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Sorry but I am going to give you an earworm: Hey now, you’re on all-star, get your game on, go PLAY RACE:

Tony Stewart during driver introductions at the 2014 Sprint All-Star race (Photo Source: Tony Stewart Facebook)

“It’s an event for the fans and that’s something that’s very important to us, but there’s a lot of bragging rights, too. Charlotte is an area where 95 percent of the Cup teams are based, so when you go there, you want to run well. You’re able to have guys come from the shop that don’t get a chance to travel. They don’t get a chance to come to the racetrack very often and see the fruits of their labor, so for them to come to the All-Star Race and see their cars run, especially when you have a good night, it really pumps up your organization. You do it for your fans, but at the same time, you do it for your organization and your team. That’s why the All-Star Race is important.”– Tony Stewart, All-Star Race Pre Race Release


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I have mentioned the Crown Royal “Your Hero’s Name Here” Brickyard 400 campaign in prior seasons and I have mentioned it this year when it came to nominating your heroes. I also interviewed country singer Justin Moore about his involvement with this program (and other things as well) just a few months ago.  The finalists have been announced and now is the time to to vote for your favorite hero NASCAR Fans.  The winner gets the distinction of having the Brickyard 400 named after them and even gets to deliver the trophy to the race winner in Victory circle.

Meet the five finalists for this year’s “Your Hero’s Name Here” Brickyard 400: (more…)

Can I do this when others think I can’t? When I think I can’t?

Cole Whitt, driver of the #35 Speed Stick Ford, stands on the grid during qualifying for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series GEICO 500 at Talladega Superspeedway on May 2, 2015 in Talladega, Alabama. (Photo Source:Zimbio.com/ Jerry Markland/Getty Images North America)

Who doesn’t have bouts of self doubt? I am probably the queen of self doubting- just ask Misty. Luckily for me, as my best friend and co-blogger, she provides not just someone who listens to my doubt and fears about anything and everything but she is someone who luckily for me helps me defy the doubt by encouraging me and kicking me in the butt and saying OF COURSE YOU CAN and here is how.  Whether it be Can I really interview Tony Stewart? (The answer was yes, yes and yes and hopefully one day yes in the future) or Do I really have what it takes to supervise people? (The answer is I have been doing it since August now and I am finally finding my stride for the most part) or Can I overcome my fear of heights? (The fear is still there but I try not to let it get in the way- hence the flight to Miami we have tickets for in November- learning to face the fears a little at a time) talking things out with Misty always leaves me with the courage to #defythedoubt.

Cole Whitt, sophomore sprint cup driver, knows all about defying doubt. Whitt is facing a few challenges that would put doubt into anyone: recovering from off-season shoulder surgery, working with a new team, vehicle and crew and of course the sophomore jinx!

“It’s important to stay focused and embrace the high-pressure moments head on; Speed Stick® GEAR™ helps me do just that.  It keeps me cool under the pressure of any race, which allows me to stay focused on the road ahead of me.”– Cole Whitt (more…)

9 May 2015: Tony Stewart during the SpongeBob 400 at Kansas Speedway in Kansas City, KS. (Photo Source: Tony Stewart Facebook/ HHP/Rusty Jarrett )

Tony Qualified: 16th

Tony Finished: 39th (9 laps down according to the official team release- but I only counted 8 laps down so I obviously missed something)

Points: 179 points (30th in the championship standings)

I am not going to sit here and hash out exactly what happened over the course of the race like I usually do. Why? Because it can be stated in two sentences: Tony was having handling issues and then there was the poorly called should I pit or should I not call at the rain delay. Tony got rear-ended coming into a caution by a rookie who apparently couldn’t figure out which pedal was his brake pedal. What more can I say about Saturday’s race for Tony? Not a lot.


I am only a little bummed that one of the questions in this week’s press release wasn’t “Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?” But then again I would want to see Tony’s face when he was asked that.

Tony at Kansas in 2014. (Photo Source: Tony Stewart facebook)

“When somebody starts running you down, it’s easy to over-drive your car trying to maintain a gap, and you end up making it worse on yourself. So even though I saw Jeff getting bigger in the mirror, I didn’t want to burn the tires off in case we got a caution and we got a green-white-checkered (finish), so we just ran hard enough to not abuse the tires. It’s like he could get so close and then he couldn’t get any closer. When he got up there, he got tight and he had to run pretty hard to get by Greg Biffle, and then to run us down. By then, he pretty much got the good of his tires and we got the luxury to kind of, on that restart, run our own pace and take care of it and make sure we made it last the whole way.” — Tony Stewart, Kansas Race Advance Release


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Tony strapping in for practice

1 May 2015: during Sprint Cup practice at Talladega Superspeedway in Talladega, AL. (Photo Source: Tony Stewart Official Store Facebook/HHP/Rusty Jarrett )

Tony Qualified: 6th

Tony Finished: 19th

Points: 174 points, 30th in the championship standings

Quote Of The Race: “I really don’t know why no one would try to go with us there at the end. It baffled me. Our Bass Pro Shops/Tracker Boats Chevy was really good and I think we could’ve made it interesting if we got back to the front, but there’s only so much you can do by yourself at these races.” Tony Stewart, post-race team release. (more…)

Tony chats with Kyle Larson last year at Talladega 2014 (Photo credit: Tony Stewart facebook page)

“Someone described racing on the superspeedways as being a combination of a science project and the luck of a casino, and it’s exactly that way. You do everything in your power to take care of the science or technology side. You do everything you can to build the fastest car. If you don’t have the luck to go with it – even if you don’t have any drama with getting the car touched, nothing happens to the car – if you’re just in the wrong spot at the wrong time, it can take you out of the opportunity to take the best racecar in the field and win.” — Tony Stewart, Talladega Pre-race Release 2015

Crossing everything cross-able hoping lady luck is on Tony’s side at ‘Dega.


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Tony says it’s easy being green with Mobil 1. April 23, 2015: Tony Stewart Mobil 1 at Richmond International Raceway in Richmond VA. (HHP/Harold Hinson)

I love the above picture of Tony clowning around for the cameras with his NASCAR Race To Green hat on.  There is a reason for this of course: Tony Stewart and his Sponsor Mobil 1 are helping NASCAR reduce their carbon footprint by providing lubricant and fuel-efficiency technology expertise to the NASCAR broadcast compound vehicles and power generators.  Mobil 1 who serves as the Official Lubricant Technology Partner of NASCAR, is helping NASCAR by supportingt the NASCAR Race to Green initiative as an official program partner for the second year in a row. Last year I posted about how NASCAR’s fleet-and-service vehicles started using ExxonMobil’s fuel-efficient motor oils.   This year as part of NASCAR Race to Green ExxonMobil help NASCAR expand their use of  lubricant technology and engineering counsel to the vehicles and generators of the NASCAR broadcast compound including  36 generators and 50+ vehicles from tractor trailers down to golf carts.  At Richmond Tony Stewart got to tour the NASCAR broadcast compound: (more…)