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It didn’t dawn on me how entrenched in routine that I am until I switched buildings on campus over a year ago. I went from working in a fairly private building with ample parking to working in a very public building surrounded by student residences, dining commons, libraries, student centers and not enough parking.

Before the move- I use to park in the same spot every morning and if I couldn’t because SOMEONE was in my way? I would get cranky. I would then leave for lunch…return and hour later and park again in the same spot. Now? I am lucky to park within the parking lot for my building. Parking is a serious blood sport in this area of campus. This has cut my hour long lunch to more like a forty minute lunch because I spend twenty minutes circling the parking lots like a vulture, ready to take up the first scrap offered to me. I have places I prefer to park and places I don’t prefer to park (under the eucalyptus trees for instance)….but if the parking gods grant me a spot under the eucalyptus trees…then I take it! I never spite an open parking spot any more.

The problem is….I can never remember where I did manage to park. This building is a large rectangle with a largish parking lot on one said and a smaller parking lot that runs along the back of all the buildings in this line of buildings. My preferred spots are in the back lot towards the building next door where there are no evil eucalyptus trees. Plus there is a back door right there for a quick and fast escape from the building. However due to the fact that there are far to many people who want parking in this area and not enough spots…parking has become that of a blood sport…so I park where I can…even if it is under the evil eucalyptus trees.  Like I was forced to do this morning.   And now not only did I worry incessantly about the safety of my car….but I came back to a car full of leaves and bird droppings. Thanks.

Every year around this time lots of goodies come out in the store that are only available during “the holidays.”  This is probably a good thing because if our favorite treats were available year round they might not be favorites anymore because we would burn out on them.  This is the case for me anyway.  Recent trips to the store have lead me to my two “Seasonal” favorites:

Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash appeared last year…and I fell in love with it…however this is the first year that it was offered in Sierra Mist Free…and I was so happy I squealed right in Target. Right next to an employee.  Oh well. This is my second two liter of it.  I just wish they would sell it in cans.  But we can’t have everything now can we?

And these are my favorites. I have been looking for them since the halloween candy left us…and I finally found them:

I like to unwrap them…knead them til they are soft and ball them up and eat them (apparently I am still six and like to play with my food).  I am still working on my first bag…but it was a really big bag!  How much do I love them? My mom asked me for one the other day and I told her no that they were gone! (they weren’t I was just hoarding them because THEY ARE MY FAVORITE CHRISTMAS CANDY).

So tell me…what are your “holiday favorites?”

MissZoot was talking about the origin of Twisty Biscuits and frankly…I like the name twisty biscuits over pretzel anyway.   I will from this point forward, as a lover of the morsel previously known as the soft pretzel, refer to it as a twisty biscuit.  But her post got me thinking about how its funny how we come up with pet names for items.

When I was a child my mother use to make a great casserole.  Technically I think it is called Chile Relleno casserole. It was a huge hit in my house as a kid.  Basically it is mild canned whole green chiles stuffed with a jack cheese wedge.  These were laid in a 9×13 glass pan…and some sort of egg/flour/cheese concoction was poured over the top (if anyone is really interested in the actual recipe let me know- I am sure my mom still has it…she made it enough) of the chiles and it was baked in the oven.  Because of the egg the casserole would puff up.  But as it sat out while we were eating it the casserole would cool and as it cooled it would shrink (again because of the eggs).  Thus The Great SHRINKING EGG Casserole was born.  It was a requested dish at our house…but I am pretty sure that if you walked into the kitchen of someone who also made said casserole and said “May I have some of your shrinking egg casserole?” Said person would probably think you were insane.

  • I am in the home stretch of NaBloPoMo and I think I will make it (fingers crossed)!  This was the first time I took part in it.   I thought weekends would be hard for me to post on …and frankly I was right…but I persevered.  The thing that I got out of it the most? Forcing myself to come up with content…usually I just write when the mood strikes me.  So that helped me in a way.
  • Remember about two or three weeks ago I told you that the theme to the Odd Couple was firmly stuck in my head?  Well it is still there.  If I am not listening to music or the TV is off…all I hear is the theme to the Odd Couple.  On my way to the bathroom a few minutes ago I found myself humming it.  Sick!  Now I loved the Odd Couple as a kid…but I can’t even remember the last time I watched the show.  This is getting freaky.
  • My brother is a real hoot.  Sometime over the Thanksgiving Holiday he left a message on the answering machine that was him singing the theme to THE LOVE BOAT.  He leaves some of the most humorous messages I have ever heard.
  • My Thanksgiving was…just a Thanksgiving. Nothing special.  There was turkey and corn and cranberry sauce (and mashed potato casserole and more food than you could shake a stick at).  There was Pumpkin Pie. There was far too many left overs.
  • We have started putting up our Christmas decorations.  As soon as everything is up and running I will take a picture of the whole effect.  In the meantime you can check out what has been done so far here on Flickr.
  • I finally started my Camoflauged Baby Bunting…this is what it looks like so far (only 7 rows into it):


Cell Phone Hatred

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I don’t know if it is Verizon or my Samsung cell phone….but I have had major hate issues with this phone since I got it two years ago this coming March. When I first got my cell phone it seemed to drain battery everyday. And it just wasn’t practical for me to have to charge my cell phone EVERY night. I finally decided that wasn’t right and took it to Verizon and they replaced my battery. But the new battery did the same thing. By the end of the day I would have low battery or no battery and have to charge it. It was a vicious cycle. I took it back to Verizon again…but by this time it was too late to switch it for a different model phone…so pretty much I was stuck. The lady at the verizon store said that the other verizon store where I got the phone should have explained to me that this phone does not work well in our area…something about the vcast function that I didn’t even have turned on draining the battery because it is always searching for a satellite or some nonsense. She so kindly gave me half off of an extended battery for my phone…so my cute little cell phone? It was now twice its normal size due to the oversized battery.

Then- one day the buttons on the phone just stopped working. I took it into verizon again…and they replaced the phone for free…which they had to do because I had the extended warranty. So now my not so cute, not so little phone behaved properly….for the better part of our time together.

However recently my cell phone has learned a new trick. That of the DROPPED CALL. I NEVER had a problem with dropped calls…and I have been with Verizon for freaking forever….and it is one of the very few reasons I continue to stay with them…is that my cell service…for the most part was incredible and I never suffered from dropped calls. Now it seems my phone drops call at least once a conversation. It is so freaking annoying. The last time this happened was on Wednesday. I was sitting in my car…parked in the parking lot where I work chatting with bfm. We had been chatting about 10 minutes when the call dropped. NO reason…just dropped. I called her back and we continued to talk for another 7 or 8 minutes. Pissed me off because I hadn’t moved from the spot. I also noticed that the last time I drove to Vegas I was hitting more dead spots than I ever had (I expect a couple here and there…especially when traveling through the mountains or desert).

I don’t know if I will get a new phone or just drop my plan and go with a different carrier at this point. Its really disconcerting because I have been with Verizon for so long…but…something has GOT to change.

Mel’s Late MI-5

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Mel sez: Extra points if you can answer each in 5 words. (too bad the points won’t matter)

1. What is really True? True is what you should be to yourself.
2. What is Strength? Strength is believing in yourself. (something I have trouble with!)
3. What is Life? Life is what you do with yourself.
4. What is Funny? Funny is my brother…because he can laugh at himself…and make you laugh too.
5. What is Inside? My Guts…and I would like to keep them there.

My Friday…

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I spent the day rolling balls of this yarn:

To start crocheting baby stuff!!!  But then I found out I had every hook that exists except the one I need- H so I had to run out and get an H hook.

5:30 am

I hear some rattling in the kitchen. I think someone might be getting ready to eat something. I wonder if I should get up. (Listening intently) Yep that is definitely foodstuffs. (jumps off bed and sits by door, knocking into her “doorbell” to be let out). (Runs into the primary food room) Ooh someone is putting foodstuffs into that square blue thing. If I sit here maybe something will drop on the floor or they will toss me something. No? Come on…there has to be SOMETHING up there you could give me. I smell it…lemme have it…puhleeeze…..Oooh they are moving over to the fruit bowl. I hope it’s a banana….If it is a banana I will get a piece. They know how much I love banana. I really do. Banana rocks. Yep it is a banana (chew chew chew) Yum…banana’s rock. Oooh yogurt! I love to lick the Yogurt cup!!! Thanks (lick lick lick lick). Hmmm they appear to be looking for something…I will follow to help aid in discovery…afterall it might be food. Ah time to put those funny smelly things on their feet. If I set my head on their knee just right and try not to drool too much and pretend I love love LOVE them…they will go into the other room and get me a cookie. I love cookies. Ooh yep (WOOF)…usually they talk nonsense to me but I understand COOKIE (Woof). Come on hurry up! Cookie Emergency! (woof arooooo) After all I haven’t eaten anything for like fifteen minutes now! Hurry in there! No not there in there…yeah….cookie!!! (Runs off to kitchen bed to enjoy cookie).

6:00 am

It’s time to “Get the Paper” I am not sure what that means to the two leggers but to me it means going out in the big yard with no leash and sniffing around for intruders and stuff while they walk and pick up that cylinder that comes every morning. I don’t understand it. Every morning they pick up the cylinder and it doesn’t even have food in it…and every morning another one appears! It is pretty big and there are so many smells. I need to check the whole area to make sure no one has been sneaking in late at night. Hmmmm smells like cat. Yep definitely cat. HEY CAT HAS BEEN IN HERE!!!! CAT!!! I am telling you CAT!!!! Maybe Possum too! Ooh yeah possum has definitely been over there….definitely possum. They smell BAD I would know a possum anywhere!!! Ooh what is that over there? A bird? What is he doing in my yard? I better watch him. And another two legger over there across that gray thing. I am not allowed to go in the gray thing. Maybe if I watch him he will come over here and let me check him for food. Nope. Ooh I better get back. I hear my two legger barking INSIDE.


That was hard work. I better go take a nap. I think I will nap in the kitchen bed.


Hmmm I just came in from sniffing around outside. There was some good smells under the lemon tree. Lemme jump up into my big bed. Uhoh. I wonder what “Get Your Muddy Paws off my bed mean?” Uh-oh I think I am in trouble. Yep. I didn’t mean to do it. (Sulk)


Darn. Time to go outside. Oh fresh water. I love fresh water time. I will go get Kody and grab his ears. KODY it is fresh water time!!! Fresh water!!! YEY!!!! Kody is old and bored with me. He wishes I would leave his ears alone. I am just trying to get him excited about something. Maybe he is right. We should take a nap. I hope he doesn’t nap in the little dogloo. I want to sleep in there…and since it is all about me I should be able to. Oh good he is sleeping in the sun on the patio so I will nap in this dogloo house.


Call of nature time. There…that feels better.


Hmmm I better do a perimeter sniff of the yard. Make sure no intruders stopped by while I was napping.


Ooh a rock. (Pushes rock around yard a bit) Ahh that’s no fun.


AROOOO! A CAT A CAT IN THE TREE!! AROOO!!! AROOO!!!! CAT CAT CAT!!! GET OUT DAMN CAT!!!!! AROOOO this is our yard cat!!! AROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOROOOOOOOROOOOO!!! There I told him. He went away. Shwew…that was close. I better go get some water. Not so fresh this time. But quenching all the same. Ooh nap time again.


Kody!!! (pulls on ears) Chase me! Lets run! come on! Run. Come on. NO not over there. I am over here!!! Did you find something? Lemme help you sniff it out. Hmm…that looks like crab grass (pull pull pull) Yep this is crab grass. Now lets get that Rock and play with it. Look Kody I have a rock!!! A rock!


Nap time


Maybe I should move out to the sun with Kody. He won’t mind.


What was that? Kody did you hear that? ROOO ROO!!!! Ahh false alarm. It was just the two legger on the other side of the fence. Let’s go back to sleep.


Ooh lets go sit by the glass door and see if they will let us in for food. Nope. Darn.


Hey…look at that dirt. That dirt needs to be moved! (dig) I know that there has to be an end to this dirt (dig dig dig dig) Oooh Kody look. A big dirt clog came up. I am gonna take this to the door. A present for my two legger.

2:15- 4:15

More napping and dirt moving. Ooh and I found a ball. Yey. Squeaks too! (chew and play)


Back into the big house. Yey!!! I will do my happy dance! Happy dance happy dance. Aren’t I cute? Happy dance. Hey how about you give me my dinner? No? Darn. I am gonna go sleep in my chair.


Oooh my new favorite two legger is home. How about YOU give me some dinner? No? Darn. Wait. She said my favorite word…WALK! Ooh that means I gotta get my leash. Over here. REmember it is over here!!! Yeah…Happy dance. (grab leash with mouth) COME ON THIS WAY TO THE DOOR. COME ON. LETS GO!!!!


That was fun. FUN. But now it is definitely dinner time. Come on. AROO. Put it in my bowl. ROO!!!!


What are you eating? can I have some. Please? Just a taste? Please. I am begging here. Come on. Look my food is all gone. Won’t you share? Please.


Nap time.


Oooh a new two legger is visiting. I like this one. I remember him. He always likes to pet me. Hey there! Remember me. Down here. Yeah!!! Pet me. Pet me. Pet me. Lemme check you for food. Nothing? Oh well you can pet me. Wanna play ball? Let me get you my ball. How is this one? No? Lemme see if I can find another ball. Throw it. Throw it. I am really good at getting the ball. Watch me. Throw it again. And again. and again. Really. Again. Yeah!


That was hard work. I need to take a nap.  Oooh that two-legger wants me to sleep on their feet I know it.


Finally time to heed my last call of nature…when I can crawl into my big bed.  Hey two-legger…move over make room for me. This is MY bed afterall.