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While I am still working on my Vegas Vacation recap- I thought I would mention how I got to Vegas in the first place. As you may or may not know my dependable Toyota Rav4 (Doris) hasn’t been so dependable lately. So I rented a compact (i.e. the cheapest car available). When I got to the rental place they were out of compacts so I got a free upgrade to mid-sized and I had my choice between a brand spanking new Chevy HHR (in white) or a brown sedan of some sort (I think it was a Nissan). I picked the HHR….and over the course of a week I drove the HHR just under 1300 miles (yes the rental car people knew I was going to Vegas and back again- which is 1000 miles right there). And let me tell you, I fell in love with the Chevy HHR.

Yes you read that right…I fell in love with the HHR…as in I would seriously consider the HHR for my next vehicle (which hopefully will be sooner rather than later). Yes, the Chevy HHR. It was so comfortable…(which meant that I didn’t feel like I was in danger of losing some skin off my rump to asphalt because it rode too low) and smooth riding. Oh and it was quiet in the cabin (something my Rav is definitely NOT). It is cool-looking and turns heads. It gets reasonable gas mileage. The only downfall to it (and it is a small downfall) is that it only comes in a 4-cylinder model and I was thinking about getting a 6 for my next car…because when I do go to Vegas- I would like some power for the two full blown mountain passes I must travel over (although the HHR didn’t seem to have any issues over either of it).

Now if you had told me a week before I left for vacation that I would be seriously considering a Chevy HHR I would have laughed in your face (complete with spittle no doubt). I would have told you that I had a Chevy (Lumina Euro Sedan) before my Toyota and I wouldn’t go back to Chevy ownership because my Toyota was far more dependable. Then, I would have really laughed and then said something like “That? That is such an old man car!” Well trust me…I am NOT an old man…and I loved that car! So the Rav4 that I was nearly positive I was going to buy next time…suddenly has some possible competition.

Not to mention that it has an Aux jack standard. Oh aux jack…how I miss thee.

You know that feeling you get when you KNOW something isn’t right.  You see someone or something that just looks wrong or out of place.  You pass it off.  Ah it is nothing you say.  Maybe you should listen to that voice a little louder.

Three separate people saw a person on our block today.  He was riding a bike (and he was on foot- one person saw him in both modes).  All three people paused to ponder the person because they all three got that feeling…that feeling that something was not right.  All three people saw him at different times…in a time range of several hours.  He was up to no good. He broke into our neighbors house and stole $3000 worth of small items.  Very carriable items.  My dad saw him first on his bike rounding the corner.  He felt something was off with the character because he seemed to be staring at the house.  My dad thought fleetingly that perhaps it was because the window was open…but then he seemed to carry on and my dad really thought nothing of it except that something was NOT right.

A little while later our neighbor across the street and over one saw the fellow and thought that he was out of place and looked like he was casing houses. He dismissed his thought with “what am I gonna think everyone is a bad guy just cuz he is riding a bike down the street?” and went on about his day.

Over an hour later my mother was coming home for lunch from work and noticed  the very same fellow…on foot walking towards our area from the other end of the street.  She pulled into the garage and walked down the end of the drive way because she had an incredible sense that she should follow him.  She saw the fellow again…but he was on a bike riding away down the street rather quickly in the direction he came.  She noted it as odd and had a feeling she should follow him but she didn’t.

All three describe the man in the exact same way. All three took note of him but dismissed him. The police are pretty sure that he is the burglar.  No one compared notes on the fellow until after we found out that our neighbors were burglarized. They think that their daughter might have left the door unlocked this morning by mistake (not that that is an excuse to ruffle through someone’s belongings).  Next time you feel that creepy feeling…maybe you should take heed!

  • It dawned on me- after returning from my vacation last week that the reason I was suffering from a massive headache every single day? Was not allergies….but the fact that I hadn’t consumed a single ounce of caffeine since returning. I rectified that situation right away.
  • That probably explains why I was so darn sleepy all week too. To go from loads of caffeine to no caffeine was a shock to my system.
  • Roxy has suddenly decided that not only does she want to sleep in during the mornings but that when I want to go for our morning walk at 7:00 she would rather pull me along than behave appropriately.
  • Between my father’s shoulder surgery and my mother’s injured leg (on a hike) between the two of them they have3 good arms and 3 good legs. Which means Amy gets to do a lot of grocery shopping…since one can’t drive and the other can’t walk.
  • Yes I do know I still owe you a vacation recap…and I totally plan on doing it…however today it ain’t going to happen. Why? Because I decided to make my Monday extra specially good by scheduling a teeth cleaning for today. What was I thinking?
  • I think I have waited long enough…I am very much extremely happy to announce that I will be an Aunt at the end of March 2008. Yep my bro is pregnant…well actually his wife my lovely snl…but you all could figure that out. Yipee! I can’t tell you how excited I am for that!
  • My newest bestest entry is up at agirlmustshop.com: called Discover Your Inner Artist

Since I was on vacation last week I missed the Five. So here is last weeks and this weeks.

First is Lisa’s County Fair MI-5

  1. Do you attend any country/agricultural fairs? If so, which one is your favorite? Why?  I attend our county fair. Mostly for something to do and I usually try to enter stuff in the fair…sometimes things I have crocheted and sometimes photography.   I am also a HUGE fan of the Northern California RenFaire…but I might not go this year.
  2. What is your favorite fair ride? Why? I don’t usually ride anything because I am afraid of carnies.
  3. What is your favorite fair food? Why? Funnel cake because…it is funnel cake.
  4. What is your favorite part of the fair overall? 4-H exhibits? Animals? Harness racing? Rides? Food? I am a big fan of the home arts exhibits and the photography and art stuff.  And funnel cakes. Did I mention the funnel cakes? Fair food rocks.
  5. How much money do you drop for your typical fair excursion? Well last time it was $16.00 but that wasn’t involving any food because I wasn’t there that long…usually more like $40.00

And next is Aunt Ginny’s Indian Summer MI-5 (in extended entry)


J was telling me a fascinating story about how his lovely wife ended up seeing Warrant at the local airport…and thanks to some funny emails we batted back and forth stating things like:

(me:  “Was she in HEAVEN? Did she see RED? Can I stop making stupid Warrant related puns?”)


(J: “Yes, you may stop- just as soon as I finish my slice of CHERRY PIE & put away my lotto ticket that will make me DIRTY, ROTTEN, FILTHY, STINKING RICH.”)

I know have the lyrics to Warrant’s Heaven stuck firmly in my head.  Great. Thanks.


I am back from my vacation….and I will tell you all about it in gory details…but not today because after being gone a week from work…it is hard to come back but here I am.

You can look at my trip pictures here but be warned I haven’t had much time to actually do anything with them yet like give them descriptions.

And a special thanks to Bill (who’s blog has an awesome new look) and J who guest posted. I wish I had had J’s post BEFORE I left so I could have thrown some of those great phases around.  And I have always wanted to try out a henna tattoo Bill…I was going to do it at the Ren Faire this year…but I probably won’t make it there this year (but that is another story).

I am out of here through September 4th. Yes I am going to Vegas again (in style in a BRAND NEW CHEVY HHR- it’s nice but not mine- it’s a rental). Yes I am crazy to go this time of year because of the heat, but hanging out with my best friend since junior high who lives there…and rocking out to Slaughter will all be worth it (and we are taking her brother- a high school freshman with us- should be interesting).

Hopefully some of my guest posters will have the time and energy to post here and keep you entertained. If not: Please click on some of the links on the right to keep yourself entertained until I get back. (Don’t worry I will pack my camera- so expect lots of pictures!)

Update: Am switching my theme from the Tony Stewart theme to the Mark Slaughter theme- just for a change of pace…

Since I got you for my birthday in January it has been love at first sight.  I so love that I just hit the little record button and you record whatever my heart desires and you hold on to it for me until I am ready to watch it.  Frankly it feels wonderful to not be a slave to the television. I have always trusted you.

You proudly hold my races, my soap (an addiction I caught in high school) and the entire last season of CSI…that I still haven’t watched.  When I heard about NASCAR in Primetime- I quickly set you up to record the entire series!  You recorded the first episode just fine.  As a matter of fact, it is still there having been watched but I decided to horde it anyway so I could watch the whole series back to back after it had run in its entirety -because I am weird like that…

For some reason unbeknownst to me- you neglected your faithful duties and did NOT record last weeks episode.  Of course I blamed myself inititally;  Did I fill up the dvr (nope- over 45% free!)?  Was there a power outage? Nope.  Did I forget to choose record ENTIRE series? (Nope- you have this weeks episode in your to-do list).  I trusted you to perform your duty and I went out that night.  Now I missed an entire episode…and I am so sad!
Whatever did I do to you? Are you trying to break up with me?

Distressed, AMY

P.S. I am going to be leaving on vacation in a couple days to Vegas for nearly a week. Can you please behave and record your shows accordingly?