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29 May 2015 – During Practice for the FedEx 400 at Dover international Speedway in Dover,DE (HHP/Tim Parks)

Tony Qualified: 26th

Tony Finished: 16th

Points: 230 points (28th in the championship standings)

Quote Of The Race: “That’s the hardest I’ve had to work for a 16th-place finish.” — Tony Stewart post race  press release


I love the quote of the race for this race- so I put it up at the top of the entry this week instead of at the bottom. Why? Because team 14 worked their kiesters off for that 16th place finish. What DIDN’T Miles the Monster throw out at team 14 during the course of the race? Historically the team has always struggled at Dover. It’s probably one of Tony’s worst tracks if you look back at the stats. (more…)

Tony at Dover 2014 (Photo Source: TonyStewart.Com)

“Dover is a track that is kind of a two-phase deal. It’s easy to get your car too tight in the center (of the corner) trying to get it to drive up off the corner nice, and it seems like if you get it to rotate through the corner, then it’s way loose off. Those are the two things you really battle there. It’s the sacrifice of where do you want to be a little bit off to accomplish having a balanced car.” — Tony Stewart, Dover Race Advance Team Release


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I adore this picture of Tony in his “office” at Charlotte Motor Speedway, May 2015. (photo source: TonyStewart.Com

Lieu is one of those words I have trouble spelling for some reason. So technically this post is being written after the TQTS post but will show up on the page below it only because that is the order I like the posts in.  I am weird like that.  Right before the long weekend I caught whatever respiratory funk is going around here and just didn’t get my post done in any sort of reasonable time because I was too busy blowing my nose and being overall miserable only to get better by Tuesday just in time for work. then of course the day job was pretty busy as well which is odd since this is a slower time of year for me usually. (more…)

This is from a while ago (March 2015) but I have had it in my back pocket for one of those days when the race release quotes that I normally pull the “Quotable Tony’s” from didn’t have a specific quote that I liked (there are always two or three that I am just eh over finding a quote that speaks to me)- so enjoy this Tony video from Mobil 1: The Grid I know I certainly did:


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Tony Stewart, driver of the #14 Bass Pro Shops/Arctic Cat Chevrolet, sits in his car during practice for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series All-Star Race at Charlotte Motor Speedway on May 15, 2015 in Charlotte, North Carolina.
(Photo Source: Zombio/ Brian Lawdermilk/Getty Images North America)

I am sad to admit that the All-Star race just wasn’t that exciting this year. I can’t put my finger on exactly why. It seemed that for me ever since they stopped having the pit crew competitions in advance of the All-Star race that the quality of the whole racing product as a whole has gone down hill for this event. Five segments was too many. I vote for longer segments with not as many- really it seemed just as we started racing it was time for the competition caution.

What I did like? The qualifying that included a full four tire pit stop- it put pressure on the crew AND drive to perform at their very best. THAT I like. Almost so much I wish they qualified like that for EVERY race.  It puts emphasis on the team aspect of the sport by including the crew members performance in the qualifying. There is just something I like about that- it made qualifying entertaining to watch for me. (more…)

Sorry but I am going to give you an earworm: Hey now, you’re on all-star, get your game on, go PLAY RACE:

Tony Stewart during driver introductions at the 2014 Sprint All-Star race (Photo Source: Tony Stewart Facebook)

“It’s an event for the fans and that’s something that’s very important to us, but there’s a lot of bragging rights, too. Charlotte is an area where 95 percent of the Cup teams are based, so when you go there, you want to run well. You’re able to have guys come from the shop that don’t get a chance to travel. They don’t get a chance to come to the racetrack very often and see the fruits of their labor, so for them to come to the All-Star Race and see their cars run, especially when you have a good night, it really pumps up your organization. You do it for your fans, but at the same time, you do it for your organization and your team. That’s why the All-Star Race is important.”– Tony Stewart, All-Star Race Pre Race Release


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I have mentioned the Crown Royal “Your Hero’s Name Here” Brickyard 400 campaign in prior seasons and I have mentioned it this year when it came to nominating your heroes. I also interviewed country singer Justin Moore about his involvement with this program (and other things as well) just a few months ago.  The finalists have been announced and now is the time to to vote for your favorite hero NASCAR Fans.  The winner gets the distinction of having the Brickyard 400 named after them and even gets to deliver the trophy to the race winner in Victory circle.

Meet the five finalists for this year’s “Your Hero’s Name Here” Brickyard 400: (more…)

Can I do this when others think I can’t? When I think I can’t?

Cole Whitt, driver of the #35 Speed Stick Ford, stands on the grid during qualifying for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series GEICO 500 at Talladega Superspeedway on May 2, 2015 in Talladega, Alabama. (Photo Source:Zimbio.com/ Jerry Markland/Getty Images North America)

Who doesn’t have bouts of self doubt? I am probably the queen of self doubting- just ask Misty. Luckily for me, as my best friend and co-blogger, she provides not just someone who listens to my doubt and fears about anything and everything but she is someone who luckily for me helps me defy the doubt by encouraging me and kicking me in the butt and saying OF COURSE YOU CAN and here is how.  Whether it be Can I really interview Tony Stewart? (The answer was yes, yes and yes and hopefully one day yes in the future) or Do I really have what it takes to supervise people? (The answer is I have been doing it since August now and I am finally finding my stride for the most part) or Can I overcome my fear of heights? (The fear is still there but I try not to let it get in the way- hence the flight to Miami we have tickets for in November- learning to face the fears a little at a time) talking things out with Misty always leaves me with the courage to #defythedoubt.

Cole Whitt, sophomore sprint cup driver, knows all about defying doubt. Whitt is facing a few challenges that would put doubt into anyone: recovering from off-season shoulder surgery, working with a new team, vehicle and crew and of course the sophomore jinx!

“It’s important to stay focused and embrace the high-pressure moments head on; Speed Stick® GEAR™ helps me do just that.  It keeps me cool under the pressure of any race, which allows me to stay focused on the road ahead of me.”– Cole Whitt (more…)