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Today is my first day back and work and at blogging since I went on “vacation.”  That vacation included celebrating our annual family gift exchange, white elephant exchange and annual dinner on Christmas eve…and while technically I had to work on Christmas eve…I did get off at noon….leaving straight for the post office to but a stop on the mail delivered to my box until I returned today.  Then it was off to pick up Grandma and take her to our house where guests had already started arriving….for good food, fun and general merriment.  That lasted well into the evening – interrupted only by my grandma wanting to be taken back directly after dinner (we were- after some cajoling able to convince her to stay until after the gift exchange).  Christmas Day festivities with immediate family was celebrated far later in the afternoon as Marie (my sister in law) had to work but we were glad to wait as you have not experienced a holiday until you have seen the glee with withc my sister-in-law opens presents.  The following day was spent packing as the Thursday after Christmas I was off to Las Vegas…yes again….to spend time with BFM, exchange presents, ring in the new year…and catch a concert (Ricky Nelson Remembered) and two movies (27 Dresses- highly recommended and National Treasure- also recommended).  I got back before the big storm hit…thankfully because I have a feeling I would have caught snow going over the mountains (I actually go over two and a half mountain passes in the 500 miles I travel to vegas).   I have spent the last few days worrying about possible hail hitting my car, trying not to park under trees…and just decompressing.  Then the storm hit and my Grandma was without power over 24 hours.  We finally went and picked her up and brought her over to our house during a break in the storm so she could spend time in a warm house being mildly entertained by television…(we were watching The Holiday…which my mom and I liked…but my grandma not so much). Fifteen minutes into the movie or so my dad called to tell us the electricity was back on and Grandma was ready to be taken home.  Urg.

So I come into work today…to find my office taken over by ants.  Evil little black creatures that they are have ended up everywhere in our office.  We just want to be rid of the suckers but they aren’t able to spray for them until Friday.  On top of that..the heater is stuck on so it is boiling hot in here….and I mean hot.  So if I don’t boil to death I may be carried away by ants.  Hopefully neither will happen.

I have talked a lot this year about my lack of Christmas Spirit.  I was planning on coming into work today, doing the MI-5 and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year.  And it isn’t that I don’t wish all my readers that….because I do.   That being said…I have to tell you that when I left my house my father was walking around the front yard mumbling several curse words and threatening to take down our outdoor Christmas display (you can’t really tell from the crappy video but our whole street really puts on the the dog when it comes to Christmas decorations…and the house I focus on is ours…and the decorations? Are all hand drawn, cut out of plywood and painted- mostly by my father…some by me and my brother.  Well with exception of the inflateables).  Anyway…because for the third time…we have had someone steal some of our decorations.  The first year they did it was the worst.  They not only stole all of them…but they destroyed them…we found pieces of them all over the neighborhood.  This year seems to be the most mild.  One is missing (Chuckie Finster from Rugrats fame) with his stake pulled out of the ground just laying on the frosty grass, many were turned backwards, one was half ripped off its stake (chip and dale on a sled).  These are something my father sketched out on wood, cut out with a jigsaw and then spent HOURS painting…usually in a cold as ice garage.  Even the ones my brother and I helped paint…he always put the finishing outlines and touches on.

A lot of work to have some one maliciously ruin. Ironically this year we have had the most people ever coming to enjoy the decorations. They drive down our street extra slow…and if you listen….sometimes you can hear the elated screeches of children as they scream out the names of their favorite cartoon characters.  (ELMO!! or SPONGEBOB…or HAPPY FEET).  On Saturday night I went to move my car out of the street and back into the driveway when a little girl come out and grabbed me by the shirt…and drug me over to the Spongebob decoration and started talking to me in a language probably only she understood about “Sunj-Ob!” as her mom thanked us for doing this.

I really don’t understand why anyone would destroy someone else’s joy….seriously. And while I tried to talk my dad out of taking down the decorations in the couple minutes I had before I had to leave for work – I can’t say as I would blame him for taking them down.  Nor would I blame him for not putting them out next year.


Well thanks for letting me get that out.  That being said…I am out of here.  Festivities tonight….and some tomorrow.  Then off to Vegas until next year….I won’t be blogging during this time.  But don’t worry I will be back…hopefully with a better attitude.  Until then…happy Christmas and all that stuff.

Watch out it’s Caution Lap #3:

1. Who do you think the most underestimated driver of 2007 was? Underestimated by who? I think I underestimated JPM. Underestimated by the “press”? Probably Kyle Busch.

2. Who do you think is the most overrated driver of 2007 was? Jimmie Johnson

3. What do you think your favorite driver would want for Christmas? I dunno…An extra week off to unwind and race in the dirt?

4. Did you buy any of your family or friends anything NASCAR related for Christmas? YES! I won’t tell you exactly what I bought who…except for the fact that there is some Jeff Gordon and Darrell Waltrip stuff waiting to be wrapped in my room. Not for Christmas but for a baby gift- I have recently purchased Tony Stewart onesies in nearly every size…along with some #20 footie pajamas and two bibs…all for my nephew to be born at the end of March. He will be the orangest baby around!!! (I have also bought him normal clothes- don’t worry). I already showed my sister in law so I can tell you all :)

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Yep…aren’t you lucky? Two bulleted lists in one day!!!

  • I GET IT NOW! Those seat warmers (or bun warmers as my mom calls them) are pretty nifty on a cold day…and Lisa was right….they are nice when you have a sore back!!!
  • Its amazing how I didn’t realize how noisy the Rav was in the cabin until I got the HHR which is very quiet in the cabin.
  • I wish it was sunny and warm so I could play with the sunroof more.
  • I have fallen hard over the XM radio…I will probably keep this if I can at all swing it.  I already have favorite stations (XM41, XM40, XM16, XM8 and one of the Christmas channels are already in my stereo presets).  It really puts the radio stations in my area to shame.  I may never listen to FM again! In my area the country station comes in fuzzy, there is no modern rock station, the best thing I can get is classic rock…which is ok…but I would much rather listen to the Boneyard!  Plus we get a bunch of the XM channels on our TV through our DirecTv…so I can listen at home if I want.
  • Onstar rocks…I just wish the phone minutes were cheaper (Especially since my cell phone died on me).
  • Traction Control…cool…but what is it and how does it work? And should I drive with it on all the time?? Anyone know?
  • After professing my love of the Chevy Nomad in the last bulleted list…I am wondering if that wasn’t one of the reasons I was drawn to the Chevy HHR?  They are both cool looking wagonesque cars. (Although don’t think when I was wandering around the Chevy showroom while waiting for the financing to go through on the HHR that I wasn’t drooling all over the twin Corvettes on the showroom floor. They even had my favorite color (bright HELLO WORLD I AM YELLOW).
  • And the last thought I have for now was actually something I think either BFM or my brother brought up….how funny is it that I went from driving a Toyota to driving a Chevy when my favorite driver (Tony Stewart) is going from driving a Chevy to driving a Toyota! Hopefully Tony will have as good of luck with his Toyota as I had with mine! Doris (my Rav4) was rode hard. She was very high mileage when I traded her in.  She had 64K on her at the end of the 2 year mark in ownership! She was very dependable (until recently) and the only thing I really ever had to fix on her was a cracked water pump that was found while having my belts replaced (routine replacement).

Hey there all…its Bulleted List time at Badgroove again…

  • Well for those worried…a tree was fetched and decorated this weekend.  So we now have a tree….and it is a nice tree (purchased at Home Depot…we go there every year for a tree).  We ended up just getting new lights for the tree this year…and they are only green red and blue.  I thought that would be depressing…but it actually looks quite good.
  • I am still kinda grumpy…despite the recently gained tree.
  • I still have to do about half of my Christmas shopping….and I am normally one of those people who is done before thanksgiving…
  • Why I am putting it off? I have no idea…I guess that is because I am grumpy and not in the mood to deal with people.
  • Speaking about dealing with people… Its totally a monday at work.  I have been having a ton of calls transferred to me by a specific department for things that I can’t do. I called them and told them this.  Then I called my manager because it kept happening.  I mean the callers are getting frustrated being ping-ponged around and I don’t blame them…but I can’t help them either…because I don’t have the access to the system they need help with…I was getting irritated…and told off by a couple callers.  Urg. Merry Christmas to you too buddy.
  • Oh and speaking of…getting told off…I know there is a certain white Lexus driver out there who needs to be told off for not letting me merge into traffic…jerk.
  • Looks like Kasey Kahne is getting sued.  Nice topper to a less then desirable season for Kasey Kahne.  Hopefully next season will go better for him.
  • I saw Tony Stewart on TV (Speed to be exact) briefly at the Barrett Jackson auction on Life on The Block.  I have been fascinated by Barrett Jackson since I saw it the first time on tv…oh probably about two years ago or so…such beautiful cars…makes me wish I could afford to own a cherry split-window vette…..(sigh).  I have always had a thing for ‘vettes. Vettes and Nomads….(sighs)
  • Ok…who am I kidding…I have nothing else. I will, however, try to be much more cheerful tomorrow…when it isn’t Monday.

Its fill-in 50 time

1. Away in a manger, no room for a bed.
2. Dashing through the snow, in a brand new chevy HHR (although hopefully not through snow really because it doesn’t snow here!).
3. Hark! The herald angels sing.
4. It’s coming on christmas morn.
5. When I was small I believed in Santa Claus, Though I knew it was LIE.
6. That Christmas magic’s brought this tale to life.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to getting some errands done, tomorrow my plans include finding my damn christmas spirit and Sunday, I want to get a tree!

G says: Since we are in the full swing of the holiday season (yes, it’s almost time to start panicking if you haven’t started yet) I thought I would base my questions on traditions.  But I’m also doing things a wee bit different.  Instead of just five questions, I’m offering 25.  You can do this anyway you’d like.  If you have the time, it would be great to see all 25 questions answered.  But if you’re seriously pressed for time, just pick five you would like to answer.  And again, based on your time constraints, try to limit the one-word responses.  For me, these Friday 5 questions offer an opportunity to get to know a little bit about you.  Anyway, I’ll stop for now.  Just do want you can do. 

  1. Do you usually use wrapping paper or gift bags? Wrapping paper…I LOVE to wrap presents.
  2. Is your tree a real tree or is it artificial? Real…although I am going to admit we don’t have one yet.
  3. If you do put a tree up, when do you usually do this?  Usually weekend after Thanksgiving…
  4. When do you take your tree down?  Any specific reason for this – tradition etc? As soon as Christmas is over- sometimes as early as late on Christmas Day.  Its just always been that way.
  5. What about eggnog?  Do you like it?  Any special ingredients added?  Don’t like it…bleck.
  6. Do you have a nativity scene?  A menorah? A nativity scene
  7. What was a special (or favorite) gift you received as a child? I can think of two…the first one would be my favorite Bike when I was a kid….it was orange and yellow and I LOVED that Bike.  The other was after my maternal grandparents moved from here to Alabama…they went to Talladega (on purpose just for me) and bought me a video of Richard Petty and a bunch of souvenirs. It was really cool that they went through that trouble.
  8. Who is your hardest person to buy for?  Why? My brother…because I always want to get people the perfect gift and I have trouble decided what he would like the most :/
  9. Who is your easiest person to buy for? That would be a tie between my mom and BFM
  10. Do you send Christmas (or holiday) cards?  Email or snail mail? Yes…via snail mail
  11. What was the worst Christmas present you ever received? A sweater vest.
  12. What is your favorite holiday movie? The Grinch, Home Alone (only the first one),
  13. When do you start your holiday shopping? I usually start around September or so and I am usually very done by now with my presents wrapped and under the tree…this year…I am about half done and nothing is wrapped…because there is no tree to put them under yet.
  14. Have you ever recycled a present? Yes isn’t that the purpose of white elephant gift exchanges?
  15. What is your favorite thing to eat during the holidays?  Anything Sweet Potato
  16. What about the lights on your tree – colored, clear, mixed? Colored
  17. What is your favorite Christmas/holiday song? Sarajevo 12/24 by Trans-Siberian Orchestra
  18. Do you travel or stay home for the holidays? Stay home…I wait to travel after
  19. Can you name all of Santa’s reindeer? Dasher Dancer Prancer Vixen Comet Cupid Donner Blitzen and Rudolph
  20. What goes on the top of your tree?  Angel, star, squirrel? Usually an Angel….sometimes a star.
  21. Do you open presents on Christmas Eve, or Christmas morning? Both. Extended family on Christmas Eve and immediate family on Christmas Morning.
  22. What’s the most annoying thing about this time of year? Not having the spirit but wanting it.
  23. Will you attend a religious service this Christmas season? Probably not
  24. What would you really like to receive on Christmas this year? A stress free Christmas gathering.
  25. And finally just to see if you’re paying attention, in A Charlie Brown Christmas, what does Lucy want for Christmas? Doesn’t she want a Shiny Aluminum Christmas Tree? Its been years…