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Merry Christmas From BadGroove.com

We plan on starting 2014 with a bang and a contest! Be sure to check back next year! Until then have a very Merry Christmas and a Healthy Happy 2014!

Give the gift of Tony Stewart

As the holidays are drawing eve closer- are you looking for that perfect gift for that hard-to-buy for Tony Stewart fan in your life but running increasingly out of time to go out and find or order that perfect gift? Might I suggest a CelebCalls from Tony Stewart himself? Yes it’s a recording but unless you have Smoke on speed dial (and if you do- lucky you) this is the next best thing!   It will likely make them smile and that is the whole idea right?! (By the way- CelebCalls has other celebrities too- like Mike Tyson, Justin Beiber (the one and only time that name will appear on this blog lol), Charlie Sheen and more).

CelebCalls are a fun and not too expensive (so schwing there) present for the Tony Stewart fan in your life. It’s easy to do- you just pick out the type of call you want to make, fill in the mad libs-esque script and provide the recipient’s phone number. It will look like the call is coming from you.  I actually used the Tony Stewart Celeb Call to prank Misty one day who was having a bad day- and it made her giggle.

They also have a customizable voice mail greeting that you can buy also from Tony!  Then I decided to have some fun and use the Tony Stewart personalized voice mail greeting- set it and just left it there and then promptly forgot about it because honestly- I don’t get too many calls and the ones that do usually don’t go to voic email.  Then one day Misty and I were having a conversation as I walked around Target and my call dropped.  So we started calling each other back and the same time and she ended up getting my voice mail. She said she didn’t know WHAT on earth happened because it caught her totally off guard.  She even pulled the phone back to make sure she had dialed my number.  HA! Fun times.  Of course there was also the time I took my car in to America’s Tire to get a rotation and a nail-in-the-tire fixed (if you follow me on Facebook you know that my HHR seems to be a nail magnet). The tire tech who was taking care of me noticed that I was a Tony Stewart fan right away (I wear my fandom quite visibly on my car) and chatted me up about Tony and his broken leg (I was impressed- NASCAR is not that big around here- and that he not only knew WHO Tony was but knew that he’d broken his leg was impressive to me but that is a different story).   While I waited I walked down to Target (I know- it’s my favorite store) and did some shopping. I didn’t even think about my voice mail message but America’s Tire apparently called me to tell me that my car was done. Yeah that was a little embarrassing. Oh well- it’s still my voice mail message.  But again I digress. It’s a great (semi-cheap) and always fun gift to consider.

Or you can do like I do and buy giftcards supporting Tony’s sponsors. Last year my dad received a Bass Pro Gift card. They have everything the outdoors oriented man or woman in your life could want- hunting, fishing, camping, boating supplies and clothing.  I actually do love a trip to a Bass Pro Shop myself and go nearly every time I am in Vegas.

You can also consider a donation to the Tony Stewart foundation as a gift to the Tony Stewart Loving fan in your life. Money donated to the Tony Stewart foundation is used to fund grants for charitable organizations serving animal welfare, children, and injured racers in 41 of the 50 states.  The Tony Stewart Foundation accepts one time donations or monthly donations.

More importantly- give your Tony Stewart loving fan a hug and tell them you can’t wait for Tony to be back in the car in 2014! Because we really can’t! Go Tony Go!

(Here are links to Celebrating A NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion…Vegas Style Part One and Celebrating Part Two)

First off I wanted to let you know that you can see all of our pictures from Champions Week over in our Sprint Cup Champion’s Week 2013  flickr set (all pictures no commentary) so I hope you enjoy those.

Here are my favorite (often times silly and possibly only funny to us) “outtake” moments from this year’s NASCAR Champion’s Week celebration:

1. That the only part of Tony Stewart Live that Misty and I managed to catch (since Tuesday was my travel day) was Jimmie Johnson saying that Chad Knaus was aging in dog years and he didn’t know how much more he had in him. (For those not in the know- Misty’s favorite driver is Jeff Gordon- but Chad is her favorite crew chief). Okay- well maybe only I (Amy) found that hilarious- am pretty sure Misty didn’t find it too funny but don’t worry- she gets me back in this department with outtake 3. Needless to say “aging in dog years” became the catchphrase of the week.

2. That time Robin Leach (yes he of the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous fame) photobombed Misty’s picture of Jimmie Johnson, Joey Logano and Matt Kenseth during The Victory Lap (and all three of the drivers were smiling- not an easy thing to catch):

Robin Leach, Photobomber extraordinaire

Thanks for the photobomb Robin Leach. (Also from left to right  after the photobomber are: 6 time champion Jimmie Johnson, Joey Logano and Matt Kenseth). (Photo Credit: Misty Bethany)


(Here’s the link if you are looking for Part 1 of Celebrating A Sprint Cup Champion…Vegas Style)

2013 Sprint Cup Champion Jimmie Johnson

Jimmie Johnson, the 2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup (and six time) Champion is introduced at NASCAR After The Lap. (Photo Credit: Misty Bethany)

While ALL the NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion’s Week festivities are fun- by far my favorite event is NASCAR After The Lap.  This year the event was held at THE PEARL theater at The Palms- after the drivers did their victory lap and burn outs down the strip.  While The Palms is off strip- I think that this was my favorites of the locations that they have held this event at so far. (The first several were held at The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino (also off-strip) with last year’s being held at Planet Hollywood). (more…)

Misty and I have been attending NASCAR’s Sprint Cup Champion’s Week celebrations since they started having them in Vegas. I can NOT encourage you to go enough if you can at all swing it! Attend Champion’s Week! Seriously. It’s one of my favorite events of the year!

The fan events usually start with Fan Fest- which is usually held on Wednesday.  They started out having fan fest at Las Vegas Motor Speedway in the infield. I loved it there because I enjoyed being at the track when it was “quiet” and I loved watching the fighters from Nellis Air Force Base fly around as we waiting for the red carpet event. Eventually they moved it out to the Fremont Street Experience – since the speedway is off strip quite a ways. Unfortunately it’s usually cold under the awning that covers over Fremont Street and this year was no exception. I was certain there would be less fans- because it was COLD and I mean COLD.  I must have momentarily forgotten the tenacity of my fellow NASCAR fans (after all I was out there in the cold wasn’t I? And my driver wasn’t even there). Here are some of the sights from Fan Fest this season: (more…)

(Photo Credit: Edelman)

Finding yourself flummoxed by what to get that special NASCAR fan in your life for Christmas this year? Let me offer some ideas and suggestions: (more…)

A Six Pack Of Gatorade Celebration of 6 Time!

Jimmie Johnson, driver of the #48 Lowe’s/Kobalt Tools Chevrolet, celebrates in Champions Victory Lane after winning the series championship following the Ford EcoBoost 400 at Homestead-Miami Speedway on November 17, 2013 in Homestead, Florida. (November 16, 2013 – Source: Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images North America)

On Sunday November 17th, 2013 Jimmie Johnson was crowned NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Champion for the the 6th time in 8 years.

I KNOW I am not in the majority here but I think what Jimmie and the 48 team has managed to do is historic- possibly bordering on- wait for it: legend-ary. We are witnessing one of the greats in NASCAR- and I am interested to see just how many championships Jimmie can amass.  Yes I am a diehard Stewart fan- but I can appreciate what Jimmie and Chad and the rest of the Lowes racing team is doing. They obviously have a little something more than the rest of the field. I don’t know if it’s more dedication, more drive, more talent, better engineering, the fact that their crew chief openly admits he has no life outside of work. Whatever they have- they have just a wee little bit more- and have had it six times now.  Misty mentioned that she didn’t understand why Jimmie and team are so widely despised.  I told her “Haters just hating on success…they are just jealous.”

Of course you can be dang sure if he was running up against Tony Stewart for that championship I would have been all sour grapes about number 6- that is just the way I am- and I freely admit that. (more…)

Denny Hamlin in Victory Lane at Homestead

Denny Hamlin, driver of the #11 FedEx Express Toyota, celebrates in Victory Lane after winning the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Ford EcoBoost 400 at Homestead-Miami Speedway.
(Photo Credit: Todd Warshaw/Getty Images North America

I always feel kind of bad when the winner at Homestead-Miami is not the same person as the one who won the Championship-  because their win gets overlooked a little.  So congratulations to Denny Hamlin on winning the race!  By winning at Homestead- Denny Hamlin was able to keep his streak alive- of winning at least one race for the past 7 season. Awesome!

And speaking of the race what a race it was.  There was after all- Matt Kenseth (second in points) leading the most laps, Jimmie the series leader sustaining damage during a restart when another car spun it’s tires.  It was a real nail biter there wondering if Jimmie was going to need to pit- he also fell down to like 26th at that point so it was all YIKES what will happen for a little while- something I did not think would happen because I went into the race pretty darn sure that Jimmie was going to come out 6-time.