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First thing you need to know is that I sold my soul for M&M’s.  Okay not really but the FTC (yeah that FTC- the Federal Trade Commission) wants me to make sure that YOU know that M&M’s Racing provided me some of those cute personalized M&Ms to tell you about their contest.  They offered them I didn’t ask- and who doesn’t love M&M’s. I certainly do so I wasn’t going to turn them down.

So now that you know that I love M&Ms and will take them from strangers, let me tell you about their AWESOME contest (and it is awesome- that isn’t the M&M’s they provided me talking either- because technically I haven’t received them yet).

I would have told you about this contest anyway because hey YOU have the chance to win one of 5 Toyotas. That’s pretty sweet isn’t it? (Pun totally intended).  M&Ms Racing is having a promotion where you go to the M&M’s Racing website and can enter UPCs on specially marked Mars products to get a chance to win one of FIVE Toyotas.  Each of the 5 M&M characters represents a specific Toyota vehicle that is up for grabs: Red is a Toyota Tundra, Yellow is the FJ Cruiser, Green is the Camry, Orange is the Prius and Blue is the 4Runner.  You even get to choose which car (character) you want to win! Pretty sweet right?

This contest starts TODAY (June 15th, 2011) and runs through the end of the year.  The best part? Is that even if M&M’s aren’t your thing- you can enter the contest because there is NO PURCHASE NECESSARY (although you do have to register with their website).  Go to M&M’s Racing NOW and enter their 5 Characters 5 Cars Contest today!