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I accidently deleted my post because I am a nimrod. Because I did this I lost valli’s comment Urg.

I figure by now you have seen the new layout. So what do you think about it? I personally love it (its so girly…yet not overboard). Let me know if you have any suggestions…likes…hates. I wish I could take credit for this great new layout but it was all done by KarahLeigh over at Trackbunny designs. She is great to work with and extremely fair priced- so if you are looking for a layout or even just a new header graphic…check her out- I highly recommend. Ok so that is my plug for Karah (who didn’t ask for it by the way- just so you know).

I have been a busy little bandicoot lately and when I am home I don’t even want to look at the computer much. Work has gotten just crazy. I love my job…but this time of year is always the most hectic and most stressful. I think we are in pretty good shape this year prep-wise…but it will still be crazy busy. Actually for the next two or three weeks crazy busy would describe a good day. During this time of year we also try to extend our hours. Not easy when you only have a staff of two for the desk. We are going to try to use our student workers to our advantage to help with this but I will still have to work on Saturday this week (Don’t worry I am 99% sure I will be home in time for Bristol) and next week I shift my hours to cover staying open until 6:00.

Luckily I was able way back in April or May ask for two days off next week…so that I can sneak down to the PEPSI 500. I have my tickets and am soo looking forward to it. I leave very early next thursday to drive down there. I will be coming back September 1st. Fair warning that the blog will be kinda quiet during those times but I am sure I will have plenty to talk about when I get back.

I have more posts to post (including a Stewart Haas teammate post, a post-Michigan report…and a pre-Bristol report). The worst part? It’s almost Wednesday already…so that post-Michigan report? Its very late. Yikes.

Oh! And I got a little wily when I had my hair done this weekend…its now two tone. I have a dark mocha color on the underside with my normal light blonde highlights on the top. I actually REALLY like it- more than I thought I would:

The Back of my hair...looks better today actually...

The Back of my hair...looks better today actually...

First off…as of this writing on Friday night I have further reason to believe Tony Stewart is trying to give me an ulcer. Why? First Practice Speed: 41st. Qualifying? 21st. I know, I know, it’s only practice…it’s only qualifying. But still it makes Amy very nervous… If Amy were BFM she would be able to tell you right now how many points Tony would lose (and thus drop in the standings) if Tony came in dead last- because her friend does these points calculations for her driver (Jeff Gordon)- in her head on the fly. Which amazes me. I am glad I can’t do math that quickly in my head because I would probably be wanting to vomit right now.

Anyway- on to my original point. The alumni association at my alma mater (which also happens to by my workplace) had a call out for former alumni to volunteer for the Concorso Italiano which is here in conjunction with the Concourse d’Elegance and the Monterey Historic Car races. Now I passed it up because I was flying solo at work…and if I weren’t there – there would be no helpdesk because my coworker and lead were both on vacation…and we are getting up to our busy time of year.

First I have to paint you a picture…when I drive to work- as much as I bitch about the drive- it really is not all that bad in the grand scheme of commutes. Its a 10 mile commute that takes me about 15-25 minutes depending mostly on tractors. Yes you read that right…tractors. Most of my commute is through farm land…where I drive by fields of produce like strawberries, lettuce, broccoli, etc. Anyway…I usually see nothing more than other commuters, lots of ag trucks and tractors….and every once in a while I see this guy who drives the same commute as I do but the opposite way driving an orange lotus (looks alot like this one). I figure he’s a doctor or lawyer. So that is my commute.

Today during my commutes into work and back home from work I saw: 3 Lamborghini’s, 5 Ferrari’s and countless porsches, two cute little rally cars of some sort and a couple of cars that I had no idea what they were but they were def there for the historic car races. The best one of them all? The really old guy in the older silver Lamborghini pulled over to the side of the road asking field workers for directions. I wish I had my camera more handy (it was in my purse on the floorboard on the passenger side…and I was going 65- so not handy). Anyway seeing all the cool cars got me wishing for a moment that I had volunteered to work. I could have seen all the gorgeous cars….I have always had a thing for Lamborghinis. I think I have mentioned that as a junior high student I had Lamborghini posters all over my room. Oh well…maybe next year.

Jim’s “I Don’t Like It” M-I5:

1. Is there a term or expression you dislike? Believe it or not there are several curse words I don’t like and won’t use. Both start with the letter C. Also…It drives me insane when people use DUH or D’OH. I don’t know why but it does.

2. A place you dislike? The eye doctor…or any doctor.

3. A food or cuisine you dislike? Pretty much I don’t like innards of any type. Oh…and I don’t like lima beans.

4. A social situation you dislike? I am pretty uncomfortable in a large mingling situation with people I don’t know. (I am socially awkward remember?)

5. A memory you could stand to forget?  Well let’s just say..there is a huge reason Thanksgiving is my least favorite holiday and it has NOTHING to do with being thankful that and a specific memory I have of my grandpa in the hospital before he died.

And now…Friday Fill-in # 85

1. The last meal I had at a restaurant was Cyclone Pasta at the Outback.

2. Liver is something I intensely dislike.

3. The full moon is when crazy things happen.

4. “Okey Dokey Artichokey” is one of my favorite local expressions. (Just for the record I do NOT say this- it was the only local thing I could think of).

5. Sometimes it’s best to let sleeping dogs lie.

6. Sex In The City is the best movie I’ve seen so far this year! (Gimme a break I’ve only seen 3)

7. And as for the weekend, tonighttoday I’m looking forward to trying to talk my boss into something, tomorrow my plans include nothing special and Sunday, I want to watch Tony Stewart win at Michigan!

Michigan is one of the tracks that I honestly don’t have a feeling for one way or the other.  Its a d-shaped oval…and it is what it is.   Its not one of my favorites (like Bristol and Martinsville and Vegas) and its not one of my least favorites (Pocono).  Now if Michigan wants to move up there on my list of track love…it needs to give Team Home Depot a win. (YES A WIN!)  I know that my boys (Team Home Depot) have moved up in the points thanks to back to back second places but there are still four races before the chase and I am still petrified that we will have a really bad race or two (queue that Bad Day song …you know the one from AI) and drop completely out. I may have some sort of ulcer by the time the Chase gets here.

  • Stewart Haas racing is set to announce the driver of the #4 car (the second car and thus Tony’s new teammate for 2009) tomorrow.  The best unkept secret is that its going to be RYAN NEWMAN (current driver of the #12 Penske car).  I hope they tell us sponsors too…I have heard several different things including Burger King.
  • Saturday will be Tony Stewart’s last run in the #20 Nationwide car for Joe Gibbs racing in the CarFax250. Not only that but Tony will be running a special paint scheme (something Tony doesn’t do very often) for GIVE KIDS THE WORLD Village!  Now it’s your turn to help:  Whether or not your are a NASCAR FAN: If you have a few spare dollars please click on the FIRST GIVING box on the right there (UNDER SPEED UPDATES)  and help GIVE KIDS THE WORLD (which sends families with critically ill children to a fun family resort in Florida- cost free to the families). By supporting GKTW you are helping create magical memories for families. And to answer your question, yes…I have donated…go ahead and check the list of donors..you will see my name- (twice actually because I forgot I had some extra dough this month).
  • Will some one please tell me how a driver who has won eight races (Kyle Busch or as my friend and I refer to him: KyBu…not to be confused with brother KuBu) but hadn’t won one recently can be considered to be having a “slump?”  I mean come on, if you considered that a slump I don’t want to hear what you have to say about Tony being winless in the SprintCup series so far this year.
  • Speaking of Tony- I like to read the pre-race articles that TonyStewart.com puts out before every race…mostly I admit- I scroll to the bottom to see what kind of luck we have at that particular track if any.  But I have to say that I LOVE the one that was written for MICHIGAN.  It’s all about the attitude in that first line:

They’re unfocused.  They’ve lost their edge.  They’re not on the same page.  They’re already looking toward next year.

Whatever.” [source: TonyStewart.com]

Now that is attitude.

So as I mentioned in my Friday Fill-in last friday…this last weekend I was hoping to get some baking done.  I found a recipe for Mountain Dew Cupcakes and decided I had to try them. And I did. They were pretty easy to make and the best part? The cake part of the cupcake? Was really REALLY moist and dense in a good way. None of that dry crumbly crap that many cupcakes end up with. Anyway..I thought they looked pretty too so I thought I would share a picture:

The color of my frosting is a little different than in the original recipe linked above because I only had those NEON! food colorings that were left over from Easter…but still deliciously yummy…especially if you are like me and enjoy yourself a good citrusy treat.

I have always been fascinated by the words and phrases people use.   Now I could go all techinical on you all and tell you about how when I was getting my bachelors I took a general linguistics class that was required by my “concentration” (or what normal people call minors) and ended up loving the class so much I took the next level  Then I would tell you that I was always especially interested in the sociolinguistic aspects of language which studies the effect of society and culture on language and pragmatics.  I won’t go into that more than what I just did because it would probably make about 98% of my readers turn away and think DAMN SHE IS A NERD which I totally am but that is beside the point.

How people pick up certain phrases and then continue to use them fascinates me.  For instance using myself as an example…I pick up dialects very easily.  When I am around my family from the south- I pick up a southern accent and throw out the “yall” phrase a lot.  It drives my mom bonkers when I do this and she will often tell me I sound like a country bumpkin. My mom originally hails from New Jersey and while she doesn’t have an accent to my tender Californian ears she does occassionally slip and will say something like “caw” instead of “car”  and gets mad when I point out these “slips.” They rather embarrass her for some reason.  Another good example is the phrase “I got this” (as in don’t worry about it-I will take care of it…I got this or I got it)…that is something my brother says a lot and I have picked up from him.

Anyway, fairly recently I picked up “I’ll tell you what” and “I’m telling you” in my vocabulary. I don’t have the faintest where they come from.  I have found myself saying them and then when I am right in the middle of saying what ever it is I am going to say I will think to myself, THERE I GO AGAIN! WHAT IS WITH THAT?, which in turn distracts me from what I was saying, so I will end up with “I’m telling you…” with a large gap where I have yet to finish my thought. If I happen to be speaking to my mom she will then snap at me “FINISH THE THOUGHT” because that is something I do to her because she will start a story get distracted and then not finish telling me what she was originally going to say.

I have been paying extra attention to people I am around, even tv shows I watch and they don’t seem to be from any of those sources.  It is driving me crazy. Where did I pick that up from??

Do you ever say things and wonder where you picked them up from or am I the only nut?

All week the media hyped today’s race at the Glen to be a race where Tony Stewart and Jeff Gordon were favorites.  One had a considerably better day than the other. But here I go again getting ahead of myself.  Lets start with my new Watkin’s Glen fun fact…pointed out first by NASCAR INSIDER and then mentioned again during the pre-show.  As you know I am fascinated by the ballet of service performed during pit stops…I have mentioned this several times.  Anyway at The Glen the cars actually pull into the pits backwards at this track compared to every other track.  Normally when the car pits, the driver is nearest the wall.  At Watkin’s Glen the driver is farthest from the wall.  This means that everything is done backwards for the pit crews- which is a challenge for all crew members. So that is your Watkin’s Glen fun fact.

Now about the race. Team Home Depot started with some sort of plan judging by their radio communications in which during lap 3 or 4 Tony radioed into his crew chief with the cryptic message of “I am already working on what we talked about.”  Obviously I have no idea what he was working on…but I think he was working hard on being consistent and not overly aggressive- as he seemed to just hang in fourth place…like he was waiting for something…just nailing the turns and avoiding trouble.  The only real trouble Team Home Depot ran into was on lap 24 when Stewart pitted and there was a slight stall when he was leaving the jack.   Even on lap 37 when Tony was slightly tapped by lapped car Robby Gordon, he didn’t spin or over-correct. Luck was on Team Home Depot’s side and he continued on virtually unscathed. Stewart then radios in to Zipadelli that he need help cutting to the right…and then just a few laps later he says he definitely needs help turning to the right. Then at about lap 53 Kyle Busch and Tony are running first second when Kyle agrees to let tony by for his bonus points for leading a lap- and then Tony waves Kyle back around. That is teamwork there.

During Team Home Depot’s last pit stop Tony follows Kyle right into the pits and the team puts on four tires for a flawless pit stop, and nearly beat teammate Kyle Busch out of the pits. Nearly but not quite.  I was not quite sure what the strategy was for Earnhardt to stay out so long- but it ended up biting him in the butt when a debris caution was thrown for gravel on the track.  Or as Tony Eury Jr put it…”A cup of dirt on the track.” Ha that was actually a lot of gravel.  After Earnhardt pits Kyle is again in the lead and Tony is again in second.  At 14 laps to go Newman spins out and ends up rolling right back into the middle of the track, driver-side door to the oncoming track right in the middle of the racing groove.  Several cars nearly t-bone Newman, including very close calls for Carl Edwards and Kurt Busch.  Then with just 8 laps to go there is THE WRECK. It was HUGE. And I bet several drivers will be sore tomorrow.  All in all – 9 drivers were involved and several of those trashcans filled with sand…I forget what they call them…were destroyed.  The race was red flagged for nearly 45 minutes. Those taking incredibly hard hits were: Bobby Labonte (who was sent to the hospital- but later released), David Gilliand, Max Papis, and Dave Blaney. It was a hard hard crash- it looked like David Gilliland and Michael McDowell were bumping and racing hard and McDowell got into Gilliland and that is what started the chain reaction pile up.

After the race finally got back underway, Tony Stewart ended up having to spend his energy fighting off a charging Marcus Ambrose instead of trying to battle Kyle for the lead.  Luckily Tony was able to hold off Ambrose for his second second place finish in two races.  Overall I think Team Home Depot ran a most excellent race both on the track and in the pits.


  • At the beginning of the race when Jeff Gordon was having trouble hearing his crew- they had NASCAR black flag him. That was genius.
  • I have not seen a teammate help another teammate like Sam Hornish did for Ryan Newman in years. That was really cool to see one teammate push the other all the way into the pits like that and risk dropping out of the top 35 in owners points to do it. Color me impressed.
  • Why do they call Carl Edwards “Cousin Carl?” Is there something I am not getting?
  • Speaking of Carl Edwards I just have to tell you this little funny. My mom said to me one night DID YOU HEAR ABOUT CARL EDWARDS??? and I was all ears…so I am WHAT? And she says: HE GOT CAUGHT COMING OUT OF HIS GIRLFRIENDS HOTEL ROOM THE OTHER NIGHT.  (I seriously was waiting for the punch line like…and then he did a backflip…or something like that). Finally I said SO? HE’S YOUNG and SINGLE SO WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL? And my mom looked at me and goes NO HE IS NOT! Turns out…she was talking about John Edwards. Yeah.
  • My final note for this race was while watching and listening to the communication between Greg Zipadelli and Tony Stewart and Mark Roberson I was reminded again why I am sad that Tony and Greg will not be on the same team together next year.  Greg was very encouraging to Tony, telling him that his lap times were good even though he was fighting a car that didn’t want to turn right. Tony telling his crew chief exactly what the car was or wasn’t doing that he needed it to. Mark keeping Tony updated on the track clean up while he sat with his motor off on a different part of the track.  Greg enthusiastically telling Tony to DIG DIG DIG DIG out of the pit box, so enthusiastically that I won’t be surprised if he is hoarse tomorrow.  That kind of thing is going to be hard for both Stewart and Zipadelli to recreate with their new crew chief/driver. And it is definitely something I will miss.

Anyway…I have spent enough time waxing on about what will be next year.  Next week: Michigan.

I have never been big into following sports, except for NASCAR. I mean I loosely follow football- to the point where I have a favorite team…basically one I pulled out of the air as a child…and that is who I root for if they are playing. That is about it.

However, NASCAR is a completely different story. I have been a Tony Stewart fan a long long time. I want nothing more than to see my driver in victory lane every week. I know he wants to be in victory lane every week too- he has all but said that. A lot of people who know me casually would probably be very surprised to find out that I am a very competitive person. Seriously competitive. But trust me- I am sure we will talk about this more next week after I find out how I did at the fair.

That being said it is freaking hard for me as a Tony Stewart fan to have my driver still be winless this far into the season. Every week I fret about him falling out of the chase. He lurks dangerously close to the bottom. A place I don’t like for my Tony to be. I would probably still worry even if he was 6th or 7th….but not as much as I worry about him as a ninth place guy.

It’s been hard to see “my” race team struggle. I have stood in front of my TV more times than I am willing to admit willing Team Home Depot to victory as if that could help. Obviously it doesn’t or we would have won Daytona. My dad seems to have picked Tony as his driver, as have my brother and sister-in-law, and of course my nephew doesn’t have a choice (mom is still the evertrue Junior fan-I don’t think I can convert her. And BFM is still the die hard gordon fan- so much so that I think she may actually bleed dupont paint). Half of his wardrobe is orange! Ok maybe not half but a damn good portion. He’s got 20 stuff up to size 24 mos- and you can be damn sure as soon as they have Stewart-Haas or #14 child wear- I will be ordering it up. But there I go digressing again.

I watch practice times (I try to remember to dvr it so I can actually watch it but that doesn’t always happen). I pay attention to qualifying (I am usually at work so I can’t watch it persay- but I keep track of what is going on best I can via nascar.com and foxsports.com). I actually cheered when my friend called me as I was leaving for lunch yesterday and said QUALIFYING WAS RAINED OUT! Because I knew that means automatically Tony gets to start 9th. That gives Team Home Depot a fighting chance tomorrow at The Glen. Tony has won a lot at the Glen…and I know he likes the track and feels comfortable there. I hope to see him cross that finish line first tomorrow…because we really need a win before we hit the chase and the Glen is as good as place as any to get it!