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I am out of here through September 4th. Yes I am going to Vegas again (in style in a BRAND NEW CHEVY HHR- it’s nice but not mine- it’s a rental). Yes I am crazy to go this time of year because of the heat, but hanging out with my best friend since junior high who lives there…and rocking out to Slaughter will all be worth it (and we are taking her brother- a high school freshman with us- should be interesting).

Hopefully some of my guest posters will have the time and energy to post here and keep you entertained. If not: Please click on some of the links on the right to keep yourself entertained until I get back. (Don’t worry I will pack my camera- so expect lots of pictures!)

Update: Am switching my theme from the Tony Stewart theme to the Mark Slaughter theme- just for a change of pace…

Since I got you for my birthday in January it has been love at first sight.  I so love that I just hit the little record button and you record whatever my heart desires and you hold on to it for me until I am ready to watch it.  Frankly it feels wonderful to not be a slave to the television. I have always trusted you.

You proudly hold my races, my soap (an addiction I caught in high school) and the entire last season of CSI…that I still haven’t watched.  When I heard about NASCAR in Primetime- I quickly set you up to record the entire series!  You recorded the first episode just fine.  As a matter of fact, it is still there having been watched but I decided to horde it anyway so I could watch the whole series back to back after it had run in its entirety -because I am weird like that…

For some reason unbeknownst to me- you neglected your faithful duties and did NOT record last weeks episode.  Of course I blamed myself inititally;  Did I fill up the dvr (nope- over 45% free!)?  Was there a power outage? Nope.  Did I forget to choose record ENTIRE series? (Nope- you have this weeks episode in your to-do list).  I trusted you to perform your duty and I went out that night.  Now I missed an entire episode…and I am so sad!
Whatever did I do to you? Are you trying to break up with me?

Distressed, AMY

P.S. I am going to be leaving on vacation in a couple days to Vegas for nearly a week. Can you please behave and record your shows accordingly?

Sorry this is so late! It was crazy busy at work today people…you have no idea!

So Bristol- I can see that the new racing surface did change the personality of the track.  I don’t know if it was that the drivers were unfamiliar with the track refacing so that they were being more tentative or if this is just the new Bristol…but I too found the race to be less bumping and grinding- which I admit was always my favorite part of that race.  The bumping/grinding just made it more exciting.  Not to say there wasn’t any bumping/grinding– there was …just not enough for my  tastes.

That being said…I was glad to see Carl Edwards win. I love me a good backflip…it is almost as good as the fence climb of Tony Stewart. Although it would have been great if Kasey Kahne could have won- being winless and all.  He did finish well – which is good.

Now did you all see Tony make that amazing come back towards the end. I think if the race had been about 20 laps longer-he would have been right there- even after starting so far back in the field.

First the Fill-in:

1. I see the write post screen of my blog dashboard.
2. I hear the fan whirring behind me.
3. I touch the keys on my keyboard.
4. I taste oatmeal cookies…yum!.
5. I smell my co-workers lotion- banana!.
6. I sense I am about to sneeze (and guess what…I was right).
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to chatting with bfm, tomorrow my plans include working from 9-3 then rushing home to watch the race and Sunday, I want to sleep in!!

Open for the MI-5 Back To School Edition!


It’s only 8:27 am- meaning I have been here for exactly 27 minutes officially and I have already have a customer call me, bitch me out for something that is NOT my fault…and then yell THIS IS BULLSHIT in my ear and hang up on me when I am in the middle of trying to help her.  Hope you are having a better day than me!

So I am leaving for Vegas in just over a week. Here is the usual call for guest posters…if you are interested drop me a line or comment and I will get you set up before I leave. Usual suspects ETS, Chrissy and Bill will have posting rights so they don’t need to volunteer.

You can probably tell by my blogskin that I am a Tony Stewart fan…plus I tend to discuss him a lot on here because he is HOT! a great racer! But it goes without saying that I am not just a Tony fan…there are lots of other drivers I root for too. Probably right there next to Tony is Dale Earnhardt Jr (also HOT! a great racer!).

I have been following the whole Dale Jr leaving D.E.I. debacle with interest (I admit that my main interest and focus was that I was hoping he would join JGR to be Tony Stewart’s teammate…that would be my dream raceteam but I am definitely digressing). Some fans are pissed he is leaving D.E.I and some said they will follow him where ever he went (he ended up with Hendricks Motorsports). What cracks me up about that debate is that some people don’t realize that Dale Earnhardt was driving for Richard Childress not D.E.I at the height of his career.

Then there is the whole fight over the number 8. Most of the people who read my blog are NOT NASCAR FANS…so they probably don’t understand why a driver would want to fight over a silly number painted on the side of a loud, fast car. Well first off there is all the marketing already revolving around Dale Jr and the number 8. People doesn’t understand this but it isn’t just any old number 8. When they are talking about the number…they mean the number, the number style- including the font, the shading, the coloration- everthing. Weird huh? Unfortunately I can see both sides of this fight.

Dale wants #8 because…first off, it is familiar with his fan base. For most NASCAR/JR fans…DALE JR = 8. He has raced #8 since he was a rookie in the cup series. No to mention the book he and Jade Gurss wrote about his rookie year: Driver #8. More over, the number has familial legacy. His grandfather Ralph Earnhardt drove a number 8 as did his father for a time early in his career. And while Dale has made it very clear that he is not his father and does not race like his father…that he wants to be his “own person” in racing (something I COMPLETELY understand) I am sure that having that tie means a lot to him.

D.E.I wants #8 because…of the familial legacy. D.E.I. has been founded on the legacy left by Dale Earnhardt Senior and D.E.I is riding that legacy. Also- D.E.I. tried to bargain to retain some licensing control over merchandise….so they are also in it for the money. Plus I am sure that some of the retaining of the #8 has just a little bit to do with the fact that Dale choose to severe his relations with D.E.I. at the end of his contract.

I can total see Dale wanting to take something familiar with him- for his fans and himself. However I understand (do not read that as agree…because I do not necessarily agree) the D.E.I position as well.

What cracks me up the most? Is the TEAMS do not own the numbers- NASCAR does. And technically- NASCAR could jump in and say “HEY – the number goes with Dale Jr” however I know that they will not do such a thing. It isn’t in the best interest of NASCAR.

Personally…I am excited to see what Dale Jr comes up with for next year. I have a feeling that he will come up with something great. And for those who have #8 inked…just think of the cool tat addition you could get if he ends up with something like #81 or #83. Should we start a friendly pool? What the number will be? Who the sponsor will be??

Usually I would be writing to you today about the race from Sunday…which this weekend happened to be in Michigan.  Ahh but no it is rain delayed.  So I set my dvr to record for the rain delayed time of 12:00 ET (9:00 am our time)….but it has been FURTHER delayed…and will probably be starting at 12:00 my time…which means I am going to miss it because my DVR is stupid and doesn’t understand rain delays.

Why doesn’t NASCAR run rain tires again????