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It is Chrissy’s Birthday so stop on by and say Happy Birthday…and tell her Amy sent ya!!

My bud ETS is out of town and asked me to do some guest posting.

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Ok…I admit it. Sometimes I like to play me some video games. I use to LOVE the Sims on my computer. I use to play the SIMS so much that my eyes would cross. I would spend hours building dream homes….and cultivating relationships between my Sims (they were my SIMS…I never got into the online thing). I could get lost in it. Then I started having dreams in which the people in the dreams? They had the big green sims diamond above their head to indicate mood. So I laid off playing the Sims. I figure it is bad when you start to dream in video game.

Then last year my sister-in-law came over to my house sporting a pink nintendo DS. Ooh I fell in love with that little contraption. She actually let me borrow it for a week…and I was hard pressed to give it back. So I asked for one for my birthday in January. I ended up with an IOU because EVERYWHERE was sold out of the pink nintendo DS (and the black and the white too). That happens a lot when your birthday is three weeks after Christmas. I finally ended up getting one in march. That is fun. I like to grab it and play it. I go through phases where I try to complete a whole game. The easiest game I have completed? Pogo Island. Took me less than a day. The hardest so far? Diner Dash. I am so close….I am on the last level…and have been forever. It is driving me nuts. Sometimes my sister-in-law brings hers over and we play together. That is fun too. Or we swap games. Also fun.

Then I heard about NASCAR 08…and oooh how I wanted it. Unfortunately it was only being offered for gaming platforms; PS2, PS3 and Xbox 360. Well that sucks. So I contemplated and contemplated….and spoke with my brother about the benefits of the ps2 vs ps3 vs xbox. Following his suggestion I did go Sony…but not heeding his advice I went with a PS2 because I paid less for it than I did my nintendo ds…yes it was new. My brother told me to wait and buy a PS3…but I didn’t want to wait…AND I didn’t think that I would like it that much to warrant a $499.99 price tag either. Pretty much I was right. I mean I like the PS2…but I don’t think I would have wanted to pay more than I did for it.

I also bought Nascar 08 for the playstation. If you have watched any of the Nascar races this season I am sure you have seen the commercials (I HATE JEFF GORDON or I LOVE JEFF GORDON come to mind). It is fun…but frustrating. I don’t know the controller that well…and I am not that great at the game…yet. Give me time. I can kick butt in the whelan series cars….when I am not running into the wall. It looks more like bumpercars when I play. But like anything I am sure the more I play the better I will get. I have been looking into getting other ps2 games…mostly racing games because that is what I am into. I really want FlatOut2. I have played that a bit on my dad’s computer and I LOVE it….especially the wrecking derbys….there is something that is satisfying about running into other cars on purpose. I also want World of Outlaws 02…but I can’t find it new anywhere (well I found a couple of new copies in the amazon.com marketplace…for $200.00 which is outrageous). So if anyone has it and it is playable…let me know…I would love to borrow it…or buy it off of you…as long as you don’t want $200.00 for it.

This was written after the Kansas race…not Talladega…just FYI.

Two more HATES (original LOVE/HATE post) for the DirectTV NASCAR HOTPASS:

  1. After the last rain delay at the Kansas race? They forgot to turn the individual driver channels back on for what seemed like forever. So I was stuck having to watch it on the Mix channel – which wasn’t very helpful…because I couldn’t figure out that the race on Cable was moved over to ESPN2….urg.
  2. After Tony Stewart wrecked out- the 799 (the Tony Stewart Channel) went directly over to being the Clint Bowyer channel- so I missed Tony throwing his fit. I didn’t even KNOW he threw a fit until much later that night whilst talking to BFM. She was all…YOU DIDN’T SEE HIS FIT?? LET ME TELL YOU….

First The Fill-in because I am the Guest Host!

1. If I were a tree I would be an oak because I think they are very magestic.
2. If I were a bird I would fly over hawaii.
3. If I were a book I hope I would be well loved by lots of people and children.
4. If I were a car I would want to be a nextel cup car…they go fast and are well cared for.
5. If I could get rid of one piece of technology it would definitely be cellphones because it bugs me to be in a restaurant and have to hear people’s conversations.
6. If I could get rid of one bad habit at a snap of the fingers it would be biting my nails.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to relaxing, tomorrow my plans include cleaning and laundry and hopefully some ps2 and Sunday, I want to watch the race in Talladega!
Continue for the MI-5:


Well over a month ago I was given the Rockin’ Girl Blogger award by ETS.  Part of this award bestowed upon me, is to reciprocate and myself give the award to five “Rockin’ Girl Bloggers.”  So here goes nothing:

  1. Chrissy:   Chrissy totally rocks…and not just because she has been downloading Poison songs recently.  Some of her posts have moved me….one day I wanna write like Chrissy writes.
  2. Valli: Valli rocks because well…like me she loves Nascar.  She also likes Dale Jr. and who the heck can blame her? Not me that is for sure. (Don’t be fooled by the skin…I love Tony…but Dale he is a hottie!)
  3. Adelle: I have followed her since we got matched up in a blogexchange.  Adelle knits some of the most amazing stuff.  Plus…she is raising money for the American Heart Association Heartwalk in honor of her nephew so donate if you can.
  4. E: She is in school, works, is in band and loves NASCAR! Not to mention- she has a cool blog name (I Solemnly Swear That I am Up To No Good). AND she loves college football.
  5. Sarah: She knits, makes her own stitchmarkers (which I think is totally cool!) and has two darling children.  But mostly she rocks because she is a tells it like it is and I have loved her blog forever-but I don’t think I have ever mentioned it on badgroove.

Well there are my 5 Rockin Girl Bloggers.  Girls…be sure to nominate five on your own.

Finding out that someone accidentally cut a water main in the area causing the water in your building to be shut off….after you have just downed a venti iced black tea.  ARG!

I guess it is delurker day- so I wanted to welcome and encourage anyone who is new or who hasn’t commented on BadGroove to do so- we love the comments…or rather I love the comments…I really really do so come on down.

Now..some bullet goodness:

  • There was a huge crisis in the casa de Amy! We were out of Milk Bones. Roxy was practically going through convulsions at not having her morning Milk Bone…and had to suffer through for three days. The little Meaty Bones I gave her as a substitute just weren’t cutting it. Worry not- I picked up a box yesterday and peace was restored.
  • Guess what I just bought? No not a car (don’t excite me!), I bought an eight pack of Zig pens…because I love me some pens. Yes I know they are usually for scrapbooking…but i like to write with them.
  • The local newscaster this morning made me laugh…but then I felt bad and have been rummaging through dictionaries trying to find out if I am right or not….She said “tournicated” (as in rhymes with fornicated) in reference to someone who in the past tense applied a tourniquet. She used it as a verb. It made me laugh….but then I felt bad for mocking her and have been looking to see if it is indeed a word- I find no reference so now I don’t feel so bad for poking fun. This all stems from my coworker- who claims I said “confusement” on the phone to a customer and now often chides me with it…I don’t remember saying it…but it does sound like it should be a word…so maybe I did. Needless to say there is much confusement over the situation here.
  • Is it Friday yet?