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Well Tony Stewart and the 20 crew had an extremely disappointing day in Atlanta.  They made a strong showing at the beginning of the race moving from 30th to 7th within something like 30-40 laps.  Tony wasn’t happy with the set up so the team started tweaking and things just went down hill from there.  A tire problem and a faulty oil gauge later and we ended up the race in 30th place…right back where we started.  Talk about the day of bad luck…that was probably the worse luck I have ever seen. I hope I am not jinxing them by following em so closely (wink wink).

Also, I wanted to mention Jimmie Johnson’s generous donation of his race wins to the Red Cross for the victims of the California wildfires as well as the contributions from Lowe’s and Hendricks Motorsports…I know he was originally from the southland…but I think it is great that he is being so generous with his winnings.

Carl went up to the announcer’s booth after his first out of the gate qualifying run. I think he would make a great announcer. This is when Robby Gordon was qualifying and had a poorly handling car:

The car is just driving itself- he’s (meaning robbie gordon) pretty much just trying to give it some suggestions.

Friday Fill-in 43 First:

1. The last good thing that came in the mail was my last order from amazon .

2. This week I’m grateful for my mom.

3. Mallowcreme pumpkins are the most delicious thing ever.  (ok not ever…but I love em this time of year).

4. Music inspires me.

5. I’m most happy when I am amongst friends.

6. And all the roads we have to walk along are paved.

7. As for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to tacos for dinner, tomorrow my plans include the usual- laundry and Sunday, I want to see Tony Stewart win in Atlanta!


G sez:  I tried to come up with a “theme” but nothing came to me.  The following are just some random thoughts/questions.

1.  Hectic and crazy are often how we describe our daily lives.  If you had to pick the moment of each day that you felt the most serene, when would that be?  In the morning…before I have gotten up but after I am awake and just laying there in bed.

2.  What “habit” has been the most difficult for you to give up?  Why do you think it’s been so difficult for you? Chocolate. Because it is Yummy!!!!

3.  If you could relieve your spouse (friend, family member, significant other) of one burden in life, what you take away? (I will use friend) I would take away the burden of too much reponsibility. I know it sounds vague to you…but I know what I mean.

4.  If a psychic offered to tell you anything you wanted to know about your life, what is the thing you would least like to know? When and How I am to perish.

5.  What has been the hardest transition you have had to make in life?  And how did you do it – what helped?
  Hmm….I can think of two hard transitional times..grades 7-9 if you ask my mom she would tell you she wouls have liked to have sold me to the gypsies…and I think the only think that made that better was time and maturity.  The other time was when I was at a crisis for what I wanted to do with my life.  I thought I wanted to be a teacher…I got my LS/CLAD degree and got accepted into the teaching credential program.  But then I decided that I didn’t want to go into teaching because it just wasn’t something I was good at…and kids deserve better than a less then enthusiastic and possibly sucktacular teacher…so I dropped out….and that fixed that.

Bonus Question – How about those Red Sox!  Are you a true blue fan, loyal through the ups and downs?  Or do you follow them only if they are in the World Series?  I am not a baseball fan (I know…shush your gasps!). Nascar is my sport and I can tolerate football….but baseball is like watching paint dry to me.

Dear Farmer whose field is a block from my house-

While I appreciate your need to make a living…can you please not use your tractor and dusting helicopter at 2:00 am. At least use some WD40 on that tractor so it doesn’t make those horrid squeaky noises that keep my lying in bed cursing the fact that I have to get up in three and a half hours and go to work.

Thanks, AMY

Dear Fellow Morning Commuters-

You know that heavy gray, wet hazy stuff that inhibited your ability to see for miles? It is called fog. You will see much more of it this year. Please don’t drive like a crazy person…or like a grandma…just drive.  Don’t make me come over there and introduce you to your accelerator personally.

Thanks, AMY

Dear Fellow Commuters (yes its me again)-

You know that part of our morning commute that we share? The part where the two lanes narrow down into one lane and it backs up clear to the intersection? I know you know the part I am talking about. Anyway I have some suggestions that will make both our days a little nicer. Mergers- don’t be a dick and force the issue. Start looking early and a hole will open up. Mergees- don’t be a dick and ride up on the bumper in front of you so that no one can merge in. Traffic will be less likely to back up if you let a car or two in. Remember…some days you are the merger…some days the mergee.

Thanks, AMY

Dear Parking Lot Gods-

Why must you smite me by having all my favorite places filled by the time I get to work, thus forcing me to park under the evil Eucalyptus trees? Don’t you love me any more?

Thanks, AMY

Getting a flu shot.  Not sure though…probably won’t be sure til I decide whether or not to walk over to the school my mom works at and get one.  Will let you know my big decision tonight!!

Ok…so I hate doing laundry. Who doesn’t…but Tide is really starting to piss me off. Let me tell you my story:

I have shirts that I wear to work and shirts that I wear on days I don’t work. The shirts that I wear on the days I don’t work are by and large tshirts that are black brown or blue and tend to be Harley Davidson shirts (not all…but most). The shirts that I wear to work…probably in most circles would also be considered tshirts…but I don’t consider them tshirts. They are v necked and ribbed. These mostly consist of light colors no graphics. Like today for instance I am wearing a light teal one. Anyway…these shirts do NOT get along with TIDE for some reason. Now I will be the first to admit that I tend to drip stuff on my shirts when I eat. I should get in the habit of changing out of these when I get home…but occasionally I drop, dribble, spill, or douse myself in food products. I am pretty good at getting these food stains out. However I have had my two FAVORITE SHIRTS (one a peachy sherberty color that makes me look really tan!, and the other an orange short sleeve number) come OUT of the wash with a blue stain on it. That is right BLUE. As in the color of the Tide I use. I am very careful. This is not ink…I KNOW these shirts did not have mysterious blue stain on them before laundering….and they happened on very different loads months apart. Does this happen to anyone else??? It angers me because that damn blue stain??? Will NOT come out. Thing is? I tend do this: Dump liquid (Blue!) tide in washer. Turn on water to fill tub….and then add my shirts after there is water in there. Is this wrong? Why are my shirts coming out all stained? Has this been happening to my harley shirts too but because they are darker or thicker or something that I don’t see it??

This tide is used because of a mild skin allergy to some detergents that makes me a little itchy. I am going to try that new tide lilac with baking soda in hopes that it is not BLUE or STAINING….but should I just switch over to woolite or something?

Ahhh Martinsville. In general? I am a fan of short tracks. But today? 20 cautions? Come on! Seriously!

Tony started 34th…and was up as high as 2nd. Ended up 14th because of a pitstop and a caution filled last 60 laps. Second to last caution? Or maybe it was the third to last? Tony was trying to run up through the pack as fast as he could make his way through and when the caution flag got thrown? He just shook his head. Funny thing is I was shaking my head too….too many cautions…not enough laps….He knew it and I knew it.

For those of you without the benefit of DirecTv hotpass and being able to watch the Tony Stewart channel…his spotter Mark Robertson was earning his money today. He saved Tony several times from getting collected in accidents.  He was awesome.  Of course I have always been fascinated by spotters (and pit crews in general).  Then again my dad would tell you that I would not make a good spotter because I wouldn’t be able to stand way up there on those platforms being as petrified of heights as I am).

I don’t think Tony has been mathematically eliminated from winning the cup…but it would take a lot. A whole lot. And some major Hendricks failures for him to win.