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First the friday Fill-in:

1. It’s nearly the weekend! Woohoo!
2. Only 13 more days til PotC!.
3. It was Thursday yesterday! [ed. note: that was for Monique!]
4. I love my Nintendo DS.
5. Wealth is something that doesn’t matter, unless you are a banker or a snob.
6. Mothers: Love.
7. I’d like to do some more crocheting and watch The Dodge Avenger 500 at Darlington  this weekend (hmmm maybe I will do both at the same time).

**NOW THE MI-5**

1) You have to preach a sermon this Sunday. What is your subject? Why?

I dunno…probably forgiveness and why it is important.

2) You’re a lawyer. You somehow find out a client you represent really is guilty. Do you continue to defend him/her, or find a way to bail? Explain.

It would probably depend on what my client did. If it was something horrid like rape or murder I would decline to represent my client. I just couldn’t in my mind defend someone who has seriously injured somebody. If it was something less serious like drunk driving or narcotics infractions I might take the case and try to get them help…by convincing them they needed rehab or whatever.

3) You’re a car salesperson. Someone comes in and wants “the coolest thing on the lot.” What do you show them?

Well I guess that would depend on the person, their finances and what kind of lot I am working on. I definitely wouldn’t push them into something beyond their means.

4) You’re a doctor. One of your patients has a terminal illness. Do you tell them the truth, or lie to them thinking some positive energy on their part might prolong their life?

I would tell then the truth- definitely.

5) You’re a chef. The president of Yukoclakia is coming for dinner. What do you serve?

Well it would depend on what kind of food Yukoclakia eats culturally. I wouldn’t serve them beef or pork if they don’t eat it in the home country. I might try to look for some native recipes…and cook one or two of those as well as some good old american food…who doesn’t love a barbeque?

According to this article on SI.com Dale Earnhardt Jr. is leaving the DEI at the end of the 2007 racing season. This is no surprise since it was in the rumor mill that this might happen as early as Daytona at the beginning of the season.

What excited me most about this article however is the fact that it says that Dale wants to stay with Chevy and would most likely take Budweiser with him (smart move Budweiser)….and there is a possibility that he will jump over to Joe Gibbs racing…which would make my two favorite drivers team mates (those being Tony Stewart and Dale Junior).

Of course there is a rumor that he may also join Harvick with car owner Richard Childress or that he may start up his own team…however I can dream can’t I??

Roxy Post

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What? You are craving some Roxy cuteness? Who could blame you really.

Roxy models her pink patchwork scarf:

A week or so later? Roxy is proud to display her Rocker bandana (Or pirate depending on her mood):

And since you asked so nicely…a bonus video of Roxy. (linked because I can not figure out how to embed with wordpress.

Friday Fill-in Time

1. I love a good book with my coffee/tea/etc.
2. June can’t arrive too fast!
3. My friend Misty is a good listener.
4. Days like today when the sky is cloudy and the weather is rainy are so (not) awesome!
5. I am still not done with your book.
6. Gerber Daisys are my favorite spring flowers.
7. This weekend, I’m getting my laundry done early and sleeping in!