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So I took half a day off on Friday because it was my nephew’s first ever Halloween. He is 7 months old now. So the first thing I do when I get home is call to make sure my sister-in-law is home- which she is so I go across the street to give him his halloween present- which was mostly clothes because I feel that this is the one and only halloween I can get away with that as a present. My snl asked me if I wanted to accompany them to the the pumpkin patch because my brother needed one more pumpkin to complete his pumpkiny masterpiece. I agreed because I still had not gotten any pumpkins myself. I had fun with my nephew at the pumpkin patch. He got so excited and waved at all the pumpkins. He waves at everything!  I got a pumpkin and went home and created my masterpiece:

Jack Skellington the pumpkin:

Just one white pumpkin, some black paint (next time I will use acrylic instead of latex- the next day his eye peeled off).

Just one white pumpkin, some black paint (next time I will use acrylic instead of latex- the next day his eye peeled off) and about ten minutes is all this took.

Jack in the display:

Jack in the foreground, Clint (or Buford- depending on who you talk to) in the background...

Jack in the foreground, Clint (or Buford- depending on who you talk to) in the background...

And the best part of Halloween this year? My nephew of course:

My nephew dressed up as Winnie the Pooh

My nephew dressed up as Winnie the Pooh

Ok- first off? This time change sucks for me. I think I am the opposite of most people who like this time change-this one really screws up my internal clock royally. This morning for instance? I woke up at 2:45 am. Fun times. Just when I get back into the swing of a normal sleep pattern it will be time to switchover. Oh well.

So I just have a couple things to discuss today:

  • First off is the whole Rookie of the Year battle royale that is going on right now in the NASCAR Cup Series.  Sam Hornish Jr. was leading Regan Smith by a measley two points after the Atlanta race last weekend (results haven’t been updated for this past race). The reason for bringing this up is that I am surprised that Hornish, JR is doing better than Regan Smith- my overall impression of the two is that Regan is doing better than Hornish, Jr. Well apparently I am wrong there.
  • I was fairly impressed with Brad Keselowski’s cup debut. He finished 19th- not bad for never starting in a cup car before. Unfortunately Joey “sliced bread” Logano was not so lucky. He finished a mere 40th.  I have a feeling that if NASCAR hadn’t parked Gilliland he would have been even lower.
  • Not only did Carl Edwards win the race at Texas Motorspeedway but he is also the recipient of that race’s Gillette Young Guns TimeShaver of the race. He edged out his closest competitor Clint Bowyer by quite a bit…so this week the competition wasn’t even close.   Denny, Kasey, Ryan and Kurt were all disqualified for not being on the lead lap.
  • I am going to admit right now that I don’t follow other racing series as closely as I should. Because of the later start for the Texas race- I was lacking for something to watch on TV in the morning as I did my laundry and other things- and ended up landing on SpeedTV watching the F1 race in Brazil. It was quite an exciting end with the rain coming into the picture and fact that all Lewis Hamilton had to do to win the World Championship at Brazil was finish fifth or higher…and with a late last lap pass of Timo Glock. This made Lewis, at 23, the youngest F1 World Championship driver.  Congrats.

I wanted to write about Halloween today too- but with NaBloPoMo this month I am going to spread the wealth a little and not post about that until tomorrow.

Chase Race 8: Texas

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The sound on the Stewart team radio really bit this week. I could barely hear Zippy the whole race and Tony wasn’t too talkative. Probably because he was busy trying to move up from the back.  I should have known this race would not be a good one for him.

I was off early on Friday because it was my nephew’s first Halloween and I wanted to see him in all his cuteness (more on that later). So my friend called me and told me that her driver got the pole (Jeff Gordon) I asked if she noticed how Tony did. When she told me he qualified 8th my words were “Nu-uh! You are teasing me! He’s probably about 22nd right?” and then I found out she was serious and here I was naysaying my favorite drivers damn fine qualifying session.  I felt guilty. She also told me later that night that he was fairly high in one of the practices…so that excited me too until I found out that he suffered a blowout and they brought out a backup car. Arg.  Figures. I seriously almost signed on yesterday to brag about how great Tony was starting at Texas. I am glad I didn’t.

I was frustrated with the radio communication because I couldn’t hear it. I am assuming that they could all hear each other or it would have been more of an issue- but I could NOT hear anything Zippy was saying. It all came out like a low mumble in the background.  I could hear Tony loud and clear and Mike the spotter somewhat better but zippy was unintelligible.  I can say that what I saw of the pitstops- they looked good and solid.  Some were a little long- but I assume that was because of the changes they were making to try to make Tony’s car better.

My big surprise for the race was the big fuel gamble.  I was impressed with that move…it was pretty nervy.  Especially at this point in the chase.

So who was the aggressor in the Gilliland/JPM skirmish? I say Gilliland. My friend says JPM. I say either way Gilliand at least will get fined.

Next Week: Phoenix


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As I mentioned- I am going to be taking part in NABLOPOMO again this year.  For those not in the know- it means that you simply write one post each day for the month of November.  For those who pay attention- I actually usually don’t blog daily. I am not a big weekend blogger- and definitely not a holiday blogger- except this month I will be.

I do have a couple of suggestions for things to blog about this month (thanks to Ryan and Whoda) but if you have suggestions- please feel free to ask. I would be happy to try to cover the topic of your choice (politics is one thing I will NOT blog about)- I will need ideas or else you all might be forced to deal with a month of pictures of my nephew or my dog. Not that there is anything wrong with that because frankly my dog…well she thinks she is a human but she is good blog fodder and my nephew is just cute. What you don’t believe me? Look at this:

Matthew waving. Trust me- that hand stuck out with the fingers curled? Thats part of his wave!

Matthew waving. Trust me- that hand stuck out with the fingers curled? That's part of his wave!

First is G’s Halloween MI-5

1.  What was the worst costume you ever wore?  What was the best?- The worst was this stupid supergirl one that I begged for. The stupid mask broke about 10 minutes in. The best? Probably either the time I went as a mechanic or an identity crisis.

2.  Tell us about the scariest nightmare you’ve ever had. Oh I so remember this. I figure I was about 15 or 16 and I was in bed and thought I was laying in bed awake but I must have been asleep dreaming I was in my bed awake at night and in my dream I saw a black shadowy figure come out of my closest weilding a silver knife that glittered in what little light there was left in the room. It was sooo freaking realistic that I slept with my light on for two weeks after that.

3.  Does your family have any Halloween traditions? Well for us Halloween is a test run for Christmas decorating wise. I know I have mentioned we are the Grizwalds when it comes to christmas decorating. So the house is decorated up all scary. My dad comes home from work and dresses up. Usually he is either a wizard or a cave man. He revels in scaring kids.

4.  Have you ever seen/felt/heard something strange that you just couldn’t explain? Once when I was 13 I was walking home from school and we live at the end of the block so I had just turned onto our block and looked up the block towards where my house was and I saw a woman and a little girl standing in the middle of the street. They were dressed exactly a like. Both had long red hair and long white dresses on but their dresses were sooty and their faces were smudged with ash. When I looked back a second later they were gone. I never saw them again. No one on my block looked like that. It was creepy.

5.  What do you find scary? People invading my personal space. I went to Halloween Horror nights at Universal Studios one year and was probably there about an hour before I left. It was too much for me. They get right in your face. I mean we probably spent about 15 minutes just trying to get past the entrance way because there were these men in pig masks weilding chain saws and chasing people.  We finally got past them and did two of the mazes and left. In the one maze you were walking through a graveyard and people would grab your legs and stuff. I got freaked out and buried my head into the back of my friend so I wouldn’t have to look and when I decided it was safe to look back up the one guy got right in my face and said “Don’t you like my make up? I put it on just for you!” Now I realize that he was just trying to reinforce that it wasn’t real but I was so out of there. I basically RAN through the Rob Zombie maze and left the park.

Bonus Question-Do you have any stories to share about your experiences with The Rocky Horror Picture Show? I saw it once. I don’t understand the hoopla.


1. My favorite food seasoning is garlic (but really I like to mix things up- I never stick to one spice too long).
2. The fact that I am leaving at noon today is music to my ears.
3. Lucky is the fates conspiring with you instead of against you.
4. Writing is something I take very seriously.
5. Many people believe I am rude but really? I am just shy.
6. A greeting card with a Papillion, a greeting card with a beagle and a pair of camo socks for my nephew were the last thing I bought at the store.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to giving away our candy…or eating it if it rains, tomorrow my plans include totally sleeping in and enoying it and Sunday, I want to watch Tony win Texas- I have to get my fix in now- the season is almost over!


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  • It has been brought to my attention that NASCAR ILLUSTRATED’s PERSON OF THE YEAR will be none other than Mr. Tony Stewart. This will be the December 2008 issue.  Last year’s Person of the Year was driver Jeff Burton. I can’t wait to get my hands on my issue.
  • Also congratulations are in order for Dale Junior fan, Thomas Mendiburu from New Jersey, who placed the winning bid on a once-in-a-lifetime experience to ride with Dale Jr for three laps around Lowes Motorspeedway.  That had to be a total kick in the pants. I would have probably screamed like a girl the whole time (of course I am a girl…and I can’t really scream any other way).  Mendiburu’s bid of over $15,000 help Dale Jr and Wrangler raise  $17,475, a sum donated to the Victory Junction Gang camp.
  • Have you been reading the NASCAR INSIDERS? If not then you have missed some great posts such as silly season for the crews (the ultimate in should I stay or should I go), what the standings would be if there had been no chase format (tony would be 9th instead of 8th after Richmond), a crew members experience with visitors in the pits being the pits, and news on a hauler fire for the NCTS #51 team.  I know I have said it before but it bears repeating. This is one of my favorite NASCAR blogs. It should be one of your favorites too.
  • I really hope qualifying happens at Texas this weekend if only so I don’t have to hear about how Joey Logano really wanted to try to qualify into the field. I did hear somewhere and I don’t remember where…that Logano’s new nickname is Soggy Bread instead of Sliced Bread because he keeps getting rained out of the field. I found that amusing for a couple of minutes.

You all know by now that I love me an alternate paint scheme.  This weekend Jamie McMurray (or who my friend and I JamieMac) will be running a little different paint scheme this coming race in Texas.  His hood will feature a special “Your Name Here 400″ logo announcing to fans everywhere that they can take part in the Crown Royal Your Name Here 400 contest.

According to the press release: Before Nov. 21, fans 21 years old and over can visit www.CrownRoyal.com to enter the contest by describing an accomplishment or honorable act worthy of toasting with Crown Royal.  Selected finalists will enjoy an all-expenses-paid trip in February to the Daytona 500 where they will participate in an unveiling ceremony to announce the ‘Your Name Here 400’ grand prize winner.

In addition to having their name officially incorporated into the race, the grand prize winner will serve as the Grand Marshal in Richmond – allowing them to do everything from delivering the trophy in Victory Lane to yelling the most famous words in racing, “Gentlemen, start your engines!”

It sounds like fun to me. Who wouldn’t wouldn’t want to have a race named after them? And I have always wanted to be the one who gave the command to start engines…of course I say that now. Truthfully if I ended up in that position I would probably freak out and not be able to do it- have you ever seen how many people are actually at a race?

Because I wasn’t home to get the MI-5 this week- I will post it now…

1) If you could only pick one type of apple, which would it be? Well I would go with a macbook pro probably…desktops are so last year. Yes I know Paddy meant apples as in the fruit…but frankly I am not a big apple eater. I guess Gala or Sweet Ambrosias.

2) If you could just have two kinds of greens in your garden, which ones would you grow? Iceberg lettuce and spinach.

3) What are your top three favorite root veggies and why? Sweet Potatoes- I have loved them every since I was a baby and turned orange from too much beta carotene as a kid. Beets- there is nothing like a fresh beet.  Ginger- ok so technically its a spice but I like it and its a root.

4) Do you like squash? Name your four favorites, winter or summer varieties. Love squash!! Zucchini, Spaghetti, Pumpkin, Acorn…pretty much any squash

5) You are going to make a meal of grilled veggies … what five do you pick to grill tonight? Do they all HAVE to be veggies? I like grilled zucchini, eggplant, sweet potatoes, asparagus and pineapple.