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Lisa revived the MI-5…so here is that:

  1. Do you prefer crushed ice or ice cubes in your drinks?  Crushed. Unless it is in a Margarita…then a couple of cubes is preferred.
  2. Do you chew gum?  If so, what is your favorite gum? Yeah…currently I am a fan fo Orbit’s Sweet Mint
  3. What book are you reading right now?  Do you like it? I am not currently reading anything. I am trying to decide what to start next.
  4. What is the last thing you have done creatively? I crocheted a camouflaged baby bunting

5.  What song seems to be running through your head a/k/a an “earworm”?  Craig Morgan’s International Harvester.  Sing it with me: I am a son of a third generation farmer…been married ten years to the farmers daughter…I’ve got two boy in the county four-h.. I’m a lifetime sponsor of the FFA….Hey!

And the Friday Fill-in 58:

1. I’m looking forward to so much…all in March..attending my first NASCAR race and the birth of my first nephew.
2. New York is a place I always wanted to visit and haven’t made it there yet.
3. I’ve fallen in love with Bare Escentials Makeup.
4. Six of one, half a dozen of the other.
5. Addiction is a sickness.
6. The YipYips crack me up!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to catching up on my dvr shows, tomorrow my plans include Throwing a baby shower (any guesses as to how far? Ok bad joke) and Sunday, I want to sleep in!

Orange Baby

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When I was a baby and my mom was first starting me on baby food, she would feed me mostly what I liked and introduce a little new food towards the end of the meal.  Turns out as a baby my favorite foods were sweet potatoes, squash and carrots.  Well…I ate so much that I turned orange.  My mom, a first time mother, freaked out thinking it was jaundice and rushed me to the doctor sure I was suffering from liver failure or something.  Turns out it was beta carotene poisoning…didn’t hurt me …I just had to lay off the orange foods for awhile.

Why am I bringing this up? Well because I plan to make my nephew the orangest baby in town.  Let me show you how:

Infant Tony stewart wardrobe

Yep that is an infant Tony Stewart wardrobe…in nearly every size…so he can grow into it.  My favorite part? The smaller bib:

Refill bib

Don’t worry- I bought my nephew lots and lots of clothes and have been since we found out he is a boy.  Proof:

laudry basket of clothes

That is a small laundry basket of clothes I bought for my nephew. I am giving it to my sister in law on Saturday (her shower).  The only things that are not clothes in it are four crib sheets in the very bottom, the bear, the wash cloths and the two small books in the back. The rest is clothes. (Don’t worry I also am giving her none clothes items. I wrapped those separately.

I am interested in trying my hand at it…but I have no idea where to begin. Any thoughts?


I finally finished the crocheted baby bunting. Wanna see it? Of course you do:


Camo Baby Buntin


Yes that IS camoflauged yarn. Thanks for noticing! I made this using Bernat’s Baby Camo yarn. I was worried it wouldn’t fit an infant even though my gauge matched up…so…I tried it on PINKERTON my pink flamingo that I have at work…because I figure ol’ Pinkerton is about the size of a baby.



Pinkerton didn’t like it one bit:



No I am not worried about my sister-in-law seeing it considering that the last time I was at their house the computer was on the floor and hadn’t been set up yet.


I have made it no secret here that in about 7 weeks I will be made an aunt. They already know it is a boy and already have a name picked out for him. Since we found out it was a boy I have been buying things for it here and there…(mostly clothes items). For the shower though I wanted to get something good. Something that wasn’t clothes. Luckily…during the perfect time in my sister-in-laws pregnancy a Babies R Us sprouted up in our town (which previously did not have one). So I went to our local Babies R Us and printed out their registry.  I decided on “a baby spa” which is much like the old traditional baby tub except it comes with a special insert for when they are very young and it also comes with a shower head attachment that you can use both in the baby tub when they are young and detach it and use it in the bath tub when they are older.  Plus it makes the little plastic tub a whirlpool or something.  It was on their registry only in a slightly different model (that was no longer carried anymore).  When I bought it I tried to persuade the lady at customer service to take it off the registry because I knew it was the one they wanted since the one they registered for is no longer available.  She refused. I bought it anyway and wrapped it and all that stuff and was keeping it in the cargo area of my car. Some of the ladies she works with gave her an impromptu shower and  she received two tubs just like the one I got her (our official shower for her is next weekend).  So I unwrapped mine and took it back to Babies R Us.  Lesson learned there…if it isn’t the exact model on the registry…don’t buy it.  So I probably wandered around that store for two hours. I ended up spending twice as much…because their stuff is so darn cute. And my mom was with me and she bought even more stuff for them even though she already bought them a ton of good stuff.  When my mom and I left that store yesterday afternoon we made a pack. We can NOT go in that store until after the baby is born…our bank accounts depend on it.

This time I WILL hit publish on the fill-in!  Without further ado…it is Friday Fill-in number 57

1. Once I was lost in the forest of Northern California with my parents and little brother.
2. I hate being sick.
3. Today at work I was finally able to do some catching up – its been busy.
4. What’s the open-wheel fuss all about?  (in Nascar)
5. If I make a mistake I try to fix it asap.
6. When I woke up this morning, I thought its Friday- YEY!!!.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to not crocheting (I have been working on my baby bunting project every evening this week–and its pretty much done), tomorrow my plans include going and buying buttons for my baby bunting and Sunday, I want to change my sheets (exciting huh?)!

When Dale Jr announced his new ride, my friend the Hendricks Motorsports fan, told me that Hendricks would rue the day they let Kyle Busch go to make room for Dale Jr. I laughed her off. I was definitely not quiet last season about hoping that Jr would sign with Joe Gibbs Racing, and admit slight disappointment that he didn’t. When Joe Gibbs Racing announced that they were picking up Kyle Busch I was skeptical. The kid’s got attitude (hey he is only 22- I can call him a kid)– not that my driver Tony Stewart doesn’t. As a matter of fact attitude is part of the reason I love Tony.

When I heard how strong the Toyotas were running at the Daytona testing, I started to get a little excited (Ok- a lot excited). Overall at Daytona, Tony ran sixth fastest and Kyle ran thirteenth fastest. Then they started testing at Las Vegas this week and Kyle was fifth fastest yesterday morning and the fastest in the afternoon with Tony right on his tail with second and third fastest (testing in both 20A and 20B). This morning Kyle is right up there at third fastest again. I am beginning to think that Kyle Busch was a wise investment afterall. What you have to remember is not only are Tony and Kyle dealing with the new COT cars…but they have changed from Chevy to Toyota.

This being said I really can’t wait for my NASCAR season to start. After watching parts of the Rolex 24 I am itching for my NASCAR fix. I cringed when I found out that my sister-in-law’s baby shower was the same day as the Bud Shootout at Daytona (that signals the beginning of NASCAR season to me). This is the year I am attending my first ever NASCAR race! GO TONY GO!

Flickr Favorites Collage

Some of my most recent favorites. Lots of classic cars- I have always loved the lines on classic cars which is probably why I picked my new car as the lines are similar to that of an older car. Lots of cuddly animals and flowers…snow. As always click on the collage to go to flickr so that you can see the links to the originals- go give the photographers some props!