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  • A while ago I bought my sister-in-law a Tony Stewart scrub top (while she was out on maternity leave). She called me today to tell me that she wore her scrub top for the first time today and she had the best day she’s had at work in a really really long time. She attributed it to the shirt. Now she says she can’t wear it too often or the good luck-ness of the shirt will rub off. Cute! She also said that she found out there were more NASCAR fans at the hospital than she would have ever thought. Glad she liked it.
  • After watching Mamma Mia! on Friday I have had DANCING QUEEN running through my head. ABBA…I want my brain back. Thank you.
  • I also saw Swing Vote on Saturday. It was good but in a different way than I thought it would be.
  • My favorite part of this video of the post-race media from Pocono is when someone asks both Tony and Jimmie Johnson to comment on the tire situation from Indy to Pocono…and Tony leans over and says something quickly and quietly to Johnson and then Johnson does ALL the talking. That cracked me up.

That is my new name for Pocono. I have no reason except that I don’t like this track (I have said that many times). Team Home Depot came in second today after battling an extremely loose race car. When the race started I saw some ominous and obvious thunderheads in the area and I said (to myself since I am the only one in the room) that I was sure there would be a rain delay at some point today. I would be right.

During the warm up laps before the race the banter on the radio between Stewart and his crew was lighthearted. Stewart even claimed that the crew might be able to work on their tans from where they were. The race started out with two fairly quick cautions, one of which (the Harvick/Nemechek spin), I heard Tony ask his spotter if he caused (he didn’t). Tony then moved up quickly through the field. At the first pit stop they opted to put in a spring rubber and that is when he started falling backwards like a brick. Despite the first couple of spins there were relatively few cautions (especially when compared to last weeks all-caution 400). First there is the yellow for a sprinkling on the track. Then it goes green again…. Then we ended up with a red flag rain delay. By the rain delay team home depot had fallen back to 26th position with something like 69 laps to go because of a pit stop right before the rain delay. During the rain delay it was fun to see all the drivers out of their cars on pit road socializing. When Tony was giving his HotPass interview during the red Jeff Burton came over and doused him with a cup of water. That was pretty funny.

It was after the red flag that Team Home Depot really seemed to turned it on. Tony quickly worked his way up through the field…sometimes passing people two at a time. Pitting right before the red flag actually worked to their advantage and they were able to make the rest of the race on only one more stop where many had to take two more stops. With Greg Zipadelli urging Stewart to save him a little bit of fuel each lap Tony was able to make it to the checker flag with just one more pit stop which brought him up to second -where he finished. This brought Tony up one position in the points up to 9th spot. Carl Edwards, race winner, gained two positions in the points standings bringing him up to third behind second place Dale Earnhardt Jr and first place in points -Kyle Busch.

Some Notes About Pocono:

  • Keifer Southerland gave a damn good command to start engines. Almost as good as Brendan Fraiser.
  • Rear tire changer for Team Home Depot made an excellent recovery after slipping/tripping on the hose and still got Tony’s tire changed and out on pit row in a decent time. Good job.
  • Funniest thing I heard was when Greg Zipadelli relayed to Tony that “the two just spun all by himself they just showed it!” and then you see the Home Depot crew watching the hotpass feed.
  • I found out the best way to kill time during a red flag…take pictures of my nephew. Those will come tomorrow.
  • Also- while watching Tony on HotPass I swear my nephew was occasionally watching him. It seemed like he would watch for awhile and then play with his toy…watch for awhile and play with his toy. I swear he was checking to see where tony was! (remember he is only 4 months old)
  • And? Cheering with a four month old in my lap? A whole new experience.  I tend to be very…vocal in my cheering but didn’t want to scare the boy-child on my lap…so I found myself motioning for him to pass people with my hand…you probably had to be there…but it was…different. :D Maybe my nephew brings tony luck.

Next week: Watkins Glen (aka The Glen). Tony does well on road courses usually…lets hope he brings us Smoke fans home a trophy!

Ahh its a gorgeous day today. Let’s start with Paddy’s Radio MI-5:

Paddy sez: I just started a radio show on WRFR 93.3FM in Rockland (streaming on the web at wrfr.org) and I thought a radio-related 5 for this week:

1. What was the first song you remember hearing on the radio? Maybe a favorite that you really looked forward to hearing? Honestly I don’t remember…music has always been a huge part of me…however I don’t have a memory of the first radio music but I am pretty sure it was probably a country song as that was always on in the background in our home as a child.  Unless I was at my grandparents house and then it was big band radio at my paternal grandparents house and old old country on the radio at my maternal grandparents house.

2. As a kid, I had a transistor radio that I took with me EVERYWHERE! Did radio play a big part in your childhood? What specifically did you listen to? I had a walkman as on older kid but usually I just played tapes! As a young child I had a turntable and vinyl…my parents gave me some old records. I remember having Jan and Dean, an elvis one, and doors record.

3. When I was a teen growing up in Maine, there were two kinds of kids: WBLM kids (album rock) and WIGY kids (Top 40). Which one, if either, were you? If you aren’t from here (or are older or younger), relate as best you can your listening preferences as a teen. If I lived there I would have been a WBLM kid. Here I started out as a KDON (pop) girl and around jr high moved into being a KMBY girl  (Rock) although now KMBY doesn’t exisit anymore.  Truthfully the radio stations around here all suck and if I am not listening to my ipod I have it on XM.

4. Do you have a special “radio moment” that you can share?  The first time someone ever dedicated a song to me it was .38 Special’s “Caught Up In You” and the song still brings a smile to my face…

 5. In this age of micro-mp3 players, XM and iTunes … how often (if at all) do you listen to radio? When I am driving I will listen to XM if I am not listening to my ipod. I consider that radio though.

 And now Friday Fill-in #83

1. If I could travel back in time, I’d go to whatever year my paternal grandparents got married because the story is very vague and I would like to find out more.

2. Give me money or give me a book deal.

3. I am listening to the sound of gummy coke bottles being chewed in my head.

4. Somewhere, someone is thinking when will she ever shut up about that NASCAR crap.

5. I’ll always be a NASCAR girl.

6. My idea of a good time includes a sunny day, my bff, garage or pit passes and a  camera.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to a movie (maybe Mama Mia?), tomorrow my plans include reading, writing (but no arithmatic) and Sunday, I want to watch Tony and Zippy win Pocono…that evil little triangle shaped track!

Well its the end of another month so that means I post my monthly flickr favorites. A lot of yellow this month! As always please click on the picture below to be taken to my original flickr entry so you can see the photographers and visit some of their other amazing work.

Yey I finished the fair bunting:

And I finished the memorybook I was making for BFM from the Vegas race:

It feels good to be done with two projects. Now I need to start thinking baby blankets.

Overall I feel that the only thing I can really say about watching the Brickyard this year is that it was about as exciting as watching passenger cars try to race between red lights on the Las Vegas Strip on a Saturday night. In other words, it was frustrating and futile.  I am not going to lambaste NASCAR for the competition yellows. I realize that they were doing it for safety reasons.  I am not going to criticize drivers for not pushing the envelope for not racing as hard as they could.   I realize that there were saftey concerns. Especially after watching both JPM and Matt Kenseth suffer nasty tire disintegrating blow outs(especially the Kenseth one). I don’t know who to criticize frankly. Was it Goodyear’s fault for coming to the Brickyard with a bad compound like they did in Atlanta?  Was it something the speedway did different this year in its track maintenance schedule? Is it because all the teams didn’t test Indy in April? I don’t know. But I would like to know.  That race really sucked and I want my money back.

Can someone please tell me what the heck happened to team home depot right before the last competition yellow?  The damn DirectTV SD Channel censor for Tony was too trigger happy.  All I heard was him say SHIT then that was cut off. He came back on for a second and the censor cut him off again. And then a third time he came back on said YOU BETTER and was cut of again. Talk about frustrating me!  I have no idea what happened except that after the pitstops? He was in like 30th place. Before he got riled up and censored on the radio he was in 12th or 14th.

As I have mentioned before I have a thing for pit crews/pit stops. They fascinate me. And they still do.  Those guys really worked hard today for ALL the teams.  With all those yellows and pit stops, every single crew member for every single team had to work three to four times harder than they do the average race- and they already work damn hard.  Someone should buy them all a beer or something.  Also, I am pleased to find that there were no major incidents ON pit road since the pits at Indy are notoriously narrow.

I was glad to see Jimmie Johnson make it to Victory Lane (after his tire blowing burnout). He and Chad Knaus ran an excellent race marred by a frustrating tire situation.

Some other Brickyard notes:

  • I love love LOVE Dale Jarrett as a race reporter. LOVE HIM.  And that interview with Jeff Gordon? Awesome job.
  • I love the new Tylenol commercials with Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Elliott Sadler and Kevin Harvick acting as an advice call-in show panel. That was some laughs…especially Kevin Harvick.
  • I did not love them cutting away to baseball news…I figured they just weren’t going to show the kissing of the bricks so I missed it. Bah.

Next week is Pocono again. That is one of my least favorites…hopefully Tony will have a good race there though. Man is due for a win!

  • Have you seen Tony’s 2009 car? It’s a little too red for me. I was hoping for a color more like the old spice nationwide car…the nice deep deep red color with some sparkle to it. The new car is a little flat red for me.  Although I must say I do like the Office Depot color scheme a tad more than the old spice one. But I suppose I will get use to it. While the sponsors should not be a surprise to anyone with their ear to the NASCAR rumor mill grindstone…I can say that I practically live in Office Depot…(its because of my fetish for pens…and paper…and post-it notes…but mostly pens) so that isn’t a bad thing.
  • Speaking of Tony…I do NOT have sirius radio..my car unfortunately was equipped with xm when I bought it (I WISH it had sirius…althought then I would have to figure out a way to drive around for 2 hours on mondays afterwork so I could listen)…so what I get from his radio show come completely from the little online snippets they post weekly on the Tony Stewart Live Web Page. I have to say his comments about the Milka/Danica argument were HIL.AR.IOUS!! My favorite part? When he said you could time Milka’s laps with a sun dial! That caused me to laugh so loudly my coworker came to see what I was listening to. I actually had to say ITS A NASCAR TIHNG…YOU WOULDN’T UNDERSTAND.
  • Sounds like Mike Greci will serve as Martin Truex, Jr’s interim crew chief since DEI’s appeal was denied. Greci comes most recently from the Camping World East series where he serves as DEI director to their series program. You would have thought that these teams would remember that NASCAR does not like fudging with the COT template. They were clear about this from way back to Infineon in 2007 remember?
  • Judging by practice speeds Tony is not on his game at Indy. What is up with that? I was really hoping for team home depot to be able to pull a win here. I mean it IS just practice but its Indy and I want Tony to win!
  • Speaking of Indy…who decided that 7 am (pacific time) was a good time for qualifying. That’s a tad early for me on a Saturday.

I can’t believe I almost forgot the friday fill-in #82:
1. I believe whatever doesn’t kill you makes you smarter.

2. If you’re good at something, keep doing it.

3. Why so glum today?

4. Something is out there, it’s gopher holes waiting to trip me up.

5. If my life were a sitcom, it would be titled Life Behind the Help Desk.

6. Sitting on my back front porch [if you don't have one, use your imagination] I see the neighborhood kids riding their bikes- “Hey you…stay away from my car!”.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to going home, tomorrow my plans include possibly babysitting…definite sleeping in  and Sunday, I want to watch the Brickyard 400!