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First the Fill-in #68

1. The last time I lost my temper I slammed a rather large half pumpkin/half jack o’ lantern down on the kitchen table then picked it up to throw it away and slipped and nearly knocked myself out when I slid across the garage floor (our garage floor is painted- so slippery when you have pumpkin guts on your shoes) and I slid into and half under my mom’s XTERRA !
2. Telemarketers are is what I’m fed up with!
3. The next book I’d like to read is Escape by Carolyn Jessop.
4. Going to the Pepsi 500 in August is what I’m looking forward to.
5. If you can’t get rid of the skeleton[s] in your closet, use lots of kitty litter to cover up the smell!
6. The best thing I got in the mail recently was a care package from BFM (yey! Good Mail!).
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to trying to finish my current book, tomorrow my plans include washing my car and Sunday, I want to watch the race sleep in because there is NO RACE this weekend.!

And now the MI-5

Beloved sez: Here are some more questions from “You Gotta Be Kidding!” a book I purchased at Julia’s book fair several months ago. The only rule is: You must choose from one of the 2 answers, “neither one” is not an acceptable answer. If you would like you can explain your choice.

Would You Rather:

  1. Sleep each night with 2 harmless bats in your bedroom OR Always have 5 pigeons hanging out in your bathroom? I would go with pigeons in the bathroom. It was a hard choice…but bats are nocturnal and I like my sleep and don’t want to worry about a bat landing on me while I am trying to sleep.
  2. Sleep on the sidewalk for a week straight in normal weather OR Sleep for 1 night on the sidewalk in the pouring rain? Pouring rain. Might as well get all the miserable over with as soon as possible.
  3. Never be able to smile OR Never be able to dream when you sleep? Never be able to dream when I sleep because I have wicked vivid dreams and sometimes wake up more tired then when I went to bed. Last night for instance I had THREE separate vivid dreams. Plus I would like for people to be able to tell when I am happy.
  4. Not be able to read OR Not be able to talk? Not be able to talk. I love to read and it is a big part of me. It wouldn’t be too horrid if I couldn’t talk because I could always write instead or learn sign language. Plus half the time I don’t think people actually listen to what I am saying anyway.
  5. Bang your funny bone 5 times in a row OR Listen for 20 minutes to someone scraping their nails down a chalkboard? Funny bone banging. I think women in general have a higher tolerance for pain…but honestly I do not have a high tolerance for annoying noises.

You may or may not notice I have been spending the better part of today playing with my sidebars…moving things around.  I got rid of some people off my blogroll (mostly people I no longer read with any regularity). Rearranged the order of certain things. Let me know what you think.

Conversation had this morning (keep in mind that I am the LONE Tony fan.  My mom loves Jr and my dad tends to root for whoever’s winning- unless its Jeff Gordon).

ME: I have to go. Have a good day at work.

My Mom: You too. Drive Safely.

ME: I am going to drive like Tony Stewart.

My Mom: Should I call them and let them know you will be a couple hours late?

ME: Wha?

My Mom: 20′s your number Tony -NOT THE SPEED LIMIT.

ME: (eye roll) That’s a Michael Waltrip commercial mom.

My Mom: I know…but it works even better for Tony.  (laughs as I leave just shaking my head).

Admittedly I wasn’t a big fan of the Tony Stewart Subway paint scheme. I don’t know why because personally I absolutely LOVE yellow cars. If I could have my choice I would have a BRIGHT YELLOW car. I think the thing that I didn’t like about the subway paint scheme was all the green. I am NOT a big fan of green cars and it was just an odd look.

However I absolutely loved his helmet paint scheme:

(photo courtesy of motorsports.com).

I think it is because it has the sparkley holographic look to it. I dunno. Plus it has flames.

Speaking of flames…I wonder how much it would cost to have flames painted on the HHR. I really think some dark silver/grey flames would look pretty awesome.

I started this Monday off at the dentist. Now I use to fear the dentist nearly as much as I fear bees and spiders, but this all changed last fall when I chipped a tooth and decided to find a new dentist.  My new dentist is the best (and it doesn’t hurt that he is extremely friendly and kinda cute). You know when the dentist gives you those shots to numb your mouth and always says “you’ll feel a little pinch” and that “little pinch” makes you want to jump up, slap the dentist, curse him/her and run away…far far away because they HURT REALLY BAD! Well my new dentist says this “little pinch” thing too.  And I have NEVER felt even the slightest little pinch. I am serious…the man gives a good shot. Anyway…the man numbed me but good today and I felt it…or didn’t feel it rather…all the way up into my nostril.  It was that numb.  Which was sporting when I came back to work.  See it gave me a lisp of sorts. My sister-in-law and friend claimed they couldn’t tell…but they love me so they may have been lying. I sounded bad to me- I can only imagine what my callers thought.

Then I got to work and found out that our call volume today has tripled today.  Apparently it is registration season. So I got to talk my mealy mouth talk ALL morning. Great times.

Anyway…I know you are disappointed but I have no pictures from the weekend. I was holding babies and shopping for my grandma and just enjoying the warm weather.  And cooking. That is what happens when they have the race on Saturday…I have Sunday to cook. And cook I did…yum.

That is pretty much how I sum up tonights race at Phoenix for Tony.  After ducking into the pits for a green flag pit stop, a yellow flag comes out as soon as Smoke passes the commitment cone thus leaving him with two options:

  • Continue on with pit stop and get penalized for pitting when pit road is closed.
  • Drive through the pits and lose precious positions because pit road speed is 45 mph.

Wisely they chose the latter…. however after that mistake (although it wasn’t really a mistake by anyone but the driver who caused the caution) team HOMEDEPOT SUBWAY never really seemed to get back into the groove of the race. Tony was less than happy with his car judging by his team audio and it never seemed to come back around to them.  Combine that yellow flag with a miscue of some sort on the last pitstop that had what should have been a 6-7 second splash of gas and two tires turn into a more than 11 second stop as the car seemingly stalled (perhaps that fuel pickup problem that seems to be plaguing Joe Gibbs Racing this year) and needed to be pushed by the crew before Stewart was able to come in.

Personally? I don’t really like the yellow car.  It was hard for me to find on the track…and it seemed to me to be too close to the color car Paul Menard runs…and it didn’t help that Jeff Gordon was running the green/yellow nicorette paint scheme. From afar? It makes it hard for a race fan watching the race on a tiny tv to tell the difference. Is that Jeff G? Is it Tony? No its Paul Menard. Yeah. Not fun.

I did enjoy the end of the race. I liked how Chad Knaus was able to convince Jimmie Johnson to slow down slow down slow down.  That was a strategy that totally paid off in the end and Jimmie was able to bring HMS their first win of the season.


Side note to FOXSPORTS: I really missed seeing the prerace show…which was preempted for freaking baseball.  I missed the hit list. I missed the national anthem and invocation. I missed it all and you can bet your behind that I groused about it to anyone who would listen…which was pretty much my dog.  What REALLY pissed me off though? Was that you kept promising that you would switch over to the race so we wouldn’t miss the drop of the green flag. Guess what? You missed. It didn’t switch over til lap 2!  Oh and it REALLY made me mad when I found out that the baseball had already been moved to FX so it didn’t really need to be broadcast on Fox. Last season I mentioned that I thought Fox was the best network for NASCAR coverage. You may have just fallen in my eyes.

Aren’t you lucky…two posts on one day. I just want to get some of the things that are rumbling around in my head out before the weekend.

  • It is such a beautiful day today. I got into my car at lunch and it was 79 degrees! People that is hot for this are and I love it. The sun is shining and I just feel that spring has most definitely sprung here! It makes me want to frolic in the park…if I were the frolicking type that is. It puts me in a really good mood. Funny how much my mood is based on the weather.
  • Speaking of my mood being based on the weather….it is also reflected in the music I have been listening too (no sad country music and I haven’t played my Angry Mix in days).
  • I just finished off the perfect venti iced black tea lemonade…a perfect compliment to my good mood and the wonderful weather.
  • You know what ELSE puts me in a good mood? Creative outlets. Yep…I have been working on some creative stuff (writing mostly right now) and it just really puts me in a happy mood which then makes me want to write even more! Its a lovely circle…especially when my muse is with me and raring to go.
  • MY CAMERA ACCESSORIES ARE IN finally! Janet knows how long I have been waiting for my wide angle lense attachment. According to the weatherman this weather is suppose to hold out so I hope to play with it a little this weekend. I will post my results in my flickr account.
  • Despite being really busy at work with this new system they have us working with- I am not even feeling stressed about it anymore. I figured that I vented to the appropriate peoples (what are bestest friends for) and gave thoughtful constructive criticism of the whole process to the appropriate people who are doing what they can to make it better.
  • Ok…since NASCAR never fully leaves my brain…I have been scouring the internet over looking for a picture of the yellow subway car Tony will be racing this Saturday in Phoenix and I finally found it. It’s not a blogable picture but you can click here to see it. Damn it is yellow. At least it will (hopefully) be hard to miss. I definitely will not be getting him and Jeff Burton confused this race. Also heard that he will be running this paint scheme in Fontana this fall…hmm…guess I shouldn’t buy a bunch of orange to wear to the race then??

As an aside, AKISMET has been kicking comment spam to the curb like a champion for me. I wish I had thought to ask Pete for help sooner.  The odd comment might end up in my spam folder. I try to remember to look for them…but sometimes I forget so if a comment of yours doesn’t show up. Let me know (email address is at the bottom of the site).

First the #67 Fill-in:

1. I love springtime in at the beach!
2. Oatmeal or Toast are foods I love to eat for breakfast.
3. It seems I’m always searching for a creative outlet.
4. Getting into a bed with fresh sheets is a great way to end the day.
5. I think I love you- but what am I so afraid of?!
6. Milk and Cookies is what I’ve been craving lately.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to walking the dog, tomorrow my plans include watching the Phoenix race (ha fooled you didn’t I..its a saturday race) and Sunday, I want to sleep in!


Lisa sez:  This week’s five is a little different…I’d like you to pick five restaurants that you have never been to before.  Go to their online menu, and tell me what you would order.  I know.  I always have food on the brain!

1. Cracker Barrel- Much like Goodies Headache Powder…we don’t have these around here and I have always wanted to eat at one. I can’t explain why. I would probably order: Fried Chicken (for my veggies I would pick: corn, Green beans and baby carrots). For drink I would probably have either a diet coke or an iced tea depending on my mood at the time and for dessert? I love cobbler so that would be it.

2. Shoneys- Again something we just don’t have around here…I would pick the 10-oz Rib Eye (medium well thank you) with baked potato, vegetable medley and grecian bread. For dessert I would probably have strawberry pie. Yum.

3. Macaroni Grill- Lobster Ravioli (decedent lobster filled tarragon posta topped with sauted shrimp, asparagus, tomatoes and lemon butter sauce). For dessertTiramisu.

4. Famous Dave’s BBQ (this is kinda cheating for me because they catered a work function for my dad’s company and he came with some leftovers…but all I had was a corn muffin)- Dave’s Favorite Burger (Melted jack cheese, two strips smoked bacon and Dave’s favorite sauce- Rich and Sassy.

5.  Dave and Busters (the only reason I pick this is because it is like a Chuck E Cheese for adults): I would have the Eat and Play combo (which is choice of entree and a 10.00 game card). My entree would be California Bar Burgers (Four mini-cheeseburgers on sweet Hawaiian rolls, with Pepper Jack cheese, fresh avocado, lettuce and tomatoes. Served with French Fries).