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  • First off it’s Miss Roxy’s Birthday and I am ashamed to say I almost forgot. Luckily BFM reminded me…so I gave her a Chewlotta…she loves those things. It’s like her little slice of heaven. You give her one of those things and she runs off and lays in her favorite place and just chews and chews…til it is nothing but a memory.
  • I am currently very very mad at my dvr. why? Because I recorded the Nationwide race yesterday and the damn thing stopped at the last caution. It was a good think I saw the end or I would have been livid.  I did miss the audio of the victory lane celebration…but caught most of it on youtube.  DirecTV needs to fix this problem. If any race goes longer than expected it does not pick the recording back up. There has to be a way…especially if I am not home…which is the whole damn point of the DVR. Urg.  And don’t even get me going about HotPass and the lack of Tony this weekend…yep I had to listen to the audio only channel over the fox broadcast.
  • I think I was more upset over Tony’s finish than he was. Weird.  He had an amazing car and the pit crew really seemed to have it together during this race. Tony even kept a calm head after he ended up in the wall the first time, sure that he was going to make a comeback. Team Home Depot was doing an amazing job…until Talladega decided to bite.
  • I am still confused about that white flag lap mayhem. Was it scored at the accident or how you crossed over the finish line?

So admittedly I am not as glued to the television during the Nationwide races.  If Tony is in the race I will DVR it or if I happen to be in front of my TV during the race I will watch it…but I don’t plan around Nationwide races as much as I plan around Sprint Cup races. Today was no exception as my Mom and I went out for an impromptu “girls” day of shopping since my dad went flying with his friend (they fly remote control planes and wings- don’t ask me the difference it’s a hobby I barely understand).

After shopping my mom and I were hungry and stopped by Chilis for a linner (lunch/dinner). We ended up sitting at a corner table in the bar because it was quiet in there except for the sports tvs…one turned to college baseball, one to basketball, one to sportscenter and a fourth one that had nothing on it at all.  As we ordered I said to my mom “I wonder how the Nationwide race is going- Tony had the pole you know”  We ordered, our food came, we ate. As we were finishing up suddenly the tv that had nothing on it suddenly had the Nationwide race on at there was 15 laps to go….and Tony was in the lead. I was stoked. I said “Look mom…my Tony is in the lead!” She said “Don’t refer to him as your Tony in public…its embarrassing.” We were done by this point so I begged my Mom to stay til the race was over. I had to know how it ended…I think the only reason she agreed was because Jr was in second…and she was SURE he would take Tony and win.

Well…perhaps me watching Tony race in public (that is not at a race track anyway) is probably a bad idea.  I am very…animated…when I watch and I was clapping and cheering louder than the guys at the other end of the bar who were cheering for basketball.  My mom was pretty embarrassed I think.  Then when the debris caution came out I said “Ah crap!” and jumped outta my chair. I probably even let a Dammit or two fly. I was really trying to behave myself and watch my mouth because there was now a family with two small boys sitting at a table behind my mom.  Well then Dale took the lead from Tony momentarily and my resolve not to curse flew out the window….although I did try to curse only quietly.  But then Tony took back the lead and I was clapping and cheering. Yeah…in Chilis. At like 3:30ish in the afternoon.  Then I insisted on staying to watch the burnout (very nice by the way…my mom is all “IS THAT why they call him smoke??”) and at least part of the post race interview despite the fact that I couldn’t hear a damn thing!

Well hopefully Tony will have as good of a day tomorrow. And if you hear someone cheering…it might be me.

1.  What is your personal policy regarding locking your car? I lock it always. I mean every once in a while I forget (like the night before last night). But I  try to lock it always.

2.  If you had to do it all again would you choose the same career path? Yes. I think I was meant to be doing this for some reason.

3.  What is something you hope to do this summer? See another NASCAR race

4.  Tell us something you are thankful for right now. My friends and family and my job.

5.  Tell us of a book, movie, tv show, webisode, author, CD, musician, comedian or any form of entertainment you have been digging lately. Lately I have been digging memoirs and biographies, the Taylor Swift CD, Grey’s Anatomy and Desperate Housewives now that they are back on.

Fill-in 69:

1. When I fell fall in love I will let you know!
2. May is when the flowers bloom and it heats up outside!
3. Oh no! The internet connection is down, pass me a book.
4. Grey’s Anatomy is the craziest tv show ever.
5. Cheese and Chips (nachos) make a great meal!
6. My brother planted a(n amazing) garden.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to relaxing, tomorrow my plans include washing the car (I was rained out last weekend) and Sunday, I want to settling in for the race at DEGA baby!

It could be because I am tired but I thought this was hilarious when I wrote it:


For my thoughts on what I think Tony Stewart will do regarding his contact with JGR and rumors about Haas and Richard Childress racing…visit my article WWTD (What Will Tony Do)?…(consider yourself warned- its a long one).

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You may or may not have noticed that I added a new category to my sidebar over there on the right, ALSO BLOGGING AT. Yes…you read it right. I was invited to blog over at Nascar Bloggers Full Throttle (NBFT). I was honored to be asked to be part of the awesome group blog and frankly am slightly intimidated by the caliber of blogger over there. Of course that doesn’t mean I won’t jump in with both feet.

Be sure to visit NBFT to hear what the blogosphere is talking about when it comes to NASCAR.

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Last season DirecTV offered a special HOTPASS package with the chase races only and I signed up for it. I was kind of unimpressed with it so at the end of the season I cancelled it. But then I found myself with a little extra money and I was kind of missing HotPass so I reordered it before the start of this season (admittedly based partially on the Tony Stewart commercials). Again I find myself disappointed. I really don’t think it is worth the over $80.00 it ends up being worth the extras.

Here is my list of my major complaints so far about HOTPASS:

1. There isn’t enough Tony Stewart. I really think that HOTPASS should be available for all drivers and you as a customer should get to pick a driver and follow them throughout the year. Or maybe even pick two drivers. Tony Stewart seems to be used exclusively to advertise the product…bring on my Smoke!

2. Team audio is obviously censored. I don’t pay all that money to listen to censored conversations. I want to hear it all…good, bad or ugly. Team audio is probably THE reason I signed up for HOTPASS do not ruin it for me by censoring it.

3. During the chase races last year there were 5 drivers to pick from each week – it has changed to four drivers this season.

4. Figure out a way so that the DVRs pick HOTPASS back up after a rain delay.

5. Figure out a way so that if you DVR the HOTPASS you can still use the alternate audio feeds.

6. Cut out the cheesy bumper music when popping back in from commercial breaks. Us Tony Stewart fans can only take so much “Smoke On The Water”. Seriously.

Here is a list of what HOTPASS does well:

1. Exclusive pre-race, during race, and sometimes even post race interviews.

Here is a list of what HOTPASS does okay with but could do better:

1. The Top 13 drivers team audio only channel. This at least lets me listen to Tony’s team audio even when he isn’t a driver (as long as he doesn’t drop out of the top 12). I like this. Would it be possible to have the ability to either completely mute or at least turn down the fox audio on the same channel so that I can actually hear what the crew members are saying?

For those readers who might be going to Talladega this upcoming weekend, Dodge Boys racing has a special promotion running at the track: The Dodge Scratch and Win contest will have members of the Dodge Squad handing out cards to fans at the track where you can win great prizes including the grand prize of a 2009 Challenger (have you seen these? They are sweet looking let me tell you).   If it is anything like the Dodge Squad at Las Vegas MotorSpeedway you will have no trouble finding them.  In Vegas they were handing out bandanas so Roxy now has one that says DODGE BOYS RACING on it.

Also you can enter the Dodge Experience of a Lifetime at the track where the winner and a guest will be Dodge VIPs for one of five NASCAR race weekends.

For more information visit dodgeboysracing.com or look for the Dodge Squad at the track. Wish I was there!