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We have family visting this weekend. One of the people- we saw a little over a year ago (a cousin) the other is my Aunt…whom I haven’t seen in at least 15 years (said cousin’s mother). No real reason except there are like 3000 miles between our houses.

Anyway…last time I checked my drivers license it said I was 33 (egads that CAN’T be right…when the heck did that happen)…yet ALL WEEK all I have heard out of my mother’s mouth is…”When our company is here…” Or “When your aunt arrives…” as in:
“When our company is here don’t use that kind of language…”


“When your aunt arrives please be sure to greet her warmly and give a hug…definitely do not ignore her…”

And these are just two of the many many examples of the wrath that has been my mom lately…and I am sick of it. I am pretty sure I am now an adult in all states…and I can conduct myself the way that I WANT to conduct myself. It hurts my feelings and pisses me off all at the same time. I mean I know how to properly act…she makes me feel like some sort of nonfunctional social outcast. I know that I curse a bit too much and colorfully but you have to know…I would not talk this way in front of family I don’t have regular interactions with. My mom would tell you that I dropped the F-Bomb in front of my own grandma…and she would be right…but you would have to know that is out of context…my grandma had been watching a dvd at our house and complaining about the use of the f word in the movie we were watching and made the statement “No one in real life talks like that.” So as a joke (and it was taken as such…trust me), I retorted with “Yeah Gramma… who the fuck talks like that?” It was done in a very jocular sense.

And it just isn’t about my language…it is about every thing that I do…how I dress (maybe I should wear work clothes instead of you know my harley shirts) or how I interact with people (Ok so I am not a touchy-feely sort a person normally….) to MY CAR (maybe you should wash your car…) to Roxy (you know your aunt loves dogs…but make sure Roxy doesn’t jump on her or anything)…to something I can’t help (Please watch yourself…I don’t want your aunt to think you are mocking her…[because I tend to pick up the accents of people around me...especially southern accents and those "fargo" type accents] and I don’t want you to embarrass me).
I don’t know if she got the hint yesterday but she mentioned to me something that she hopes my dad doesn’t do…and I just looked at her and said “Well maybe you should lecture him about not (doing said activity).

My mom loves me. I love my mom…but she has this uncanny ability to make me feel like a social leper sometimes…which just makes me more nervous around people…which in turn makes my shyness rear itself…which makes me wanna hide (in a book…with my nintendo ds…or my ipod on very loud…or under a bed…in the dog house…you get the picture) until everyone leaves…it’s like I can’t be me…then who can I be? And will the person I am be the person people will like? I dunno it is hard to explain…

As it stands right now….there is a big dinner out planned for Sunday…and I am almost hoping to be in the throws of this cold that it feels like I am on the verge of so I have an…OUT of some sort. Achoo…did that sound convincing?

Doris the Rav

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My Rav4 is still having intermittent starting issues. She starts FINE when she is cold. She tends to not want to start when she is warm and has been run for a bit then turned off for about 20 minutes. It is frustrating- because I have poured about $600.00 into her at the dealership trying to get those “Toyota Certified” mechanics to figure out what is wrong with her…and they can’t find anything wrong with her. Some vacuum value dohickey needed replacing and my drive belt needed tightening (and not she doesn’t squeak when I turn) but it is still a craps shoot on if she will start if I have been out running errands.

I have found a work around…for now. If she doesn’t start…when I go to start her the second time I mash down on the gas as I start her and she will rev and then start.

In my infinite wisdom I think it might be a problem with the fuel filter or fuel pump…any mechanically inclined people wanna make a guess?  You can’t do any worse then the mechanics at the dealership.  Seriously…I wish I were a mechanic sometimes or at least understood more about how a car works so I didn’t feel like such a dork when trying to convey to a mechanic what my car is or isn’t doing.

From before I left for Vegas:

Me: I think I have convinced Misty to take me to the Nascar Cafe when I am in town.

DAD: Cool- do they have a gift shop?

Me: Oh I don’t imagine they don’t

DAD: Can you pick me up a number 8 hat?

Me: (feigning  horror) NOT A 20 hat?

DAD: YOU are the Stewart fan NOT ME!


Yes he got his hat…as a matter of fact I wore it through out the store…because my hands were full of Stewart stuff for myself :) .

Is it friday yet? Is it? Why not?


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Just an FYI…you will notice some changes starting to happen around BadGroove. You may have noticed your favorite skin might have gone MIA or I have changed the side nav bar a bit…this is all in preparation for some work I am having done on the look of Badgroove…but trust me…you will LOVE it…because I have seen the nearly finished product and I love it BIG!

Burned my mouth to a freaking crisp.

How? Went out to breakfast with my parents at my dad’s insistance…I normally order a diet coke as my beverage because I am not a juice drinker and unless my coffee is so sweet it isn’t even considered coffee anymore I don’t drink coffee…so on a whim I order hot chocolate because it was freezing cold this morning…and it just sounded good.  It comes with a nice foamy layer of whipped cream on top…and I secretly sip off the whipped cream first because…YUMMY! Then I decided it is time to take a nice big gulp of hot chocolate.

Well it was more like a nice big gulp of molten lava and for a brief second I couldn’t decide what to do…a HUGE part of me wanted to spit it up all over the freaking table because HELLO! MOLTEN HOT FIRE IN THE MOUTH!! What do I do? Instead I decide to bear the pain and SWALLOW said MOLTEN LAVA disguised as hot chocolate. I could feel it burning ALL THE WAY DOWN. There is nothing COLD to drink on the table as my parents are both drinking coffee…the waitress comes a few minutes later to take our order and I ask for a glass of water…but she takes her time…and I sit there stewing and feeling like the whole top layer of my tongue and part of the top of my mouth is burned.  I actually stuck my tongue out at my mother and asked her if it was blistering apart.

Worst part? I was making a new shrimp recipe for dinner and was sure I wouldn’t be able to taste it myself…because of the burning mouth…but luckily while it still hurts a bit doesn’t seem to be THAT bad considering the PAIN from this morning. STUPID GIRL!

It was my week to do the MI-5- but Bill sent in questions last week as a “just-in-case” and I loved them so I will take next week.


1. What “classic” song are you SO sick of, you wish you’d never hear it again? White Rabbit.

2. What “classic” song could you listen to over and over? Well when I hear “classic” I think of classic ROCK…so Heart, Black Sabbath, LedZep, and AC/DC all come to mind. If I am listening to the radio (a rare occurance) it is usually a classic rock station….but that might be because we lost our rock station and our country station changed frequencies and now it is all fuzzy.

UPDATE: Bill is making me pick ONE song…which is hard…but I am gonna go with Back in Black by AC/DC (close choice Bill….but Back in Black is just a little better beat wise) although Sabbath’s War Pigs is a close close second.

3. What song would most consider “cheesy,” but it’s one you really love? Mmmmbop. That song is the crack of music.

4. Of the “cheesy” songs, what one do you really, really hate?
Anything by Sonny and Cher…

5. What’re your thoughts on cheese, the foodstuff?
What’s your favorite? Yum. I am a big fan o’ cheese…my favorite being provolone. I will not do Bleu or any of those really smelly ones though.


Friday Fill-in

Janet says: This week, I have a theme…bloggers!

1. She loves Snape, the darker the better!
2. He loves all types of firetrucks.
3. This blogger misses Florida. (and can’t wait to go back)
4. Unfortunately, she’s missing in action lately!
5. Posting regularly is not herhis strong suit; in fact I do believe he hasn’t posted in nine days, ho hum.
6. Her blog entries about life in the “bush of alaska” fascinate me; I love that I can almost experience the smells (and tastes) of what she’s talking about! (not to mention she is funny as heck!)
7. What are you doing this weekend? Tonight I’m looking forward to leaving work and taking Roxy for a Walk, tomorrow my plans include a possible trip to home depot and Sunday, I want to relax and watch a race with NO RAIN DELAYS for a change!

Ok in my post about the Keith Urban concert- Bill asked what in the world the “Cell-Phone wave” is…so i am going to do my best to describe it:

You know “The wave” right? Usually done at large sporting events and graduations…the audience members stand up in succession starting at one end of the arena then sit back down…thus creating a “wave” effect in the audience…ok….so imagine that…only ixnay ALL the lights in the stadium and have everyone hold their cell phone up.  It was actually kinda cool…

Kinda related: The Cell Phone ballad wave:

When I was in Phoenix seeing Slaughter at the Ft. McDowell casino, they did their big ballad “Fly to the Angels” during which Mark Slaughter said to the audience that “I know not many people have lighters any more but I know you all have cell phones…so whip them out”