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Well I am now officially blind as a bat. My new eye doctor was able to convince my new vision insurance that contacts were medically necessary for me because my prescription  is so strong.

This is good because it means that they pay for an entire year of contacts instead of just an amount towards the years worth (which roughly works out to about a third of a year).  So yey…but boo because now I am officially blind as a bat.

Well I have to say I was so excited to see Tony up front during the first what, twenty laps or so? And then…that finish? What a finish!!!! I was on my feet and I was in my own house! I couldn’t tell who won…I was like play it again…play it again!!!! Gimme a different angle…and I thought the Daytona 500 was a close finish!

Anyway…for those not in the know Nascar.com let people check out their service RaceView during the race on Saturday for free. I was curious, so I tried it. I was at a slight disadvantage because I couldn’t see the television from that computer so I occasionally had to run back and forth if I wanted to know exactly what was happening…or I heard the announcers talking excitedly. I found the animations to be fairly accurate as to what was happening on the tv for the most part…the exception to that is the pitting. When the cars are pitting they aren’t in the pitstalls exactly right…and when they are being jacked up the cars look like they are spinning in the pits…it was a little disorientating…at first I thought there was a big accident in the pits so I ran out to the TV to see…but no…just pitstops. Plus I think they should have little animated people run out and service the cars…I mean if the cars can have those gps things in them why can’t the different crew members have them implanted in their helmets? I definitely don’t think I could rely solely on RaceView without TV…the excitement just isn’t there for me…not to mention I like to hear the commentators banter back and forth.

What I loved about RaceView? Was being able to eavesdrop on the radios. I LOVED that part. It fascinated me to no end! Of course I find pitstops fascinating to no end on the TV so why wouldn’t the radio communications be exciting? I started off listening to Junior (because my dad was standing over my shoulder going lets hear Junior, lets hear Junior). Then I said…look I have to listen to Tony…so I listened to Tony…and got to hear about the accident as it was happening which was very cool. Other than that…Tony and his crew don’t talk much on their radios…although after the accident- I guess all the crew guys have little radios on too because you could hear them calling for different tools and parts. Then Tony went to pull his car behind the wall and I guess someone led him astray and he had to back out of the one area he pulled into (the Busch garage if I remember correctly) and was having trouble getting it going again and Denny Hamlin’s crew was going to help push him and he didn’t want NO part of that. That humored me. Sounded like something I would say!

After awhile of listening to Tony’s crew work on his car I moved over to Clint Bowyer’s radio. He and his crew chat a lot more than Tony’s crew. Clint always wanted to know where Teammate was…and was constantly reading off numbers that I assume were engine temps? Water temps? oil temps? they sounded like some kind of temperatures anyway. They were very chatty. Once Tony was back on the track I listened to him some more…but still they were fairly quiet. I figure that it is a personal thing…some people probably need the chatter to keep them focused and some people do not want the chatter…and find it distracting.

I would probably utilize raceview for the radio chatter, if my computer was set up in the same room as my tv.

What is that nestled next to the ice and Dryers (Pineapple Coconut Ice Cream…it rocks)?

That would be Kasey Kahne. Yes you read it here first Kasey Kahne is in my freezer…or he was. He didn’t last long…

I found them to be a bit too sticky for my tastes…I think it was all that caramel.

Lisa’s Scrapping MI-5

“I know. I know. Just what you wanted. An MI-5 about scrapbooking! As you all know, I am a scrapbook consultant for Close To My Heart. Our summer catalog features five new paper collections. I will give you a brief description of each collection, and you tell us a story, a thought, a song, or whatever else you can think of that somehow ties in with the collection (title, theme or color).”

1) “Route 66”. Travel themed paper with plaids and polka dots. Colors include Clover Meadow, Cranberry, Moonstruck, and Sunflower.

I love to drive. I haven’t gone on many road trips lately because well…the Rav is still acting up on me and frankly I don’t trust her. I have a road trip in approximately 3.5 weeks….it has been planned several months in advance and tickets to certain events correlating with said road trip have been purchased…so what am I gonna do? Well…BFM totally found me an awesome rate on a rental car. So good infact I upgraded myself to a FULL SIZE! I really want to get an IMPALA but I bet I end up with something much more hideous. I just pray it isn’t red. I hate red cars.

2) “Majestic Blue”. Nautical themed paper with sailboats and compasses. Colors include Bamboo, Crystal Blue, Desert Sand, and Outdoor Denim.

I love to take pictures at the ocean on foggy days…which are plenty around here. I haven’t done it lately though…I think I will have to try for some new pictures. You can check out my last photography session at the beach on a foggy day here on flickr though if you want to.

3) “Expedition”. Safari themed paper with leopard print and leaves. Colors include Autumn Terracotta, Bamboo, Olive, and Sunflower.

Bill said a Ford product…which is what I thought initially too. Then that got me thinking about the time that BFM and I decided to rent a Ford Mustang Convertible and cruise down to Santa Barbara (3 -4 hours away) with the wind in our hair. Well the rental place ran out of the convertible mustangs…and we ended up with a Ford Escape (a small SUV) not quite what we had in mind. It was blue. We did go to Santa Barbara…but no wind blowing in our hair. We had an expedition at the zoo there…and visited the beach and the wharf…and downtown and then drove home. Fun times.

4) “Let’s Get Together”. Picnic themed paper with flowers, stripes, and dots. Colors include Breeze, Buttercup, Cranberry, and Garden Green.

Weirdly enough…this makes me think of AEROSMITH and the song Come Together which makes absolutely NO sense to me at all lyrically but I still like the song…(how odd huh?). I mean…what the hell does this mean:

He wear no shoeshine

He got toejam football

He got monkey finger

He say I know you, you know me

One thing I can tell you

Is you got to be free

Anyone? Maybe it’s just better that I don’t know what it means.

5) “Floral Tapestry”. Very feminine floral theme with flowers, stripes, and dots. Colors include Garden Green, Orchid Bouquet, Twilight, and Vanilla Cream.

The first thing I think of is the Rick Nelson song Garden Party…probably because of the whole Garden Green. I love that song– my favorite lines:

But it’s all right now, I learned my lesson well.
You see, ya can’t please everyone, so ya got to please yourself

The second thing it makes me think about is the band Cream which makes me think of the movie Almost Famous, one of my favorite movies.

He has his best qualifying effort today discounted because rain stopped qualifying and they were not able to fit in all 53 qualifying runs.  Apparently when that happens- those who qualified don’t get counted and the race grid is the points grid. That has got to hurt– all that effort and you don’t get into the race.

Tony may be the driver I call mine…but…that just sucks because Michael has been having a not-so-good year.

The fill-in

(The MI-5 seems to be MIA…but as soon as I have it I will do both this weeks and last weeks)

1. On a hot summer’s day iced tea is my favorite thing!
2. When I think of summertime fun, I think of the boardwalk.
3. Rocky Road is my favorite flavor of ice cream.
4. My new favorite drink is Peach Iced Tea.
5. One of my happiest summertime memories is sitting in a boat out on a lake fishing with my grandpa…just him and me…the summer of 1986. It was one of the few times we spent time like that where it was just the two of us.
6. The best place to watch fireworks (or submarine races) is from the beach!
7. What are you doing this weekend? Tonight I’m looking forward to fajitas, tomorrow my plans include laundry and watching the race and Sunday, I want to relax!

This post was originally posted June 28th, but I am bumping it back towards the top in case someone missed it and has a comment to make. Thanks. AMY

I know I have been alluding to it, but I have pretty much decided that “some day” is next year. I have always said that I want to see a nascar race live and in person…”some day.” I kept hoping that they would just magically show up at Laguna Seca, I think. And while I am only about two and a half hours from Infineon…I want my first Nascar race to be a oval not a road course.

I have narrowed it down to Las Vegas Motor Speedway and California Speedway…(although I really want to go to Bristol -it is my favorite track to watch)…both are very road-trip distance from me. Right now I am leaning towards LV. If you have been to either (or BOTH!) lay your suggestions on me.

When rereading my last post to make sure it made sense (of course I only do this after I post it…why don’t I proof them before I post them?) I realized that I said:

 I accidently squirted moisturizer on my shirt- necessitating an unscheduled shirt change

Yeah…like that wording doesn’t SCREAM nascar fan.