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Ok…so I hate doing laundry. Who doesn’t…but Tide is really starting to piss me off. Let me tell you my story:

I have shirts that I wear to work and shirts that I wear on days I don’t work. The shirts that I wear on the days I don’t work are by and large tshirts that are black brown or blue and tend to be Harley Davidson shirts (not all…but most). The shirts that I wear to work…probably in most circles would also be considered tshirts…but I don’t consider them tshirts. They are v necked and ribbed. These mostly consist of light colors no graphics. Like today for instance I am wearing a light teal one. Anyway…these shirts do NOT get along with TIDE for some reason. Now I will be the first to admit that I tend to drip stuff on my shirts when I eat. I should get in the habit of changing out of these when I get home…but occasionally I drop, dribble, spill, or douse myself in food products. I am pretty good at getting these food stains out. However I have had my two FAVORITE SHIRTS (one a peachy sherberty color that makes me look really tan!, and the other an orange short sleeve number) come OUT of the wash with a blue stain on it. That is right BLUE. As in the color of the Tide I use. I am very careful. This is not ink…I KNOW these shirts did not have mysterious blue stain on them before laundering….and they happened on very different loads months apart. Does this happen to anyone else??? It angers me because that damn blue stain??? Will NOT come out. Thing is? I tend do this: Dump liquid (Blue!) tide in washer. Turn on water to fill tub….and then add my shirts after there is water in there. Is this wrong? Why are my shirts coming out all stained? Has this been happening to my harley shirts too but because they are darker or thicker or something that I don’t see it??

This tide is used because of a mild skin allergy to some detergents that makes me a little itchy. I am going to try that new tide lilac with baking soda in hopes that it is not BLUE or STAINING….but should I just switch over to woolite or something?

Ahhh Martinsville. In general? I am a fan of short tracks. But today? 20 cautions? Come on! Seriously!

Tony started 34th…and was up as high as 2nd. Ended up 14th because of a pitstop and a caution filled last 60 laps. Second to last caution? Or maybe it was the third to last? Tony was trying to run up through the pack as fast as he could make his way through and when the caution flag got thrown? He just shook his head. Funny thing is I was shaking my head too….too many cautions…not enough laps….He knew it and I knew it.

For those of you without the benefit of DirecTv hotpass and being able to watch the Tony Stewart channel…his spotter Mark Robertson was earning his money today. He saved Tony several times from getting collected in accidents.  He was awesome.  Of course I have always been fascinated by spotters (and pit crews in general).  Then again my dad would tell you that I would not make a good spotter because I wouldn’t be able to stand way up there on those platforms being as petrified of heights as I am).

I don’t think Tony has been mathematically eliminated from winning the cup…but it would take a lot. A whole lot. And some major Hendricks failures for him to win.

Adelle had a contest for people who donated to help her raise money for the Heart Walk. I donated…(I am pretty sure I donated last year too…it is a great charity). I won the Sock Yarn. Isn’t it pretty??? I love the colors!! And she even threw in a sock pattern for crocheters (thank goodness since I don’t knit). I can’t wait to play :D

Well there were just two books to give away…but only three entries…so…some mathematically inclined person could probably tell you the odds of winning…but they were pretty good.

Three Entries

I folded them into same size squares…and placed them in a baggie:

Then I drew two winners:

Winner number one:

Bill who chose: Wisconsin Death Trip. His book is on the way to him.

And Winner Number 2:

Elyse who wants The Perks Of Being A Wallflower. E- I emailed you for your address to send your book too.

Friday Fill-in has a new home. Thanks to Janet for setting this up…and thanks to Heather the great design (of course I am partial to GoofyGirl designs…because she made this design!). Now on to FILL-IN 42

1. October is my favorite month.

2. Ghosts don’t scare me! (I ain’t afraid of no ghosts!)

3. Haunted houses are another thing…they scare me.

4. My favorite scary movie is The Hitcher (the original) because it scared me.

5. Write to me.

6. It was a dark and stormy night so I stayed home and drank tea while a beagle slept on my feet.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to going home, tomorrow my plans include shopping for Grandma and Sunday, I want to watch Tony Stewart WIN Martinsville!

As always Janet….thanks for the Friday Fill-in!

Mel’s MI-5

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1. What story are you writing with your life right now?

The story of a girl trying to become happy with her self- which is no easy task.

2. If you could ask God for one thing, what would it be?

Good, robust health for myself and everyone I know and love.

3. What does your heart long to be involved in?

My heart longs to write more, create more.

4. It is said you learn something new everyday. What are some things you’d like to learn to enrich your life?

Proper time management.

5. Everyone has a mantra even if they don’t outwardly express it – time to make yours public.

I share my mantra with The Little Engine Who Could: I think I can, I think I can

This will remain up here through Friday October 19th (if I do it right)…so scroll down for the next entry or open this one to win a free book!!!


I can tell you exactly where I was.   I was home alone. My father was working late and my mother and brother had gone to visit my grandma.  I was a high school sophmore and I was pleased to be home alone.  I sat in my dad’s recliner and kicked the legs up and had just turned on the television.  I found something I wanted to watch..the show escapes me now but as soon as I got into it- the television shut off. I picked up the remote and tried to turn it back on.   Our neighbors across the street had the same tv we did and sometimes they would end up turning off our TV (really it happened!).   I thought they had done it again so I tried to turn it back on…since it was still light at that time I didn’t realize that our electricity had cut off.  Then…the shaking began…I hopped out of the chair (leaving it still reclined) to get away from the plate glass window.  All those earthquake drills in school told me to get to the kitchen and hunker down under the table as it was the strongest piece of furniture in the house.  The shaking was so bad I couldn’t make it that far and ended up taking shelter in the door frame in the hall.  From my vantage point I could see my parent’s computer shaking so violently in their bedroom that I was sure the desk was going to break.  In the kitchen the chandelier was swinging back and forth and nearly but not quite touching the ceiling on the swings.  The cabinents in the kitchen swung open. Drawers opened in the bathroom.   Those 15 seconds seemed to last a lifetime.

You probably saw it on the news.  Quickly dubbed the Loma Prieta earthquake- it was a big deal because of all the damage in San Francisco…and because it was the third game of the world series between Oakland and SF.   You probably saw photos of highway overpasses pancaked, of the upper deck on the bay bridge collapsing onto a lower deck.   You probably saw the extent of the damage before we did…our particularly area was without electricity for 28 hours.  We were lucky.  There were parts of the area without power for over a week.

What you probably didn’t see was our neighbor coming over to make sure we were ok…knowing that we wouldn’t see my dad for days at a time (he is a utility worker for the power company)….that we had food and water (grocery stores were closed and word was our water supply may be contaminated (it wasn’t)…and a way to cook (barbeque!)…that we were ok for now.   This wasn’t an isolated incident either…not just one neighbor…all neighbors checked on each other…several times throughout the week.   People shared batteries, radios, candles, food, and most importantly…comfort.   It is what struck the teenage me the most.  Not the damage…but the beauty that sprang from it….the fostered friendships.    The closer relationships with neighbors…some that you knew…and new ones that you maybe didn’t know before.   Sad that sometimes it takes something as devastating as a 6.9 earthquake to break down the fences we live behind.