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Mel sez: Extra points if you can answer each in 5 words. (too bad the points won’t matter)

1. What is really True? True is what you should be to yourself.
2. What is Strength? Strength is believing in yourself. (something I have trouble with!)
3. What is Life? Life is what you do with yourself.
4. What is Funny? Funny is my brother…because he can laugh at himself…and make you laugh too.
5. What is Inside? My Guts…and I would like to keep them there.

My Friday…

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I spent the day rolling balls of this yarn:

To start crocheting baby stuff!!!  But then I found out I had every hook that exists except the one I need- H so I had to run out and get an H hook.

5:30 am

I hear some rattling in the kitchen. I think someone might be getting ready to eat something. I wonder if I should get up. (Listening intently) Yep that is definitely foodstuffs. (jumps off bed and sits by door, knocking into her “doorbell” to be let out). (Runs into the primary food room) Ooh someone is putting foodstuffs into that square blue thing. If I sit here maybe something will drop on the floor or they will toss me something. No? Come on…there has to be SOMETHING up there you could give me. I smell it…lemme have it…puhleeeze…..Oooh they are moving over to the fruit bowl. I hope it’s a banana….If it is a banana I will get a piece. They know how much I love banana. I really do. Banana rocks. Yep it is a banana (chew chew chew) Yum…banana’s rock. Oooh yogurt! I love to lick the Yogurt cup!!! Thanks (lick lick lick lick). Hmmm they appear to be looking for something…I will follow to help aid in discovery…afterall it might be food. Ah time to put those funny smelly things on their feet. If I set my head on their knee just right and try not to drool too much and pretend I love love LOVE them…they will go into the other room and get me a cookie. I love cookies. Ooh yep (WOOF)…usually they talk nonsense to me but I understand COOKIE (Woof). Come on hurry up! Cookie Emergency! (woof arooooo) After all I haven’t eaten anything for like fifteen minutes now! Hurry in there! No not there in there…yeah….cookie!!! (Runs off to kitchen bed to enjoy cookie).

6:00 am

It’s time to “Get the Paper” I am not sure what that means to the two leggers but to me it means going out in the big yard with no leash and sniffing around for intruders and stuff while they walk and pick up that cylinder that comes every morning. I don’t understand it. Every morning they pick up the cylinder and it doesn’t even have food in it…and every morning another one appears! It is pretty big and there are so many smells. I need to check the whole area to make sure no one has been sneaking in late at night. Hmmmm smells like cat. Yep definitely cat. HEY CAT HAS BEEN IN HERE!!!! CAT!!! I am telling you CAT!!!! Maybe Possum too! Ooh yeah possum has definitely been over there….definitely possum. They smell BAD I would know a possum anywhere!!! Ooh what is that over there? A bird? What is he doing in my yard? I better watch him. And another two legger over there across that gray thing. I am not allowed to go in the gray thing. Maybe if I watch him he will come over here and let me check him for food. Nope. Ooh I better get back. I hear my two legger barking INSIDE.


That was hard work. I better go take a nap. I think I will nap in the kitchen bed.


Hmmm I just came in from sniffing around outside. There was some good smells under the lemon tree. Lemme jump up into my big bed. Uhoh. I wonder what “Get Your Muddy Paws off my bed mean?” Uh-oh I think I am in trouble. Yep. I didn’t mean to do it. (Sulk)


Darn. Time to go outside. Oh fresh water. I love fresh water time. I will go get Kody and grab his ears. KODY it is fresh water time!!! Fresh water!!! YEY!!!! Kody is old and bored with me. He wishes I would leave his ears alone. I am just trying to get him excited about something. Maybe he is right. We should take a nap. I hope he doesn’t nap in the little dogloo. I want to sleep in there…and since it is all about me I should be able to. Oh good he is sleeping in the sun on the patio so I will nap in this dogloo house.


Call of nature time. There…that feels better.


Hmmm I better do a perimeter sniff of the yard. Make sure no intruders stopped by while I was napping.


Ooh a rock. (Pushes rock around yard a bit) Ahh that’s no fun.


AROOOO! A CAT A CAT IN THE TREE!! AROOO!!! AROOO!!!! CAT CAT CAT!!! GET OUT DAMN CAT!!!!! AROOOO this is our yard cat!!! AROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOROOOOOOOROOOOO!!! There I told him. He went away. Shwew…that was close. I better go get some water. Not so fresh this time. But quenching all the same. Ooh nap time again.


Kody!!! (pulls on ears) Chase me! Lets run! come on! Run. Come on. NO not over there. I am over here!!! Did you find something? Lemme help you sniff it out. Hmm…that looks like crab grass (pull pull pull) Yep this is crab grass. Now lets get that Rock and play with it. Look Kody I have a rock!!! A rock!


Nap time


Maybe I should move out to the sun with Kody. He won’t mind.


What was that? Kody did you hear that? ROOO ROO!!!! Ahh false alarm. It was just the two legger on the other side of the fence. Let’s go back to sleep.


Ooh lets go sit by the glass door and see if they will let us in for food. Nope. Darn.


Hey…look at that dirt. That dirt needs to be moved! (dig) I know that there has to be an end to this dirt (dig dig dig dig) Oooh Kody look. A big dirt clog came up. I am gonna take this to the door. A present for my two legger.

2:15- 4:15

More napping and dirt moving. Ooh and I found a ball. Yey. Squeaks too! (chew and play)


Back into the big house. Yey!!! I will do my happy dance! Happy dance happy dance. Aren’t I cute? Happy dance. Hey how about you give me my dinner? No? Darn. I am gonna go sleep in my chair.


Oooh my new favorite two legger is home. How about YOU give me some dinner? No? Darn. Wait. She said my favorite word…WALK! Ooh that means I gotta get my leash. Over here. REmember it is over here!!! Yeah…Happy dance. (grab leash with mouth) COME ON THIS WAY TO THE DOOR. COME ON. LETS GO!!!!


That was fun. FUN. But now it is definitely dinner time. Come on. AROO. Put it in my bowl. ROO!!!!


What are you eating? can I have some. Please? Just a taste? Please. I am begging here. Come on. Look my food is all gone. Won’t you share? Please.


Nap time.


Oooh a new two legger is visiting. I like this one. I remember him. He always likes to pet me. Hey there! Remember me. Down here. Yeah!!! Pet me. Pet me. Pet me. Lemme check you for food. Nothing? Oh well you can pet me. Wanna play ball? Let me get you my ball. How is this one? No? Lemme see if I can find another ball. Throw it. Throw it. I am really good at getting the ball. Watch me. Throw it again. And again. and again. Really. Again. Yeah!


That was hard work. I need to take a nap.  Oooh that two-legger wants me to sleep on their feet I know it.


Finally time to heed my last call of nature…when I can crawl into my big bed.  Hey two-legger…move over make room for me. This is MY bed afterall.

I was tagged to do the 7 Weird things about me meme by E. She is wicked cool and a NASCAR fan to boot so heck yeah I will give it a go. Plus, sometimes I love me a good meme. Anyway…here are the rules:

1. Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 random or weird things about yourself.
3. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
4. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

My 7 Weird Things About Me:

  1. I am entirely self taught when it comes to crocheting…I just was bored one day and found some yarn and a hook and a book and gave it a go. My sister-in-law gets some credit teaching me how to interpret patterns…but other than that I figured it out all by myself. I made several attempts to do the same thing with knitting but I just can’t do it. I figure I am too uncoordinated for it.
  2. While I am not a big fan of creepy crawly things like bugs…BEES (or anything yellow and black and with a stinger) really wig me out. Once BFM and I were at Angel Island on a tour (because we do stuff like that), and we had stopped at the little cafe to eat before our tour group left for the tour. A couple of bees decided they liked the design on my sweatshirt and were hovering right around in front of me…and I freaked out, stood up (nearly knocking the little plastic patio table over) and yelled “GET THE F**K AWAY FROM ME” and flailed about a bit…until I realized it was the sweatshirt they were attracted to …which I promptly took off and tied around my waist so the evil creatures could not see the design. Of course everyone else on the patio thought I was talking to either myself or BFM and were probably ready to have me taken to a nice padded room.
  3. I am extremely tactile. I love to touch things. It is especially evident if you go yarn shopping with me. I have to feel the yarn. Pick it up. Hold it. Compare it feel wise with other yarns. That is just how I am. I also learn the best using hands-on approaches. Actually “doing” whatever instead of reading about it. I love museums…but they can sometimes be torturous to me because I often want to touch the exhibits. When I was at Home Depot checking out the Tony Stewart Show car all I really wanted to do was touch it. Touch the car touch the seat, touch the window net, touch the steering wheel…etc….but I didn’t (I can refrain luckily) because there was a sign asking not to touch…which actually leads well into my next weird thing about me…
  4. I have a need to be a rule follower. I find it incredibly hard to do something I know is against the rules. This isn’t to say that I never break the speed limit (Oh contrary) but in general I want to follow rules and procedures. I am not too much of a rebel. It has to do with a strongly ingrained respect (almost to a flaw) of authority that I think my parents instilled in me when I was young.
  5. I am constantly writing in my head. Unfortunately rarely do these things make it out of my head and onto paper. I write (in my head) blog entries, stories, poems…you name it. Usually while doing things like driving to work, taking a shower, shopping for socks, you get the idea.
  6. I have debilitating shyness. I have always been this way. If I am in a group of strangers the shyness can be so bad all I want to do is flee the room and curl up at home in my bed. It use to be worse when I was younger…when I was younger it was so bad I could not pick up a phone and call someone I didn’t already know, as in I couldn’t call a store to see if they were open. It was that bad. Of course I have to do that all the time now for my job…so that part isn’t as bad…but I am still not great with the face-to-face stuff. This has on, several occasions, caused me embarrassment. When faced with someone “famous” or someone that I love idolize like, it can cause me to to clam which makes for a very awkward moment.
  7. I have a fetish for office supply stores and bookstores and can usually not walk out of either empty-handed. The bookstores always tease me with all these fantastical new books that beg me to take them home. At the office supply stores I almost always walk out with pens and post-it notes…if not other things.

Did you notice I didn’t tag anyone? I hate tagging people because they may feel obigated…I would like to see ETS, CHRISSY and BILL play along if they feel they want to though :) (see how I got out of that one???)

I lose things.  Namely important things like keys and atm cards and favorite pens.  I can’t tell you how many times I locked my keys in my car.  For awhile- the main reason I owned a cell phone? Was so I could call roadside assistance or my family/friends so that I could get my car unlocked (all my friends and family had a key).  Of course that did nothing for me when I locked the phone right in with the keys.  When I bought the Rav I bought a base model that didn’t have keyless entry.  One of the main reasons I got an alarm put in is that it added keyless entry to the Rav so I was far less likey to lock my keys in the car.  Plus as I have gotten older, I have learned to always try to put my items in the same place.  When I come in I try to remember to put my keys in the keybowl.  When I use the drive through ATM I try to remember to put my card back in my wallet.  When I go to Starbucks and use my magically reloading starbucks card I try to remember to put it back in my wallet.

Well the other day I went shopping and my ATM card was NOT in my wallet.  I didn’t panic.  I used a credit card instead and  figured that I had left the card in my pants or my cubby in the car when I went to the bank.  No big.  Well I left the store and immediately checked the cubby. No card.   Well it must be in my other pants I told myself…but I dumped out my new purse on the passenger seat…no card.  Well no worries I am sure it is in my pants.  I went about the rest of my shopping and when I returned home…I checked my pants, my hamper, and my desk. NO ATM card. I went back out to the car and checked under the seats. Nope. No atm card.  Panic started rising. What if I dropped it and someone was running around pretending to be me spending my christmas money or my fun money…or worse…my bills money?  I ran right to the phone and called my bank and cancelled my atm card and got a new one.  The problem? I will not get my new card for 7-10 days.  That means I am without money for over a week because I don’t carry cash. I use my atm card.  Now when I go to the store? I have to write a check! What is  with that?   I feel like that lady in the Visa Check Card Christmas Commercial who goes into the toy store and everyone is juggling their toys right into the festive gift boxes and when she whips out her checkbook everyone juggling gets out of synch and all the toys crash to the ground. I feel like her now.  So these seven to ten days with no atm card? I am on day three today and they are totally sucking.

By the way, in case you were wondering.  I found my ATM card.  In the purse that I dumped out and went through.  It was in the cellphone pocket.  What a loser I am.

  • I am starting to run out of witty titles to call my bulleted lists. As you know I like them to have the word Bullet in them.  I guess no more bulleted lists til I come up with a new title.
  • You will notice I have switched my blogskin away from my beloved NASCAR skin…the racing season is over so I thought I would show off my other rockin’ skin. Doesn’t mean I don’t still live for NASCAR and my driver Tony Stewart…just means I thought you all might appreciate a new look for awhile.  Another great design by Goofy Girl!!
  • This cracks me up…Cops Give the Bird to Sober Drivers.  Yes this is near where I live.   Sad thing? All the birds will no doubt be gone in like five minutes.  No I will not be out vying for a free bird.
  • I know I haven’t talked much about my crafting…that is because I have been kind of on a crafting hiatus of sorts.  However- I can’t wait to get my new batch of yarn so I can start crocheting a baby blanket and accessories for my soon to be nephew (soon as in March).  I can’t wait to get going on those projects!!! Yey!
  • Roxy has been going through some sort of stage lately.  She was mischeivious when she was a pup…but she mellowed as she got older. Or so I thought.  I relax for a second and she had tracked mud all over my bed twice in the last week or so, shredded some sort of paper all over the house, and somehow managed to get her face in a bag of circus animal cookies that were open. I don’t think she ate too many…but I had to throw out the bag…because she had her whole head in the bag people.  She is just lucky she is so damn cute:

As I suspected there were no suprises.  Jimmie Johnson had a good solid run and took home the championship.  Tony had a good run for awhile…but that went away and he crashed.  It was probably my fault…when I was out in the yard working I was wearing my Tony hat.  I swear when I wear my hat he doesn’t do well…problem is that I love my hat….especially not that my hair is so short as I feel that my face is very exposed to the sun.

I can only hope that Tony has a better season next year. That reset is pushed and they come out strong right out of the starting gate at Daytona.   I would love to see him win the Sprint Cup next year…that would just be awesome after having such a disappointing season this year.

My friend (the Jeff Gordon fan) likes to tease me. She says all my favorites are having a sucky year this year…because there is my favorite Tony…and my other two favorites who didn’t even make the chase: Kasey Kahne and Junior.  She says I am a curse and I should pick some other drivers…

I am still unsure, as a fan, if I like the Car of Tomorrow…which is officially now just the car.  I was watching RaceDay on Speed today and they had a COT and the regular cup car going around the track at Homestead and I just think the regular cup car looks more like a race car…the COT sits more like a truck to me.

That being said I am greatly looking forward to next season.  Tony will be in a Toyota…and I will finally be seeing my first NASCAR race live in the flesh.  On RaceDay they were talking about things that NASCAR should try to improve on for the season if they can…and one of the announcers (it might have been Jeff Hammond but I don’t remember off the top of my head) mentioned that they should really start looking at a way to lower ticket prices.  I agree because if tickets were cheaper I would be going to three races next year instead of one.  I picked Vegas because it would be more cost effective. But I would love to go to Fontana.  And I would like to sneak a trip to Sears Point in too.  But who could afford that?  I spent about the same amount on race tickets as I will spend on my Christmas budget this year.  I read a letter in NASCAR SCENE that said something to the effect of real race fans actually go to races.  Well you know what not all REAL race fans can afford to go to races.  Because there is not only the price of just getting into the venue…but the price of getting there and staying there.  Take this into consideration: the nearest track for me is Sears Point and is nearly three hours away by car.  I would NOT be able to physically drive to the track…watch the race start to finish…then get into a car and drive back.  It would be too long of a day.  I would have to get a hotel room…and that is just to go one day…what if I wanted to go for the entire weekend.  Crazy.

Anyway- enough of that.  I am looking forward to seeing my race next year and to a good year for Tony and Joe Gibbs Racing in general as they move from Chevrolet to Toyota.


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I got up at 4:50 am this morning.  Yes you read that correctly.  Why? To hit some pre-Thanksgiving sales.  Yes I am totally insane. You can send my official “Gone Nuts” card to the address at the very bottom of the blog. What did I buy? Nothing for Christmas and nothing for me.  I bought baby clothes.  But I had to…they were adorable. Did I not tell you I would spoil this child?

Then I went with my parents to go grocery shopping for my Granny.  Why did I go? Because I wanted to get out and about and not waste my own gas…not at $3.65 a gallon. Nu-uh!  We also ended up going to Costco because apparently they didn’t go on friday when they normally go.  Costco on Saturday afternoon? Insane…who knew shopping could be a contact sport? Not me :)

I did some reading.  (The Almost Moon by Alice Sebold).