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The MI-5

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Mel volunteered for the five this time…and took it from the livejournal five:

1. What is one food (or meal) did you used to hate but now love?


2. If you had to give up one of your favorite foods (or meals) for good, what would it be, and why?

Pizza. I love it…but it is so sinfully bad for me.

3. Which food seems like it should be healthy and isn’t, and do you eat it? Why?

I dunno…tuna casserole? Because it has tuna in it and tuna should be good for you?

4. If you were an item of food, personified, what would you be and why?

Sweet Potato. Ugly to some on the outside delicious and sweet on the inside.

5. You’ve seen tomatoes and pies used for this purpose… now think of a more inventive item of food one could throw at someone. What is it and why would throwing it at someone be hilarious?

I must say that this perplexed me because I am not a thrower of food.  But I guess…maybe gumdrops. I have no reason…gumdrops just seemed like a good answer. I don’t know that it would be hilarious though.

Click on the picture to be taken to the Flickr entry so you can see who took these wonderful pictures! I think my very favorite of this set? Is the pig (second row second in from the left).

Did you see that the speed limit there is 55?  Not 40.  Of course we should all be made to suffer going incredibly slow because you decided it would be a great time to put on your make up.  I think that is what they make bathroom mirrors for! Not to mention the  fact that I would, myself, worry about applying mascara in a moving vehicle whether or not I was driver or passenger.  Either get up 20 minutes earlier and apply your face at home or don’t put it on at all.

8 minutes late for work because of you, AMY

I have been so excited since I first found out that my sister-in-law was pregnant.  Everyone in our family has been because this is the first grandchild on both sides.  My sister-in-law is half way through her pregnancy and yesterday I found out that I have a nephew on the way.

The first thing I did was go an order the yarn that I needed for the blanket.  I have had it picked out for ages and ages….one yarn if ended up being a girl and one if it ended up being a boy.  I have lofty goals of a blanket and matching bunting AND booties if I ordered enough yarn…I ordered 10 skeins.  I hope that is enough.  While I don’t really have the blanket pattern picked out quite yet, I do have the bunting.  It seems easy…I hope it is.

The second thing I did was go the Tony Stewart online store and load up on Tony Stewart baby clothes…(many of which just happened to be on sale)!!  Hee hee.  (Don’t worry…I plan to get him plenty of stuff off his baby registry too…that kid will be so spoiled by me…I will be the best Aunty ever).  SO be prepared next year to see tons of pictures of my nephew all dolled up in Orange!!!

Well the race at Phoenix was good.  Lots of good clean racing. Great passing. No too many cautions.  It would have, of course, been a better day for me had Tony Stewart won…but this is the year of Mr. Jimmie Johnson (apparently I forgot to consult the nascar calendar to see what year it was…how could I be so silly).  Ole JJ is a powerhouse no one can stop this year…and it seems that the entire field has been eliminated in stealing to Nextel cup with the exception of his teammate Jeff Gordon.

Tony did excellent but just didn’t have it in the end.  I do have some thoughts on his performance but they aren’t well congealed enough in my head to actually put down here.   I will say that I may have jinxed the team because Sunday morning, before the race, BFM and I went to Home Depot on a lark.  Where I spotted this and decided I must buy it for the christmas display this year:



I had a great time with BFM visiting from LV.  I was, as always, sad to see her go this morning.  So I consoled myself by buying a new purse.  Roxy (who absolutely LOVES BFM) consoled herself by sniffing around the spare room until every molecule left by BFM had been consumed by her nose…then sleeping most of the day.

I have a deep love for mail. It started as a child at some point. Because of this deep love of all things postal I ended up with several penpals- a couple I still keep in touch with to this very day (Hi ETS! Hi Koshka!). One of the reasons I have a PO BOX (address at very bottom of page) is because I work in a different city from which I live…so I have a box here so I can get my mail during my lunch. My good mail. Plus I shop online and during the holidays it is good because sometimes other family members might intercept boxes and be able to tell by the return address it might be something for them. Anyway, ETS recently went on a vacation and told me that she would be sending me some goodies she bought for me while in Florida. I just knew that box would come on Thursday…so on Thursday I made my way to the post office where my box is located. I opened it up expecting to find the silver key. These are keys to the package lockers where they put things that are too large to fit in your box…the they give you a corresponding key to said locker that way customers don’t have to stand in line. Anyway I fling open my box on Thursday and find nothing but the normal circulars. NO SILVER KEY. I was sad. Then I heard something. It sounded like a postal employee flinging the said keys into the boxes. I quickly shut my box and waited. I heard it again. I checked and I could see the employee but no key for me. I shut my box and waited again. The I heard the unmistakeable sound of metal hitting metal and knew it was my box…YEY my package had arrived. She really out did herself: (click on picture so you can see it in flickr- roll over the picture in flickr to see the notes as to what everything is).


Ok people…I am starting to feel the pressure of NaBloPoMo. It is not that I can’t find things to blog about (although if you have suggestions of something you would like to see me write about please feel free- and I will try to work them in- I already have a suggestion from Janet that I am going to work up soon. I think it is a fun challenge).

My biggest NaBloPoMo issue is the weekend blogging. I know it is sad but true. This weekend will be really hard because BFM will soon be in town (expecting her later today). So I am gonna have to blog early in the morning so that I can maximize BFMtime…we don’t see each other often enough! Oh and what better way to do that then to go get our hair done tonight. BFM’s hairdresser since I have known BFM who is now my hairdresser as well is purposely staying open tonight so we get our hair done…and let me tell you… I NEED IT. How badly do I need it? I haven’t had highlights done since JANUARY people (so basically- my hair is dark mousy blonde with light blond tips)…and I haven’t had my hair trimmed since the beginning of March. Now the reason I haven’t had a haircut is I was trying to grow it out a bit…because I want to change my style a little bit and I usually have such short layers that it is hard to play with…but now I am just sick of it hanging everywhere!!! So Yey for BFM coming for a visit…and Yey for haircut and highlights!!!

Susan volunteered for this weeks Mi-5:

1. Which appointment is worse: Doctor or Dentist?  I don’t like either but if I had to pick one I would say doctor…only because I really like my new dentist.

2. Which would you pick: An extra $50/wk or one 3-day weekend per month?  The extra $50 a week (I am hoping it is tax free).

3. Small talk or deep conversations?  Depends on who I am conversing with.

4. Which is worse: No TV or No Music?  This is a hard one because I do love my shows but I think music would be harder to live without.

5. Do you read the ending before you finish a book?   NO!!!! Never. I don’t want to spoil it!

And now it’s the:

Fill in #45

1. Plans and schedules are necessary evils .

2. I’m happy when things go as planned .

3. The last thing I drank was a glass of orange juice this morning.

4. One of the most valuable things in my life is time.

5. I like pepperoni and onions on my pizza.

6. Dear November, please don’t be too rainy.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to cleaning, tomorrow my plans include seeing BFM who is coming for a visit and getting my hair cut, and Sunday, I want to see Tony Stewart win- just to show ol’ JJ and crew he can!