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So I watched the banquet on Friday and all I have to say it that it was a lot better than last year.  I loved the comic – he cracked me up. That bit about the turnips practically had me rolling on the floor.  No to mention the part about skiing and Frosty the Snowman being dead.  I am not a huge Matchbox 20 fan but I though they were good too.  Everyone looked fantastic and sounded fantastic (albeit nervous).  And there was some good natured ribbing of Tony from Kyle and some of Kyle from Rick Hendrick.  Good stuff.

Just two “A-hems” from me this year:

  • Kevin Costner- Its Intimidator not Terminator…
  • Dan Hesse- Its Victory Junction Camp not Victoria Junction…

I am just saying…

So I was out stimulating the local economy Christmas shopping today and I am having a really hard time finding the stuff I need to complete my list.  Stuff I should be able to find locally but am having a hell of a time finding (not mentioning what or for whom because well…some of these people read my blog). This is stressing me out because I am usually done shopping by now. By now I am usually scheduling a wrap-a-thon and worrying about running out of gift wrap tape (because magic tape just won’t do- I told you I am a bit fanatical when it comes to wrapping presents…I love to do it and I have to have the right equipment- but I digress).

Anyway – my point being that I am going to be forced to do the rest of my shopping online because of this.  I went to three stores today looking for one thing in particular that should be here. And NO ONE HAS IT. It’s frustrating to me.  I mean I was going to have to shop for a couple things online anyway just because what I needed to get are not at stores we have locally…but this was ridiculous. I am not even half done people.  And am all the more antsy for it.

Here is fill-in #101

1. Snow is something I am not a fan of.

2. I’m looking forward to having a couple days off around Christmas.

3. Twilight is the best book ever!

4. One of my favorite old tv shows is Emergency!.

5. I’m done with a couple of people on my Christmas list.

6. The most enjoyable thing around the holidays is wrapping presents (I know I am weird but I LOVE to wrap presents).

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to the awards banquet for the 2008 NASCAR season, tomorrow my plans include sleeping in and wrapping presents and Sunday, I want to decorate a Christmas tree!

Wow look at that…I sucessfully post for all of November and then I leave you all hanging for several days. Figures. More on that later! Andrea posted about several recurring dreams she has.  I too have several recurring dreams…and of course I decided that I have to share.  Also note that these recurring dreams are not related to my anxeity dreams I was having about moving. Now that I have been in my new office for quite awhile I am all settled in and those dreams went right away.

Recurring Dream Number 1- The Redwood Picnic Table.  This seems to be the dream I have had the longest. The dream never changes. I am at a barbecue at my paternal grandparents house. I am in the backyard and its a nice sunny day. I get tired and decide to take a nap. Instead of going inside I decide to lay on the bench part of their redwood picnic table to nap.  When I wake up I am no longer in my grandparents backyard so I roll off the bench so that I can stand up and figure out where I am…unfortunately I rolled off the side and am now free falling down a cliff. I always wake up before I hit bottom.

Recurring Dream Number 2- The Highway 101 from North Main Onramp.  This dream is probably the one I have had second longest. I am in a car. Sometimes I am driving sometimes I am a passenger.  I am never in the car alone. There is usually someone with me. Sometimes its my parents. Sometimes its BFM. We need to get on the highway so I take the North Main onramp. While on the onramp at somepoint either the onramp turns into a rollercoaster (this happens most often) and I am no longer in control of the car because its a rollercoaster. Sometimes the road just has really big holes in it or the main part of the onramp is missing.

Recurring Dream Number 3- The Teeth. Almost everything in this dream is different each time with the exception that at some point during the dream my teeth are crumbling away.  Not just falling out mind you- but they are actually more like crumbling and desintegrating in my mouth.  This is one of my more vivid dreams as I can usually FEEL the gritty teeth particles in my mouth. My dad says thats probably because I am grinding my teeth. I mentioned this to my dentist and he said that my teeth look pretty good with no indication that I am a habitual grinder. I personally blame this dream on my orthodontist as a late teen who was very much insistent that your teeth would rot away to nothing if you didn’t brush properly with braces on.

Recurring Dream Number 4- The Revocation.  During this dream I always find out that I didn’t really graduate. Sometimes I find out that I didn’t graduate high school. Sometimes I find out I didn’t graduate college.  Nearly always I am just one class or unit short of the degree and have found out because I went back to the school to get a copy of my diploma for whatever reason. They usually immediately enroll me in the class I need to graduate and I spend the rest of the dream wandering around campus looking for the class.

There is one more recurring dream that thankfully my brain decided to retire…a long long time ago. And that is probably a good thing.

(Retired) Recurring Dream Number 5- The Duck Pond. In this dream I am always by a gorgeous lush pond surrounded by all kinds of trees and such.  On the pond there are always ducks.  Adult ducks and baby ducks. White ducks and yellow chicks and mallards with gorgeous green heads.  Sometimes there are even a couple of swans swimming around my duck pond.  At some point I reach out to touch one of the ducks or swans (I am usually in a little paddle boat but sometimes I am onshore) and when I do I fall in and am instantly drenched. I would wake up at this point because I wet the bed.  I always had this dream right before I would wet the bed as a child.  I remember being probably about 4 or 5 and helping my mom change my sheets and telling her how I would always be dreaming of ducks when I had an accident. She told me that maybe I needed to learn to wake up when I see the ducks in my dreams and go to the bathroom.  I am just thankful I haven’t dreamed of the duck pond anymore. It would be quite embarrassing at my age.

Another successful NABLOPOMO! Not bad considering that I had company this weekend (BFM came to town for a quick visit!) and it was Thanksgiving- which can be a busy hectic time anyway.  Speaking of Thanksgiving- I hope everyone had a good one. So not only did we do the Thanksgiving weekend thing these are other things I accomplished this weekend:

  • I saw my nephew everyday this long weekend. (I had to show him off to BFM- whom of course he loved- especially her watch).
  • I donated three toys to Toys For Tots (a baby doll, a truck, and a baby playmat).  They were standing outside our local Toys R Us- and my mom wanted to go there because they had some toys on sale that my mom wanted to get the baby.  The Marines collecting the toys were very happy and shook my mom and my’s hands.  They both looked 12 to me. That made me feel old.
  • I finished my Christmas shopping for my nephew. I got ideas for most other people in my family…which means I am ahead of the game there.
  • I got my haircut and colored and I LOVE IT! I am all fresh again.
  • I ate at Olive Garden…where I haven’t eaten in like 5 or 6 years.
  • I completely finished my nephew’s blanket. I will take pictures and post later.
  • I started and am currently about 3/4ths done with a baby bonnet my mom asked me to make for a friend she works with.
  • I started TWILIGHT (yeah I know…late to the party). Like it so far.
  • I saw FOUR CHRISTMASES. Which I thought was hilarious. I like Vince Vaughn because he can be funny without being over the top.
  • And I posted this post-which means I posted at least one post every DAY this month. EVERY SINGLE DAY! Whoohoo.

Remember how I told you all that I loved my last hairdo? Well I am still loving it but it needs to be a tad freshed. So I am off to have that done today! I wanted to get it done before Thanksgiving but since I was stuck working the week before I never really had time to go.  This time I am going to get even more daring with my hairs.  This time I am going to tell my hairdresser (who never does my hair the same way twice I might add) that i want more of the dark layer to show through the highlighted layer. Wish me luck with that!!!

PastorDave presents us this weeks MI-5 questions of reflection:

1. What book do you most want to read before years end? Do I have to narrow it down to one? I have a whole stack of books sitting next to my bed just waiting for me to dive into them. I haven’t been reading much lately…I have been working on a blanket for my nephew.  But I guess that would be the one I am reading now: Sunday Money: A Hot Lap Around America with NASCAR by Jeff MacGregor.  Oh…and I want to read Twilight too…because I am so a teenager stuck inside an adult body sometimes.

2. What’s the most humanly impossible thing you would like to see happen soon? A fixed economy.

3. What’s the most important trip you want to take yet this year? I am pretty much done with the roadtripping for the year. I do most of that in the spring and summer.  Plus we are down to only 4 weeks left…surrounded by holidays…which means one thing. I have to work. Seriously I have to work all our open days around every holiday. It really sucks don’t even get me going on that subject…it is really kind of a sore one with me this year.

4. What habit would you most like to establish in 2009? An exercise habit. I am a lazy one.

5. What single thing that you plan to do this year will matter most in ten years? Spend time with my nephew. I love watching him grow and I really am striving to be that totally awesome aunt who does fun things with him (and any possible siblings he may have).


And now the friday fill-in #100:

1. My stomach is full to the brim.
2. Turkey is what I ate the most of on Thursday.
3. The yard is still soaking wet from the rain.
4. In Las Vegas with BFM is where I’d rather be at any given time.
5. The smell of Canadian Mist and Pepsi reminds me of my grandpa.
6. Exercise is what I need right now!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to BFM’s arrival, tomorrow my plans include a haircut and Sunday, I want to start working on the bonnet I am crocheting by request!

So what do you do with an incredible amount of leftover turkey?  Unfortunately my brother and sister-in-law weren’t able to eat with us this year…so we have a ton of turkey left over…what are your favorite things to do with the left overs?

I am a big fan of the turkey sandwich myself.  I prefer it on white bread…just a little mayo, salt and pepper…and of course the left over turkey.  If I am feeling really creative sometimes I will make it into a grilled cheese and turkey sandwich (just follow your favorite grilled cheese recipe but throw on the turkey and add a little extra grilling time- delish!)  What I am not a fan of- turkey soup. My mom loves to make turkey soup (think chicken soup..only with turkey). Of course then again- I am not a big lover of soups in general so that shouldn’t be a surprise.

I also love the left over sweet potatoes…if we have them. Sometimes we don’t have the sweet potatoes and that always makes me sad since I am a big love of the sweet potatoes. I like them just baked like a baked potato.  But that sweet potato casserole? With the marshmalloes? I LOVE that stuff. Totally love it. However no one else around here does so I never get it.

So tell me…what are you doing with your left overs? What is your favorite leftover?