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In case you didn’t catch the “Nextel’s Prelude to the Dream” race at Eldora Speedway that was a pay-per-view event on tv (or if you lived nearby or could travel that far…you know you could actually attend the race), Speed will be showing the race on July 8th, 2007 (and some other days there after in July).  The line-up of drivers is impressive and includes nextel cup drivers, nhra drivers and others.  Proceeds of the race went to charity…namely The Victory Junction Gang and the Tony Stewart Foundation.

Now I was at the airport by the time The Prelude came on pay-per-view…(only to be stuck there for HOURS because my damn plane was late but that is another story)…so I bought it right before I left and dvr’d (is that a word? No? It is now) it for my return from Vegas (along with all my other shows).  I have limited experience watching dirt track racing of any form (these happen to be late model stock cars)…I think in my entire life I have watched maybe three dirt races (all on TV) mostly those little winged cars)…but let me tell you that this race was well worth the ppv fee.  It was exciting and fun…so if you have a few hours and want to watch some excitement be sure to tune into Speed on July 8th. 

Then if so inclined…donate to the Victory Junction Gang…it is a great cause….check out their website for great ways you can help (not just monitarily).

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I hope that you are having a great holiday. So far I have:

  • Given Roxy a bath
  • cleaned the bathroom
  • washed roxy’s bedding..and she has a lot of it…a bed in the kitchen, the living room and three blankets…and I haven’t even started the outside stuff.

However you decide to celebrate…have fun and be safe.

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Two more for the record books.

One has to do with something that happened at the same accident…and my brother, the gifted liar storyteller tells it best. After the “we’ve got parts incident” my brother went to move the Rav out of the middle of the intersection. And at nearly every family gathering he LOVES to tell how when he went to release the parking brake to move the rav off to the side of the road, I had, in anger, set it soo tight (my parking brake is one of those little lift levers in the center) that he had to use his feet as leverage on my dash to get the brake to release.


Second happened in Vegas…at the Keith Urban concert. We had floor tickets. In between the Wreckers and KU- I decided to go back up to the bathroom…and had to climb the stairs on the side to do it. I don’t know if any of you have seen a concert or fight or whatever at the Mandalay but the steps up the stands to the potties…are very short and close together…I got up them fine. Before I made my way back down I decided to get two beers (one for me and one for BFM). The beers where in plastic bottles which was odd. What was even more odd is that they took the lids but whatever. Anyway I was making my way back down to the floor going down those little teeny stairs. By now the Wreckers had already ended their set so everybody (or so it seemed) was going back up the stairs…while I was trying to make my way back down. I stepped off to the side to let some people go back up…and when I went to step back onto the stairs I missed one or something I am not sure but I was about to go a tumbling all the way down the stairs (I was still about half way) so instead I grabbed a random guy to keep from falling. Yes. You read that right. I just grabbed on to some random man so I wouldn’t fall to my demise. However it was more than just a grab it was more like I took a running lunge at the poor guy who was minding his own business. He of course grabbed me in return…I am so glad that my falling lunge down towards him didn’t knock US BOTH off balance and down the stairs…that would have been even more mortifying than the situation already was. Anyway…the guy was very good about the whole thing…he told me not to worry he had me and that he was glad he was there for me. I told him I was glad too…because I had visions of tumbling all the way to the floor section. He laughed. So THANK YOU RANDOM GUY AT THE KU CONCERT IN VEGAS for keeping me from falling to my death due to my inherited (from my mother) clumsiness. Unfortunately he probably thought I was drunk off my rocker all ready. Unfortunately I hadn’t taken a sip yet. But fear not…the beers survived!!! I didn’t even spill a drop.  I quickly scanned the floor to see if BFM had seen me…and she appeared to be looking off the side…so I was sure that she didn’t.  But I found out that she was just “trying to show some respect to me” in the moment and she had seen…and now everyone hears about my tumble.

Was it weird for you how I had been updating at least once (usually more like three to five times a day) then I just left you in the lurch on Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday. I wish I had some exciting tale of adventure and intrigue…but really I have nothing people. NOTHING. My weekend…was pretty boring and I did nothing excited and certainly nothing you would really want to hear about…trust me.

The most exciting things I did over the weekend:

  • I made a freezer pie. It was deliciously lime and totally easy. TOTALLY. Next week I am going to make an orange one!
  • I bought some freeze dried banana chips. I think they are good. No one else in my family does. I knew I should have been an astronaut! Freeze dried bananas…YUM. Tang….YUM! Oh yeah I kinda forgot how I don’t like flying and the whole “deathly scared of heights” thing. Hmmm maybe no on the astronaut thing afterall.
  • I tried bubble tea. I saw a new place in town and they sell them. I was innately curious like my mother so we tried. It was like drinking coconut slushy (I ordered a coconut one my mom ordered a plum one…and hers was much nastier than mine) with guppys in it. Rather gross. I shall not repeat. But I had to try it. The drink itself was good but the “bubbles” really grossed me out.  For those not in the know..the bubbles…they are actually big gelatinous globs of tapioca.
  • Watched the race…rooted for Tony…was glad that Denny Hamlin was able to hold off Gordon…
  • Looked all over for a 12×16 frame. Not as easy as you might think. Apparently it is an odd size.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you about the weekend recap.


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This is what happens when I have five extra dollars, a digital camera and spare time at work. (Link goes to flickr photo…of mine.) ** Last post today I promise!

A couple weekends ago my mother and I found ourselves in a town 30 miles from our hometown…shopping for shoes for her cruise…and the Tony Stewart Show car just happened to be at a nearby Home Depot (yeah….what a coincidence…NOT). I was excited to see an actual nascar up close (even better that it was Tony’s) and looked it over and took some great pictures. My mom was at least feigning interest and looked too…and when she looked in at the driver seat (I wish I had gotten a picture of the seat) she proclaimed it to look much like a carseat for a child…only adult size. I don’t know why…but it struck me as hilarious…of course…you probably had to be there.

“No, no he didn’t slam you, he didn’t bump you, he didn’t nudge you…he rubbed you. And rubbin’, son, is racin’.” – Robert Duvall as Harry Hogge in Days of Thunder.

BFM has been ribbing me pretty hard lately about the whole nascar fangirl thing, specifically my fanship of Tony Stewart. Granted, she has known how much I love racing- we have been best friends since junior high school- so she KNOWS. Heck one of the first times we cut school together was in high school to go watch a CART race at Laguna Seca…(this was back before Cart split into IRL and Champ). We probably saw Days of Thunder in the theaters three of four times…her because of Tom Cruise…me because of the CARS! THE SPEED! She knows that if I have nothing to do on a Sunday afternoon I will do anything in my power to be sitting my keister down and watching the race.

Anyway a while back she sent me a link to an article called NASCAR LEGENDS OF OUR TIME. I sent her a little email back thanking her for the link to the article. She then called me later in the day and told me that the reason she sent me the article was to rub it in that Jeff Gordon was listed third as a Nascar Legend and Tony Stewart wasn’t mentioned at all.

A couple days after that…we where chatting online one night and had decided to part ways. Right before she signed off, instead of the usual “Good night”… or “talk to you tomorrow” kind of thing- she signed off with DUPONT RULES (that would be Jeff Gordon’s primary sponsor for those not in the know) and signed off quickly before I could respond.

Then I visited her in Vegas and we were wandering around Target when her little brother found an isle dedicated to Nascar merchandise. I was standing with him in the isle, trying to decide what exactly a Tony Stewart air freshner would smell like (Tire Smoke? Burned Oil? No…turns out Tony Stewart smells like bubble gum!) and I turn around and see this:

The ribbing of course didn’t stop once I returned! Finally I asked her. I said “What is with the relentless ribbing?” and she came back with (in a voice like I can’t believe you are asking me) “Ribbin’ is friendship.”

When I was little and going through elementary school, I remember being incredibly frustrated because other people didn’t see numbers the way I saw them. I remember trying to explain to my mom that numbers were people. And I saw them all as neighbors in an apartment complex…and some of the neighbors got along famously and others did not. I just couldn’t make her understand that 9 was an evil man and scared 8 (a little girl) and everyone except 9 got along with 8 (this is just one example).

Apparently I am not alone! Awhile ago I was surfing the web and blogs in general and found out that this is actually a neurological condition that is a form of Synesthesia called Ordinal Linguistic personification. Synesthesia is defined as a condition in which two or more bodily senses are coupled. In this form (OLP)- numbers, days of the week and months of the year evoke personalities. I remember feeling the same way about days of the week…but to a lesser extent than the numbers. In my experience with OLP, it was much more prevalent when I was a child manipulating numbers on a regular basis….and it never really got in the way of learning- except sometimes I wouldn’t like it when certain numbers were next to each other because clearly 7 was a snob and didn’t want to hang around with 6 or 8 because it was too good for them. I am just glad to know that there are others out there who see numbers this way!