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14 June 2015–Tony Stewart during the Quicken Loans 400 at the Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn, MI.(Photo Credit: Tony Stewart Facebook/HHP Photo/Alan Marler)

Tony Qualified: 15th

Tony Finished: 28th

Points: 269 points (26th in the standings)

So this week was a bit wet- turning the Quicken Loans 400 at Michigan into the Quicken Loans 276.  Races that are delayed by rain can be a pain- but races that are red flagged three different times for weather are a snoozefest for those of us at home but at least we were dry! I felt bad for those out there in the elements at Michigan- especially those in the campgrounds! Kudos for those of you that stuck it out in the miserable weather! I guess mother nature is not a race fan.

I had high hopes for Tony Stewart’s race at Michigan. Tony qualified 15th. Not too bad.  When the green flag initially few though- Tony started dropping back and over the scanner reported that the car was really loose.  I shook my head and told myself that is what I get for being optimistic. But then Tony radioed in to Chad and said that he had used the track bar adjuster and it seemed to be helping. Then the first caution flew which turned into a red flag eleven laps into the race. (more…)

Today Tony Stewart tells us how he got into fishing and why Bass Pro Shops is more than just a logo on the car kind of sponsor:

June 6, 2015: Tony Stewart at Pocono Raceway in Long Pond PA. (Photo Credit: Tony Stewart Official Store Facebook/HHP/Harold Hinson)

“I spend more time fishing than I do the hunting. I had only been fishing a few times until I had a roommate that really turned me on to trout fishing. Now it’s literally something I do whenever I have the chance. We have a pretty big pond back in Indiana that we keep stocked, and while we mostly put back what we catch, we do have to keep some. We have to do that in order to maintain the conservation aspects to manage the population. But it’s something I enjoy and it’s an example of how the Bass Pro Shops sponsorship is more than just logos on the car for us. We – and by that I mean a lot of the people at Stewart-Haas Racing – are their customers.” — Tony Stewart, Michigan Race Release


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6 June 2015: Tony Stewart during Sprint Cup practice at Pocono Raceway in Long Pond, PA. (Photo Credit: Tony Stewart Official Store Facebook/HHP/Rusty Jarrett )

Tony Qualified: 28th in back up car

Tony Finished: 21st

Points: 253 points (27th in the championship standings)

Pocono is often called the tricky triangle. I like to call it the evil little triangle, despite the fact that it is 2.5 miles around it.  Why? Because it seems to me when you have a good day at Pocono you have a really good day, but when you have a bad day…it can be really bad. (more…)

I adore this picture. Tony is his car at Pocono, 2014 (photo credit: Tony Stewart Facebook Page)

Going into turn one, you drive it in kind of deep and then try to float the car through the corner. It’s very flat when you go down the backstretch and into the tunnel turn. Then the short chute into turn three – it’s a big, long corner and it’s important to get through that turn well because you have a straightaway that’s three-quarters of a mile long after that. You need to come off the corner quickly so that you aren’t bogged down when you start down that long straightaway. Each corner has its challenges, and each one tends to present a different set of circumstances with each lap you make.” — Tony Stewart, Pocono Race Advance



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Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan talk with Jeff Gordon during the production of “Live! with Kelly and Michael” in New York on Thursday, June 4, 2015. (Photo Credit: David Russell / ABC Home Entertainment and TV Distribution)

In case you were at work (like I was) or missed it, NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon was on LIVE with Kelly and Michael this morning for a brief interview and then the Top 5 Things Jeff Gordon Will Do After Retiring. It was pretty humorous (why did I keep spelling it like an Englishman?). I am not thrilled with the idea of no Jeff Gordon in NASCAR racing- even though I personally am a Tony Stewart fan. Jeff is a great competitor and an overall good guy (and he has the most darling kids- which I have a feeling spending more time with them is why he is retiring). I hope Misty remembered to DVR this – she is a Jeff Gordon fan AND a Michael Strahan fan…win win for her. Here are some videos from the episode:  (more…)

First off if you are looking for my usual Dover post race post it is here.  This is a post is a post of just gratuitous Tony pictures. Ahh the “Gratuitous Tony Stewart Pictures” it’s something I have have done it for years- I just tack on an extra picture or two of my favorite driver to the end of many of my posts even if the post is already chocked full of Tony pictures.

Dover however gets it’s very own Gratuitous Tony stand alone post. Why? Because I am lucky enough to have a photographer (Jessica Bure) who was at Dover and willing to share her Tony pictures with us.  She does this whenever her and her husband get to shoot at a track and I am thankful that they are willing to send us their pictures.  Enjoy: (more…)

29 May 2015 – During Practice for the FedEx 400 at Dover international Speedway in Dover,DE (HHP/Tim Parks)

Tony Qualified: 26th

Tony Finished: 16th

Points: 230 points (28th in the championship standings)

Quote Of The Race: “That’s the hardest I’ve had to work for a 16th-place finish.” — Tony Stewart post race  press release


I love the quote of the race for this race- so I put it up at the top of the entry this week instead of at the bottom. Why? Because team 14 worked their kiesters off for that 16th place finish. What DIDN’T Miles the Monster throw out at team 14 during the course of the race? Historically the team has always struggled at Dover. It’s probably one of Tony’s worst tracks if you look back at the stats. (more…)

Tony at Dover 2014 (Photo Source: TonyStewart.Com)

“Dover is a track that is kind of a two-phase deal. It’s easy to get your car too tight in the center (of the corner) trying to get it to drive up off the corner nice, and it seems like if you get it to rotate through the corner, then it’s way loose off. Those are the two things you really battle there. It’s the sacrifice of where do you want to be a little bit off to accomplish having a balanced car.” — Tony Stewart, Dover Race Advance Team Release


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