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Winners notified via email. More about this later. :)

Just a reminder that this is the last weekend you can enter to win my Full Throttle Adrenaline Giveaway.

Bill sez: Use this word equation, fill in the variable with each of the five words, and answer on your blog.”If I were an “X,” I’d be a (blank), and here’s why…” For the variable X, insert each of these:

1) Snack cake: If I were a snack cake I’d be a twinkie, because I would have quite the shelf-life plus a creamy filling.

2) Car: If I were a car I’d be a 1963 split-window Corvette, because I would be classy, fast, (hopefully) well-cared for and make the guys drool.

3) Kitchen Utensil: If I were a kitchen utensil I’d be a whisk, because I would be whipping things into shape.

4) Famous Rich Person: If I were a famous rich person I’d be me, because I would still want to be myself…so I could know my friends and help them out with my richness.

5) Over the counter medicine: If I were an over the counter medicine I’d be psuedafed (the good stuff not the PE version), because you would have to ask for me at the counter, sign your life away to get me, and I would make you feel much much better.

Fill-in 81

1. If I could be a fly on the wall I would try my best to stay out of reach of the fly swatter.

2. Jealousy is something I struggle with sometimes.

3. When I see a shooting star my wish would be that I would be independently wealthy.

4. I’d rather be hot than cold any day!

5. Certain songs when I hear them make me wanna howl along (and no I am not exaggerating).

6. If time were in a bottle I would make sure I always had some extra on hand.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to going home and relaxing, tomorrow my plans include laundry and crocheting and Sunday, I want to crochet crochet crochet!

I had an awesome mail day when I went to the old PO box I found two packages. Yey for unexpected packages.  Wanna see what is in them? Oh come on you know you do.

Package one was from Lisa:

It contained some homemade notecards (in Tony’s colors) with a race theme. YEY. I love notecards and use them a lot in my correspondences.  Then Lisa took it a step further and included a  set of racing related acrylic stamps. I have seen acrylic stamps but I have never used them because…well honestly I wasn’t sure how they worked and was intimidated. But now I have a set AND they are racing related so I have no excuses now do I? Plus I can make my own note cards and when Tony changes teams next year (and probably colors) I can just make more. Plus I can make cards for other racing fans I know…and the little memorybook I am making for my friend?? I have already got some plans for these stamps and that! THANKS SO MUCH LISA YOU ROCK!!!!

Package two was from BFM:

Some Tinkerbell notepads and a little Tink spiral notebook….because I love Tinkerbell.  Also some Notecards that say Friends are the family you can choose yourself…which I love.  She also included two things in here that I didn’t have with me to take a picture of and that was a long letter and a music mix cd to help expand my musical tastes beyond MOSTLY rock, classic rock and country. Its mostly hiphop…and don’t think I didn’t notice that you included Play That Funky Music White Boy in the mix! (She did that because I made fun of her once for getting down to that in her car)!


  • To the”brick” colored FJ that turned in front of me this morning. BAH! Learn to drive. Seriously – green means go. My light was green so I could go. Your light had to be red. That means STOP! Not roll through anyway just because you feel like it. IDIOT.
  • To Toyota: You really call that color on the FJ “brick”?? My neighbor has one…and it looks purpley cranberryish to me. I have never seen a brick that color.  You need to get a little more imaginative in naming the colors of your cars.
  • Did you know that it costs more to mail something that you have written PHOTOS DO NOT BEND 0n? Apparently it does. I wrote this on an envelope that had a notecard and many photos in it. I figured it was too heavy for one stamp so I took it up to the counter to pay for the postage and the worker told me that it costs more to mail because I wrote that. Weird huh?
  • The Rodeo and the Motorcycle races are both here. What does that mean? It means I have to plan my routes around town taking into consideration the Horse Parade and idiots on crotch rockets with a death wish. I may just stay home and sleep all weekend.

The local fair is about a month away.  What does that mean? That means its time to start getting my entries for the fair in order.

I am ahead of schedule on the photo entries.  I have all four photos picked out, mounted and pretty much ready to go.  If you wanna see the photos I picked check them out in the extended entry. These are due to be dropped off July 25th for judging in time for the fair.

My crocheted baby bunting? That is a different story. I have not crocheted nary a stitch for it.  I plan to start a full scale attack on that by tonight or tomorrow.  It has to be turned in on August1st for judging in time for the fair.

And even though I really wanted to enter something cross-stitched this year…well that isn’t going to happen.  Maybe next year.

(remember expand entry to see photo entries)


So here is the first baby bunting of the two I had to have done. This one needed to be done by July 19th so I am good there. I actually decided to make it into a baby robe instead.

This one is for my sister in laws sister who is having a baby girl.

I was given three copies of FULL THROTTLE ADRENALINE Volumes 1 & 2 on DVD.  One is for me to review (expect that up later this week) but two of them are for YOU!!!  That’s right…I finally have something exciting to give away to my readers. Two of my lucky lucky readers will win copies of FULL THROTTLE ADRENALINE (volumes 1&2). How do you enter for your chance to win one of these copies? Just expand the entry to read how the giveaway works…and good luck!



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I happen to catch Tony and Joe Gibbs on the TNT prerace show quite by accident. TNT’s prerace coverage starts so long before the race that I usually don’t catch it. It was good to see they are amicable in their split at thet end of the season. Joe Gibbs even joked with Tony about agreeing to pull over when he sees the 20 car in his rearview mirror next season.

Now the actual race was the inaugural running of the Chicagoland race under the lights. It was a good race- mostly incident free race that had Tony running up in the top ten and top five for most of the race, even when he was fighting an ill-handling car. Greg Zipadelli worked with Stewart throughout the race to try to improve the car. All the communications that I heard between the two on the HotPass SD channel were very positive sounding. I was hoping to see Tony win at Chicago land…but it was not to be. Instead Kyle took another win. Last season by this time I was sick of seeing someone from HMS in the winners circle for what seemed like EVERY weekend. Now I am starting to feel the same way about Kyle. Jimmie Johnson did give him a good run for his money there at the end…but in the end Johnson just didn’t have enough to fend off the 18 car. Team Home Depot came in 5th, rising them to 10th in the standings for The Chase.

Other Notes About Chicagoland:

  • Brenden Fraiser gave a most excellent command to start engines. And he sure was excited to be there with Ryan Newman.
  • I am going to totally admit right here…I did not understand what JJ Yeley’s penalty was for. Something about weight…but no really a waterbag?
  • I did not care for the Larry Mac Magic Show. What did that have to do with racing? Don’t get me wrong- I tend to love his commentary on the races but the magic show? That was just really lame.
  • Did you see the new Tony Stewart Commercial for subway where he was climbing the fence all the way into space? That was funny.
  • Was I the only one who thought Carl Edwards should have been black flagged when his splitter broke and was basically grinding away on the front end of the car?

Remember- next week is an off week and then its the race in Indianapolis. I would really REALLY love to see team Home Depot end up in the winners circle there!