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Was it weird for you how I had been updating at least once (usually more like three to five times a day) then I just left you in the lurch on Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday. I wish I had some exciting tale of adventure and intrigue…but really I have nothing people. NOTHING. My weekend…was pretty boring and I did nothing excited and certainly nothing you would really want to hear about…trust me.

The most exciting things I did over the weekend:

  • I made a freezer pie. It was deliciously lime and totally easy. TOTALLY. Next week I am going to make an orange one!
  • I bought some freeze dried banana chips. I think they are good. No one else in my family does. I knew I should have been an astronaut! Freeze dried bananas…YUM. Tang….YUM! Oh yeah I kinda forgot how I don’t like flying and the whole “deathly scared of heights” thing. Hmmm maybe no on the astronaut thing afterall.
  • I tried bubble tea. I saw a new place in town and they sell them. I was innately curious like my mother so we tried. It was like drinking coconut slushy (I ordered a coconut one my mom ordered a plum one…and hers was much nastier than mine) with guppys in it. Rather gross. I shall not repeat. But I had to try it. The drink itself was good but the “bubbles” really grossed me out.  For those not in the know..the bubbles…they are actually big gelatinous globs of tapioca.
  • Watched the race…rooted for Tony…was glad that Denny Hamlin was able to hold off Gordon…
  • Looked all over for a 12×16 frame. Not as easy as you might think. Apparently it is an odd size.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you about the weekend recap.


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This is what happens when I have five extra dollars, a digital camera and spare time at work. (Link goes to flickr photo…of mine.) ** Last post today I promise!

A couple weekends ago my mother and I found ourselves in a town 30 miles from our hometown…shopping for shoes for her cruise…and the Tony Stewart Show car just happened to be at a nearby Home Depot (yeah….what a coincidence…NOT). I was excited to see an actual nascar up close (even better that it was Tony’s) and looked it over and took some great pictures. My mom was at least feigning interest and looked too…and when she looked in at the driver seat (I wish I had gotten a picture of the seat) she proclaimed it to look much like a carseat for a child…only adult size. I don’t know why…but it struck me as hilarious…of course…you probably had to be there.

“No, no he didn’t slam you, he didn’t bump you, he didn’t nudge you…he rubbed you. And rubbin’, son, is racin’.” – Robert Duvall as Harry Hogge in Days of Thunder.

BFM has been ribbing me pretty hard lately about the whole nascar fangirl thing, specifically my fanship of Tony Stewart. Granted, she has known how much I love racing- we have been best friends since junior high school- so she KNOWS. Heck one of the first times we cut school together was in high school to go watch a CART race at Laguna Seca…(this was back before Cart split into IRL and Champ). We probably saw Days of Thunder in the theaters three of four times…her because of Tom Cruise…me because of the CARS! THE SPEED! She knows that if I have nothing to do on a Sunday afternoon I will do anything in my power to be sitting my keister down and watching the race.

Anyway a while back she sent me a link to an article called NASCAR LEGENDS OF OUR TIME. I sent her a little email back thanking her for the link to the article. She then called me later in the day and told me that the reason she sent me the article was to rub it in that Jeff Gordon was listed third as a Nascar Legend and Tony Stewart wasn’t mentioned at all.

A couple days after that…we where chatting online one night and had decided to part ways. Right before she signed off, instead of the usual “Good night”… or “talk to you tomorrow” kind of thing- she signed off with DUPONT RULES (that would be Jeff Gordon’s primary sponsor for those not in the know) and signed off quickly before I could respond.

Then I visited her in Vegas and we were wandering around Target when her little brother found an isle dedicated to Nascar merchandise. I was standing with him in the isle, trying to decide what exactly a Tony Stewart air freshner would smell like (Tire Smoke? Burned Oil? No…turns out Tony Stewart smells like bubble gum!) and I turn around and see this:

The ribbing of course didn’t stop once I returned! Finally I asked her. I said “What is with the relentless ribbing?” and she came back with (in a voice like I can’t believe you are asking me) “Ribbin’ is friendship.”

When I was little and going through elementary school, I remember being incredibly frustrated because other people didn’t see numbers the way I saw them. I remember trying to explain to my mom that numbers were people. And I saw them all as neighbors in an apartment complex…and some of the neighbors got along famously and others did not. I just couldn’t make her understand that 9 was an evil man and scared 8 (a little girl) and everyone except 9 got along with 8 (this is just one example).

Apparently I am not alone! Awhile ago I was surfing the web and blogs in general and found out that this is actually a neurological condition that is a form of Synesthesia called Ordinal Linguistic personification. Synesthesia is defined as a condition in which two or more bodily senses are coupled. In this form (OLP)- numbers, days of the week and months of the year evoke personalities. I remember feeling the same way about days of the week…but to a lesser extent than the numbers. In my experience with OLP, it was much more prevalent when I was a child manipulating numbers on a regular basis….and it never really got in the way of learning- except sometimes I wouldn’t like it when certain numbers were next to each other because clearly 7 was a snob and didn’t want to hang around with 6 or 8 because it was too good for them. I am just glad to know that there are others out there who see numbers this way!

First the bullets:

  • Housekeeping: I decided to turn the theme switcher off permanently. You will now be subject to my whim as to which skin you see. We will start with NASCAR…The Slaughter skin will rear its head when I feel like change.
  • Work: I have had it just under 24 hours and I LOVE the wireless headset. I am not teathered to my desk by an umbilical phone cord…and don’t ask how I know this but the headset works all the way to the bathroom from my office. The headset fits a little funny but I think I am just not use to it yet. I can cook my lunch in the microwave at the back of the office and talk on the phone at the same time (and chew gum…aren’t I talented).
  • Family: I didn’t mean for THIS to sound like my mom doesn’t LOVE me. I know she loves me. Its just sometimes…she has a funny way of showing it. I think she was nervous for some reason. And for those of you wondering…I kept my mouth under control…except for once…but I was in the privacy of my own car…alone…so I don’t think I offended anyone.
  • Music: Still on the country kick. Last song listened to? BOONDOCKS by Little Big Town.
  • NASCAR: NH this weekend. Go Tony.
  • Roxy: This picture I call The Flying Beagle because of her ears…really what she is doing is Arooing…which is like a cross betwix a bark and a bay (that howling noise hounds make). The neighbors love it I am sure. What she was saying was: Stop taking pictures and start walking me!

I have been working on some fiction stuff lately. I have never been able to be creative in front of a computer screen…so when I write my first draft of something I tend to use a notebook. As you know, because of a visit from our relatives, I had very little free time this weekend to work on my writing…not for a lack of wanting to. Last week I had to force out my paragraphs…this weekend I was all revved up and no time to write. Except when I bowed out of some site-seeing with relatives to watch Infineon…so while I was watching I decided I would work on my writing too. Today I am transferring what I wrote into my word document on the computer. I got some good stuff done if I don’t say so myself…but you can totally tell by my doodles in the margins what I was watching while writing.

Examples of doodles in the margins (most are doodled words not pictures…): Larry McReynolds (he was one of the commentators), No fourth gear (complete with some gear like doodle), Kyle Petty, Rev Limiter, Welcome to Sonoma, Las Vegas Motor Speedway (complete with a little oval track), a couple of cars (at least I think they are cars…they look more like rectangles with wheels), and lots of flowers. Ok the flowers aren’t race related…I always doodle flowers…those are normal doodles. The funniest one is I apparently doodled the words “Tundra Crewmax or A Silverado?” in between paragraphs…so I couldn’t tell if that was some more doodles or something that I meant to work into my story that I am working on…(I decided it was doodles).


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I didn’t take any pictures this weekend…which is funny considering that I had family in town that I haven’t seen in ages. I just wasn’t in the picture taking mood.

Of course I wasn’t in the having my picture taken mood either but last night I was nearly blinded by all the photos being taken. I can’t imagine what celebrities must feel like.

However..I thought I would share this picture I took two weekends ago…because you can’t get enough pictures of Roxy clowning around can you?

By looking at this picture you would think that she loves to have her picture taken wouldn’t you? Well…she hates it…but I happened to have a biscuit in my hand…yum.