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I have been working on some fiction stuff lately. I have never been able to be creative in front of a computer screen…so when I write my first draft of something I tend to use a notebook. As you know, because of a visit from our relatives, I had very little free time this weekend to work on my writing…not for a lack of wanting to. Last week I had to force out my paragraphs…this weekend I was all revved up and no time to write. Except when I bowed out of some site-seeing with relatives to watch Infineon…so while I was watching I decided I would work on my writing too. Today I am transferring what I wrote into my word document on the computer. I got some good stuff done if I don’t say so myself…but you can totally tell by my doodles in the margins what I was watching while writing.

Examples of doodles in the margins (most are doodled words not pictures…): Larry McReynolds (he was one of the commentators), No fourth gear (complete with some gear like doodle), Kyle Petty, Rev Limiter, Welcome to Sonoma, Las Vegas Motor Speedway (complete with a little oval track), a couple of cars (at least I think they are cars…they look more like rectangles with wheels), and lots of flowers. Ok the flowers aren’t race related…I always doodle flowers…those are normal doodles. The funniest one is I apparently doodled the words “Tundra Crewmax or A Silverado?” in between paragraphs…so I couldn’t tell if that was some more doodles or something that I meant to work into my story that I am working on…(I decided it was doodles).


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I didn’t take any pictures this weekend…which is funny considering that I had family in town that I haven’t seen in ages. I just wasn’t in the picture taking mood.

Of course I wasn’t in the having my picture taken mood either but last night I was nearly blinded by all the photos being taken. I can’t imagine what celebrities must feel like.

However..I thought I would share this picture I took two weekends ago…because you can’t get enough pictures of Roxy clowning around can you?

By looking at this picture you would think that she loves to have her picture taken wouldn’t you? Well…she hates it…but I happened to have a biscuit in my hand…yum.

New WP themes

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Looks like the new wp themes and switcher are working perfectly now…any comments? Complaints? Just let me know.

Of course on Sunday I watched the Toyota/SaveMart 350 from Infineon Raceway (always known to me and most native Californians as Sears Point). Funny thing is I was emailing Jay back and forth the week before about going to see a Nascar race (more on that another time) and I mentioned that I was physically closest to Infineon…but I wouldn’t want to see my first Nascar race there.

Not because I don’t like “road” courses (and I use quotes because…well these aren’t TRUE road courses…to me a true road course would be something like that Grand Prix of Long Beach or Las Vegas where they close down streets to actually race on…now THAT is a road course)…quite the contrary…I think Infineon makes for some very exciting racing…(at one point I was sequestered in my room wrapping a present from my uncle to my aunt for her birthday while watching when Tony Stewart made a hell of a pass..and I ended up flinging the wrapping paper off my bed and running into the living room to make sure that our company knew just what a great pass that was). However, from a live spectator point of view, they can be kinda sucky to watch because you can’t see most of the track unless you happen into some really nifty spot around the course. Have I ever been to Infineon. NO. But I have seen my share of races at Laguna Seca (er…Mazda Raceway)…and while shaped completely different than Infineon…I imagine that from the fan point of view it is similar. Basically you are stuck waiting for the cars to come around again…so that you can see them whiz by on your little portion of track. Maybe this is just a Laguna Seca thing…but I don’t imagine that it is since Infineon, like Laguna Seca, has elevation changes.

Unlike Liz Allison, however, I do NOT think these “road” courses should be removed from the Cup schedule. I think they are a welcome change. She mentions that they are boring because the same people win them year after year…which obviously wasn’t true yesterday. I think not only should they run Infineon and the Glen…but consider a true road course similar to the Long Beach Grand Prix or the Las Vegas Grand Prix….and like Tony Stewart has mentioned…maybe even throw in some dirt track racing…diversify. I am not down on the oval….I love oval racing and I hope that my first nascar race is an oval track…but variety is the spice of life you know?


Of course I wouldn’t argue if Nascar decided to run a cup race at Laguna Seca/Mazda Raceway…that track is practically in my backyard (takes me about 15 minutes from door to furthest parking lot)  so you KNOW I would HAVE to go to that one…”road” course or not.

It started right before I left for the airport on my Vegas Vacation. I needed to hear some Diamond Rio. NEEDED. I called my mom and asked her if I could borrow their Diamond Rio cd for the trip to the airport. She had a surprised sound to her voice when she told me if I could find it I could borrow it. Well I found it…but it wasn’t the one I wanted. So I grabbed the first country CD of hers that I found…which ended up being UNLEASHED by Toby Keith…and then I grabbed my Garth Brooks Double Live…and headed out to the airport (which is about an hour away).

Every summer- usually in July- country invades my little rock n roll soul. I need to hear it…I think it has to do with the fact that the Rodeo is in town that month…and for about a week in July EVERYTHING is about the Rodeo. But this year…I have been howling along in my car “It’s bulls and blood, it’s dust and mud, It’s the roar of a sunday crowd, It’s the white in his knuckles It’s the gold in the buckle. He’ll win the next go ’round” at the top of my lungs for over a week now.  You should see the looks I have been getting.

And the Emerson Drive song Moments? It is stalking me people. It started a couple days before I left for Vegas, I turned on CMT while getting ready for work and I saw the video.  After that, every single time I was in the car and turned the country station on – within a few songs I would hear “I’ve had my moments, days in the some, moments I was second to none, Moments when I knew I did what I thought I couldn’t do” When I got to Vegas BFM and I were in the car and I chuckled when she turned on the radio and there was Emerson Drive’s Moments again. This happened the whole trip as she would flip back and forth between country stations. So…I really wish Emerson Drive would stop stalking me!

I got some new themes up on my blog…so the them of this mi-5 is NEW

1. What is the last thing you bought? Some new shampoo

2. You can add on one NEW room to your existing home. What would it be? Why? A library…to house my books, dvds and cds. Of course it would ALSO have a huge flatscreen with surround sound!

3. What new book are you looking forward to? Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows of course.

4. What new music are you looking forward to? Well I was looking forward to the new Bon Jovi…but it is out now..so…I don’t know.

5. What new dish or restaurant would you like to try next? Well I will try ANYTHING at least once…but there is a new Thai restaurant I would like to try. I have never had Thai food…so who knows if I will like it…

Well What do you think of this new look? I love it. I hope you do too.

Goofy Girl made me two brand new wordpress themes that are TOTALLY ME!!! I love all the hard work she did on these skins!!!

There is still some tweaking going on so the Zoot Skin might not be working (she even upgraded my wordpress!) if you had that as your default… and be prepared because I have some shuffling of things in mind for my sidebar…that I will be doing…oh and the theme switcher is disabled currently (but don’t worry…it will be back.)

We have family visting this weekend. One of the people- we saw a little over a year ago (a cousin) the other is my Aunt…whom I haven’t seen in at least 15 years (said cousin’s mother). No real reason except there are like 3000 miles between our houses.

Anyway…last time I checked my drivers license it said I was 33 (egads that CAN’T be right…when the heck did that happen)…yet ALL WEEK all I have heard out of my mother’s mouth is…”When our company is here…” Or “When your aunt arrives…” as in:
“When our company is here don’t use that kind of language…”


“When your aunt arrives please be sure to greet her warmly and give a hug…definitely do not ignore her…”

And these are just two of the many many examples of the wrath that has been my mom lately…and I am sick of it. I am pretty sure I am now an adult in all states…and I can conduct myself the way that I WANT to conduct myself. It hurts my feelings and pisses me off all at the same time. I mean I know how to properly act…she makes me feel like some sort of nonfunctional social outcast. I know that I curse a bit too much and colorfully but you have to know…I would not talk this way in front of family I don’t have regular interactions with. My mom would tell you that I dropped the F-Bomb in front of my own grandma…and she would be right…but you would have to know that is out of context…my grandma had been watching a dvd at our house and complaining about the use of the f word in the movie we were watching and made the statement “No one in real life talks like that.” So as a joke (and it was taken as such…trust me), I retorted with “Yeah Gramma… who the fuck talks like that?” It was done in a very jocular sense.

And it just isn’t about my language…it is about every thing that I do…how I dress (maybe I should wear work clothes instead of you know my harley shirts) or how I interact with people (Ok so I am not a touchy-feely sort a person normally….) to MY CAR (maybe you should wash your car…) to Roxy (you know your aunt loves dogs…but make sure Roxy doesn’t jump on her or anything)…to something I can’t help (Please watch yourself…I don’t want your aunt to think you are mocking her…[because I tend to pick up the accents of people around me...especially southern accents and those "fargo" type accents] and I don’t want you to embarrass me).
I don’t know if she got the hint yesterday but she mentioned to me something that she hopes my dad doesn’t do…and I just looked at her and said “Well maybe you should lecture him about not (doing said activity).

My mom loves me. I love my mom…but she has this uncanny ability to make me feel like a social leper sometimes…which just makes me more nervous around people…which in turn makes my shyness rear itself…which makes me wanna hide (in a book…with my nintendo ds…or my ipod on very loud…or under a bed…in the dog house…you get the picture) until everyone leaves…it’s like I can’t be me…then who can I be? And will the person I am be the person people will like? I dunno it is hard to explain…

As it stands right now….there is a big dinner out planned for Sunday…and I am almost hoping to be in the throws of this cold that it feels like I am on the verge of so I have an…OUT of some sort. Achoo…did that sound convincing?