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Finding out that someone accidentally cut a water main in the area causing the water in your building to be shut off….after you have just downed a venti iced black tea.  ARG!

I guess it is delurker day- so I wanted to welcome and encourage anyone who is new or who hasn’t commented on BadGroove to do so- we love the comments…or rather I love the comments…I really really do so come on down.

Now..some bullet goodness:

  • There was a huge crisis in the casa de Amy! We were out of Milk Bones. Roxy was practically going through convulsions at not having her morning Milk Bone…and had to suffer through for three days. The little Meaty Bones I gave her as a substitute just weren’t cutting it. Worry not- I picked up a box yesterday and peace was restored.
  • Guess what I just bought? No not a car (don’t excite me!), I bought an eight pack of Zig pens…because I love me some pens. Yes I know they are usually for scrapbooking…but i like to write with them.
  • The local newscaster this morning made me laugh…but then I felt bad and have been rummaging through dictionaries trying to find out if I am right or not….She said “tournicated” (as in rhymes with fornicated) in reference to someone who in the past tense applied a tourniquet. She used it as a verb. It made me laugh….but then I felt bad for mocking her and have been looking to see if it is indeed a word- I find no reference so now I don’t feel so bad for poking fun. This all stems from my coworker- who claims I said “confusement” on the phone to a customer and now often chides me with it…I don’t remember saying it…but it does sound like it should be a word…so maybe I did. Needless to say there is much confusement over the situation here.
  • Is it Friday yet?

Zoot showed off her favorite pictures on flickr! …and I thought what a GREAT idea….I can sometimes spend HOURS perusing peoples photos on Flickr. Here are some of the pictures I made my favorites recently…I hope you enjoy them:

1. Bubbles, 2. Jack-o-bokeh, 3. western motel santa clara, 4. Fate Speaks, 5. up, 6. Frosh Girls Volleyball ’07 171, 7. Untitled, 8. Chesterfield Mock Tudor, 9. Recycling, 10. Untitled, 11. The accidental favorite shot ever, 12. Harvard – Faculty Club – Staircase (I), 13. Available Seating, 14. P1010234, 15. Sunset, 16. Lights, 17. Untitled, 18. way serious……………, 19. Paper, 20. DSC_0004, 21. Descent, 22. Howard, 23. Sulle mura, 24. Keltie going, 25. Sol Duc Falls

I can never figure that one out.  I had plans for the weekend…but they were led astray….as they always are.

My weekend started Friday.  I had the day off. I planned to do so much with it.  Mostly I was going to do most of my weekend chores (you know…the fun stuff like laundry and bathroom cleaning).  Yet what happened? First off I got sucked into playing FLATOUT 2 with my dad.  I just love me some demolition derby computer gaming.  There is something satisfying about taking a vehicle and slamming it into someone else.

Then we went to visit my grandma at the rehab facility (she had  back surgery a couple weeks ago and is in the rehab place convalescing).  Then to lunch at our favorite taco place.


Saturday including some of the chores I was hoping to get done on friday. Another visit to Grandma.  While in the vicinity we stopped by Trader Joe’s since we don’t have one.  Bought some of the best Artichokes ever there. Yum.


Sunday was spent trying to watch the race which was rain delayed not once but twice…and of course everytime the race came back on…the jets at the airshow were flying over- which was annoying.  Also worked on finishing up chores I was hoping to get done.

So much for spending Sunday watching the race, reading and setting up my playstation. At least it made it out of the box. Still hasn’t been hooked up yet.

Jim says: It is now fall and with that change we say goodbye to many outdoor activities for another year.  This five is mostly about indoor things we do when the weather isn’t so warm anymore.

Listening to Music
1.  What was the first musical album (record, tape, cd etc…) that you purchased and do you still listen to it? Well the first musical album I owned (it was given to me) was a vinyl record of Jan and Dean.  I listened to that thing a lot as a kid…The first thing I bought that I remember purchasing with my own money? Arena by Duran Duran.  I still have it- it was a tape.  The first CD I ever bought was the Days of Thunder soundtrack.

2.  What are you reading right now and if you aren’t reading anything tell us the last book you read and if it is/was good.  I am currently reading It All About Him by Denise Jackson

3.  Do you have any favorite cool weather foods you enjoy?  Please feel you can share a recipe if you have one. I like my Dad’s barbecued Turkey he makes at Thanksgiving.

4.  Do you enjoy the parties that cold weather can bring such as Christmas, New Years and Valentines?  Tell us about a memorable one…  I am not a big party person. I like gathering with family at Christmas…but other than that I don’t often find myself out partying often.

The oddball question
5.  You can relate this to our theme if you want or you don’t have to if you don’t want to.  As a child did you ever think something crazy that as you got older you realized wasn’t true?  When I was a kid- somehow I got the idea that upstairs in the bank my parents went to there was a swimming pool and during their lunch breaks the tellers would go upstairs to swim.  I use to want to take my towel to the bank so that I could ask the tellers if I could swim up there too.

Sometimes BFM and I call each other during our work day…just to say “Hey” or catch up on some gossip in one of our workplaces. However sometimes when there is gossip in our workplace and we are in the workplace- it isn’t the easiest of times to talk about that drama. So we have, quite by accident, come up with a code word for the action of being fired.

It was all the invention of BFM! She called me and said mentioned that she had something to tell me about and it was about a person in her workplace who’s name is the same as the name of a cousin of hers and of mine (the cousins aren’t the same…they share the same name). So then she says well ask me about her…and usually I am really good at this game however- I was distracted because I was at work and I was working…so finally we had this conversation:

BFM “What is Tony Stewart’s nickname again?”

Me: “Smoke.”

BFM: “That’s right…and where does it come from?”

Me: “The tires.”

BFM: (chuckling hard) “Well in his case yes…but in most cases…”

Me: (light bulb virtually brightening right over my head) “Fire! FIRED! Person X got FIRED.”

BFM: “Yep..details later.”

Fast forward to another conversation a couple days later:

BFM: “Guess what. TONY STEWART!!!”

Me: “Someone else? Was it person Y?”

BFM: “You got it fast this time.”

Me: “I love this game!”

It was hot in my office yesterday. Unbearably hot.  So I put a workorder in to our maintenance department letting them know that something was wrong with the heating/cooling for our office….then one of the guys from the office next door wandered in and mentioned that their office was hot too…so I called up the maintenance office and kindly asked if their room could be added to our workorder.   About 15-20 minutes later I got this phone call:

ME: (standard department greeting) This is Amy.

MaintenanceManx: Hi Amy, This is MaintenceManX.  So, I heard this rumor that you are hot.

I had to laugh…wouldn’t you?

As I mentioned yesterday…I was suffering from sticker shock at the price of my race tickets (not that it stopped me from buying tickets). What that didn’t tell you? Was that I actually purchased my tickets for the race back in August..and have the actual tickets tucked safely in a book at home (that sounds weird I know- but I do that with important things like tickets to events- tuck them into a specific book in my room- so that I won’t place them on my desk and lose them in a paper tower).

However- my springing for garage passes for the same day didn’t happen until the beginning of September. So they were ordered separately. I seemed to get the race tickets rather quickly after ordering them..and was getting slightly nervous about the fact that I ordered up garage passes and hadn’t gotten them yet. So I logged into my account at LVMS and emailed the customer service people.

A represented emailed me back in a timely manner, explaining that they would be mailed out in November and that they should I only ordered Garage passes for Friday and that they assumed I already had tickets for the race. Yes…did you catch that. The email said FRIDAY garage passes. And I only ordered tickets for SUNDAY. Could I have made that glaring of an error. Shit. I looked up my receipt…and it didn’t mention WHAT day the garage passes were for- only the convenience fee and the Nascar Service Charge fee…and then my total. Odd. So I emailed back. Then looked online to see how much friday tickets were (expecting that since it is only practice and qualifying they should be fairly cheap…and tada…they were cheap). So I figured worse comes to worse I will just buy friday tickets too (by the time this is all over? I should have just sprung for weekend passes).

I called BFM to tell her there was some sorta screw up somewhere…and that I might have gotten us garage passes for the wrong day…but I could fix it buy getting us tickets for that day too because they are fairly cheap. After we discussed it we thought it might actually be better to have garage passes for Friday since there would be more action in the garage area on that day then on race day…plus you know…we would want to watch the race on race day! So instead of email all this information back to Las Vegas motorspeedway I called them.

I spoke with a very nice man at the box office, who told me his name but I don’t remember what it is (I think it might have been Paul?). Anyway…first I gave him my account number and asked him which day I had garage passes for. He looked and told me Sunday. So then I asked him if there was anyway to change them to Friday or was it too late? He checked for me and told me that he personally couldn’t do it because there was a cost difference (of $40.00) for the garage passes from one day to the next- but that he might be able to work it out. So he put me on hold….coming back on to tell me he was trying to move things around and to be patient (which I was…I totally appreciated everything he was doing!). So he finally came back and and verified that I wanted garage passes for Friday and not Sunday. And I told him yes if that was possible because I was planning on buying tickets for Friday. Then somehow he got mixed up and thought this was for the NHRA Drag races in October…and then after a couple of minutes of more confusion because I tried to tell him the date was Jan 31st when I meant Feb 29th (I felt really badly confusing the guy). So what he did is he switched my garage passes to Friday…and then I put the $40.00 credit towards the tickets for Friday so it all got worked out in the end.

So now I am going to Friday which is qualifying (yey!) and Sunday….(but not Saturday). And I should have garage access for Friday…and I am still really excited about going!!! And I have a great appreciation for LVMS and their box office staff who went out of their way to make sure I got what I wanted!!!