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It’s been a long day and you are hungry and like hell do you feel like cooking. You decide to patronize your local Burger King and wouldn’t you know it? You get stuck with the new guy trying to get your order right.  Just your luck (I wish I had that kind of luck):

I dare say is there anything Tony won’t do for a sponsor?

Also you might want to check out this outtake video of the Splash-and-Go Armor All commericial that is on facebook. It’s hilarious.  I would have embedded it if I could find it. Just how much milk does that gas can hold?

Today is Tony Stewart’s birthday- so Happy Birthday to him. There are three ways you can celebrate Tony’s birthday today if you so choose:

  1. Go to the Tony Stewart Store in Indianapolis (5644 W. 74th Street) at 2:00pm eastern time. Tony won’t be there…but they’ll have cake. I mean, who doesn’t love cake? I love cake…
  2. Donate at least $14.00 dollars to the Tony Stewart Foundation (you can even decide which program you want your 14 bucks to fund) before May 31st in his honor.  By doing so you will be included on a big birthday card presented to Tony by The Tony Stewart Foundation.  It’s literally the gift that gives back. Who doesn’t love giving? I love giving…
  3. Watch the first two “webisodes” of Tony Stewart Off Track: THE ROOKIE and laugh your butt off. Or at least chuckle really hard. I will embed them here. Keep checking the Armor All You tube Channel and the Armor All Face book page for more information.  Before I get to embedding the videos – I have to say you can not hold Amy or badgroove.com responsible for injuries caused by laughter or cravings for jerky. Enjoy:

Episode 1- First Impressions:

Episode 2- Sounds Like A Rookie:

I really hope there are more…I want to see Tony’s progress on his Underwater Racing Machine that he may or may not be building.