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Work was absolutely insane yesterday. The first day of the semester and after a long weekend- they always are.  It was good though because it made the day go by very quickly. Of course I have had TWO klutz moments at work that I will have to tell you about soon. But I digress…

The countdown to the DAYTONA 500 is at the under a month mark.  Its starting to make me crazy because I can’t WAIT for the start of the 2009 season. I long for it the duels and the shootout.  Even more…I long for the smells and sounds of the racetrack. I can not wait…its almost worse than waiting for Christmas.  Ok- that was maybe a slight exaggeration, but at the very least it is about the same as waiting for Christmas- only thankfully, NASCAR lasts far longer!

For those protesting the fact that Tony Stewart was not going to be in the Bud Shootout this year, fear not. NASCAR revisited the rules of the Bud Shootout and allowed for several wildcard entries- that will allow for Tony Stewart to participate in the Shootout. I was thrilled to hear it frankly, because I wasn’t looking forward to a Stewartless Shootout.

Speaking of Tony, he will be attempting to qualify into the February 14th Nationwide race in a Hendrick Motorsports prepared entry, car #80. I hope he kicks butt.

Do you feel behind on the Stewart-Haas news? Feel this way no longer. Check out the Stewart Haas Fan site for all the news. We work hard to bring you up-to-date news on Tony, Ryan and the entire Stewart Haas organization.  There is even a Stewart Haas fan twitter feed, because if you are like me- you live on twitter. Also- if you know wordpress and want to help out with the StewartHaas fan site- email admin@stewarthaasfan.com


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Well both me and my email were sick this weekend. I spent a good portion of the three day weekend sick. As in in bed. When I wasn’t in bed I was throwing up…yeah probably TMI sorry for that. I don’t know if it was a little virus or food poisoning or what…but it was evil and it wasted a perfectly good 3 day weekend.

My email spam rules went a little haywire too…unfortunately before I realized so I may have lost some emails from you. IF I did please re-email me: badgruv @ netzero.com

First Friday Fill-in #107:

1. Enough with the klutziness I have recently.

2. Head vs Heart causes me to be conflicted.

3. I’ve been craving oatmeal cookies.

4. Two and a Half Men makes me laugh.

5. I wish I could go to on vacation next week.

6. The State budget crisis has been on my mind lately.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to listening to my father try to figure out why we only have power in half the house (sarcasm), tomorrow my plans include hiding under my bed and Sunday, I want to take a nap!


Bill’s Chicken Soup MI-5

Bill Sez: This fiver is inspired by a bowl of my beloved wife’s Chinese Chicken Noodle soup. Your answers need not be related to food.

1) Chicken. We Americans eat lots of chicken, yet we’ve bred them to have little flavor. What’s something you do in your life that you do even though it has little flavor? That is, what is something you continue to do, though you receive little fulfillment for it? This is the hardest question this week and I am really having a hard time coming up with something. The only thing I can think of is get sucked in to tv. I probably watch way more than I should.

2) Noodles. Who invented them, the Chinese or the Italians? Tell us about your cultural heritage. Of what decent are you? I don’t care who invented noodles but I am glad they did or we wouldn’t have spaghetti and lasagna. I am swiss german on my fathers side. More mixed on my mothers side including french and irish and more german.

3) Green onions. When I was a kid, I didn’t like onions. Now, I can’t get enough of them. What’s something you used to dislike, but now really like? Avocado.

4) Carrots. When I was a kid, I couldn’t eat carrots. Now, I can eat them, but I don’t really care for them too much. What’s something you never cared for as a child that you still don’t care for today? Porkchops

5) Broth. Without broth, you don’t have soup. What’s the thing that, if you didn’t have it, would make you not be you? Music is what popped into my head first.

Ok- so for breakfast I like yogurt- which I tend to mix in cheerios. Its quick and easy for me and handy to eat at my desk at work. I usually just buy whatever yogurt is on sale as long as its not that fruit on the bottom kind (although in desperate times I will buy that and mix it together).  My very favorite is Yoplait Thick And Creamy or whatever it is called.  Anyway- lately I had been seeing these Rachel’s Yogurts in my dairy case. They really stand out because they are in black containers and they have very…exotic flavors.  Well there was a coupon in the paper the otherday and I decided what the heck- I am going to try ‘em.  I belly up to the yogurt bar so to speak and decide on Pomegranate Blueberry mostly because I can not wrap myself around eating a yogurt that has lavendar in it. I don’t like the way lavendar smells I am pretty sure I won’t like the way it tastes either.

I brought it in this morning and opened it up. The first thing that happened is that the top does not pull of easy -which resulted in purplish yogurt spatter on my shirt. Arg. Then I notice- after getting it open- why it splattered so easy.  Its got to be the most liquidy yogurt ever. Not to mention the taste is kind of strong. I am sticking with the cheap stuff.

It's Delurking Day...Say Hello

It's Delurking Day...Say Hello!

So, I got an email from a rude cactus (I had to type it that way because it sounds like the beginning of a really bad joke).  It was letting me know that today is DELURKING DAY 2009! Happy day…I love delurking day.  Delurking Day is the day I sit here and try to cajole all you readers into stopping by and saying Hello in my comments section. So please feel free to say Hello, Top Of The Morning To You, or anything else really.  It doesn’t have to be anything earth shattering or mind blowing. Just a simple “Heya Amy I stop by here and read you sometimes because one day I was searching the internet for XYZ and found your blog and now I am morbidly curious so I stop by every once in a blue moon to see what further asinine things you are publishing on the web for the world to see.” Or you know…a simple “Hello” will suffice. Either way we are all good!

Seriously though….if you have come through here today-even by some strange happenstance or odd google search string. Say hello. Maybe you will like it here and want to come back and sit a spell with me.

All “Mixed” Up

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If you have been reading awhile or have spent any time poking around the site you know that I love music- especially rock and country.  I know that I I have also mentioned that I absolutely love it when people make me mixcds.  I have a friend who sends me a mix cd about once a month or so. And I absolutely love it because she has vastly different musical tastes than I do- and she always comes up with the funkiest mixes and I end up falling in love with at least one or two songs per mix cd.

The last mix cd I received was no different and I almost instantly fell in love with a cover of the popular 80′s song Walk Like An Egyptian by the Puppini Sisters. Their style is very 40′s and I just instantly fell in love with this song.  Of course I don’t think that it hurt that it was a cover of a song I already knewThis wasn’t the first time I fell totally in love with one or more of the songs on one of my mixes and I am sure it won’t be the last.

So- now I am gonna turn you my internet webpeeps. Give it your best shot. What song would you put on a mix cd for me that you think I would love?

NASCAR Jonesing…

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I am not going to lie to you…I have been jonesing for a NASCAR fix since Christmas Eve when the only thing speed related (hehe I have a need…a need for speed…that is so Top Gun) was a PINKS marathon that I resorted to.  Now I have mentioned before- I use to be into the NHRA in my younger years…so I basically understood the premise for pinks and the little deals they make between the drivers for each runs…somewhat. I don’t know all the terminology but I am fairly quick on the uptake with that kind of thing and most of the time figure out what the terms of the race(s) were. My uncle came and and stated that it all sounded like a bunch of gibberish to him and fell asleep.

Anyway…I am really REALLY needing a NASCAR fix. I have a couple races that I DVR’d that I never got around to deleting- I am tempted to watch them even though I already saw the race once (I always dvr the races!)

I found some NASCAR-related stuff upcoming and thought I would share it with you…well because I can. You might be interested…and this way I can remember:

Jan. 10th CMT CRIBS featuring Kyle Busch, Denny Hamlin and Kevin Harvick (CMT 2:30 PM)

Jan. 11th NASCAR ANGELS (Hallmark 8:00am) (I don’t usually watch this show…but I am telling you I am desperate people)

Jan. 19th SportsCentury: Tony Stewart (ESPN CLASSIC 9:00am)

Jan. 24th NASCAR wives (TLC 10:00pm)

Also check SPEED for PRESEASON THUNDER which is playing nearly everyday.

First the Five. Bill sez: This MI-5 is inspired by the five meetings I had yesterday.

Meeting 1, the pastor: Tell us an interesting story about you and a playground. Um…I can’t think of a playground story interesting or not.

Meeting 2, the insurance lady: What typical workplace benefit do you not have currently that you wish you did have? I actually have pretty darn good benefits, considering. I guess I wish we had AFLAC coverage through work that we could opt in to.

Meeting 3, the real estate agent: Relate to us something about an experience buying/selling/renting a home. Well this really isn’t about me so much. My brother and sister-in-law were living with her parents for awhile until an affordable apartment came available.  They found one- but my brother went out of town on a hunting trip and my sister-in-law was left with a small car. She really wanted to move into the apartment- so her, bfm and myself loaded up as much of their stuff as possible and moved them all in before he even got back. My poor little Rav was stuffed to the gills with boxes and boxes of stuff…and we may have only been three girls…and yeah I guess technically they didn’t really have THAT much stuff to move…but we did it.

Meeting 4, the radio sales rep: What’s your favorite radio station? What’s the genre? Why do you like it? Well I don’t listen to standard radio anymore. I listen to XM-Sirius.  My favorite states are Hair Nation- because this is the music I LOVE, Octane because they play Rock, 80′s on 8 because I love the classic rock when they play it and Highway Country- because.  I actually like the new XM-Sirius lineup.

Meeting 5, the dessert loving banker: What’s your favorite dessert? Why? Oh well I love desserts who doesn’t. It would be easier for me to tell you what I don’t like. I don’t like Ice Cream. I don’t like this lemon layer dessert my mom makes.  And I am not a big fan of fruit tarts.

Friday Fill-In #106:

1. It’s January; I turn old this month.

2. A cheeseburger from In and Out is what I crave most right now.

3. Cork and wine go together like plastic baggy goes with a sandwich (this is like an sat question).

4. Slowing down and taking a deep breath is so nourishing (to the soul sometimes).

5. Let us dare to listen to our muses.

6. I need to vacuum my home.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to sleeping in, tomorrow my plans include chores and errands and Sunday, I want to relax!