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Another race that I didn’t take notes for. I wasn’t too nervous this time. This time? I was too sick. I had been fighting off something most of the week. Well Friday it decided it was here to stay. And tonight (Sunday) I still feel craptacular.  So realize I write this from a vague memory clouded by cold medicine.

  • I remember Tony moving up to the front quickly from his seventh (or was it 8?) place starting poisiton. He seemed in good spirits on the radio. The team seemed to be working well. He liked his car for the most part.
  • There were too many pink cars. I had trouble telling Kyle apart from Bobby Labonte.  And Elliott Sadler’s car looked more purple to me.  I also really have to say that I rather enjoyed Dale Earnhardt Jr’s car. I thought that orangyreddy metallic was cool!
  • Speaking of Dale Jr…I thought he was kind of funny when they asked him if he could tell his tire was about to blow…I don’t remember WHAT he said…but I remember thinking it was hilarious at the time. Again this may have been the cold medicine speaking.
  • Tony got a speeding penalty and then it seemed to just go down hill from there…but he did fight his way back up to 11th.
  • Travis Kvapil took a hell of a hard hit! Ouch!

This is pitiful but its all I have.

Ok. I am sick. I admit it. I feel like I got ran over by a bus and all my bodily fluids are in my head and upper chest. Nice. Plus there is the cough…I hate the freaking cough. So Manny did this the other day so I will do it today…because I lack original content and the ability to think because of this cough ridden cold I have.

The rules are simple:

Guess the name of the song and the artist. No googling or yahooing or dogpiling or other websearches allowed. Also just for your information…all these lyrics? Recently were played in my ipod or itunes.

1. If you’re coming with me you need nerves of steel/Cuz I take corners on two wheels. Charity

2. Your beauty is beyond compare with flaming locks of auburn hair/ with ivory skin and eyes of emerald green. Charity

3. I see our freedom in my sight. No locked doors, no windows barred.

4. I think its cool you do what you do and don’t try to save me. Charity

5. Like uh, let’s see: Havolive, Target, Sharpie, Caterpiller, Nextel, Mountain Dew, Dupont, Lowes, Home Depot, Kodak, M&Ms, UPS, Tide, Alltel, Gillette, Kellogs, V!agra, DeWalt and uh…budweiser Charity

6. And God knows we’re gonna talk about your clothes Lisa

7. I’m a fine-tuned supersonic speed machine. Charity

8. I was an august baby, conceived by the christmas lights.

9. I’m way too long for the bed, yeah it’s hard to get around.

10. Seen her in the park with a puppy on a string, looking so cute Charity

11. Did you read the news today? They say that danger’s gone away. Andrea

12. I’ve had everything that’s tangible, honey you’d be surprised

13. And my memories left with you, there’s nothing more to say.

14. Give me strength at least give me a light, Give me anything even sympathy Andrea

15. I can’t waste another minute after all that I’ve put in it, I’ve given you my best, why does she get the best of you? Lisa

Extra Credit: Love to see them tag, love a last lap turn four pass and my guy takes the checkered flag. John

Friday Fillin #93:
1. One of the best concerts/plays/movies I ever saw that I really didn’t think I’d like was Wicked.
2. White Bus Stop Chili is a recipe I recently made (or meal I recently ordered) that was delicious!
3. It’s time for a big steaming glass of tea.
4.  Aveda Comforting Tea is quite refreshing.
5. If I never hear the word “The Market” again, it’ll be too soon.
6. To one side of the curving road was a broken fence, and on the other was a dinosaur.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to resting with a big steaming cup of tea, tomorrow my plans include staying awake long enough to watch the race (I’m sick gimme a break) and Sunday, I want to have an omelet!

Quite awhile ago someone was blogging about their pet peeves. I think it was Charity or possibly Get The Stink Off maybe?? Anyway…I have decided to put together a list my recent pet peeves:

  1. This has got to be my biggest pet peeve: Being talked over. It’s just freaking rude. I have a couple family members who are especially bad at this. I will be talking. A thought comes into their head (usually one that has NOTHING to do with what I am saying) and instead of waiting until I have finished my thought- they launch into theirs- right over the top of what I am saying. I don’t think they realize they might as well just stand up and say  HEY WHAT YOU ARE SAYING ISN’T IMPORTANT or HEY I REALLY COULD GIVE TWO SHITS ABOUT WHAT YOU THINK.  All I ask is that you wait til I pause or something and break in with ON THAT NOTE…or if it’s really killing you say something like “before you go any further….” Don’t just talk over the freaking top of what I am saying. It’s rude. REALLY rude. Nothing will make me stand up and leave a room mid-sentence faster. The ironic thing is after this happens two or three times within the span of say a couple hours- I will just give up and start doing the monosyllabic answer thing only when I am addressed. Yep. No. Fine. Uh-huh. And the same person who will have talked over the top of me will get pissed at me for not talking more.  Talk about mixed messages.
  2. People who don’t pick up after their animals when they walk them.  I pick up my dog’s business…you should pick up yours.
  3. People who don’t wash their hands after they use the restroom. Um gross.
  4. People who park way way too close because they don’t have a passenger. Um I might still want to be able to get INTO my car. Thanks.

That’s all I can think of. So tell me- what makes your blood boil?

I have to tell you I have been working on this post a long long time- I will write something and then decide I don’t like it and backspace it all out- then I start over and change the name… I just can’t figure out the right way to get my words out…not a problem I usually have.

The NASCAR season is starting to draw to close–ending on November 16th. I am sure some of my regulars like Bill and Janet will be glad to hear it- not being fans. That doesn’t mean that I stop thinking about NASCAR- the season will start back up again in February and there is a lot to keep up on during the “off” season. Ask anyone involved in NASCAR about off season and they will look at you like you are nuts- and say “What off season?” The end of this season and beginning of the next season is somehow very…bittersweet is the only thing I can think of that kind of describes it.

When Tony Stewart announced earlier in the season that this would be his last season with Joe Gibbs Racing (even though technically he was contracted through the end of the 2009 season) to take an driver/part-ownership role at CNCHaas (now to be Stewart-Haas) I was flabbergasted. I couldn’t figure out why you would want to leave a winning team like Joe Gibbs Racing…a team that Tony himself has described on several occasions as like a family to him- for such a risky situation like partial ownership of a team that is currently…mediocre. Then I actually watched some of the press conferences and heard Tony talk about it and he seemed really excited about the challenge aspect of ownership as well as leaving a legacy when he decides he doesn’t want to drive anymore. That not only made me understand why he was doing it – but get excited about why he was doing it.

Then a little later the news comes out that the only crew chief he has had, Greg Zipadelli, will be staying with Joe Gibbs Racing. That news saddened me immensely because i think that the two of them work extremely well together. They are both obviously driven people who live for winning. However- I understand what Zippy is saying about being loyal to Joe Gibbs Racing. I understand this because tomorrow marks the 10th year I have worked for the company I work for as a full time employee and my 13th year if you count when I worked part time. I understand about loyalty. I cherish loyalty. I try to exemplify loyalty myself.

Then I got wrapped up in the season and put the fact that my driver** and my crew chief** I have been supporting for years are basically divorcing into the back of my mind and concentrated on the season at hand. However I try to not think about the split- I kept getting little or not so little reminders dropped on me here and there. There was the bringing on Joey Logano into a cup car to gain experience (driving both the 02 and the 96)…since he will be taking over Tony’s car next year. Then there was the removal of Tony’s usual spotter Mark…whom thanks to HotPass I could recognize his voice during the national broadcast. Yet still I was able to kinda ignore it. Then there was the announcement that Darian Grubb will be serving as crew chief for Tony’s #14 Office Depot/Old Spice car….and while I acknowledged that it was a wise choice since he is familiar with Hendrick Motorsports equipment…and I again I was able to let it go back to recesses of the mind. On with THIS season my brain would say. That’s next season. That’s a lifetime from now.

However, after last weekend’s win at Talladega, the fact that my driver and crew chief will not be together anymore basically stood up and smacked me in the face! Between crew chief Zipadelli’s emotional post race interview and the videoconference where Tony stated that the final race of the season, Homestead-Miami, will be the hardest race for both he and Zippy no matter where they finish. That made me really sad to hear. It really makes a melancholy ending to the season…a season frankly I don’t want to end because then I have no reason NOT to face it.

I am excited for Tony’s new venture…but I am kind of excited for Zippy and the guys to start with a new driver too. Thus I feel…torn. Today I was walking across the parking lot towards my car and I saw my little 20 sticker in the corner of my window (I am not big on stickers on my car mind you…the ONLY sticker I have is a small round 20 on the corner of my back window) I thought…what am I gonna do? Do I change it? Peel it off and buy a 14 next season? Or do I just add a 14? Its a hard decision because like I said…I am not big on putting stickers on my car. I could hear BFM’s voice when we were hiking back to the car after the Fontana race- “Friend- I think you might have to take Logano as your second favorite driver just so you can keep up with Zippy and the crew.”


** I recently read somewhere that NASCAR is one of the few sports where fans will include themselves in the reference of their favorite team. I find that I am indeed one of those people. I too will say: “MY driver”, “MY crew chief”, “WE wrecked”, “We are having a bad day.”

MishMash Post

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  • First off…happy birthday Tessy.
  • Yesterday I was on my way home when BFM called to tell me that she was watching THIS WEEK IN NASCAR and it was ALL about the controversy surrounding the win…well unfortunately by the time I get home and get the tv on and tuned to SpeedTV – the only part of that I saw was crew chief Zipadelli yell something to the effect of: “That’s bullshit- you can’t pass under the yellow. Where’s my Official?” (which is something you didn’t see on the national broadcast).  It cracks me up because its nearly word for word what I yelped when I jumped off the couch.  Except I might have thrown in an extra f word and instead of saying where’s my official I believe I said something like- NASCAR NEEDS TO REVIEW THAT.  Even my mom picked up on the fact that it was nearly word for word what I said when I jumped off the couch.
  • Can I brag for a moment?  My nephew is getting bigger and is so adorable!  He’s 6 months old, weighs nearly 15 lbs…is really LONG…and has started learning to wave.  The other night he came across the street for a visit and sat and played in the laundry basket with my clothes and a couple of toys…he was having such a ball in the laundry basket- it was cute. Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera charged up so you will have to trust me on that one.  It was darling.  He has also started reaching out for people when he wants them to pick them up. That’s fun.  As are baby kisses! Ahh..ok you talked me into it. Here’s a picture:
Making a Face
Making a Face
  • More bragging.  I got my love of taking pictures from my father. He has always loved to take pictures. He is in a place where right now he has far superior photography equipment than I do.  He has said recently that he might have the equipment for it but I have more of an eye for the pictures. Somehow…I don’t think so. He took this amazing photo at a local airshow of a jet and the shockwaves coming off him as he is about to break the sound barrier:

    Pushing the Envelope

    Pushing the Envelope

I am going to be straight with you- I actually don’t like watching races at Talladega….and am the only one I know who feels this way.  The races at Talladega make me nervous. The track is huge and super fast. Add to that 43 cars going 200 mph most of whom are not just inches apart (thanks to the restrictor plates they run)  but also purposely banging into each other’s bumpers (bump draft) and its a recipe for disaster….or what fans and teams call THE BIG ONE.  Inveribly there is going to be at least one wreck that takes out a good portion of the field.  I watch between my fingers (figeratively not literally) because I fear “my driver” will be taken out by “THE BIG ONE” and then the race will pretty much be ruined for the day.

Now I have stated before that I usually take notes while I am watching the race. I usually grab a notebook or some paper and have it with my while I am watching so I can take notes of the laps that certain things I might want to write about happen on.  I also am a big doodler so usually besides my notes there are flowers and meager attempts at cars and such all over the notes.  I had my notebook at the ready during Talladega but I didn’t really make any notes. I mostly just drew…I drew a car and a flower and then the biggest checkered flag that takes up about two thirds of the page.  Now I am going to to tell you that this was graph paper so no wonder I picked a checkered flag…it was not because I felt Tony was going to win…it was because I was nervous and I doodle when I am nervous.

What I do remember is that on the radio during the race Team Home Depot Subway was fairly quiet.  Even more so than usual.  Before the race, driver Tony Stewart told his crew- as he usually does to be careful on pit road and promised to do his part better today.  Most of the chatter was the spotter Mike alerting driver Tony Stewart of where people were on the track and that kind of thing. This tells me one thing- the car was set up pretty well to begin with.  My suspicions were confirmed when right before the first pitstop crew cheif Zipadelli radioed in and asked his driver what he needed- and he just wanted a tiny adjustment and that was it. Usually the go back and forth as to what kind of adjustments are needed but they seemed fairly dialed in today.   Pit stops were also smooth and without problem- the Home Depot Subway car was out of the pits in a time manner each time without incident.

There were two “Big Ones” during the race and several little ones…and during each of the big ones Team Home Depot Subway very narrowly escaped getting caught up in the mele.  The first wreck happened in front of us as we were working our way through traffic and the second one happened behind Team Home Depot Subway…RIGHT behind them.  As in I let out a fairly audible and horrified sounding gasp. Both “Big Ones” resulted in red flags (that stop the race).

The race ended with a green-white-checker finish with Stewart in the lead and working hard with his spotter to block and fend off an advancing line of DEI cars trying to draft past him. As the train of Stewart, Regan Smith, and Paul Menard came down to take the checkered flag Smith actually pulled down across the yellow line towards the apron of the track and passed Stewart – thus technically crossing the finish line first. It was a rookie mistake– you are no allowed to cross the yellow line and advance your position.   It’s ok to go down under the line if you are forced down there to avoid contact however you are not allowed to advance your position under the line.  Smith claimed that he heard that that was the rule except on the last lap (which makes no sense to me- why have a rule that works except for the last lap? That’s crazy).  NASCAR mandated that Smith indeed advanced his position under the line and was thus penalized by being placed at the end of the longest line- placing him with a finishing position of 18th. I see it like this: It’s like catching the football and running just outside the sidelines to the endzone and jumping in- claiming that this is a legal move because it’s the last two seconds of the game. This would clearly not be a touchdown because you went OUT OF BOUNDS.

Driver Tony Stewart broke his 43 race winless drought with a win at a track he has never won at before. A track that in his previous 20 races there- he has been second 6 times. Needless to day it was a very emotional victory lane celebration.

Other Talladega Notes:

  • Denny Hamlin was taken to the hospital following an incident where he cut a tire and smashed hard into the wall. He was kept overnight for observation.  After the race it was reported he was being held overnight for a observation of a possible concussion and an ankle bruise. I hope Denny is ok.
  • Tires were blowing all over the place…however it was surmised by some of the race teams that the teams that were blowing tires may have been running too high of air pressure or that tires were being damaged due to rubs because of the bump draft.  Goodyear promised during the national broadcast that they would examine the evidence at their race office in Akron, OH to find out why there seemed to be an inordinate number of tire blowouts.
  • Travis Kvapil had a great qualifying effort (the POLE!) and a fairly good run most of the day until getting caught up in that Big One. I really think Kvapil is going places.
  • When Regan Smith passed Tony below the yellow line you should have seen me jump off the couch and yell YOU CAN’T ADVANCE UNDER THE YELLOW LINE!!!!  I scared the dog so much she woke up and ran out the back door.  I was already crying foul.  Then the cameras were showing Regan’s pit crew celebrating and I was pissed. PISSED.  But when they deferred to NASCAR who deemed the winner to be Tony I was like HELL YEAH HE WAS THE WINNER!!!
  • While I totally agree that Tony Stewart was the winner I do think penalizing Regan Smith to back in 18th position was a little harsh I will say that.

Next Week: Saturday Night at Lowe’s Motorspeedway in Charlotte!

  1. Name something a friend or loved one did for you in the last month that made you feel good. If I am having a bad day all I need is a call and I instantly feel better. And my friend and I talk a lot so its all good there.
  2. Name something you did for a friend or loved one in the last month and how did it make them feel? Seriously I don’t keep track of that kind of thing…
  3. Tell us about the first childhood family vacation that you remember. That I actually remember would be the summer between fourth and fifth grade…we went up north to a cabin outside of Paradise,CA for a week…and then the next week we went to Disneyland way down in SoCal. Well when up north we had all gone on a hike and gotten LOST! Like seriously lost. As in all day in the mountains…and no one would come looking for us until late that night because my grandparents just happened to be coming up to stay with us in the cabin that day. Any way we finally find this fire break road and hike up it…by now its like 5pm and we find this house and this guys really kinda hinky of us but lets us drink from his hose and tells us how to get back whence we came from…and actually ended up giving us a ride back to the cabin…and everyone but me ended up with poison oak…well until Disneyland…when I had it and everyone else was over it.
  4. Kids get hurt. Tell us a time you recall as a kid when you injured yourself. The summer between third and fourth grade I was in our backyard swinging on this swingset my dad had set up for my brother and I that had two swings…one really low and set up for his use and one higher set up for me…Well I was alone in the yard and decided to just sit on his low swing and swing because I figured since the swing was lower to the ground the chain was longer and with a longer chain the swing would be higher and longer. Well what I didn’t account for was that my feet were closer to the ground and my foot caught on the grass at the edge of the rut under the swing and I went flying off the swing and face planted on the ground..and being a kid and not knowing better I stuck my arms out to pad my fall. Big mistake because I could hear my arm crack in my head and then I instantly got nauseated. I ran inside bawling and told my mom I broke my arm and how it happened and SHE DIDN’T BELIEVE ME when I told her my arm was broken. She made me sit on the couch and rest. I remember she was making brownies for my dad to take to work or something and my aunt came over to pick something up and told my mom that she thought I was telling the truth and she watched my brother while we went to the doctor…where indeed I was vindicated. I had a hairline fracture of one of the bones in my fore arm.
  5. Tell us something you want to do before the snow flies. Well it doesn’t snow here. But I like to take some time in November every year and go through my clothes and give the ones I don’t wear anymore to goodwill.