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Tony Stewart, driver of the #14 Rush Truck Centers/ Mobil 1 Chevrolet, signs autographs for fans during practice for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Auto Club 400 at Auto Club Speedway on March 21, 2015 in Fontana, California.
(Photo Credit: Jerry Markland/Getty Images North America)

Tony Qualified: 20th

Tony Finished: 14th

Points: 62 points, 32nd in the standings (that is +4 from last week)

Quote Of The Race: “I am not sure if I calibrated my ass or not today”- Tony Stewart on his radio to crew chief Chad Johnston while talking about the handling of the car.

Ahh Auto Club Speedway (California Speedway? Fontana Speedway? Maybe we should just call you by what Tony’s crew chief Chad Johnton referred to you as and just call you “big gal”) you are a casualty of the West Coast Swing as NASCAR has called it. I use to sneak down to see you when you were in late March early April…but by bunching up the Spring “west coast” dates (sorry Phoenix- you get stuck in there even though you really are not on the coast- or close even) I really am forced to choose and I always choose Vegas.   Don’t get me wrong- I am glad that you sold the grand stands out and everything but I longed to be in them- but as someone with a Monday-Friday 8-5 job I only get so much vacation a year and I can not use it all at once. Sorry Auto Club. (more…)

Tony Stewart- Rush Truck Center

We’ve been doing business with Rush Truck Centers for years. It’s an established relationship that has a much higher profile thanks to Rush Truck Centers becoming a primary sponsor with our team. Rush Truck Centers keeps our trucks and transporters up and running, and you could argue those are the most important parts of our race team. Without them, our cars never get to the racetrack.” —Tony Stewart, Auto Club pre race team release


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Tony and team in the garage

Tony and team in the garage at Phoenix Raceway 2015. (Photo credit: Tony Stewart Official Store Facebook Page/Rusty Jarrett)

Tony Qualified: 17th

Tony Finished: 39th

Points: 32 points, currently 36th in the standings

What is that saying? If it wasn’t for bad luck I wouldn’t have any luck at all or something like that? I feel that could definitely be used in the case of Tony Stewart’s season. He has yet to finish a race on the lead lap. That ugly stat makes this Smoke fan sad. (more…)

Tony Stewart in the garage area at Las Vegas Motor Speedway (photo credit: Tony Stewart Official Store facebook/ Rusty Jarrett)


“I think just learning the way the car is going to respond every week with the rules in place and finding the combination that works the best. We’re basically starting from scratch. There are some things that you take away from what we did last year, but anytime you have significant rules changes like the ones we have this year, that’s the No. 1 obstacle – trying to figure out what our Bass Pro Shops/Mobil 1 Chevy likes and dislikes so it gives you a direction in which to work.” –Tony Stewart, Pre-Phoneix Team Release



*TQMS= The Quotable Mr. Stewart

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If you are looking for the annual Vegas Racecation diary post with pictures that I usually do- it’s coming…but will be delayed a bit.  I am having issues with my laptop (let’s just say it’s under a year old and I just performed a system restore to factory and IT STILL ISN’T WORKING).  I will get the post up as soon as I can- I promise!  (Also-another hint: don’t buy a Lenovo unless you want a $700 boat anchor- I am going back to Toshibas- at least they work for a couple years before they die).

Until then- enjoy this picture of Tony Stewart, his father Nelson Stewart, and Jeff Gordon (oh and Misty and myself up in the peanut gallery):

Tony Stewart, his father Nelson Stewart, and Jeff Gordon chat in the garage area of Las Vegas Motorspeedway, 2015 (Photo Credit: Tony Stewart Facebook page/Rusty Jarrett)

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Amy- start your engine.


I have been waiting for this week all off season because it means that I am back at a race track!!! It was torture because I started getting press releases for the race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway before the season actually started which made my wait for this weekend a little more torturous than ever.

For instance I got one announcing that Rascal Flatts would be singing the national anthem. That one excited me because usually the anthem is sung by performers from one of the shows…but I know Rascal Flatts (they are, by the way, in the middle of a nine- show residency at the Joint at the Hard Rock called Rascal Flatts Riot!- so if you are in Vegas through March 14th you might want to try to check them out if you are fan).

I even got one press release from Maverick Helicopters- touting their service as a way to get to and from the track! That would be super awesome- but it’s a little too price for this wee little blogger ($500 round trip to and from track or $300 one way per person)- but how could would it be to travel to the track in style like that? Not to mention you would miss all that crazy race traffic after the race! I am terribly afraid of heights but I think if it was offered to my party I would definitely try it just to say I did it. Not to mention that the trip is only 15 minutes so I think I could buck up and handle it! It would be one way to make your race weekend in Vegas memorable that is for sure…if you are interested in that or other helicopter experiences by the way check out their website: FlyMaverick.com

Anyway- I leave tomorrow for Vegas (sans helicopter) so that Misty and I can finally get back to the track (Phoenix in November seems like eons ago).

Posting will be light here because I don’t even get back from Vegas until Monday evening- which likely won’t be enough time to do a race diary post like I like to do until later in the week, just to warn you.

If you want to keep up on my adventures while I am gone- the best way is via twitter: BadGroove!

Tony Stewart and his steed in the garage

Tony Stewart and his steed in the garage at Atlanta MotorSpeedway, 2015. (Photo Credit: Tony Stewart Official Store Facebook/HHP photo/Alan Marler)

Tony Qualified: didn’t, was placed 39th in the starting order, actually started 43rd

Tony Finished: 30th

Points: 16 points, 35th in the standings.


Tony Smiles

Tony smiles on the grid at Daytona last Sunday. Feb 2015. (Photo Courtesy: Tony Stewart Official Store on Facebook/ Andrew Coppley)

“I can tell you that every time I get in my Bass Pro Shops/Mobil 1 Chevy, I’m doing it because I want to win, whether it’s the first race on the schedule or the last. Sometimes there are circumstances that prevent you from being able to do that, but I look at this weekend’s race no different than I do a race 20 weeks from now. We’re going out there to try to win, just like every other race.” — Tony Stewart, Pre-Atlanta Stewart-Haas Racing Team Release


*TQMS= The Quotable Mr. Stewart

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