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For some reason I just am out of blogging juice these last couple of days. So to pacify you…some pictures from my Nephew’s bday (these are NOT taken by me but by my father…his grandpa): (more…)

After a weekend where two of the three practices and the qualifying session were rained out the weather looked beautiful for Sunday’s race at Martinsville.  Martinsville is the shortest track on the circiut but Sunday’s Goody’s 500 was definitely not short on action. I personally, thought Sunday’s race was one of the best this season.

Of course part of that could be because both Stewart-Haas Racing drivers, Tony Stewart and Ryan Newman had top ten finishes. Tony finishing the day with an awesome third place finish- the best for Stewart-Haas Racing so far this season.  Ryan Newman finished the day in 8th place- a personal best for his since beginning his tenure at Stewart-Haas racing at the beginning of this season.  Both Tony and Ryan’s teams seemed to be working quite well on Pit Road despite the inherient cramp conditions in the Martinsville pits as well as having some non-choice pitstalls.

Since qualifying was rained out – the field lined up by points.  Initially Jeff Gordon, who started on the pole since he leads the points race right now, took the lead and seemed to stay in the lead a good portion of the race.  His only challenger seemed to be Denny Hamlin- who also looked fairly strong. His car seemed to get stronger while Gordon’s handling seem to fade late in the race- causing him to have a fourth place finish. In the end- it was a shootout between Denny Hamlin and Jimmie Johnson- with the two swapping the lead back and forth several times during the last 22 laps or so. At one point during the swapping back and forth of the lead, Hamlin and Johnson were both practically sideways side by side in the turn.  In the end- Jimmie Johnson was able to get his first cup win of the season.

More Notes on Martinsville:

  • Best Work In of A Sponsor Product: Comes from Saturday’s Practice telecast on SPEEDTv where journalist said to Tony Stewart “This really stinks doesn’t it?” talking about the weather- and Tony retorted “It DOES NOT stink because we have OLD SPICE as a sponsor so it does NOT stink!”
  • Tony was apparently cussing at himself during the end of the race: “I was just cussing at myself because I wasn’t close enough to do anything about it.”
    Tony Stewart, on the winning pass (third)
  • I love how now that Rick Hendrick has been quoted as supporting Tony Eury Jr as Crew Chief for Dale Jr- that the Fox Commentators (I think it was DW) are now stating that part of the reason that Dale is having poor finishes is Tony Stewart’s fault because he recruited Darian Grubb away from HMS.  Um…no.
  • I was glad to hear that even Jeff Gordon gets frustrated during a race- as he threatened to “knock his head off” if Denny (or it might have been Tony- I thought Tony when I first heard it but my friend says no he was talking about Denny) he bumped him again.
  • I had no idea Joey Logano was so tall- (direct from my notes after seeing him standing next to Greg Zipadelli during the national anthem.)
  • Poor Kyle just couldn’t catch a break this race- seemed he was spinning more times than a hula hoop! Neither could Matt Kenseth- always a driver or six short of being the lucky dog.
  • Was it my imagination or did Jeff Gordon slight Tony Stewart’s third place finish in his post race interview?  Jeff felt he had at least a third place car…but he finished fourth (and maintained his points lead).

Next Week: Texas Motor Speedway.

Since the nomiated MI-5er was not feeling good this week Lisa kindly stepped up to the plate and provided us with this quick MI-5 where she said we could be as brief or as wordy as we want to be. Thanks Lisa.
1.  Coke or Pepsi? Diet Coke, Coke Zero, or Diet Coke with Lime- depending on my mood.  Sometimes if I am feeling frisky I will have a Cherry Coke Zero.
2.  Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate? Milk chocolate all the way. I don’t like Dark Chocolate at all.
3.  Rain or Snow? Well I prefer sun but definitely rain.  Snow and I…we just don’t get along. Of course I have only been in it about three times in my entire life so…
4.  Mountains or Seashore?  Well I can do either- but I am really a seashore girl at heart.
5.  Catnap or Long Nap? Depends…I don’t often get naps and when I do they are usually short…but I like a good long one now and then- especially if I don’t feel well.

Here is Friday Fill-in 117

This week, I took the first sentence in 6 of my favorite books…you fill them in…with the right words or even better, ones of your own.

And…here we go!

1. “In a hole in the ground there lived a mole.”

2. “She was actually a naked mole rat but that ain’t no matter.”

3. “After dark the rain began to fall again, and her hole began to fill with water.”

4. “It was water rushing in like from the hold of the (sinking) Spanish galleon she saw on tv.”

5. “There was a hand in the darkness, and it lifted the little mole rat right out of her flooding hole.”

6. “Accidents ambush the unsuspecting, and this little naked mole rat was probably the most unsuspecting molerat ever.”

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to wrapping a present, tomorrow my plans include my nephews first birthday party (even though he officially turned one on tuesday) and Sunday, I want to watch Tony win at Martinsville- come on Team Office Depot/OldSpice!

So today I have for you- a virtual Tony Stewart grab bag of news. I was going to call this entry a Tony Stewart Cornucopia but that invokes an image of fall.  I tend to post all news on stewarthaasfan.com and don’t think to post it here or talk about it here- so here are some Tony Stewart notes for you.  Anyways…here we go: (more…)

Tomorrow (Thursday March 26th) morning, ESPN CLASSIC will be airing SportsCentury: Tony Stewart (it shows up for me on the west coast at 6:00am- so that would be 9:00pm for those of you on the east coast- and for those of you in between- well I am sure you can figure it out).  This is a 2005 biography of Tony and is excellent. I saw a previous airing (ok- I admit it- I dvr’d it in Jan and forgot to watch it until about two weeks ago) and really enjoyed it.

Ok- we have all seen the Kasey Kahne Allstate commercials.  You know the ones where an SUV full of rabid Kasey Kahne fangirls are crashing into his car (or watching him crash into a pole, or fantasizing about sponsoring him). They are silly commercials- but they make me laugh- and I am not even the biggest Kasey fan in the world.

However it was brought to my attention that Kasey Kahne and his partnership with Allstate insurance recently worked with teens in Franklin, TN (a suburb of Nashville, TN) to raise awareness for teen driving deaths, which personally I think is awesome and I will explain why later. Anyway- on to the details of the event- which happened March 19th.  Kasey Kahne along with SPEED TV broadcaster John Roberts, headlined a talk sponsored by ALLSTATE at Centennial High School in Franklin TN to take to students and parents about the risks facing teens on the road.  Why Franklin, TN you ask? Well according to a recent study, the Nashville area ranks fourth among the nation’s 10 deadliest metro areas for fatal crashes involving teen drivers. During the event Kasey helped encourage communication between parents and their teenage drivers.  Students were encouraged to visit allstate.com/teen to complete a teen driver contract.  Here are some pictures from the event:

Kasey gives teens a Saftey Talk in Franklin, TN

Kasey gives teens a talk during an Allstate Safe Driving Pit Stop in Franklin, TN

Students listen and interact with Kasey Kahne during the Allstate Pit Stop Talk.

Students listen and interact with Kasey Kahne during the Allstate Pit Stop Talk.

Kasey Kahne signs autographs for teens in Franklin, TN

Kasey Kahne signs autographs for teens in Franklin, TN after the Allstate Safe Driving Pitstop Talk.

At the race on Sunday March 22nd, Kasey and his pit crew wore specially designed wristbands sporting the message “TN-165″ in honor of the 165 teenagers who lost their lives in car crashes in 2007 in Tennessee.

Nearly 5000 teenagers die every year and 375,000 more are injured as a result of careless driving alone.  One of the reasons I personally think this rocks is that between my junior and senior years of high school- just those two years alone I can think of several people who were injured in car accidents. Two of those were people I knew- one died and one was disfigured.  I really think it is important to bring attention to these kind of statistics and I have to give Kasey Kahne kudos for doing it.

Happy First Birthday to my nephew MXM- who can always make me smile.

My Nephew baby MXM- less than one day old

My Nephew MXM- less than one day old.

Not so much A Baby Anymore- 10 days shy of your first birthday.

Not so much a baby anymore- 10 days shy of your first birthday.

You were the first grandchild on both sides of your family. You were the first to make me an Aunt (or Auntie).  I have loved watching you grow this last year- however part of me wishes you could stay young forever and ever.  You have an incredible sense of adventure and are fearless in your pursuits.  You are constantly trying to figure out how things work, how to open boxes, flip switches, pull things in and out.   When I left for vacation at the end of February- you had no teeth. When I came back eight days later- you had four and a fifth one peeking through.  You are right on the cusp of walking independently and when you do I think you will only be walking for about ten minutes- then you will be off running to see what kind of mischief adventure you can find, eyes twinkling. You amaze me as I watch you learning and making sense of your world and how it works.

I struggled to find you an appropriate nickname over the last year- finally settling on “Little Mister” -however I think I need to find you a new one…because you aren’t so little anymore. Happy birthday to Auntie’s big boy.