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Fill-in 56

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I really got to remember to hit publish on these fillins.

Here is fill in 56

1. Sunlight makes me happy.
2. I would like sunlight, please. (no more rain!)
3. barbecued Tri-Tip tastes SO good!
4. Saturday is my favorite day of the week because no work!.
5. My sense of humor my best feature.
6. We could learn so much from reading.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to relaxing with a cup of tea, tomorrow my plans include a baby shower planning session and Sunday, I want to vacuum out my car!

Well it has been pretty stormy here lately and frankly that means I haven’t been much of anywhere actually…however I did have a lil mini-panic yesterday when I realized that there are two weeks left until my sister-in-law’s baby shower….and I wasn’t even a quarter done on the baby bunting project…so I have been hooking away at it.  I am probably a little over half way done now (ok I admit I spent like hours today working on it. Literally hours).  The hardest part it coming up next….but I saved that for tomorrow when I am fresh.

I was originally going to make a matching blanket…BUT I definitely do not have enough time and I am seriously doubting if I have enough yarn.  So I decided I would like to try booties. So if anyone here has a good bootie pattern email me the link (or leave it in comments).  Preferably the easier the better!

Busy Week…

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I always forget how busy the first week of classes can get…my poor little hoarse voice!

10 Things

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I saw that Janet did this…and I decided that I would be one of the people she tagged. I wanted to do this because I thought it was interesting..and challenging. (Be kind…this is harder than it looks!!!).

The Idea is simple: List 10 things you have done that others might not have done. Then Tag 5 people to do the same.

Here I go:

1. I have had a poem published in a literary magazine. Yes I even got paid for it.

2. I have bought a car…by myself…(and I am a girl). That is right I was there completely alone and I did good.

3. I was in a bar and I felt threatened enough to grab my empty beer bottle and consider hitting some drunk guy on the head with it. (No I didn’t actually follow through and technically he was threatening my friend not me…but I was gonna back her up!)

4. I have sat in a Lamborghini. (No it wasn’t moving…darn)

5. I have ridden partially around Laguna Seca Raceway.

6. I have suffered from a caffeine and stimulant (asthma medication) induced panic attack…that was so bad I had to be taken to the doctor.

7. I went to a biker bar…twice (it is now called Angels- isn’t it J?) to see my favorite band…I was barely old enough to get in…and scared as hell…but ended up having a great time both times.

8. I have driven over 100 mph (in my Rav no less- but shhhhh don’t tell my mom).

9. I fell off a moving horse when I was 6…(pulling my cousin down on top of me as we were going) and haven’t been on one since.

10. I once attended three concerts in four day in two different states by the same band. It required a huge amount of driving…and lots of caffeine. But it was fun!!

I hereby tag: E, Bill, Lisa, J and Karah.


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I have a thing for oatmeal cookies.  I love them.  So today I bought a pack of oatmeal cookies from the bakery section of my Savemart.  I took one out for after lunch (ok so I took two out..bite me!) and as I am enjoying my cookie I get the feeling of something hard. I feared it was my filling…but no…it was walnut shells.  Big pieces of walnut shells. Bleck.

Bulleted list…about nascar…

  • Open wheel invasion? I say bring it on. I don’t see a problem with it. John Andretti and Tony Stewart were both open wheelers…
  • Tony Stewart seems to be taking to Toyotas like a fish to water (or should I say a race car driver to something with wheels and an engine)? I mean…that Toyota is probably as much like a Camry as my dad’s Silverado anyway. Seriously I have no problem with Toyota in Nascar. I use to own a Toyota. I drove the heck out of it. It was very reliable. Of course I now own a Chevy. Nothing against Toyota….I just love the look of the HHR. And the ride. So smooth. I actually think it was rather a wise idea for Toyota to woo a bigger team (ie JGR) to help them with their sophomore effort in the cup. Nothing would make me more happy than to see Tony and Toyota win a cup.
  • And of course when talking about Tony Stewart…the subject seems to be to extend or not to extend. Give the man a chance to think. He is in a new car (COT) in a new manufacturer (TOYOTA) and has a new teammate to boot. I know if I were in his position I too would want to wait a bit…see how the whole COT and Toyota thing feel before I extended my contract. He will extend when and if he wants to. I just hope that he doesn’t leave cup racing…if he chooses not to extend with JGR….following two types of motorsports is too much for me!!
  • Speaking of JGR…I think they did a good thing by picking up Kyle Busch. HMS is going to be sorry they let that young man go. That is all I will say there.
  • I would like to see the Kasey/Caseys have a stellar season this season…both of them have the potential… would love for them to cross the finish line a lot more in a top five!
  • That being said I would also like to see a season where one team (HMS) is not so dominant this season. It makes for boring tv. Seriously.
  • Speaking of TV…I am pro- BOOGITY BOOGITY BOOGITY in case you were wondering where I stand on that monumental issue. As a matter of fact…I tend to yell boogity boogity boogity at the tv when the races are being broadcast on a non Fox station.
  • Speaking of broadcasts on non-fox stations…AHHHH step up! I want better coverage!!!
  • For a good article on the upcoming NASCAR season read this Foxsports article by DW….he has some interesting things to say. Personally I think his view on redoing the chase points is spot on. I totally agree on that!

Yesterday I turned thirtysomething.  My birthday was a complete disaster. Two family members forgot my birthday all together…whatever.  The plumbing in the whole house went nasty bad.   Because of that I didn’t even get my birthday dinner…it wasn’t anyone’s fault (except that bitch fate…who needs a good spanking)….but still my birthday rather sucked.

Plus I think I am officially old now…even though technically I feel about 24 mentally…I am no where near that age anymore.  There has been a definite funk around these parts for the last ten days or so…and I missed the Chili Bowl (thank god for dvrs) because I got busy shopping for lamps (not for me…for my brother and sister in law because their new house…has NO OVERHEAD LIGHTING!)  and helping my brother move (my help may have been limited to going to home depot and buying 8 cardboard moving boxes…and dropping them off at their apartment…but I will never tell).

The only thing that has even semi pulled me out of my funk?  Is when Craig Morgan’s INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER song came on the radio and I screeched along with it on my way back from lunch today.  I don’t know why…but I LOVE that song. I think I identify with it because I am often stuck behind tractors, harvesters, plowers, and other various farm equipment on my way to and from work.

So tell me…how old do YOU think I am?

What songs pull YOU out of a funk?

What was your suckiest birthday?

Chili Bowl

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I just now remembered that I wanted to talk about the Chili Bowl. No I am not talking beans and meat (and noodles for some but I think that is weird) in a saucy concoction…I am talking RACING. For the first time in its 22 years the Lucas Oil Chili Bowl will be on pay-per-view this Saturday January 12th. Touted as the biggest dirt race out there…and you can be darn tooting that I have already purchased it and set it up to record on my DVR. For those with DirecTV I think it is on Channel 123 or 124 I can’t remember.

You can also watch Friday’s Semi finals at Chili Bowl on Nascar.com

I am immensely looking forward to watching this race (even though I won’t be able to catch the semi-finals). Drivers from all types of racing turn out to try out for the golden driller. I will, of course, be rooting for Tony Stewart…because how can I NOT root for Tony. It will be fun. I only wish I could show up at the race itself…which sells out months and months in advance.