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For those readers who might be going to Talladega this upcoming weekend, Dodge Boys racing has a special promotion running at the track: The Dodge Scratch and Win contest will have members of the Dodge Squad handing out cards to fans at the track where you can win great prizes including the grand prize of a 2009 Challenger (have you seen these? They are sweet looking let me tell you).   If it is anything like the Dodge Squad at Las Vegas MotorSpeedway you will have no trouble finding them.  In Vegas they were handing out bandanas so Roxy now has one that says DODGE BOYS RACING on it.

Also you can enter the Dodge Experience of a Lifetime at the track where the winner and a guest will be Dodge VIPs for one of five NASCAR race weekends.

For more information visit dodgeboysracing.com or look for the Dodge Squad at the track. Wish I was there!

So did you have a good weekend? I did too but then again any weekend that includes baby holding is a good weekend.

I spent my Off weekend desk shopping for a computer desk for my brother.  This took all day Saturday. Seriously.  It started about 10:20 when he called (whilst I was cleaning the bathroom) and asked if I would go to PG with him to look at a specific furniture store. I finished the bathroom and went across the street to his house to see his new computer (HUGE HD FLAT SCREEN- its a cool setup), hold his son for about 30 minutes while he got ready and then we were off.  Why is it you can find anything you want when you aren’t looking for it…but when you are looking for something, in this case a computer desk, no one has them.  Like he says he probably used $180 dollars worth of gas to find his desk.  It was an all day affair but I know that he was happy to find a suitable desk for his decor and wallet.  I got home about 5:30 pm.

Sunday…well on Sunday I was at my favorite store (TARGET) and I ended up coming home with a Radio Flyer Retro Red classic tricycle. Yep, for those of you keeping track at home I bought a tricycle for a child who is exactly 1 month old today.  It was cute though…it started out like this:

And ended up looking like this:

After delivering the lovely trike across the street (much to their surprise) I came home and watched the last part of the Nationwide race.   It was hard for me to decide who to root for frankly. I was a huge Scott Pruett fan back in his Indy days…but I really think Kyle Busch has a heck of a lot of talent. I guess would have been pleased to see either of them win.  Kyle did come away with the win- his first on a road course.

Obviously by my last post I was happy to find out that Danica won her first Indy race in Japan. What I failed to mention is that this is important to the history of motorsports because it is the first Indy race won by a woman. I knew that if any one would do it, it would be Danica. She has drive.

I finished off my day by making cookies. They weren’t that great. My bakeless cookies that I made last weekend were far more delicious.

I knew it would happen eventually and I think it rocks. What? Danica Patrick won an Indy race. The Twin Motegi Japan 300. Way to freaking go! YAH!

You can blame this post entirely on Valli over at The Fast and The Fabulous.  That and its going to be a slow week since there isn’t a sprint cup race.  Valli posted show and tell: this is how i roll (at work)  which has pictures of her workspace yesterday….showing how she proudly flies her Dale Jr colors at her “day job.”

Not to be outdone, I decided (and she encouraged) to show you all my workspace….my office were I work a job that helps keep me in race tickets and HotPass.  Funny thing was about three weeks ago, I did some spring cleaning/redoing my office where I totally went all out for a Tony Stewart theme.  I had been sneaking stuff in little by little…but finally it all came together:

Yes I have two monitors.  It was cheaper for work to set me up with a dual video card and run two monitors than it was for a studio display.  I am totally spoiled by it because I routinely have about 10 -15 windows open at any one time and this way I can spread them all out.  And yes that really is my wallpaper.

My work area to my left…this is where I spread out when I am working on projects.

Shelly my glass head had a makeover too. Wig courtesy of a coworker who got it at a giants game.  This is the beanie I bought at the race in Vegas because I was freezing that morning when we got to the track and my baseball hat kept blowing off my head.

So what does your office space look like?

First the Fill-in #68

1. The last time I lost my temper I slammed a rather large half pumpkin/half jack o’ lantern down on the kitchen table then picked it up to throw it away and slipped and nearly knocked myself out when I slid across the garage floor (our garage floor is painted- so slippery when you have pumpkin guts on your shoes) and I slid into and half under my mom’s XTERRA !
2. Telemarketers are is what I’m fed up with!
3. The next book I’d like to read is Escape by Carolyn Jessop.
4. Going to the Pepsi 500 in August is what I’m looking forward to.
5. If you can’t get rid of the skeleton[s] in your closet, use lots of kitty litter to cover up the smell!
6. The best thing I got in the mail recently was a care package from BFM (yey! Good Mail!).
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to trying to finish my current book, tomorrow my plans include washing my car and Sunday, I want to watch the race sleep in because there is NO RACE this weekend.!

And now the MI-5

Beloved sez: Here are some more questions from “You Gotta Be Kidding!” a book I purchased at Julia’s book fair several months ago. The only rule is: You must choose from one of the 2 answers, “neither one” is not an acceptable answer. If you would like you can explain your choice.

Would You Rather:

  1. Sleep each night with 2 harmless bats in your bedroom OR Always have 5 pigeons hanging out in your bathroom? I would go with pigeons in the bathroom. It was a hard choice…but bats are nocturnal and I like my sleep and don’t want to worry about a bat landing on me while I am trying to sleep.
  2. Sleep on the sidewalk for a week straight in normal weather OR Sleep for 1 night on the sidewalk in the pouring rain? Pouring rain. Might as well get all the miserable over with as soon as possible.
  3. Never be able to smile OR Never be able to dream when you sleep? Never be able to dream when I sleep because I have wicked vivid dreams and sometimes wake up more tired then when I went to bed. Last night for instance I had THREE separate vivid dreams. Plus I would like for people to be able to tell when I am happy.
  4. Not be able to read OR Not be able to talk? Not be able to talk. I love to read and it is a big part of me. It wouldn’t be too horrid if I couldn’t talk because I could always write instead or learn sign language. Plus half the time I don’t think people actually listen to what I am saying anyway.
  5. Bang your funny bone 5 times in a row OR Listen for 20 minutes to someone scraping their nails down a chalkboard? Funny bone banging. I think women in general have a higher tolerance for pain…but honestly I do not have a high tolerance for annoying noises.

Spring Cleaning

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You may or may not notice I have been spending the better part of today playing with my sidebars…moving things around.  I got rid of some people off my blogroll (mostly people I no longer read with any regularity). Rearranged the order of certain things. Let me know what you think.

Conversation had this morning (keep in mind that I am the LONE Tony fan.  My mom loves Jr and my dad tends to root for whoever’s winning- unless its Jeff Gordon).

ME: I have to go. Have a good day at work.

My Mom: You too. Drive Safely.

ME: I am going to drive like Tony Stewart.

My Mom: Should I call them and let them know you will be a couple hours late?

ME: Wha?

My Mom: 20′s your number Tony -NOT THE SPEED LIMIT.

ME: (eye roll) That’s a Michael Waltrip commercial mom.

My Mom: I know…but it works even better for Tony.  (laughs as I leave just shaking my head).

Admittedly I wasn’t a big fan of the Tony Stewart Subway paint scheme. I don’t know why because personally I absolutely LOVE yellow cars. If I could have my choice I would have a BRIGHT YELLOW car. I think the thing that I didn’t like about the subway paint scheme was all the green. I am NOT a big fan of green cars and it was just an odd look.

However I absolutely loved his helmet paint scheme:

(photo courtesy of motorsports.com).

I think it is because it has the sparkley holographic look to it. I dunno. Plus it has flames.

Speaking of flames…I wonder how much it would cost to have flames painted on the HHR. I really think some dark silver/grey flames would look pretty awesome.