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I am having a pretty good Monday so far…how about you? I am hoping it stays that way!

So Saturday saw me up at the unsightly hour of 4:45am (yeah you read that right…). I wanted to be sure I could say goodbye to my mom who is off to Canada for a weekend of sightseeing before she boards a big cruise ship to Alaska (she does that today). I would have gone all the way to the airport with her but there wasn’t enough room in the car for me.  My dad wanted to go but couldn’t drive and my brother and sister-in-law went…plus my mom’s friend who is going with her…and the x-terra only seats five.  My plan was to get up…say my goodbyes…make sure she had everything and that kinda of stuff…and go back to bed and sleep.  Except…by the time they left (6:00) I was awake and there would be NO going back to sleep unfortunately….because once I am good and awake…I ain’t going back to sleep- especially if it is light outside.   The rest of the day involved three separate trips to the grocery store…a great dinner prepared by my brother and sister-in-law…and a killer Busch series race in the evening that was a great race and made me wonder why I don’t watch more Busch races. My problem with Busch is that I haven’t decided who to root for!  Needless to say, by the time I drug myself off to bed I was tired and slept well!

I slept in on Sunday morning a bit…which was nice.  I watched the Indy race in the in the early afternoon…cheering for Tony of course.  Then late Sunday afternoon saw me and Roxy playing ball outside for a long time…so long that she finally gave up…something that doesn’t happen very often.  Then I helped to some yard cleanup that my dad wanted done but couldn’t do one armed…while an exhausted Roxy supervised from her shady spots under the trees (she is usually pretty good out front and will just wander around as long as she can see one of us).

Just a reminder that I will be here through Wednesday and then I am out of town until Monday (technically late Sunday but I won’t be online most likely til sometime Monday).  I am setting up my three usually suspects Chrissy, ETS and Bill with posting privies starting Wednesday afternoon if they want to throw some guest posts your way.

What a great race today! Congrats to Tony Stewart and the Home Depot crew on a well-raced win! (I will have more tomorrow).

  • Yes I know… that is a beer commercial…but it was the first snappy (so says me) title with the word bullets in it that came to my head.
  • I have recently decided that I really want a playstation 2 or 3 or an xbox 360. Why? So I can play NASCAR 08…and that is the only reason. Hee hee. Seriously I really want to play it. Pogo.com has an EA web version of nascar racing and I play it sometimes. I always race at Bristol as Tony Stewart and I have been getting pretty good. My best finish? Third! I raced once at Atlanta and kept crashing…boo me.
  • I can pretty much guarantee that my subscription to Nascar Illustrated will start sometime this week. How? I broke down and bought the copy that is on stands today. You would have thought I would have learned my lesson last month with my CROCHET TODAY subscription that I did the same thing with. But NOOOO I just don’t learn.
  • Is it weird that I am incredibly excited that James Denton is the Grand Marshall of the Brickyard 400 race this weekend? (Um…No…he is super hot should be your answer).
  • Now that I have finished Harry Potter, I am onto Driver #8 and I am only a couple pages in and I can tell you that I am going to love this book! It will chronicle Dale Earnhardt Junior’s rookie year as a cup driver and I am just on the Daytona 500 section (basically the first chapter) but I have found some passages so interesting that I have to stop and read them to my mom (who is a big Jr. Fan).
  • Heads up! Soon I will be leaving on a short vacation/belated birthday celebration where BFM and I are meeting up in a top secret locale to celebrate her birthday in person with good food and fun times. Rumors are we may be joined by a big mouse and a wicked witch…and a concert. I hope some peeps will guest post for me…to keep you all entertained whilst I am out and about having fun without you.
  • I hate it when starbucks makes me the wrong drink and I don’t notice it until I leave.  Now I am stuck with a black tea lemonade…that is really a green tea lemonade and I hate their green tea because it has these weird spearminty undertones that is gross in lemonade.

This last weekend was an off weekend in Nascar world. No race meant for me that I didn’t have to worry about setting my dvr (I usually watch the races when they air…but sometimes things happen and I can’t…). From what I read, some drivers went on short vacations, some spent time with their families and some drivers…well they raced anyway.  It doesn’t seem weird to me at all…I work on computers all day…but sometimes when I go home- I will go on my computer and fiddle and play…because I like computers.

Carl Edwards was doing just that last weekend…he was racing at a dirt track and he happened to crash and injured his thumb when he did.  Now some people think that Cup drivers shouldn’t be out there playing in the dirt (or other racing venues) when they have an obligation to race in their cup car nearly every weekend.  In this weeks SPEEDMAIL,  Larry McRenyolds states that these drivers are taking too much of a risk by competing in alternate forms of racing…other than their Cup cars….specifically dirt track racing.

However I don’t think that is the case. Many of the Cup drivers come from roots in dirt track racing…and a lot of them (Tony Stewart, Kasey Kahne) like to go back and throw some dirt (or slide on pavement) on their off days.  It is like going home.  Yeah they can get hurt. But they can also get hurt driving (or walking) down the street to buy a gallon of milk (or messing around in golf carts…just ask Jimmie Johnson).  I can only imagine the amount of adrenaline running through your veins as you loop around a track going 180 mph or more…so sitting at home playing video games probably doesn’t have the same thrill….I think you would rather have your driver running around a dirt track somewhere instead of oh…I dunno…jumping out of planes or other hair-brained stunts fueled by a need for adrenaline amongst other things.  At least this way they are relatively protected and know what they are doing….I really don’t see a problem with it.  To me it would be like telling a professional football player he couldn’t play some football with his buds on Sunday on the off season…or like telling a librarian she can’t go home and read books….

I finally finished!!! Despite a hellacious work day I was able to finish Harry Potter!! Yey me. Feel free to leave comments if you want to discuss the outcome of the book with me.

I will be reading Harry Potter (DO NOT SPOIL IT FOR ME LESS YOU WANT ME TO HATE YOU!) provided I get a copy with no reservation tomorrow (I am hoping I will).

If I post anything about the book I shall be sure to mark the posts as spoilers and hide the main part of the entry. I am not a fast reader so please do not spoil it for me!

Chrissy made a comment on one of my RoxyBlog entries…stating that looking at a picture of Roxy made her day better.  I am having a bad day and then my dad finally emailed me (he has trouble left hand mousing) this picture that I took with his camera the other day.

This is that picture of Miss Roxy I was referring too when I told you I had taken the best picture of Roxy with my dad’s camera.   I was going to save it for tomorrow…but I will think up something new to post about tomorrow.

Bill says: This week’s MI-5 is based of the most recent “Antiques Roadshow” I saw on PBS. They were in Portland, I think.

1) For the kid who brought in the Summer, Winter, and Fall figurines (Spring was missing): Do you have something that you’ve held onto, even though it’s missing some pieces, or may even be broken? What is it? Why do you hang onto it?

Every year for my birthday my maternal grandma gave us these birthday porcelain angels. Well as a young child I thought they were stupid and I actually played with them…and wound up breaking several. I still have them superglued together. I don’t know why I keep them. Part sentimental I guess and part just because I am a packrat. (more…)