading for a few laps towards the end of the first segment.  I will say that one of the most incredible jobs driving during that first segment and possibly during the whole race has to go to Jeff Gordon for winding his way through that first wreck. The wreck that took out rookie drivers Joey Logano and Scott Speed.

Stewart’s biggest complaint was that his car was too tight and seemed to struggle during most of the second segment of the race.  During the very last caution he took a gamble on a pit stop and ended up lining up 8th for the green-white checker finish.  I admit I questioned the pitstop but apparently the car wasn’t too his liking (DAMN I MISS MY HOTPASS).   Due to the wreck that ended the race, Tony lucked out and ended up third because the accident tangled up drivers in third through 7th position.

It was my first glimpse of Team Office Depot and they seemed to be right on.  Pit stops looked nice and clean and Tony seemed fairly calm despite having a car that was all over the place. It was a good finish in typical NASCAR style-part effort part luck.  Seeing Team Office Depot in action makes me even more excited for the Daytona 500 on Sunday.

And speaking of the Daytona 500 I want to also talk a little bit about Pole day on Sunday.  First off I was esctatic to see Ryan Newman come out of the Stewart Haas stables so strong and nearly make the first row of the 500. I think that says a lot for the Army team.  However- for some reason I thought Tony’s car was the one who was in the top 35 in owner points not Ryans- so that surprised me a little bit that Tony was out there trying to qualify on time (although it makes sense if I think about it considering he would have the past champion’s provisional to fall back on if needed). However this makes for a VERY nervous Amy during qualifying. I didn’t watch all of it but luckily I was able to catch the bits and pieces I needed- including Tony’s run.  During Tony’s run I was actually pleasantly surprised. While he didn’t grab the pole or even get a top five – he did manage a top ten and was able to lock into the field on time and not have to worry about falling back on the past champion provisional.  I know that I read somewhere that Darian Grubb wants to help Tony focus on qualifying better and I think he is off to a great start.

Random NASCAR notes for the week:

  • There are so many changes of drivers and sponsors this season that it is taking me a long time to wrap my head around them all. It seems to me that the one I am having the hardest time remembering is Casey Mears being in the Jack Daniels 07 car.  And I can’t even find Clint Bowyer in that Cheerios car.
  • Speaking of can’t find a car…Tony’s new car too closely resembles Kasey Kahnes car to me. During the shootout I would really have to squint to tell who was who. I have a feeling that the Vegas race is gonna be an experience with me often losing Tony and mistaking him for Kasey Kahne and vice versa. At least until I get my Team 14 eyes trained.
  • Scott Speed.  I hate to say it but I don’t really like him.  He acted like a goof during the National Anthem, he acted like a goof giving his post-accident interview.  He just is a bit too goofy for me.
  • Way to go Travis Kvapil who had an awesome qualifying run and was also able to lock himself into the 500 on speed. Good Job. If you have been reading for any length of time you know that while I love Tony- I am also a strong supporter of Kvapil because I think he has great talent.
  • How embarrassing it must have been being Joey Logano during the Bud Shootout Draw.  Because the starting positions are disguised in Budweiser bottles and because he is only 18 he had to be accompanied by his crew chief Greg Zipadelli who actually had to draw for him.  He was the only driver who did not pick their own bottle.   I will say that I do applaud it though since Logano is technically underage.

Coming Soon: The Tony Stewart Advertisement Machine and Why I Don’t Collect DieCasts

If you are here looking for my Bud Shootout post don’t worry- it’s coming tomorrow morning.

Roxy Snuggled In Bed

Roxy Snuggled In Bed

Roxy goes to get her stitches out today and boy howdy is she ready.  Frankly I am too because I am sick of her taking the cone and jamming it into my leg.  While initially really freaked out about the cone collar- she had learned to use it to her advantage by taking her foot and flatting it down and making it into more of a bulldozer scoop.  What was once a perfectly shaped very clean cone now looks almost scallopped and beige even though we have cleaned it several times.   She is definitely her spunky self and despite doctors orders for NO JUMPING until the stitches come out she has been jumping up on the beds and her chairs like there is nothing wrong. The worse part of this afternoon will be the drive to and from the vet but Roxy I am sure can’t wait to have her head out of the cone.