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Dear Sprint,

I use to be a loyal Verizon customer.  I can’t even remember how many years I was their customer because I had been with them THAT long.  Then about 18 months ago, I had finally had enough of Verizon’s crap; the adding on of fees a dollar at a time, the fact that for my nearly 90 bucks a month I didn’t even have a data plan and only had 500 texts a month, and then there was the fact of the incredibly CRAPPY customer service.  I broke up with Verizon (and let me tell you it was an ugly breakup that took 3 months to finally severe all ties because they just did NOT want to let go).

My jump to you, Sprint, was two prong. My friend had recently switched to you (hello Unlimited EVERYTHING plan) and I really wanted to use NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile. And use it I did.  Last year I used it a ton. I used it at home while watching races on TV, I used it while at the track watching races from the stands, and I used it on those evil rain postponed Mondays when I was toiling at the salt mines.  I LOVE Sprint’s NASCAR Mobile.  Or I should say LOVED.

My access to Sprint Cup mobile was GREAT last season.  I even launched it a couple weeks ago just to make sure it was still working. It was.  I saw my driver was still my default driver.  I was pleased. Little did I know that would be the last time I was able to access my beloved NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile.

With NO warning whatsoever, my Sprint Cup Mobile stopped working.  My friend, you know the one who talked me into coming to Sprint to begin with, was the one who discovered it and told me.  Of course, when she mentioned it to me I launched my ap only to be told it wasn’t compatible with my phone anymore (despite that I had used it just last season…and just a few weeks ago as a matter of fact).

Now my phone is not one of those fancy SMART phones. I have a LG Rumor Touch.  I use it for twitter and facebook, and of course calling and texting. And I used Sprint Cup Mobile…ALOT  Further research into the issue found that the NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile is now only available for Droid phones.  Not even the iPhone (which I was seriously considering going to- but that is another story).

NASCAR fans are some of the most brand-loyal fans, which no doubt is why I ended up switching to Sprint in the first place.  But now I feel like you have left myself and other fans who do not qualify for an upgrade of any sort high and dry.  We have been abandoned….left on race day to wonder where our driver is or what our driver is thinking (My FAVORITE part was the in car audio)!

I can’t imagine I am the only NASCAR fan who finds it inconvenient and disappointing to have a product I used all last season taken from me- no warning, at the beginning of the season. I can’t help but wonder if this means that soon The Sprint Cup will be re-branded into the Droid Cup? In any case, color me disappointed. I thought you might actually care about ALL of your customers.

Amy, your very disappointed customer.