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  • I mutter to myself under my breath…usually curse words. (As hard as I am sure it might be to believe I don’t as much as you think I do- especially lately).
  • I yell out…YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME for what probably seems like no reason. (I have a reason…usually).
  • I will sit there and bitch about things I have no control over, like the relative “grumpiness” of respective customers.
  • The playlist on my iPod is THE ANGRY MIX and its set to repeat.
  • I bite my bottom lip while concentrating.
  • I send out emails to my boss stating that “This sucks and its making me cranky.” Thank god for unsend.
  • I will look for any excuse to drive home for lunch because even at 3.66 a gallon driving is a big destressing mechanism for me.
  • While driving home I have my iPod turned way up and screech along (and screeching is NO exaggeration) to songs like RIGHT NOW by Korn, DOWN WITH THE SICKNESS by Disturbed and even though its embarrassing to admit I will: RENEGADE by Styx (I love that song). Complete with cuss words for the ones that have them. (yeah I know one is not like the other two…bite me).
  • I tell my blog readers to bite me. Whoops. Please don’t.

So Greased Lightning (GL for short) went in for her first oil change/tire rotation/general inspection yesterday at work. All went well and I am still impressed with my dealership’s service department (for those who are new here- I had major issues with my local toyota dealership service department- so much that I went out of town to have my car serviced or looked at…and even they weren’t great). My car was ready when they said it would be. The only issue is that apparently there is some sort of recall on my vehicle and they ordered the part to fix it- but that really isn’t their fault. So all is well so far with GL.


I started blogging a long time ago. I started off with livejournal…then I moved over to blogspot…before ETS hooked me up with Pete who helped me secure my own domain name and now I blog like a big girl using wordpress. However- my good bud J is off on a cruise drinking nonalcoholic umbrella drinks and prancing around in leopard print (his words not mine). He left me the keys to his kingdom and while he is away…I am gonna play. So today I posted my first guest post: Return of the Idiot Driver. Enjoy.


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  • So I have been having problems with comment spam so Pete helped me activate Akismet. So if your comments suddenly don’t show up or something…let me know. Thanks. As a matter of fact…if your a commenter please leave me a comment on this post so I will know it works.
  • I hate feeling trapped at work. My HHR is in for its oil change/tire rotation/general inspection. My mom was kind enough to pick me up at the dealership and take me to work. But now I am stuck here with no wheels and no way to get starbucks or check the PO box. That sucks.
  • I make damn good chicken enchiladas, in case you were wondering.
  • I forgot to mention in my Letters of Martinsville entry how impressed I was with Elliott Sadler for driving the entire race in pain. Color me impressed because my dad has suffered back injuries and pain a lot and I have seen first hand what kind of pain that is. Everytime I left the room for a minute I would come back out and ask my mom “Is Elliott Sadler still driving?” and she would say “Yep.” Of course I wasn’t sure since she tends to sleep through races until the last 40 laps or so and then starts in with her “where’s jr?”
  • Directly after the race I ran across the street and held my almost week old nephew for nearly an hour. He is such a content baby. And a great sleeper. And of course he is absolutely darling. I am not biased. What would make you say that??
  • Speaking of my nephew…I took a really cool picture of him holding my dad’s (his grandpa) finger totally off the cuff. My dad handed me his Canon 20d so he could hold Matt the other day and I just started snapping some pictures. I think it came out good if I don’t say so myself:

Sometimes during the races I sit there and try to write letters catching up on correspondence (yes I am a hold back I believe hardily in paper letters, written on cutesy stationary and mailed through the post office). However I usually always get wrapped up in the race and the letter usually never gets past “Dear So-and-So, Hello! How are you doing?” This weekend was no different. However I did end up writing some letters in regards to the race. Enjoy.

Dear DW-

Boogity boogity boogity rocks. Glad you have your voice back- I missed it at Bristol!

Let’s Go Racing- AMY


Dear Goody’s Headache Powder-

I have looked for you for years. I remember looking for it when I was about 10 years old in our local drugstore and my mom kept asking me what I was looking for and I finally told her. She told me they don’t sell you in California. Why?

I have a headache- AMY


Dear Dad-

Since when do you know Kasey Kahne by sight? That scared me slightly. And when did you stop asking where Mark Martin is? And since when do you call Tony SMOKE?

Love, AMY


Dear Budweiser-

Kasey Kahne is too babyfaced to sell me beer. I do like the Allstate commercials though. A lot.

Not Drinking Beer at 10:30am, AMY


Dear Mike Skinner and Matt Kenseth-

Y’all missed the freaking pace car. You might wanna go back out and try for perfect.

Just call me Harry, AMY


(at Lap 120)

Dear Tony,

Don’t give up. I haven’t.

Still Cheering You On, AMY


Dear Aric Almirola (or however you spell it)-

Just how many spinouts do you plan on causing this race?

Getting dizzy, AMY


Dear Home Depot Pit Crew-


Hating Losing positions in the pits, AMY


(in regards to the hotpass commercial)

Dear Tony,

I find it impossible to hold it in for 400 or 500 laps– you must have a bladder of steel.

On a potty break, AMY


(regarding the championship commercial)

Dear Jimmie Johnson-

Did you know that 1428 tires divided by 36 races is 39.667 tires per race? Just thought you might like to know.

I didn’t even use a calculator, AMY


Dear Jeff Burton-

Please paint your car a different color. Your orange is too close to Tony’s orange. Thanks.

Confused sometimes- AMY


Dear Fox Sportscasters-

I do not play darts. What the hell does “He drives like a dart with no feathers” mean? Is that good or bad?

Don’t make me ruin the darts in the garage, AMY


Dear NASCAR fans-

I have a great idea. Lets a WHOLE BUNCH of us…like all of us, throw in 20 or 30 bucks into a big pool of money (come on I know there are A LOT OF NASCAR fans out there) and use that money to sponsor poor Kvapil. His car looks so damn naked out there. We could have him list our names on his empty spots in alphabetical order.

I always wanted to work in Nascar, AMY

  • Why am I grumpy and grouchy today?
  • Why am I using a straw as a spoon for my shake that is frozen into a solid ice cream mass again instead of getting a spoon?
  • Why am I even eating ice cream…It’s not one of my favorite desserts?
  • Why do I have a rash on the inside of my wrists and no where else…and why doesn’t this rash itch or anything? And why won’t it go away?
  • Why has my comment spam tripled suddenly?
  • Why does it decide to be overcast and cold on my three day weekend that no one else has?
  • Why is there a herd of buffalo in a pen somewhere near Gonzales,CA? And why won’t anyone show me where they are at?
  • Why does no one else in my family like pepperoni and pineapple pizza with extra cheese? Or Even just pepperoni pizza? And what is with the light sauce people?
  • Why is my iPod always dead on the days when I NEED music? Why?
  • Why did I feel the need to post all this drivel on the internet anyway?

Friday Fill-In 65

1. Some relationships are meant to be forever.
2. Slaughter is the last concert I saw; it was pretty good.
3. Spring should be a time to warm my bones.
4. Oh no! I forgot my checkbook!
5. I’ve recently started hanging out on infield parking.
6. My nephew never fails to make me smile.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to laundry, tomorrow my plans include oogling my nephew and Sunday, I want to (let’s say it all together now…) Watch the race!

And now…Paddy’s Working For A Living MI-5

Paddy sez: Since this issue has been on my mind as of late, here is a 5 about jobs and careers (Billy wanted it to be about funk tunes, but this is cathartic, so bear with me):

  1. Think back now. What was your first REAL job … you know, one thatyou had a W-2 from at the end of the year. Tell us about it: Actually it wasn’t that far off from what I do now. I was a Student Technician for the IT department. I was mainly assigned to the helpdesk. Ocassionally I would get to shadow one of our technicians and help them in the field. It gave me the great knowledge base I have that helps me in this job.
  2. Everybody has had a favorite job, perhaps one that they are still in. What was yours? Well I actually like this job most of the time. But my favorite job was as a part time nanny for a little boy. He was the cutest little boy…he was my little buddy. I often wonder if he remembers me. I did this for a couple years before I started at the University and several months in…but I just ran ou of time…but would still babysit occasionally for awhile…but then that dropped off too.
  3. Remember that job that you thought would be great … that wasn’t? My mom was able to keep me stocked up in the babysitting jobs because she worked at a school. Anyway she had me lined up to sit for this one family…there were three kids and the most I had ever sat at the same time were two but I didn’t think it would be a problem because these kids were all older. OMG they were holy terrors. I prayed for the parents to come back. The dad did and paid me and asked if I could wait he would give me a ride home. I thanked him and said that it was ok I didn’t live that far away (and honestly I didn’t). She would call and ask me to sit again and I just told her I was already booked. Urg.
  4. What is more important to you in your career choice: Money or Satisfaction? Or both … or something else? Explain: I think there needs to be a balance. You wouldn’t be satisfied to work at a great job if you were paid peanuts…however I don’t think I could work at a job were I made total bank if I hated the job. If that were the case I would be a nurse.
  5. OK, it’s dream job time. For the sake of this exercise, we’ll assume that you can at least make a comfortable living wage from the work … regardless of its nature. So, what is it that you would choose to do, day in, day out, to earn your daily bread? I would be a writer of some sort. Possibly a sports writer covering nascar? I am not sure…but there is definitely writing in there.

So admittedly I didn’t really write much about the race at Bristol. It was a busy week and I have had a couple of thoughts about the Bristol race rolling around in my noggin for awhile but then all of the sudden it was Easter and then my nephew was born and they got pushed to the side for awhile…so here goes nothing:

I am too tired to go looking it up but I am pretty sure I was one of those fans who thought that the fall race at Bristol last season sucked. I blamed it on the redo of the banking at the track and I am willing to eat my words because I thought the race last weekend at Bristol rocked. It was a good hard race with not too many cautions.

I really want to say this…as my readers know or may have garnered from my blogskin, I am a Tony Stewart fan through and through…and this goes without saying. However, I was a little miffed at the print media after the race. Often Jeff Burton was described as having “stole” the race from Stewart and Hamlin. Stealing, to me, has very negative connotations and I don’t think that Jeff Burton did anything but basically let the win fall in his lap and that isn’t stealing…that is luck (and some skill…I mean he was up there to get it right)? Don’t think I didn’t curse a blue streak when Kevin Harvick took out my Tony (yes I call him my Tony now) and had Kevin Harvick won…I would be more than a little cranky towards him….and I think it would have then been appropriate to say that the race had been stolen from Tony by Harvick.

So now we are onto Martinsville..another short track (I love them) and hopefully another kickass race and it will only be made better if Tony brings home the checkered flag.

  • Today I finally actually held my nephew. I decided it has been too long since I held a baby.  Why is it when you are sitting on a couch with a fresh newborn cuddled up on your chest the world kinda of slips away?
  • I was almost thirty minutes late coming back from lunch. Why? See first bullet!
  • Last week Roxy did the strangest thing she has ever done. Well strange for her…probably not strange for dogs…but definitely strange for her:  The methodically pulled everything out of the laundry basket (clean) and onto the floor…one item at a time.  This is weird because Roxy is usually afraid of the laundry basket and if its in the same room as her she won’t go anywhere near it. Apparently somehow her ball got in it but we have tried this before and she still usually will not go anywhere near it.  When my dad told me I didn’t believe him. Until I saw her doing it a bit later with my own eyes.  It’s really quite something to see…she drags each piece out by her teeth daintily like she has an egg wrapped up in it.  That’s my kooky dog for you.  Of course I love my dog…but I still washed all the clothes again..yuck.
  • Ahhh my wide-angle addon for my new canon is STILL not in. I am beginning to lose hope for it. Urg.