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First is Friday Fill-in #84:

1. You know you’re old when you don’t get carded anymore when you buy alcohol.

2. My heart is divided between racing and writing.

3. To go home is what I need RIGHT NOW!

4. I have felt the sun, I have known the depths of it’s warmth.

5. Gah, won’t these people just go away already.

6. Finish this project  as soon as you can!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to finishing up my laundry and chores, tomorrow my plans include possibly some baking and Sunday, I want to watch Tony Stewart win at Watkins Glen!

And this week I had the MI-5 so this is my LOCAL YOKEL MI-5:

1. If I were coming to visit you- what time of year would you suggest? The best time of year to come here is late September/early October. Its when its the warmest and there aren’t as many tourists getting in the way.

2. Any specific things you would suggest I visit while there? In the immediate area I would suggest The National Steinbeck Museum, The Monterey Bay Aquarium, Point Lobos State Park, The Wharf in Monterey and possibly Gilroy Gardens.

3. Where should we eat? We would have to eat on the Wharf somewhere…or maybe at Bubba Gumps right on the waters edge.  I would also suggest Robatas in Carmel Valley.  Another must would be a barbeque at my house after a trip to one of the vegetable stands to get some artichokes, asparagus and corn (and strawberries if they are in season).  YUM.

4. Is there anybody I should meet? You would have to see my nephew because I like to show him off:

5. Where else should I visit in your state? Gosh there are so many great places because California is so big. It would depend on you but I definitely suggest HEARST’s CASTLE in San Simeon and Alcatraz in the SF Bay.  I love the ZOO in Santa Barbara and have always wanted to go to the ZOO in San Diego.  If Lisa were coming I would suggest a trip Disneyland, Universal Studios or Knotts Berry Farm because I know she likes Theme parks (same goes for ETS btw).  If you were a race fan we might be able to catch a race at Infineon, The California Speedway or Laguna Seca.  We would definitely be able to find something to do!!

Look- I know you were probably running a little late this morning. I know this because I myself was running a little late after chasing around my beagle trying to convince her that stealing my robe was not a game.   This however does not give you an excuse to NOT look in your mirrors when changing lanes.  Luckily the lane to my left was empty because coming over into my lane with no warning when I am next to you? So NOT COOL.  I was so not in the mood to be sideswiped.

Now I am not a perfect driver. Far from it, since I am always being scolded for not using my directionals when I drive (bad me but I am trying to be better about that).   However you could have ruined my morning and probably your morning by changing lanes without looking. Next time glance in your mirror.

Thanks — AMY

When requested by my boss a couple weeks ago to write down my “process” for a certain aspect of my job, I sat at my computer and just typed out my process in a paragraph and shot it off to him in email- fully expecting never to hear about it again.  This happens every couple years (you would think I would be smart enough to figure out that I really should just save my email and recycle it) -it’s really no big deal.

Today my boss came back to me and told me that what I sent him was a great start (!) and that he was really looking for something far more formal…and so I spent my afternoon formally documenting a process I have spent nearly 10 years (10 years!) perfecting.    When I was halfway through this process my boss came back to me and said something to the effect of “Hey, your process here is good…but I was thinking it might be easier if you did this: blah blah blah.” And his process actually cuts out about three steps off the end and cuts out a middle man.  So I went back and fixed my process document to document my brand new process.

This got me thinking about how I blog.  I usually have all these ideas for things I WANT to write about and usually the strong ones stay with me and the weaker, less developed ideas go POOF in my head because my brain can only handle rolling around a million concepts at a time…add one more and forget about it.  This also happens with my creative writing that I do…and makes it kind of hard for me to actually finish a project.

So I have come up with a semi solution for my blogging ideas…and I will have to come up with a similar idea for my non-blogging writing ideas because somewhere last year? My brain became too full.  Either that or it has something to do with getting older (is that why I am getting more and more jeopardy questions right?? I am just chocked full of useless facts and can’t make some of them go away to make room for more important useless facts).   Anyway- my idea is this: When I get a blogging idea I shall immediately open my wordpress dashboard and create an entry dash out a couple lines, some links and save it in my drafts.   Of course this means that I will have a ton of drafts and I am usually a fan of having NO drafts at all…so that is something I will have to just get over.  I know this seems simple enough…especially considering I am in front of a computer a lot more than I would like to admit.

My big question to you readers is this: I have “non” blogging ideas. Some are writing ideas, some are just regular old ideas about life, and some are things like GET GAS YOU BAFFOON before your call yells at you again for letting it get below 2 gallons (don’t yell at me this doesn’t happen often).  My problem (and it has been this way since I was a child) is that my brain works a lot faster than the rest of me (including my mouth believe it or not) so any given moment I have come up with a grocery list, two story ideas, three blog ideas and a commerical idea.   See where I cam going? Does anyone else have a way that they capture all the ideas firing in their brains?

  • A while ago I bought my sister-in-law a Tony Stewart scrub top (while she was out on maternity leave). She called me today to tell me that she wore her scrub top for the first time today and she had the best day she’s had at work in a really really long time. She attributed it to the shirt. Now she says she can’t wear it too often or the good luck-ness of the shirt will rub off. Cute! She also said that she found out there were more NASCAR fans at the hospital than she would have ever thought. Glad she liked it.
  • After watching Mamma Mia! on Friday I have had DANCING QUEEN running through my head. ABBA…I want my brain back. Thank you.
  • I also saw Swing Vote on Saturday. It was good but in a different way than I thought it would be.
  • My favorite part of this video of the post-race media from Pocono is when someone asks both Tony and Jimmie Johnson to comment on the tire situation from Indy to Pocono…and Tony leans over and says something quickly and quietly to Johnson and then Johnson does ALL the talking. That cracked me up.

That is my new name for Pocono. I have no reason except that I don’t like this track (I have said that many times). Team Home Depot came in second today after battling an extremely loose race car. When the race started I saw some ominous and obvious thunderheads in the area and I said (to myself since I am the only one in the room) that I was sure there would be a rain delay at some point today. I would be right.

During the warm up laps before the race the banter on the radio between Stewart and his crew was lighthearted. Stewart even claimed that the crew might be able to work on their tans from where they were. The race started out with two fairly quick cautions, one of which (the Harvick/Nemechek spin), I heard Tony ask his spotter if he caused (he didn’t). Tony then moved up quickly through the field. At the first pit stop they opted to put in a spring rubber and that is when he started falling backwards like a brick. Despite the first couple of spins there were relatively few cautions (especially when compared to last weeks all-caution 400). First there is the yellow for a sprinkling on the track. Then it goes green again…. Then we ended up with a red flag rain delay. By the rain delay team home depot had fallen back to 26th position with something like 69 laps to go because of a pit stop right before the rain delay. During the rain delay it was fun to see all the drivers out of their cars on pit road socializing. When Tony was giving his HotPass interview during the red Jeff Burton came over and doused him with a cup of water. That was pretty funny.

It was after the red flag that Team Home Depot really seemed to turned it on. Tony quickly worked his way up through the field…sometimes passing people two at a time. Pitting right before the red flag actually worked to their advantage and they were able to make the rest of the race on only one more stop where many had to take two more stops. With Greg Zipadelli urging Stewart to save him a little bit of fuel each lap Tony was able to make it to the checker flag with just one more pit stop which brought him up to second -where he finished. This brought Tony up one position in the points up to 9th spot. Carl Edwards, race winner, gained two positions in the points standings bringing him up to third behind second place Dale Earnhardt Jr and first place in points -Kyle Busch.

Some Notes About Pocono:

  • Keifer Southerland gave a damn good command to start engines. Almost as good as Brendan Fraiser.
  • Rear tire changer for Team Home Depot made an excellent recovery after slipping/tripping on the hose and still got Tony’s tire changed and out on pit row in a decent time. Good job.
  • Funniest thing I heard was when Greg Zipadelli relayed to Tony that “the two just spun all by himself they just showed it!” and then you see the Home Depot crew watching the hotpass feed.
  • I found out the best way to kill time during a red flag…take pictures of my nephew. Those will come tomorrow.
  • Also- while watching Tony on HotPass I swear my nephew was occasionally watching him. It seemed like he would watch for awhile and then play with his toy…watch for awhile and play with his toy. I swear he was checking to see where tony was! (remember he is only 4 months old)
  • And? Cheering with a four month old in my lap? A whole new experience.  I tend to be very…vocal in my cheering but didn’t want to scare the boy-child on my lap…so I found myself motioning for him to pass people with my hand…you probably had to be there…but it was…different. :D Maybe my nephew brings tony luck.

Next week: Watkins Glen (aka The Glen). Tony does well on road courses usually…lets hope he brings us Smoke fans home a trophy!

Ahh its a gorgeous day today. Let’s start with Paddy’s Radio MI-5:

Paddy sez: I just started a radio show on WRFR 93.3FM in Rockland (streaming on the web at wrfr.org) and I thought a radio-related 5 for this week:

1. What was the first song you remember hearing on the radio? Maybe a favorite that you really looked forward to hearing? Honestly I don’t remember…music has always been a huge part of me…however I don’t have a memory of the first radio music but I am pretty sure it was probably a country song as that was always on in the background in our home as a child.  Unless I was at my grandparents house and then it was big band radio at my paternal grandparents house and old old country on the radio at my maternal grandparents house.

2. As a kid, I had a transistor radio that I took with me EVERYWHERE! Did radio play a big part in your childhood? What specifically did you listen to? I had a walkman as on older kid but usually I just played tapes! As a young child I had a turntable and vinyl…my parents gave me some old records. I remember having Jan and Dean, an elvis one, and doors record.

3. When I was a teen growing up in Maine, there were two kinds of kids: WBLM kids (album rock) and WIGY kids (Top 40). Which one, if either, were you? If you aren’t from here (or are older or younger), relate as best you can your listening preferences as a teen. If I lived there I would have been a WBLM kid. Here I started out as a KDON (pop) girl and around jr high moved into being a KMBY girl  (Rock) although now KMBY doesn’t exisit anymore.  Truthfully the radio stations around here all suck and if I am not listening to my ipod I have it on XM.

4. Do you have a special “radio moment” that you can share?  The first time someone ever dedicated a song to me it was .38 Special’s “Caught Up In You” and the song still brings a smile to my face…

 5. In this age of micro-mp3 players, XM and iTunes … how often (if at all) do you listen to radio? When I am driving I will listen to XM if I am not listening to my ipod. I consider that radio though.

 And now Friday Fill-in #83

1. If I could travel back in time, I’d go to whatever year my paternal grandparents got married because the story is very vague and I would like to find out more.

2. Give me money or give me a book deal.

3. I am listening to the sound of gummy coke bottles being chewed in my head.

4. Somewhere, someone is thinking when will she ever shut up about that NASCAR crap.

5. I’ll always be a NASCAR girl.

6. My idea of a good time includes a sunny day, my bff, garage or pit passes and a  camera.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to a movie (maybe Mama Mia?), tomorrow my plans include reading, writing (but no arithmatic) and Sunday, I want to watch Tony and Zippy win Pocono…that evil little triangle shaped track!

Well its the end of another month so that means I post my monthly flickr favorites. A lot of yellow this month! As always please click on the picture below to be taken to my original flickr entry so you can see the photographers and visit some of their other amazing work.

Yey I finished the fair bunting:

And I finished the memorybook I was making for BFM from the Vegas race:

It feels good to be done with two projects. Now I need to start thinking baby blankets.