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Ok…I don’t have any horses (and frankly the scare me because when I was a kid I fell off one)…but I have some bullets:

  • NABLOPOMO: Well today is the first day. I am a little nervous that I will forget on the weekends because I am use to NOT blogging on weekends….also- I am worried I may run out of ideas….so leave a comment with a subject for me to blog about just in case I run out of ideas!!!
  • I hate it being still dark at 7:00 am. That is just not right. It makes me want to continue to sleep…
  • Of course so does staying up too late because you ate too much chocolate too late in the day. Caffeine never use to bother me.
  • In approximately two weeks I will find out if I will Aunty to a niece or a nephew(providing the baby cooperates and shows its parts)…and it can’t be too soon…I wanna start buying and making stuff.
  • I really want to go to San Jose to the Tech Museum to see the new Body Worlds exhibit. Unfortunately I can’t get anyone to go with me. With the price of gas who blames them really….i don’t trust the rav to go all that way by myself.
  • I am still having starting problems with the Rav. They seem to be getting worse. I need to woo and marry a pit crew….because my Toyota dealership can’t fix their own damn vehicle and I am getting sick of taking it in and them either telling my that they can’t find anything wrong (because it doesn’t show up on the dyno) or telling me that they found it, replacing said part for $300 dollars only for it to continue to act up. Can you tell I am a little frustrated? Yet another reason to buy a chevy hhr…at least when I had the Lumina and it would act up, their own mechanics could fix it.
  • I think I may be one of the few people in the US who doesn’t like Thanksgiving.
  • Roxy sez: The things I have to do for a cookie:

I usually LOVE Halloween.  Seriously it is one of my favorite things.  This year…I was kinda blah about it.  I just wasn’t in the mood. I had a couple ideas for dressing up…but just didn’t feel like going through with the effort.  It also didn’t help that I had a dentist appointment at 8:00 am.

But when my dad came home from physical therapy for his shoulder…he started trying to decide which costume he was going to wear (he has three he alternates in between…Caveman, Wizard, and this scary skeletal thing).   Last year was caveman. This year was Wizard. As my dad likes to say…”I don’t like to scare people…I LOVE it.”  My dad threw his scary skeletal mask at me and told me to be his ORK. Whatever. I put it on.

My mom stands in the kitchen and lets us know how scary we can be. If they are too young I don’t even go to the door.  Well unfortunately there was a little Raggity Ann girl behind a bunch of bigger kids. She took one look at me and tried to flee her stroller (she was probably about three) and screamed and cried.  I also made a little fireman a little spiderman flee from our porch (my mom chased em down and gave them candy because she felt bad for them).

Roxy’s little pumpkin shirt was a bit tight…but I stretched it out…and she kinda looked like a pumpkin sausage.  She didn’t understand why she had to stay in the kitchen.

Roxy sez: Where is my candy? 

Click on the pumpkin to see the whole halloween flickr set:

Well about 40 minutes ago…we experienced a pretty decent shaker (earthquake). Initial reports have it as a 5.6 centered near Alumn Rock in San Jose, CA. Living in California for any length of time, you actually do forget about earthquakes…I don’t even feel small ones anymore.

I had just gone online and was sitting at my desk when it started shaking and I thought…oh look a little earthquake. Then it kept going and going and going and getting stronger and stronger. My heart started racing a little. I sought shelter in a door frame…hanging items were swinging. There was definite creaking.

The funny thing was…earlier today I was sitting in the house and I heard the house creak (a lot of times that is the only way you will know you are having an earthquake…the houses will creak…like they are settling) and I thought to myself…we haven’t had a shaker in awhile. Then I thought..DON’T THINK THAT- YOU WILL JINX IT.

Anyway…I haven’t heard anything about damages closer to the center…but we are all fine here. Shaken…but not stirred.

I know that I was all excited that Daylight Savings Time was starting earlier and lasted longer this year. And it was good for me…really it was. I reveled in my my extra daylight….and didn’t even moan when it meant extra work for me at work (because of having to update computers to recognize this new daylight savings time).  It’s true- I like my daylight…and changes in my daylight patterns screw up my sleep patterns for weeks. However- I would like to kindly request my hour back now.

Yours ever so sleepy in the morning,


Denny Hamlin didn’t run out of gas…on the restart that collected Martin Truex Jr amongst others.  He had water in his fuel.  Nascar has just admitted this happened.  After the race I was talking to BFM who said she didn’t understand if Denny Hamlin was probably low on fuel why he didn’t pit…this mistake caused Martin Truex Jr and Kyle Busch to have significantly lower finishes than they would have if his car hadn’t stalled on the restart…which it turn changed the points standings.

Thought: Maybe this is why Tony’s car “bottomed” out when his oil gauge went haywire.  Then again maybe not.  Tony was just having a bad day…

That is right…I joined NABLOPOMO (national blog posting month). I have decided to try posting EVERYDAY in the month of November. I am usually pretty good at blogging but…I have never, as far as I can remember, posted a blog every day for an entire month. My biggest thing is I am not a fan of posting on the weekends, unless I have something ground breaking that MUST be posted today kinda think (or if I am bored).  SO I am going to give it a shot. This should help me decide if I really want to take part in novel writing month next year….it always sounds like a great idea…then I chicken out.

So if you are a member of NABLOPOMO, go ahead and add me as your friend….you can see my profile button over there on the navigation bar.

Click mosaic to go to the actual flickr entry.  Hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

Well Tony Stewart and the 20 crew had an extremely disappointing day in Atlanta.  They made a strong showing at the beginning of the race moving from 30th to 7th within something like 30-40 laps.  Tony wasn’t happy with the set up so the team started tweaking and things just went down hill from there.  A tire problem and a faulty oil gauge later and we ended up the race in 30th place…right back where we started.  Talk about the day of bad luck…that was probably the worse luck I have ever seen. I hope I am not jinxing them by following em so closely (wink wink).

Also, I wanted to mention Jimmie Johnson’s generous donation of his race wins to the Red Cross for the victims of the California wildfires as well as the contributions from Lowe’s and Hendricks Motorsports…I know he was originally from the southland…but I think it is great that he is being so generous with his winnings.