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Back on Nov 25th I told you of my cellphone hatred.  Well it only gets worse.  On Saturday night I spent probably 30 minutes or so the the phone with Verizon Technical Support.  I pulled my Samsung A950 out of my purse so that I could see of BFM had called me- since I had been outside most of the day helping with even more christmas lights (don’t ask- I have another entry to talk about that).  It said two missed calls so I hit OK to see who they were and that is when it happened.  Suddenly my phone said SEARCHING FOR SVC (which apparently means SERVICE).  And that is what it does now.  Did you know your cell phone has an uber secret menu that you can’t get too from the normal menu? Neither did I until the second level Verizon Tech support had me bring it up…(didn’t fix a darn thing).

In November I lamented on the fact that my cell phone had learned a new trick…that of the dropped call.  Well I think that the dropping of the call was a precursor to this NO SERVICE thing that it does.   Sometimes that SEARCHING FOR SVC thing goes away and it looks fine.  But the minute I go to make a call it won’t do it.  I get Calling…(number dialed) and then nothing…it sticks there. When I get frustrated and end call…my good pal SEARCHING FOR SVC is back.

The WHOLE reason I got this phone was that I had a Samsung that I LOVED. It was the most reliable, dependable phone ever.  The Samsung A950 however? Sucks!  About 6 weeks after I got the A950 the key pad stopped working completely.  I took it back to Verizon and they exchanged it for a new one.  I was unsatisfied with the battery life of this phone.  I complained to Verizon about it and they comped me a new battery…but it did the SAME thing- it drained in a day.  I ended up getting half-off an extended battery.  Then there is this crap about the service.  Worse part? I am not gonna lay down over $200 for a phone….I am up for a new phone at the end of January…and I will get me a new phone then.   In the meantime if you have my cell phone number…don’t call it. email me and I will give you the number of my dad’s phone.  He gave me his phone until my situation is fixed…because he doesn’t use his like I use mine…plus his work gives him a cell phone that he can use.

Remember back in September when I claimed my love for the Chevy HHR? Well if you don’t…go ahead and check it out. I will wait for you don’t worry.  Back? Good. Well…then it should be no surprise to you to see this:

Sorry for the crappy quality picture…but this was taken with my camera phone….which sucks.  Its been raining so I haven’t had ability to take a wonderful picture with my good camera.   I present to you my new car.  On Tuesday morning I drove Doris the Rav4 to a Chevy dealership and abandoned her for this little beauty.  She is so fancy on the inside….I love her.  I still haven’t named her…but am leaning towards Greased Lightning.  We will see though.  She is an HHR LS in Silverstone….with gray leather interior.  And Seat Warmers (those kinda freak me out…who wants a hot keister?)…and remote start (something else that is weird to me).  It even has a little sunroof…which I like.

Wednesday Caution Lap Meme is a new meme started for Nascar fans (YEY!). So here goes…Caution Lap #1

1. Who is your favorite driver and why?  Well Tony Stewart.  Why?  I have been meaning to write a whole entry about this eventually…it never happened and then I decided to hold off until the beginning of the next season…but in short- it is because he races hard….and he isn’t afraid to show his emotion…if he doesn’t have a good day he gets upset about it…and I can’t say as I blame him…I like to see the real emotion.

2. Who would you consider the best NASCAR driver in the series right now and why?  Hmm…well Tony Stewart is good…because he races hard and when things aren’t going well he and his crew usually can work hard to make things better (unless they get collected in a crash).

3. Who do you think out of the new rookies from the past few seasons (Hamlin, Ragan, Montoya, etc.) will come out to be the next big star of NASCAR?  I think JPM is actually fitting in a lot better than I thought he would…and he races pretty hard.

4. Are you loyal to your favorite driver’s sponsor? Well…I am not big on the home improvement stores really…but if I did have to go I would go to Home Depot (we don’t have a Lowes though so is that a fair thing?).  I am a big fan of (diet) Coke….and would rather have that over pepsi any say of the week.

5. What’s the most expensive thing you’ve bought to show your love for your favorite driver?  My Tony Stewart Christmas Inflatable…because we get really into Christmas decorating.  I think it was around $80.00.

ITunes Meme

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I think I did this a long time ago…but E did it and I wanted to play along so I am doing it again…

How many total songs? 1005. (and for thos who are nosy: 1 movie, 11 tv episodes of three different TV shows, and 31 podcasts).

Sort by song title – first and last…“Ad-Majorem-Dei-Gloriam” by Slaughter, “867-5309 Jenny” by Tommy Tutone

Sort by Album – first and last… “AC/DC We Salute You” by Various Artists, “5th Gear” by Brad Paisley

Sort by Artist – first and last…AC/DC to .38 Special

Find the following words. How many songs show up?
Sex: 4
Death: 0
Love: 42
You: 175
Home: 13
Boy: 9
Girl: 10

If you wanna play feel free…I don’t like tagging…leave me a comment so I can check out your results :)


YEY!!! I did it. I officially posted an entry every day all month!!! I am actually kind of proud because I really did think I would mess up and forget a day. It nearly happened a couple times (on the weekend because I try to steer clear of blogging on the weekends unless I am bored or have something earthshattering to state) but I did it. I am so totally stoked. I am bummed about Janet though. Like me, she was doing GREAT! And then her blog exploded all over the internet this morning leaving little bloggy bits everywhere (if you find them please return them to her…she needs her bloggy bits back)…she did post an entry today…I saw it with my own eyes…I even commented on it. But now its in bits all over the cyberhighway. Poor Janet. I wish I knew enough about bloggy bits and guts and such so I could help her…but really I don’t.


I wasn’t having the best of day this morning. There were several different factors…but most of them had to do with me having to deal with one particular (thinking of a word I could use that won’t get me fired) quirky customer. Anyway…I won’t go into that here for obvious reasons, but needless to say when my lunch rolled around I was greatly looking forward to it. I decided to go to Starbucks because well frankly why not?

Anyway I hop on the highway and take my starbucks exit and am sitting on the offramp waiting to turn onto the street when I glance up in my rearview mirror and see a white minivan full of CLOWNS. They were back there doing what clowns do. Waving at people and causing a clown scene. Now I have always been of the opinion that clowns are freaky…hiding their real emotion behind a goofy painted on expression. But it was so unreal to see them in the van behind me. When they passed me as I was getting into the lane to turn into my starbucks they had a personalize plate from out of state…it said Pippi (i remember this because I thought to myself Pippi Longstockings wasn’t a clown now was she? No I think she was just a girl with weird hair). It did strike me as odd that they were out of state clowns…in full makeup and outfits I didn’t catch the state the plate was from…you just don’t see that everyday.

1) Name five things you will eat with gusto this holiday season.
Christmas Tree Nougats, Cranberry Splash Sierra Mist Free, SweetPotatoes (although I admit I love them so much I will eat them with gusto at anytime), Christmas Cookies, and hot tea.

2) Name four places you’ll be traveling to in the next month. It would be nice if they were somewhat holiday related, e.g. you’re going to see “The Nutcracker” or something.
All our family is fairly local…so I don’t know about traveling too much…let me see…I will probably go to Streets of Bethlehem as I do that every year…so I will travel a whole mile to see that. I am sure I will go to Monterey to pick up my grandma so she can enjoy Christmas Eve with us. My brother might be moving so there will be some travel whilst helping with that…and I might be going to LV after Christmas thorugh the new year.

3) Name three gifts you are buying for someone else. Of course, dont’s say who they’re for!

Blackberry Torani Syrup (if I can find it), A Kasey Kahne Sweatshirt, and Some LUSH.

4) Name two Christmas carols you really like to hear.
My two favorites are: Christmas Eve/ Sarajevo 12/24 by TransSiberian Orchestra and O Holy Night as sung by Martina McBride….so powerful.

5) Name one gift you’d really like to receive.
Guitar Hero Bundle for PS2


It didn’t dawn on me how entrenched in routine that I am until I switched buildings on campus over a year ago. I went from working in a fairly private building with ample parking to working in a very public building surrounded by student residences, dining commons, libraries, student centers and not enough parking.

Before the move- I use to park in the same spot every morning and if I couldn’t because SOMEONE was in my way? I would get cranky. I would then leave for lunch…return and hour later and park again in the same spot. Now? I am lucky to park within the parking lot for my building. Parking is a serious blood sport in this area of campus. This has cut my hour long lunch to more like a forty minute lunch because I spend twenty minutes circling the parking lots like a vulture, ready to take up the first scrap offered to me. I have places I prefer to park and places I don’t prefer to park (under the eucalyptus trees for instance)….but if the parking gods grant me a spot under the eucalyptus trees…then I take it! I never spite an open parking spot any more.

The problem is….I can never remember where I did manage to park. This building is a large rectangle with a largish parking lot on one said and a smaller parking lot that runs along the back of all the buildings in this line of buildings. My preferred spots are in the back lot towards the building next door where there are no evil eucalyptus trees. Plus there is a back door right there for a quick and fast escape from the building. However due to the fact that there are far to many people who want parking in this area and not enough spots…parking has become that of a blood sport…so I park where I can…even if it is under the evil eucalyptus trees.  Like I was forced to do this morning.   And now not only did I worry incessantly about the safety of my car….but I came back to a car full of leaves and bird droppings. Thanks.

Every year around this time lots of goodies come out in the store that are only available during “the holidays.”  This is probably a good thing because if our favorite treats were available year round they might not be favorites anymore because we would burn out on them.  This is the case for me anyway.  Recent trips to the store have lead me to my two “Seasonal” favorites:

Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash appeared last year…and I fell in love with it…however this is the first year that it was offered in Sierra Mist Free…and I was so happy I squealed right in Target. Right next to an employee.  Oh well. This is my second two liter of it.  I just wish they would sell it in cans.  But we can’t have everything now can we?

And these are my favorites. I have been looking for them since the halloween candy left us…and I finally found them:

I like to unwrap them…knead them til they are soft and ball them up and eat them (apparently I am still six and like to play with my food).  I am still working on my first bag…but it was a really big bag!  How much do I love them? My mom asked me for one the other day and I told her no that they were gone! (they weren’t I was just hoarding them because THEY ARE MY FAVORITE CHRISTMAS CANDY).

So tell me…what are your “holiday favorites?”