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(A special thank you for Jessica Bure for providing most of the photos for this post! You rock! — Amy)

The #14 Rush Truck Centers Chevy at Pocono Raceway, July 2015. (Photo Credit: Jessica Bure for BadGroove.com)

Tony Qualified: 5th

Tony Finished: 9th

Points: 417 (currently 25th place in the chase chase standings)

Tony’s sums up the race in two sentences: “We struggled the first part of the race with our Rush Truck Centers/Mobil 1 Chevrolet, but we got better the last third (of the race).  I felt really good about the car at the end of the race, and that’s been our weakness all year.” (more…)

2014 Getty Images (Photo Credit: Tony Stewart Facebook Page)

“Well, all three corners are very different from each other. You have turn one that has a lot of banking in it for a flat track. Turn two is a very short duration and flat corner and then turn three is a very, very, long sweeping flat corner. There’s a lot going on, but every corner on the track is totally different from each other. It’s a big challenge for the crew chiefs to not only try to find a balance, but to also figure out what to do when they’re making changes. They have to figure out the corner they’re trying to fix without messing up the other two corners.” – Tony Stewart 2015 Windows 10 400 at Pocono Team Release




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(Amy here. I just wanted to thank everyone who participated in this article! Thank you so much Billie, Michelle, Treena, Lisa, and Andrew/Stephanie & Spencer for sharing your ink and your stories).

NASCAR fans are, by nature, a fiercely driver-loyal breed. Fans buy driver gear and fly their “driver’s colors” on their cars, in their homes, and on their clothes. And for some diehard fans, they get it etched permanently into their skin- carrying their driver loyalty with them everywhere they go in the form of a tattoo (or two).  This naturally got me thinking about Tony Stewart fans with tattoos so I put out a call on my social media- asking if any of my Tony Stewart fans would be interested in sharing their ink and story in a post for my blog. I got some great pictures of fans proudly displaying their own unique Tony Stewart ink and the stories behind them. You will soon find out that their stories (in their own words) are are as individual as the tattoos themselves: (more…)

(Why do I have the lyrics “I’m coming home, I’m coming home, tell the world I’m coming home” stuck in my head  after writing the title of this? Anyway this is going to be one of those post-race articles that do not follow my usual post race template because I have some stuff rolling around in my beady little brain that needs out and the standard post-race report is not the optimum format for that.  However- if you are looking for less opinion or blather (egads I hope you all don’t think I blather too much) and more this is what happened for Tony during the race: check out the post-race team release for all that good stuff.)

Dear Tony Stewart-

I can only imagine how frustrating and disappointing Sunday’s “Crown Royal Presents The Jeff Kyle 400 at the Brickyard” results were to you- even more so since you were at your home town track less than an hour from where you hang your hat so to speak.  Trust us fans when we tell you how excited we were for you. Seeing you fast in practice and superfast in qualifying, made us all grin and strut just a little taller- even the ones who weren’t actually there. It made us all want to do that same fist pump you did when you got out of the car:

25 July 2015 – Tony Stewart during NASCAR Sprint Cup Series qualifying at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Indianapolis, IN. (Photo Credit: Tony Stewart Official Store Facebook/HHP/Gregg Ellman)


(Photo Credit: Google Image Search)

Two Tony quotes this week as he talked about his home track of Indianapolis Motor Speedway in this weeks team release for The Brickyard:

“Every driver has a home race and you’re always excited to race at home. I’m always excited to be at the Brickyard. If you can only win one race a year, I’m still going to pick the Daytona 500. But if you can’t win Daytona as that one race a year, I want to win the Brickyard. It’s just a special place to me. The only disheartening thing is we haven’t been running well going into the weekend. I guess it would be a ton worse if we were running really well and all of a sudden we got to the Brickyard and didn’t run well. That would be a worse scenario. But we will still work as hard as we can to get the best result we can.”

“You dream about something for so long, you become consumed by it. When I was in USAC trying to make a living as a racecar driver, I drove a tow truck for a guy I raced sprint cars against. I would drive down Georgetown toward 16th Street, parallel with the frontstretch, and wonder what it would be like 300 feet to the left running 200 mph. I got a chance to do that, and finally, after years of trying to win, be it in Indy cars or stock cars, I got to know what it feels like, to see that view coming down the front straightaway, seeing the checkered flag and knowing that I was the first driver to cross the stripe, versus the second, third or fourth-place guy. I had wanted that moment for so long, and I finally got it.”

Gratuitous 2007 Brickyard Win Photos:

(Photo Credit: Google Image Search)

(Photo Credit: Google Image Search)



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Pit Board Sign (photo by: Amy K. Marbach, March 2012)

So I have taken one person’s idea (Donna S.) for the name of the what was previously called: What’s Rattling Around The BG Inbox and changed it slightly and decided to call this feature Loose Lugnuts….because I like it and technically it’s kind of what this is – just loosely connected bulleted ramblings of yours truly.  Here is this week’s selection:

1. Kyle Busch’s CHASE eligibility seems to be a hot topic for some unknown reason.  I can’t really figure out why fans are in a kabuffle about it to be honest.  NASCAR has set the chase waiver precedent so they  might as well stick by it. If you are out of your car and can not start a race some sort you may apply for a chase waiver. This waivier means that as long as you can get into the top thirty in points (which Kyle isn’t in yet but will be if he keeps up performing the way he is) and you get a win- you are in as well.  The reason for this “waiver” is because NASCAR also has a rule that states that to be chase eligible you MUST attempt to start every race (likely to keep drivers from winning a race and then not racing for the rest of the season).  Kyle is not the first person who has been given this waiver.  Tony Stewart was given this waiver last year.   I don’t see what the big deal is.  Are the people complaining just Kyle haters?

2. Here is a great story about Eldora and Tony…you might want to give it a gander.

3. This story however, is NOT an acceptable news piece, because it takes quotes from Tony Stewart completely out of context (from different sources I might add) and then strings them together to make Tony sound like a bumbling idiot which he most definitely is not. Us fans know that he isn’t having the best of seasons we see it every week. Thanks for trying to trick us. The sad thing is? Some people might believe this Archuleta guy. It’s worse than TMZ stuff (because at least some of that has a basis in truth). It’s stuff like that that gives bloggers and “journalists” a bad name. Is it any wonder Tony is staying away from most forms of media? And yes I did leave a comment on the article. I couldn’t help myself. Sometimes I just have to poke the trolls under the bridge with my  stick. Feel free to join me in the stick poking if you want :-)

4. While we are on the topic of Tony and the media- let me give some more of my two cents: PERISCOPE! LOVE IT! Why? Because it shows us that Tony is just a normal guy.  Tony can talk about what he wants, he gives us a little snippet into his private life and  answers the questions he wants to answer and best of all- it doesn’t get turned around by someone else trying for a fabulous headline (okay still stuck on the previous bullet aren’t I?). It’s GREAT for us fans. I hope it’s good for him too (except for the trolls- just poke em with a stick Tony- they’ll go back into hiding). Maybe one of these days i will be able to jump on fast enough to ask a question…of course when I do I won’t be able to think of a question…that is just the way it is.

5. Okay my readers in the SOUTH I have a mission for you…I am looking for the Coke can with Tony on it (it looks like it’s kind of like a tallboy can?)…if you can find one- I would GLADLY pay you for your trouble to get me one and ship it to me.  I NEED TO ADD this to my collection:


6. I guess I use “…” too much don’t I? I’ll work on that.

7. If you are in or around Pocono next weekend and consider yourself a poker player or just want to watch check out the action you can purchase a spectator ticket or buy in to the Pocono Poker Tourney – Proceeds go to the Jeff Gordon Foundation and The NASCAR Foundation. Jeff Gordon, Rusty Wallace, Mike Helton, Michael Annett, Todd Bodine, Jennifer Jo Cobb, Ben Kennedy, Crew Chief Jay Guy  and more will be there…

8. The MudSummer Classic was totally awesome last night! Winner Christopher Bell fought hard against  Bobby Pierce who was trying his darnedest to get past Bell- to the detriment of the truck. It was an awesome and exciting race. How exciting? Let’s just say I had to pee the last 35 laps or so but I was glued to the TV for the finish! Tony Stewart should be proud.

Gratuitous Tony Stewart Picture:

Christopher Bell, driver of the #54 Toyota Certified Used Vehicles Toyota, celebrates with Eldora track owner Tony Stewart after winning the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series 1-800-CAR-CASH Mud Summer Classic at Eldora Speedway on July 22, 2015 in Rossburg, Ohio (photo credit: Sean Gardner/NASCAR via Getty Images)


*Remember Volume 1 was called: What’s Rattling Around The BG Inbox

#KeepDiggingTony #OneGoodRace

17 July 2015–Tony Stewart during practice for the 5-Hour 301 at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon, NH.(Photo credit: HHP Photo/Alan Marler)

Tony Qualified: 25th

Tony Finished: 20th

Points: 366 points, 26th in the points standings.

Quote of the Race: When Tony asked for something to drink at the next pitstop, Crew Chief Chad Johnston replied with,  ”You want a beer?”  to which Tony replied “Whatever’s handy.” Tony Stewart.

I find that the winner of the race New Hampshire gets probably the oddest trophy of the circuit…a live (and usually rather large) lobster.  I know that the first time Kyle Busch won Samantha released it back into the ocean…I wonder if they did it with this one? That thing looked bigger than baby Brexton!!  But I am getting a head of myself now aren’t I?  (more…)

At New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon, New Hampshire on July 12, 2014. (Photo Credit: Tony Stewart Facebook/Tommy Grassmann/CIA Copyright, CIA)Stock Photography, Inc.

There’s nothing trick or fancy about it. It’s just a fun track. It just seems like it’s always been a fun driver’s track. Your car has to work well there, but when you get to racing guys – you’re trying to out-brake them, trying to get your car to turn and you struggle for forward bite. It’s just got a little bit of everything the drivers look for to have a good race.” — Tony Stewart Pre Race Team Release


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